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Discussion in 'Dynasty 2017' started by StrangerDynastyTreeNat89, Jan 9, 2018.

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    The Colby clan are on a plane to Bermuda only their plane mysteriously runs out of fuel and ditches and explodes in the Caribbean sea.

    Enter Dex Dexter a shrewd businessman from Wyoming who catches Alexis eye.

    Also Stephen is at a bar and he bumps into Bart Fallmont, his first boyfriend from High School.

    Fallon & Michael finally come clean about their relationship which Blake is surprisingly supportive of as he admirers Michael's loyalty and ambition.

    The rest of the Fallmonts arrive in Denver and the twist is is that Claudia is the niece of Buck Fallmont, a liberal, well liked politician, who is furious at how the Carrington clan have treated his niece.

    Emily Fallmont is an ice vixen toward both Cristal and Alexis.

    And some of you may not like this but
    Sam Jo reveals that he is bi and he occasionally sleeps with women, he picks up a young woman from a bar who is later revealed to be Amanda! Twin of Adam, the first born children of Blake and Alexis!
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    I think Fallon needs a who's the baby daddy story where she gets pregnant but she's not sure if the baby is Michael's or Jeff's. This will raise up the stakes and hopefully motivate Michael to actually start fighting for Fallon and the baby.

    Monica needs to start a hip-hop record company where she recruits up and coming young talent. She could also start a fashion house with Fallon.

    The Fallmont idea could probably work and Bart would be a great replacement for Ted in the event of his death.

    However I seriously doubt Blake would actually approve of Fallon & Michael's relationship if he did find out. If anything he might end up accusing Michael of taking advantage of Fallon and he may end up firing him.

    I also think Adam could be introduced as a U.S. Army or Marine soldier who fought in Iraq or Afghanistan or an international businessman and he could end up as Steven's opposite. He could be an out and proud conservative who despises anyone or anything that has a remote association to liberalism. In other words he would be a Blake mini me so to speak.

    As for Amanda, I would give her Original!Adam's backstory where she was kidnapped as a child and there would be a big reveal where a family friend of the Carringtons (the Bedfords), had done the deed because Ms. Bedford lost a baby through stillbirth and she was desperate to replace her and she was jealous of Alexis. I would envision Amanda as a grey character - kind of like Cristal and kind of like Fallon.

    And that's about it.
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    I hope they kill off Monica, Jeff and Cesil in the season finale! GOOD BYE!
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    And who believes everything that FOX News says, and possibly everything that Donald Trump says too!

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