Dallas Couples How would you define the different couples?

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    One of the things that I absolutely love about Dallas is the fact that the show have many great couples to root for that are all different from each other. :kiss:

    There's Jock and Miss Ellie who had that special connection that comes from spending many years together and watching their family grow and expand. They have shared a life with all the trials and tribulations. He has been to war, she has raised the kids. They have worked the ranch and he has built a business empire. She has stood by him through all the years and even forgiven his infidelity during the war. Their love was strong and solid. Their love was the foundation that everything else is built upon.

    JR & Sue Ellen had something else, it was dysfunctional and complicated. There was this love-hate relationship. It was passionate. It was the can't live with or without each other. No matter what happened they always gravitated back to each other. When John Ross came along it seemed like their relationship got better. It was like they became happier after having produced an heir to the Ewing empire. There were moments of great happiness but also of great dispair. It was like a constant roller coaster with highs and lows. The threat against their relationship came from the inside, it was their own destructive behavior pattern that caused them to break up. Not other people interferring.

    At the beginning Bobby and Pam were the young newlyweds that were so much in love and yet they constantly had to fight for their love. The threat against them was always coming from the outside. Their families didn't want them to be together so other people meddled into their relationship in order for them to break up. They were constantly caught in the middle of the Barnes-Ewing fued. Yet for every time their love was tested and won they grew stronger together. Their love was deep but their ability to communicate was sometimes lacking. Over time they became more and more tortured and more and more like star-crossed lovers.

    Donna & Ray were a classic case of opposite attracts and yet if you scratch underneath the surface they had more in common than you think. Both of them lost their parents at a young age. They were both committed to making their relationship work, but Ray was more conflicted than Donna and sometimes he set out on a self-destructive path. Donna had the patience to stand by him and wait for him to get better. She could sense when he was hurting. She made Ray feel more secure about himself and happy. But at the same time he was always in her shadow as she was a born leader and someone who was used to succeed in whatever she does.

    Lucy & Mitch had a young love. They were also a case of rich girl-poor man. Mitch had a hard time coping with the fact that Lucy made more money than he did since it didn't fit with his traditional values of that the man was supposed to be the breadwinner of the family. So in some ways they were a mismatch. But at the same time they were good for each other since she made him loosen up a bit and enjoy life more while he had a stabilizing effect in her life and offered her a sense of security and belonging that she had never had before.

    Cliff & Afton had the dynamic of a young girl and an older man. I think since her father died early she found something of a father figure in Cliff. She would stand by him and help him and he would take her for granted. She was being very good to him but he was a bit neglective and didn't realize what he had in her until after she'd left him.

    Jenna & Bobby had an idealised first love. It was based on memories of what they had when they were growing up and something which was unfinished and lingering on. Yet it was also about them trying to form a new family together with her child, his child and their child. Or could have been at least if he hadn't abandoned her before Lucas was born.

    Clayton & Miss Ellie, theirs was a more mature love. Showing that it is possible to find love again even if you are older.

    Ray & Jenna had a love that was based on a friendship. They had fun together and enjoyed each other's company. Also they would rather be together than being alone after their true loves left them. So they found comfort and stability in each other.

    Bobby & April shared a courtship. They shared a romantic love with some ups and downs. For him she represented a second chance of love. Being able to love someone again after having lost his first wife. At first he wasn't ready to love her so it was one sided and she was unhappily in love, then after another guy had treated her wrong he realized that his feelings for her were stronger than he had wanted to admit and they got together. Sadly it all ended in tragedy.

    Cally and JR was a complete mismatch. She was so naive and he only wanted to bed her. She represent what many married women fear, the second younger wife. Yet the irony was that she was not someone who JR wanted to be married to. He never would have married her if he hadn't been held at gunpoint!
    She learnt to play manipulative games in order to keep him and he grew fond of her.

    James and Michelle, once again a young couple. They weren't all that serious though and were more in lust than in love. It seems like she was more invested in their relationship than he was.

    At least that's my interpretation of the different couples. What is yours?
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    I agree with nearly all of what you say, especially about the classic couples from the great seasons that we all know and love.

    Regarding the late seasons, with J.R. and Cally, J.R. only wanted to bed her at first certainly, but I think he grew to love her in his own way. She was so nice, yet so vulnerable, "innocent", "unspoiled" and easy to manipulate, so that turned J.R. on. Cally also became more sex mad than J.R. after their Dallas second wedding. She got insanely jealous and paranoid when he went to business meetings. I actually think they missed a storyline opportunity by not having Cally bed Alex as payback when she falsely thought that J.R. had cheated on her. It would have been very ironic had Cally cheated on J.R. through her own paranoia before he had cheated on her.

    Even later on after their marriage had fallen apart, J.R. would have got a kick out of the fact that Cally went from a "dumb hick" when he met her who, through meeting J.R., went on to make something better of herself. He left her to her new life rather than chase after her.

    Regarding James and Michelle, I think this was a case of a usual user in her relationships in Michelle falling hard for James, trying to mask her real feelings for some time, and being unable to cope with the fact he only lusted her and it didn't go beyond that for him. In contrast to hard Michelle become softer and more vulnerable over time with the James situation, James went the other way in being soft at first and becoming harder over time. James was so naive and optimistic when he arrived thinking "I've found my father, it's going to be great" etc, yet he became very cynical later, went to war with J.R. for a while but then got on good terms with J.R. again to some extent. Like he learned to accept his father for what he was. If anything, James was more disinterested in Michelle by the latter episodes than he had ever been, while Michelle had never been so hopelessly in love and heartbroken.
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    Jock and Miss Ellie had the marriage that set the standard for the type of successful, rewarding, fulfilling marriage that all the younger couples wanted but could never find or maintain. It's not that they were perfect. No human being is. The point is they had the tenacity and the devotion to each other to work through their problems.

    The marriages of the younger people in the show varied greatly from highly dysfunctional and extremely unpleasant - JR and Sue Ellen, to the marriage between Bobby and April which might have become a marriage reaching the standard Jock and Miss Ellie's marriage set, but because of a tragedy, was never given the opportunity to do so.

    Regarding Bobby and Pam, the knew what they were getting into. They thought they were strong enough to overcome those obstacles and for a while they were. Eventually they found they weren't as devoted to each other as they thought, or at least Pam wasn't because she moved out. Then she came back and finally when the going once again got too tough for her she got going again. One of the things Pam blamed the failure of their marriage upon was the degree of Bobby's involvement in Ewing Oil and even how he did his job. That seems awfully unfair considering Pam was the one who practically demanded Bobby play a bigger part in Ewing Oil than he had been. Never mind that he seemed very content in the capacity in which he was working for Ewing Oil at the time he married Pam. What's that old saying? Be careful what you wish for, Pam.

    This time when Pam left she went to France (still married to Bobby) with her future lover Mark Graison while Bobby stayed true to Pam. Finally they divorced and they both became involved in love affairs which each almost resulted in marriage. Then they remarried. Stable, they were not. They seemed to be in a nearly constant state of flux.

    Then Pam ran away after deciding she wasn't aesthetically pleasing enough anymore to allow Bobby or Christopher to even look at her. There'a a word for that isn't there? Vain? It's the type of thing which might cause a woman to lie about her age.

    In many ways Jock and Miss Ellie set the standard for the younger generations that nobody could ever quite live up to. Jock's sons, in particular, wanted to be like Jock. It was one of the most powerful themes of the show - Jock's sons trying to equal the standard Jock had set.
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