If the Shapiros had had their way...

Discussion in 'Dynasty' started by AndyLaird, Feb 26, 2018.

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    He also worked for Matthew Blaisdel, the kind of work he didn't have to do. I think he was trying to prove himself and what he had with Claudia was more about kindred spirits rather than lust.

    As for Sammy Jo, well I think he was afraid of hero_O
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    I skipped the original question, but the short answer is no.
    There was a disconnect between what ABC and Spelling wanted--a prime time soap, the genre DALLAS had brought back from the 60s--and what the DYNASTY team offered (not just the Shapiros): a drama with the financial elite as the background, but a drama nonetheless, with nuanced characters and situations and no black and white characters. JR was a villain. Blake was not, though he was a bastard.

    That gap was also between what viewers and magazines thought they were offered--TV Guide especially missed the point completely--and thus the gap between network expectations and ratings results.
    In a way, the 13 (0r 15) episode first series has the feel of a mini-series; very little is irrelevant (Lindsay, I am looking at you) and almost every scene has a purpose. I think because the show took forever to make it to the air due to the writers' strike AND the pilot reshoot, we ended up with an unusually-for-TV polished product. Unusual at the time, anyway.

    Very few things changed from the page to the screen during this first season. I remember being at the U of Illinois at Urbana and reading the first season scripts, and the prose is novelistic in quality. Plus the Bible/arc stayed consistent. And let's not forget the music, and Bill Conti creating leitmotifs for each character--attention to detail was not just on the page. But by the end of season 1, with production starting again soon, even without network demands for stunt casting, pressure must have been on. So I think DYNASTY of season 1 was an aberration that could not be repeated.

    One of my biggest disappointments with the reboot is that they had so much material and ideas to work with, and with the netflix deal they could have committed themselves to at least a dynamite 22-episode season, and instead they try to do their own teenybopper version of it with cookie-cutter stories. Like, if you want to have a black family in Atlanta, don't botch the Colbys storyline--my god bring in Dominique early on and have her grab half of Denver Carrington.
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    Thanks, that is really interesting. I agree with your assessment of season 1. However it is also quite slow paced at times, and I don't think that helped it, especially when it was being compared against Dallas.

    So whilst I like season 1, I don't have a problem with the way the show evolved subsequently. But I am interested how the Shapiros originally saw it developing and how that might have differed, or been (even) better.

    And your last paragraph re new Dynasty is absolutely spot on.
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