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Discussion in 'The Colbys' started by ClassyCo, Apr 12, 2017.

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    I ordered seasons 6 thru 9 of Dynasty and all of Dynasty II: The Colbys from a seller on iOffer some years back. I was rather new to the website when I ordered them, so I didn't know about all the questions that could be privately asked beforehand.

    Here's my dilemma --- The DVDs only work in one of the four DVD players I have. If I were to take them with me any where else (I occasionally watch them with my mother, whom I don't live with), they will not work in any other DVD player nor will they play in my laptop.

    Is there anyone out there that possible has some good copies of Dynasty seasons 7 thru 9 (I have season 6) and possibly its reunion and maybe some documentaries? Is there anyone that has a good copy of The Colbys complete series? Priced decently too? I am greatly appreciated for any help in this area. Thanks...
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    Why don't you just buy the official releases??? They're not that expensive anymore.
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    Yes, season 9 used to cost 45-60 bucks for the 2 volumes and now it's only 16.98 (and it's recently been as low as 10 dollars, as evident from the price history below). Why get crappy bootleg prints when you can have premium DVD quality for very little money?

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