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Is 41 really, really old ?

Discussion in 'Dynasty' started by Snarky's Ghost, Jun 25, 2018.

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    Depends. Actor Barry Justice died at 39, days before his 40th birthday.

    Actor/songwriter/scriptwriter/musician Mike Pratt died a month after his 45th.

    And my insurance estimation chart assures me that my life expectancy based on my lifestyle is is 121. I’m hoping to beat that.


    Yes. Warren Fox spent his 42nd birthday moving around the body of the person he’d murdered days before. Although he still went to his birthday party. Eventually he took the body to the funeral of someone who had been murdered two weeks earlier and singlehandedly buried it underneath the grave of the person just about to be lowered into it. Of course, later on he found that he had murdered the wrong person and that the person he really needed to kill was his own son.

    Yes. That was the time he kidnapped his baby daughter from the hospital. Then when his previously dead fiancée’s previously dead daughter (who has just died again, while trying to murder her mother again) kidnapped his son just before previously dead Warren kidnapped him, Warren appeared and remarked that those two bitches deserved each other and he ran off with his other baby. But yes, it is always lovely to identify a friendly face.
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    The bottom of an icy man-made lake
    I remember being 41, vaguely.
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