ITV sitcom, Benidorm has been axed

Discussion in 'TV Central' started by Englishboy, Jul 6, 2018.

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    The creator of ITV sitcom Benidorm has confirmed that the most recent series was the last.

    "Yes folks it's true," Derren Litten wrote on Twitter. "After months of speculation, I can finally confirm Benidorm series 10 was the LAST EVER."

    First aired in 2007, the show told of a group of British holidaymakers in the Spanish resort.

    Litten said the story would continue in a stage play, which begins a UK tour in Newcastle in September.
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    I went to Benidorm in early June for the first time. I honestly expected to hate it, but I had a great time. I stayed out of the new town as it was pretty horrible and what I kind of expected but the old town was great fun. Met some lovely people and a lot of laughs.

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