I've now seen the nuDYNASTY pilot (spoilers, if you care)...

Discussion in 'Dynasty' started by Snarky's Ghost, Oct 12, 2017.

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    It's just exactly what we all assumed it would be.

    It's slick in a 21st century way, there's all this vocal fry among the ladies, the show actually looks pretty good (the early spring Atlanta terrain around the house is very nice) and they touch on many of the plot points from the 1981 pilot from the old show.

    No theme music, but there is a flashback of child Fallon rapping while her little brother Stephen plays the oldDYNASTY theme on the piano. And in the closing credits, the "Richard & Esther Shapiro Production" is in the old Aurora font, which I thought a sweet nostalgic touch.

    And Matthew Blaisdel is actually killed in the pilot, his murder to be a whodunit (which I actually think is a pretty good idea). So now it's crazy Claudia, not Walter, who crashes the wedding!

    But the problem, as we anticipated, is that there is no one with whom to be sympathetic. The casting and the expected oh-we-all-so-bad tone of the show gives us no one to ground the series. In oldDYNASTY, Krystle, Steven and Claudia were tormented, and you believed them, while Fallon was a sassbox wonder. So there were several characters that clicked with the viewer immediately.

    Of course, there are none -- not one -- in 2017.

    And, yes, the casting of Cristal is the worst offense. She's just not somebody you're ever going to like, nor are we really expected to.

    I'll probably watch the second episode, though. But this remake is going to be more snarky, as it were, than anything else. And given how rudderless the old show became to quickly, we can't really expect nuDYNASTY to be anything more.

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