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    Mickey runs into a burning Southfork.

    The house continues up in flames burning to the ground.

    The family is rushed into the hospital emergency room. JR come walking in looking worse for wear but yet still walking. Ray grabs him. “What happened?”

    Looking dazed and confused JR tried to answer.

    A medic says, “He went in trying to get to his wife and son.”

    “Back in?” Donna says.

    The medic tends to JR whose mumbling to himself.

    A nurse comes up to the Krebs’. “Are you Mickey Trotter’s uncle?”


    “Lucy Ewing sent us to get you. He pulled her out but took in a lot of smoke.”

    “Take me to him.”

    Sue Ellen is rushed into surgery.

    Bobby is rushed into surgery.

    Pam runs in to see Donna. “What happened?”

    “We don’t know.”

    “JR’s been given a sedative. He tries to save Sue Ellen and John Ross. Sue Ellen’s in surgery. So is Bobby and Jenna. Burned bad. John Ross is fine. Asleep. So is Charlie and Christopher. Lucy’s fine. Mickey saved her. He took in a lot of smoke. Rays with him.”

    “Oh my God.” Pamela starts to cry. Donna holds her.

    JR sits next to Sue Ellen, bandaged up and unconscious in bed. His face tear stained he fights crying, “I promise you Sue Ellen, you come back to me and I’ll protect you. I promise no one, not even me, will ever hurt you again. Please. Please Sue Ellen don’t leave me.”

    As before my story will focus on JR, Sue Ellen and Lucy. Other threads:

    Bobby torn between Pam who he loves and his new family with Jenna, between D.C. (he wins the Senate race) and Dallas, between fighting the bad guys with JR and being tired of fighting.

    Bobby finds out Charlie is not his daughter. Jenna has the baby, Lucas, but eventually she and Bobby separate. Bobby gets back with Pam. Jenna confronts them and is run over by Katherine and dies (a twist on the original cliff hanger). Bobby moves to D.C. with Pamela, Charlie, Christoper and Lucas. Bobby signs over control of his shares in Ewing Oil through a blind trust to Donna who Lucy backs as president of the company (Donna acquires public shares of Ewing Oil on her own). And a 2nd Spin Off is established. Hillwood: Bobby and Pam with 3 adopted kids in D.C. revolving around politics, Bobby in the Senate, Pamela working for nonprofits.

    And Note: this does not create a split between Dallas and Knots Lansing, allows for the actors to move on, and allows for Miss Ellie to be gone when the actress’s health requires.

    Dallas season 8


    Ewing’s of Southfork:

    *JR - trying to live up to Jocks legacy, President of Ewing Industries, attempting to keep his family safe

    *Sue Ellen - trying to be the family matriarch, President of the Ewing Family Foundation

    John Ross - the cute prince of the family

    *Lucy - determined to be strong, ruthless, powerful, she collects friends and allies and lovers and enemies

    Carlos - JR’s gentleman, his right hand, runs the household (over Teresa and Raul), drives JR and his chief lieutenant

    (Missy Ellie and Clayton on occasion)

    Krebs-Trotters of Braddock County:

    *Ray Krebs - as JR changes to be more like Jock he and Ray become more friends, Ray runs the Southfork Ranch and his own ranch.

    *Donna - she becomes the moral center, a capable and powerful business woman, President of Ewing Oil

    Mickey - he’s in love with Lucy (and even if she doesn’t know it she’s in love with him) and works with Ray running Lucy’s West Star Ranch

    Aunt Lil - Mickey’s mom, Ray’s aunt, the elder generation

    Muriel - Mickey’s girlfriend and heiress to the Gillis fortune including shares in Gillis Corporation (based on Cargill)

    Wendell’s of Preston Hollow, Dallas:

    *Jeremy Wendell III - President of Lone Star Investments, inching his way back to take on JR, allying with Venezuelan rebels and plotting to retake Trident

    *Gloria Stratham - Jeremy’s 1st wife (Lucy was his third), ruthless and powerful, she’s no fan of Jeremy’s but is bent on protecting their daughter’s inheritance

    Laura - Jeremy and xxxx daughter, a frail artist who just wants to be left alone (played by Jenilee A. Harrison, similar to her Jamie character, note: Dack Rambo as her brother Jeremy “Andy” Wendell IV by Jeremy’s 2nd wife, similar to his character Jack, and friendly with JR against his father)

    *Hugh Statham - Gloria’s son with her second husband, charming playboy not interested in business but the pleasures of wealth, sole heir to the Cheshire Estate.

    *Cliff Barnes - through political wrangling becomes the President of Trident, nearly broke, he courts Laura

    *in the opening credits

    Pamela meets Lucy in her hospital room. Lucy sits up in bed. “How are you feeling?”

    “Oh I’m just fine. Waiting for them to let me out of here.”

    “You look good.”

    “Just had my hair done.”

    “I heard Mickey saved you.”

    “I feel terrible. I mean all he went through learning to walk again and now he’s burned so bad. The pain he’s in.”

    “He’s a fighter.”

    “That he is. Did you check on Uncle Bobby?”

    “I was going to.”

    “He’s looking good. Jenna too.”

    “Sue Ellen’s still unconscious. JR took John Ross home. Well to the ranch. He’s rebuilding Southfork. You’d be amazed how much progress they’ve already made.”

    Lucy’s silent.

    “You alright?”

    “Someone tried to kill JR. The explore was in his room. He’d gone out onto the porch in her middle of the night. Sue Ellen would be dead, if she hadn’t got up too to go to the bathroom.“

    “JR has a lot of enemies.”

    “You know as well as I do, people will hurt you no matter what. It’s not you; it’s them. The best you can hope for is they’re too afraid to hurt you, not that your too nice, thinking they won’t.”
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    Note: my mistake in editing, should read:

    Laura Wendell - Jeremy and Gloria’s daughter, a frail artist who just wants to be left alone (played by Jenilee Harrison, similar to her Jamie character.
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    JR leaves the hospital to sit in the back of a limousine facing David. “Well?”

    “I can guarantee you Southfork will be a fortress when you move back in. I’ve been meeting with Ray personally going over every ranch hang. And I’d like to introduce you to Carlos.”

    “Mr. Ewing,” a distinguished Hispanic man sitting next to David says. “He will serve as you gentleman. Run the household for you. What ever you expect of a gentleman, clothes, food. But he’s also a highly skilled body guard. He’ll over see a maid being hired for Sue Ellen and Lucy and a Nanny for John Ross. Ray’s making space in the bunch houses. We’re doing some converting.”

    “Welcome Carlos. I’m sure we’ll get along just fine. Have you meet Teresa?”

    “Yes I have.”

    “She’s a fine cook.” Looking back at David, “That’s moving forward, but how about taking care of the past. I find the best defense is a offense which scares the crap out of your enemies.”

    “Wendell’s terrifies you’re going after him. He’s left West Star, tail between his legs. He’s formed West Star Investments with his assets, a conglomerate of things, including Trident stock. In your absence the board appointed Cliff Barnes Chairman and CEO of Trident. Ben has a good point, people like him. They see him as frugal. Nose to the grindstone sort of man. And we know what we’re getting with him.”

    “I’ll handle Barnes later. Wendell?

    “The people he’s dealing with did this. I’ve got names, all the details you need. Wendell wasn’t in on it. He’s concerned they might be to much to handle after all, but he doesn’t have much choice.”

    “Can you hit them?”

    “And hard.”

    “Make sure they know JR Ewing sent them.”

    “Already in the works. They’re going to know not only did you respond, but so did your friends.”

    “Good. Let me know how it goes. Nice to meet you Carlos.” JR gets back out.

    In Caracas a Cadillac drives into the lobby of an office building and explodes.

    A beautiful young woman step out onto her balcony with a young man to see what caused the noise of the explosion. As they stand there two silent bullets pierce their skulls.

    Oil rigs in the fields of Venezuela explode.

    JR joins Bobby on stage to hold up his hand as his election to the U.S. Senate is announced in a crowded ball room. A very pregnant Jenna turns to hug him but JR gets there first. "You did it Bob. You did it. Look at you. Jock's boy a U.S. Senator."

    Sue Ellen sits in the Southfork living room staring at the bar. She looks better, but is stiff, drawn, thin. She hears John Ross and Christoper running down the stairs. They're talking about Christopher and Charlie getting to stay at Southfork while Bobby and Jenna settle into a place in Washington. Christopher doesn't want to move. A tear rolls down Sue Ellen's face. She hears the boys tell Lucy they're headed out side.

    Lucy walks into the living room and says, "Those two. They can fight like dogs one minute and the next they're best friends." Sitting down she notices Sue Ellen. She leans forwad. "What's wrong Sue Ellen?"

    She hesitates. "I'm scared Lucy. I can't sleep. All I think about is having a drink."

    Lucy looks at the bar. She stands up, walks over to it and slides everything off and onto the floor shattering. "I'm gonna get all of this out of the house."

    Sue Ellen began to ball. Lucy rushes to hold her. "It's gonna be alright. We're safe now. JR's gonna make sure we're safe. Right?"

    Carlos enters the room. "MIss Lucy?"

    "Carlos. I want you to get rid of every drop of alchol in this house. And get David over here. I want him to assure Sue Ellen we're safe."

    JR walks down out of a private jet with Ben and two body guards onto a middle of no place runway in Mexico. He greets an older Hispanic man and what appears to be two body guards. "Mr. Ewing," the man says.

    "I hope I made my point."

    "My nephew and his wife and dead. How do you expect me to calm down my brother."

    "My father is dead. He nearly killed my wife. My whole family. You think I give a damn if he's calm? He's alive for one reason, you're a live for one reason. To keep my family safe. We'd better come to an agreement and fast on this drilling process."

    "Your father wasn't killed over drilling. He was killed because he tried to enterfere with things in my country."

    "Rebecca and Herbert Wentwork were killed over drilling through. Weren't they?"

    "We will do what we have to. There's a lot of oil in Venzula Wentworth Tool and Die and get at. But if you intend to get at it in the U.S, well that will lower the price. You see my problem."

    "I do and that it's your problem. But you're making it my problem."

    "You're father was interfering with my county, making that my problem."

    "Lets work out a deal to get at that oil of your's. Something mutually benefical." JR show the man up into his plane.

    JR walks into the living room of Southfork where his family gathers, Lucy, Sue Ellen, Ray, Donna, John Ross and Christopher. "Eveyrthing looks perfect Sue Ellen."

    Sue Ellen looks up from the sofa, quite and gives him a tense smile.

    Lucy says, "I want to talk to you in the den, JR."

    "RIght now? Where's the bar?"

    "Right now."

    JR looks around the room puzzled. "What's going on?"

    "I had Carlos get rid of all the alchol in the house. It's too much of a temptation for Sue Ellen."

    "Temptation? What's she got to be tempted for? She's got Southfork and enough money in a foundation do what ever she wants. Give it away. Put our name on hosptial and school buildings. What more does she want from me? I've take care of her haven't I? I haven't even looked at another woman. When I thought I was going to loose you . . ."

    "She's scared JR," Ray says. JR goes to talk. "No. Just listen. Listen for a change. You put this house back together just as it was before. But you just can’t put people back together. It doesn’t work that way.”

    “Sue Ellen, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Nothing. I’ve handled everything.”

    “I know that JR. David explained everything to me.”

    “Momma?” John Ross asks.

    “Aunt Sue Ellen?” Christopher asks.

    Sue Ellen begins to cry. The two boys hug her.

    “I don’t know what else I can do,” JR says.

    Ray tells him, “Hug her.”

    JR sits on the sofa next to Sue Ellen and hugs her, the boys between them. “I promise you, you’re safe darlin’.”

    After dinner JR pours himself a drink in Jock’s study. Donna walks in. “Lucy told you?”

    “About locking up the liquor in here? Yes.”

    “Sue Ellen needs to see someone. A therapist and you need to support her in doing so.”

    “Since when does a Ewing need a therapist?”

    “She’s not a Ewing. Your mother saw someone, when she was coming to terms with Jock’s death.”

    “She never said anything.”

    “You’re not exactly the supportive type. But you could be. Anyway, I came in here to tell you, Bobby asked me to oversee his blind trust.”


    “He’s put his investments, including his share of Ewing Oil into a blind trust. And I’m going to over see it. Lucy said you’re looking for someone to run Ewing Oil.”

    “That’s right. I suppose you want to be consulted.”

    “I want the job.”

    JR laughs her off. “You can’t be serious. Shouldn’t you be home making babies for Ray?”

    “I know the oil industry. Like you I followed my daddy around from the ground up. And with Sam I learned the political side of things. I’ve been Lobbyist and Member of the Texas Energy Commission. Ewing Oil is no longer your family’s personal affair. It’s a public company and you need a face the public can trust. Like Cliff Barnes at Trident. And I can handle Cliff. You know I’m right.”

    “There’s a level of ruthless you’ve got to willing to handle in the oil business.”

    “I can do what has to be done. But I’m not gonna destroy innocent lives.”

    Lucy turns around in the desk chair. “This is really besides the point. I’m supporting her, so Ben will back her. She’ll take Bobby’s place on the board. It would be good to present a united front. But we don’t need to.”

    “Ewing Oil is acquiring Trident’s plays,” JR says.

    Donna adds, “And Trident’s buying Ewing Oil’s downstream operations. Ewing Industries owned Nasser Trade and Transport which is getting the midstream assets of the two companies. I’m also aware Ewing Industries bought a sizable interest in Buchanan Energy, the electric power company. I’m also well aware of what happened to the Buchanan family for you to get their shares at a price you considered reasonable.”

    “And this is the issue. I don’t need you meddling.”

    “Well you’ve got me. And I’m not going anywhere.”

    Lucy says, “Are either of you aware of Vicktor Sechin?”

    “No,” Donna answers.

    “He founded a Denver company, RosCo. A conglomerate mostly interested in oil and gas.”

    Lucy looks at Donna, “David says RosCo is growing fast. Really fast. Sechin is suppose to be a Russian defector. His Uncle is the Soviet minister of oil and gas. And he’s connected to Bratva, the Russian Mafia out of New York.”

    JR says, “And with Venezuelan drug cartels.”

    “Apparently before Sechin arrived, Bratva was selling tax-free home heating oil as diesel fuel. They say he might have netted as much as a billion dollars cash for the organization.”

    JR says, “Sechin has bigger plans,” looking at Lucy and than Donna. “And so do we. He’s the real enemy right now. Not Wendell or Cliff Barnes. Sechin’s Uncle has been backing the Venezuela’s, at least the ones who killed my father and tried to kill the rest of us. You follow that trail back and you’ll find find them behind everything. Right to the murder of Herbert and Rebecca Wentworth.”

    Lucy sits down, overwhelmed.

    Sue Ellen has tea with Pam out by the pool, assuring her things are fine. “But you? How are you doing?”

    “Bobby put me in touch with Rick Leland. He’s helping me manage what’s left of my mothers money, selling and diversifying.”

    “That’s good. Bobby wouldn’t steer you wrong.”

    “I tried to talk to Cliff, but he won’t listen. All he listens to is Jeremy Wendell. It’s going to lead to his ruin.”

    “He’s doubling down on this feud with JR. I just wish he’d walk away from it.”

    “Bobby offered him a job as his chief of staff. He won’t take it. He won’t budge. And I have no idea where Katherine is. And you, Sue Ellen, how are you?”

    “Taking it a day at a time. Hard to get use to living in an armed camp.”

    “I guess it would be. You and JR?”

    “We’ve been good. Though I keep having this nightmare, he’s got two other families he’s running in the side.”

    “It’s nit like JR hasn’t given you reasons to fear something like that. He’s really on top now.”

    “Yes, but could having everything he ever wanted be the biggest nightmare of them all?”

    “He’s working with Lucy and Donna?”

    “So far so good. JR’s not use to sharing though.”

    “And the people who blew up Southfork?”

    “JR says he got to them. Some Venezuelan rebel group. They’re after a drilling process owned by Wentworth Tool and Die.”

    “Which is now owned by JR.”

    “That’s what he said. He said it got your mother and her husband killed. And Jock. That’s why Jock was in Venezuela. Trying to secure the help of friends. Apparently there’s some oil war going on that’s not public.”

    “Or it’s all an excuse for JR to do what ever he wants to do.”

    “I don’t know. Lucy trusts him.”

    “I don’t know what’s got into her.” Pam

    takes a sip of her tea. “Ever since Jock’s will. She’s. She’s . . .”

    “Become more of a Ewing.”

    “Yes, I suppose so.”

    In his office overlooking Dallas Gloria extends her hand. “I’m glad we could find things so agreeable Mr. Ewing.”

    “Please. JR.” He shakes her hand, walking her through the offices to the elevator. “Your late husband was wise to put you in his place on the board of NSO. I think our arrangement will serve both companies well. It’s not easy getting at North Sea Oil.”

    “But Ewing Industries has the experience with off shore drilling and the technology.”

    “That we do.”

    “I was also impressed by your deals in the middle east. Ewing Oil is impressive on its own. And a woman in charge. And your investment in Trident, how you pushed Jeremy to the side.”

    “Well, he was in my way.”

    “I see that. Not that I mind. I did divorce him.”

    “Another wise move.”

    “But we have a daughter together, Laura. And Jeremy’s maneuvers have called into concern her inheritance. You see my dilemma?”

    “Well to be honest his wrangling to put Cliff Barnes in charge of the company isn’t doing much for its share price.”

    “No it isn’t. I can see that. I can also see you’d like to have Jeremy destitute.”

    “Make him a more manageable adversary.”

    “Yes I suppose.”

    “Say, why don’t you come out to Southfork this evening. We’re having a barbecue. Bring your son and daughter. Let me show you my issues with Jeremy don’t extend to you and yours.”

    They part ways and JR walks back into the office. Sly says, “Todd Whitaker, Leland Bancorp.”

    JR takes the phone, “Yes Todd . . . Yes I’d consider it a favor . . . No he’s a fine young man but I just think locating him in Hong Kong would be a good idea. The office is new for you. The Leland’s are finally getting him to take a role in the business . . . Yes and gives some space between Brad and my niece . . . Certainly it’d be a fine marriage but Lucy’s already burned through two husbands. I’d like to see her not rush head long into another. This move would give them both time to mature . . . Yes. Thank you. I consider it a personal favor. See you Monday for the board meeting . . . Of course you’ve always got my full sport . . . Give my love to the wife. Bye now.” JR hangs up and says to sky, “Batting a thousand today,” while walking into his office.

    The family gathers out back at Southfork for a barbecue with Ray maintaining the grill.

    Lucy’s surprised to see Muriel but before she can approach her Mickey is hugging her, welcoming her. JR introduces Mickey as a ranch hand to Gloria and her children. “And this is Muriel Gillis, of Fort Worth Gillis’s.”

    Gloria says, “The commodities and food production company. That while a private family business you’ve managed to acquire sixteen perfect, JR.”

    “You do, do your homework.”

    “Of course.” Looking at Muriel, Gloria says, “It’s a small world. I use to see your Uncle Roy way back in the mists of time. How is he?”

    “Pretty good I guess. Married. Three kids. Six grandchildren.”

    “Oh how wonderful. Please tell him Gloria Rosenchild said hello.”

    “Of course I will.”

    “Well if you’ll excuse us I should introduce Gloria to the rest of the family.” As they walk away JR says to her, “That was suppose to a little known secret.”

    “Your share of Gillis? Oh well. I make it a habit of knowing everything about everyone. Like those two. Ben Fischer and David Gurion. Lucy’s friends. They’re lovers. Not much you can do with that information. It’s an open secret among their friends and family. Carlos. He’s your man, right? He’s spent a life time killing people, one of the best at. This is sort of a retirement for him.”

    With an impresses look JR introduces Gloria, Laura and Hugh to the Ewing’s. “And this is Lucy. The most beautiful, available girl in Texas. You be careful with Hugh here Lucy. He’s a playboy. He won’t mean a thing he says to you. And Hugh. Forget that Southern charm you might think of girls here in Texas. Lucy’s more the Scarlet type, she’ll act on you like a tonic, but pure snake oil.”

    “JR,” Sue Ellen admonishes.

    Lucy laughs.

    Hugh says, “It’s OK. I heard all about Lucy. You were once married to Jeremy Wendell. He was left alive. Which, if I recall the story, is more than can be said for Scarlet O’Hara’s husbands.”

    JR pats Hugh's shoulder, "Being left alive isn't always something more."

    Sue Ellen and Donna talk with Laura. "I moved to Woyoming after I finished Mayfield. For about two years my mother and father couldn't find me as I travelled around Europe and than the United States. I settleed in Wyoming so I could paint."

    "You're a painter?" Sue Ellen asks.

    "I guess you could say that. I paint. And what ever else I can get my hands on."

    "Are you going to be staying in Texas long?" Donna asks.

    "Only my mother can answer that. I'm here because she's pretty much making me."

    "My mother was like that," Sue Ellen says.

    "She's taken control of my trust-fund. I guess she's concerned about my father spending it. And since I have no marketable skills. Well."

    "I've been asked by several people to fund an artist colony here in Dallas. Maybe while you're here you'd be willing to sit through some meetings with me."

    "I don't know if I'm really an artist. I just kind of create stuff."

    "I heard you did a mural in Seattle."

    "It did get a lot of attention for that."

    "Its just sitting and listening to people talk. I'd really appreciate it."

    “Sure I suppose so.”

    Ray announces that the steaks are ready.

    A limousine pulls up to an oil rig going in. Carlos gets out of the front. JR gets out of the back and approaches one of the work crew. “Jeremy?”

    “I go by Andy.”

    “I see. Jeremy Wendell the forth. X Army Ranger. Working on oil rigs now. I guess your daddy really did cut you off.”

    “I take it you know my father.”

    “Unfortunately. I paid your momma a little visit and some cash for information she provided. Wendell really did the two of you wrong.”

    “Well if you know him, you know it’s how he is.”

    “Family don’t seem to mean anything to him.”

    “And you are?”

    “JR Ewing. My niece was your father’s third wife.”

    “No. That was Anna Blake.”

    “Now see. You got information I’m missing as well.”

    “I’m not interested in your money.”

    “What are you interested in?”

    “Serious? The oil business. Want to know enough to make Jeremy Wendell sorry he was ever born.”

    “Well. I think you and I share a great deal in common. But it’s not the oil business you need to learn. It’s the information business.”
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    Miss Ellie sits with JR in the study talking about Gary and Empire Valley and how JR should help his brother. JR relinquishes his animosity for his brother in exchange for the role as head of the family. Bobby and JR guess star on Knots Landing, Bobby as a U.S. Senator from his own show and JR as a powerful businessman affiliated with Galveston’s associates.

    In Falcon Crest when Chase goes to Washington D.C. to confront Senator Silverlake, Bobby guess stars on Falcon Crest, bringing that show, as a Lorimar Production, into the Dallas Universe. This continues in later years with the Thirteen story and involving the U.S. Congress.

    While the Thirteen story won’t be seen for sometime on Falcon Crest begin the Rosemont character (Roscoe Lee Browne) on Dallas and allude to a secretive government group in dealing with the Soviets.

    JR walks out of the Denver airport with Lucy and David. David says, “This is Rosemont.” They shake hands and get into a limousine.

    Inside Rosemont says, “Mr. Sechin is an issue we need solved. What he wants now is Trident. He’s found a willing partner in Jeremy Wendell.”

    JR says, “And you and your friends want my family to counter that influence.”

    “Yes. What we want is to see the collapse of the Soviet Empire and people like yourself to get at the oil in their county.”

    “I think we can work something out.”

    The limousine pulls up to a high rise building with a sign by the door “RosCo.” JR and Lucy get out of the back. JR buttons his jacket. “Well darlin’ you wanted to learn the oil business.”

    “I suppose I did.”

    “Then you’ve in for a real treat.”

    In the limousine Rosemont hands a folder to David. “If the Ewing’s are capable of this assignment, there’s a lot of dirty laundry you need to bring out into the light of day.”

    Up in the executive suite JR introduces himself and Lucy to Vicktor Sechin. “I always like to meet a man eye to eye before I get into business dealings with him.”

    “No. You’re interested in more than that. You want to size me up. Figure out what’s next.”

    “I know what’s next. When my father showed up in Venezuela, your father decided to take him out, the game plan was to secure Venezuelan oil for the soviets. I tried and true communist, unlike yourself and your uncle.”

    “So were even.”

    “If you mean my getting at your father like he got at mine, I suppose so. But this is a longer game than that.”

    “I’m not like my father, in that I under estimate the capabilities of the capitalists. Your father once meet in the home of Vaughn Leland, Sr.”

    “Brads grandfather?” Lucy asks.

    “Yes,” JR answers.

    Jock Ewing, Vaughn Leland, and several others. They dealt with Kennedy. Put there man in his place. No Mr. Ewing, I don’t under estimate you. In away, I admire you. And I could use your help.”

    “How so?”

    “To get at the oil my county sits on.”

    “That I’d like to help with.”

    Gloria walks into Jeremy’s Preston Hollow mansion as a beautiful young woman walks down the stairs in just s men’s dress shirt. “Who are you?” the girl asks.

    Gloria laughs, “A far smarter version of you.”


    “Oh Jeremy must be having fun with you. Tell me you do realize he only marries women he thinks he can get money out of. Not that his father didn’t leave him enough money. But the rest, like you, are nothing more than prostitutes.”

    “I beg your pardon.”

    “You bed him for cash. I don’t care how you try and clean it up, Jeremy loves money and sex. He won’t give up the money you think he will and he’s not very good at sex, rather selfish in bed, but you’re not there for pleasure are you?”

    “Again, who are you?”

    “Again I’m not telling you. But you can fetch me lunch while I wait for Jeremy.”

    JR and Lucy arrive at a luxurious, rural mental hospital. David says, “You need to know, before you meet him. Jason was lobotomized.”


    “Your father’s wife, Amanda, their son Jason was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Your father agreed to a lobotomy. Before you meet him, you should be aware of what that means.”

    “I’m aware of what that means. I am confused as to why my father kept him a secret.”

    “I don’t know. Same reason he kept Amanda a secret. James talks a lot about there father, Robert James Ewing. He was a coal miner who left West Virginia and his family behind, traveled the rails with his son.”

    “That much I know. At least about his father and traveling the rails.”

    “There’s plenty about Jock Ewing your not aware. But he has taken care of Jason. This is a very nice place.”

    “I see.”

    “Maybe there are just something’s that aren’t easy to talk about. Your sister.”

    JR looks determined not to talk about the subject.

    Lucy says, “Sister?”

    “Before your grandfather went off to war your grandmother was pregnant. He named her after his mother, Lucille Ann Campbell.”


    JR says, “We don’t need to discuss this.”

    “Your grandfather left for the war, shortly after Miss Ellie miscarried, Joanna, and then Lucille died.”


    “Yes. My sister died. We don’t talk about her.” Tears well up in JR’s eyes.

    “You see, some secrets family’s try and burry because they’re honestly too difficult to face.”

    JR sits laughing with his older brother and Lucy listening as if a fly on the wall. Jason tells him all about his grandfather Jason, as if assuming he was also JR’s grandfather, as if Amanda were his mother too. He talks about Robert and Lucille, their grandparents. Then he says, “And that other woman father married.”

    “Eleanor you mean?”

    “No. Eleanor. Who’s Eleanor? Oh wait, Eleanor. I remember her. Gary’s mother. I never meet her. No I mean Lydia Bunker.”

    “Who’s Lydia Bunker?”

    Jeremy walks out back of his mansion where Gloria has dinner. “Why are you here?”

    “Because you need me.”

    “You control trusts full of Trident shares. You can back me or JR Ewing.”

    “It appears to me that JR Ewing will make more money for my children.”


    “Trident is looking to merge with North Sea Oil and Hugh is their single largest shareholder.”

    “But I put together that deal through Cliff Barnes, not JR Ewing.”

    “That’s besides the point. The deal’s going through. My question is, what are you going to do now? JR is ready to hand Trident an exclusive deal for Venezuelan oil.”

    “Is that why you’re here? To scout out my next mI’ve?”

    “It certainly isn’t the cheap food you stick in your kitchen,” Gloria says dropping her salad fork in discuss.

    JR and Lucy watched an older woman tend a garden outside a beautiful cottage. David says, “Lydia Bunker. Jock wasn’t legally divorced from Amanda when he married Lydia.”

    “And their children?”

    “Do you really want to know?”

    “I’m thinking I need to.”

    Sue Ellen and Laura walk the offices of Trident and come across a mural of the Rocky Mountains. “My father asked me to cover the wall with something. Just something. I turned down a commission with Mobil in New York to do this. He never bothered to even say he liked it.”

    “It’s impressive.”

    Cliff approaches. “Sue Ellen. What brings you here?”

    “Laura Wendell. I asked to see her favor mural. You know Laura?”

    “No. We’ve never meet. I’m Cliff Barnes. CEO of Trident.”

    “Hello Mr. Barnes.”

    “Please. Cliff. This is yours?”

    “Along time ago when these were West Star offices.”

    “You’re talented.”

    Sue Ellen says, “I want to commission her to do a mural for the public here in Dallas. What do you think, Cliff?”

    “I think it’s an excellent idea.”

    “Why don’t you join us for lunch so we can talk over what we want to do?”

    Lucy strolls into a hole in the wall bar with Hugh. She says, “You did say an authentic cowboy bar.”

    “I guess I did.”

    Ray sits at the bar with Mitch nursing bourbons.

    A bunch of riggers come in, including Andy Wendell, loud, rowdy.

    Hugh heads to the rest room leaving Lucy alone. A group of riggers, including Andy, come over to hit on her. Andy’s silent but the others are vulgar.

    Mickey’s had enough and goes over, “Leave the lady alone.”

    “Listen cowboy, you’d better get your hands off me.”

    Ray says, “Soon as you get to the other side of the room.”

    “Maybe the girl wants us to stay.”

    “No. No I don’t. You can leave now.” Lucy waves them off.

    “What, do you think you’re to good for any one of us? We’re oil men honey. We’ll have you dripping in diamonds where these cowpokes’ll have ya in cow turds.”

    Lucy laughs. “I’m Lucy Ewing. Ain’t one of you half the oilman my granddaddy was. And if your smarter than anyone of the lice covering ya, you’ll know the name JR Ewing and that’ll strike fear into ya.”

    “From what we hear ole JR’s a candy-ass.” They laugh, all but Andy.

    “Than you’re not very smart.”

    Andy says, “These cowboys bothering you.”

    Mickey says, “These aren’t cowboys.”

    “This one looks like a candy-ass himself.”

    Lucy says in the face of the loudest rigger, “I don’t need a one of these gentleman to protect me. You either turn around and leave me alone or you’ll find out what a Ewing woman is capable of.”

    “Whats that sweetheart? Making tea?” Again they laugh.

    “You’re stupid.”

    “And you gotta big mouth little lady.”

    “And nothing about you is big.”

    He goes to slap her and Mickey grabs his arm. A fight ensues and the next thing you know it’s a barroom brawls. Men in plain black suites are pulling Lucy away and out of the bar.

    Outside the police are talking with a banged up Ray, Mickey and Hugh as they explain the situation.

    One of the men in black suites helps Lucy up into a wagon. She looks over the hand cuffed riggers, all but Andy. She approached the loud mouth and slaps him on each cheek. “I think you wanta apologize.”

    Laughing, “It was a fair fight.”

    “I mean to me. For even talking to me.”

    “Darlin’ I still got the strength to give you one hell of a ride.”

    She squeezes his balls. “No you don’t. Really, you don’t.”

    The man squirms in pain.

    In the Southfork kitchen Donna tends to Rays scraps and cuts while Sue Ellen tends to Mickey. They explain what happened and JR says he wished he’d been there.

    Sue Ellen snaps, “JR.”

    “Well, like my daddy use to say, nothing he liked better than a little fight now and then.”

    Donna says, “You really think a fist fight is your stile JR.”

    “Oh I didn’t say say I was gonna get into it, but I wouldn’t have mind watching. You two boys defend Lucy’s honor?”

    “Didn’t need it,” Ray says. “That girl’s got some gumpshun. I don’t know if I ever saw her like that.”


    “Mentioned you. Said they should know enough to be afraid of JR.”

    “They didn’t know who you were,” Mickey says.

    “Well they will now.”

    “I think Lucy went and explained it to them.”

    Sue Ellen asks, “And Hugh.”

    Mickey answers, “I don’t know what happened to him.”

    Gloria speaks to Hugh as a maid tends to him. “Really, in a honky-tonk.”

    “I asked Lucy to take me. It wasn’t here idea. I was curious.”

    “Curious of trash. Do you know how stupid that sounds?”

    In a hotel bedroom Lucy enjoys Andy’s naked body in bed.
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    Jeremy meets with Cliff in his office. “I thinks things are working out well with you running Trident.”

    “The company’s in good shape. Though I’m not too happy about making JR Ewing money,” Cliff says.

    “I couldn’t agree more. We’ve got to get him out of the way. This time we don’t underestimate him. He’s got resources we were aware of.”

    “Those resources are Lucy Ewing’s. Apparently she’s more like able than JR. I’ve been told the Cartel has approached her.”

    “Ewing Oil’s no longer an independent. They’re just as much a piranha to the IOA as Trident. I’ve approached them about Wendell Oil and Gas joining. I’m under consideration. My investment in Trident and role in the past appears a hindrance. What would they want with Lucy Ewing?”

    “Apparently she’s formed a small independent of her own. LAE Oil.”

    “Competing directly with Ewing Oil?”

    “Apparently,” Cliff says. “And even though Ewing Oil has gone public, Donna Krebs is all buddy buddy with the Cartel. She had several meetings professing to work together with them in various projects.”

    “And JR sits on the outskirts of all of this. Pulling strings like a damn puppet master. Including yours.”

    “I’m holding onto this position by the skin of my teeth. We both know it. He has the position to remove me at anytime.”

    “That’s what we need to prevent. Then have Trident acquire Ewing Oil. I don’t mind share holders like Lucy or Bobby. But not JR. No. He’s way over his head. It’s about time we teach him how big oil plays.”

    Laura and has lunch in Dallas with some friends. Walking out of the restaurant in broad day light, a ran drives up to the curb and grabs her, pulling her in and driving off.

    JR stands in the study off Southfork watching the news of the kidnapping of Laura Wendell. Sue Ellen is horrified. JR assures her of the best security.

    Gloria yells at Jeremy in the living room of his mansion. “Then you’ll just pay it!”

    “I’m not paying some extortionist. That just makes the rest of us targets for anyone else. No. We wait this out.”

    “Then I’ll pay it.”

    “You don’t have that kind of money.”

    “I’ll get it from Hugh.”

    “Go a head. Give away your money. But there’s no guarantee they still won’t hurt her. Or anyone of us.”

    “I swear to you Jeremy. Anything happens to her and I’m going to take it out on you.”

    Andy says standing in the doorway, “What the hells wrong with you dad? Give them what ever they want.”

    “They’re two-bit thugs. I’m not pandering to that sort.”

    Andy leaves.

    Gloria says, “I swear to you Jeremy, I’m not an enemy you want.”

    At Southfork Sue Ellen asks Hugh how his mother’s doing.

    “She’s waiting on some sort of ransom or something.”

    “I just don’t see how this could happen in the streets of Dallas in broad day light.”

    Lucy hands Hugh a drink and rubs his back. “You can stay here until this is over. There’s no place as safe as Southfork. At least not anymore.”

    JR says, “That’s right. We’ve covered security around here pretty tight.”

    “I’ve noticed.”

    Andy comes running in the back. “JR. Laura. Have you heard.”

    “Of course. All of Texas has heard. Come in Andy.”

    Andy says, “Hugh.”

    Hugh says, “Andy.”

    JR hands Andy a drink. “Steady yourself. I’ve got some men I know on this.”

    Lucy says, “My friend David. He’ll find her and bring her home.”

    “They got a ransom.”

    Lucy says, “That simple enough. Pay it then.”

    Andy takes the big swig of whiskey. “He won’t pay.”

    Sue Ellen says, “What do you mean won’t pay? JR?”

    “Yeah we can manage it. Let me go make some phone calls.”

    Hugh says, “I’ll pay it. What ever they want.”

    The phone rings on the night stand of a yacht. David picks it. “Yes, put him through . . . What is it JR? . . . Who? Laura Wendell? Jeremy’s daughter . . . Yes I know all about Jeremy Wendell. Why would someone kidnap his daughter . . . How much? . . . Damn . . . I haven’t heard anything on Southfork security. I told my men to contact me on anything, so you’re good? . . . Good . . . I’m in Australia right now but let me look into this. I’ll get back to you . . . Yep.” He hangs up and says, “Laura Wendell was kidnapped.”

    Ben turns over in bed. “What? Who?”

    “I don’t know yet. But I’m gonna figure out.”

    Jeremy gets down out of his private plane to talk to Vicktor Sechin. Vicktor says, “This is Simón Mendoza.”

    Simón says says, “Welcome to Maracaibo.”

    “Thank you. I’m looking forward to working out Petróleos take over of Trident.”

    Vicktor says, “I heard about your daughter. We can postpone these negotiations. Is there anything we can do to help?”

    “Yes. Finish up our plans. I don’t plan on worrying about something outside of my control. No do I intend to give into extortionists. So our first concern is getting JR Ewing out of our way.”

    Carlos carries a bag as JR follows out the back of Southfork. “I don’t understand why you?”

    “Jeremy isn’t anywhere to be found,” JR says. “They’re not going to deal with some one else. I’ll be fine. I’ll have David with me. Andy’s going along. Nothings going to happen to me.”

    “You don’t know that. Not in Mexico.”

    “Carlos’s contacts will get out in and out of Mexico. Really Sue Ellen, you know I wouldn’t risk my life. We’ll deliver the cash and bring her home. Then David can deal with them afterwards.” He kisses her cheek and gets in the car.

    Andy gets in on the other side. Carlos gets in the driver’s seat. They drive away. Sue Ellen looks terrified.

    Lucy swims the length of the pool. Hugh watches her walk up and out, smiling with his sunglasses on her forehead. As she drys off he says, “You are a very beautiful woman.”

    Wrapping in a towel she rolls her eyes.

    “Have you ever thought about moving away from here?”

    “A long time ago. With my first husband. This was always going to be my Uncle JR’s place.”

    He takes her in his arms, “What if I give you your own place? Chester Hall has been in my family since the fifteenth century. It’s far bigger than Southfork. My mother lives almost exclusively in New York and Monaco. It would just be the two of us. Well for a little while anyway.”

    “Are you asking me to marry you?”

    “Would you say yes if I were?”

    “I’m not sure about moving away.”

    “I’ve lived most of my life away. I’d like to try living at Chester Hall. If I had the right person to live with.”

    “Let me think about it.”

    JR sits down at a table in a seedy bar across from a Hispanic man. Andy and Carlos stand behind him. JR puts a briefcase on the table. “Where is she?”

    “Not so fast. Let’s see the money.”

    “I’m not dealing with a grunt. You can tell Mendoza either we deal or I walk.”

    “Who’s Mendoza?”

    “The guy backing you. Setting up this farce. You can tell him my Venezuelan contacts came in loud and clear. He wants both me and Wendell out of Trident. So let’s talk.”

    “Mr. Ewing . . .”

    JR cuts him off, “Marie Elena. She’s a sweet woman. But so is Laura. Don’t make me Manuel. This isn’t your fight.”

    “What the hell did you say. That’s my madre.”

    “Then let’s not be stupid.” JR slides the briefcase over to him. “It’s all yours. But I want something in return. You’re gonna taken my friend here to Laura and make sure they get home safe because we’re friends. We don’t hurt each other’s family. This money is for something else. It’s to help out my friend. The last thing you need is Mendoza meddling in Mexican affairs. And we’re friends. Right. Now you and my other friend here are gonna go see Marie Elena. She making a feast to welcome home her long lost son. I mean shame on you not visiting your momma.”

    Donna walks with Marilee Stone to the Ewing Oil elevators. Marilee says, “You and Wendell going on a buying spree is driving the price of everything up. And both of you into heavy debt.”

    “Don’t worry about Ewing Oil. We can manage. I appreciate your consideration.”

    “Truth be told I’d never sell out to JR, but this isn’t exactly JR, is it?”

    “No it’s not.”

    “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

    “No you don’t. All you hope for is Wendell and I to keep driving the price up Cartel companies before you sell. One thing about the Cartel, Marilee, it’s sole purpose is to swindle the customer and make its members as much money as possible. That doesn’t make EO the bad guy for standing up to you.”

    “You really have joined in with JR and Wendell.”

    “No. But I do think it’s time to put the Cartel out to pasture.”

    Mickey hops down off his horse and rubs his leg, limping into the barn. Ray asks how he’s doing. “Hanging in there. I got to spend a fair amount of time next few days over at West Star.”

    “Yeah Doc Weaver says you got a couple sick Heifers.”

    “Looking expensive.”

    “Listen,” Ray says, “I talked to Clayton last night. He and Miss Ellie are gonna be gone a while longer traveling. He offered to hire us some help.”

    “No we got this.”

    “No you’ve got this and you’re burning the candle at both ends to do it. I really want to take him up on his offer. The three of us will still work together but you can keep up overseeing two ranches. How things with Muriel?”

    “Oh I don’t know. She’s from a different world you know?”

    “You’re telling me. My wife goes into Dallas every day to run an oil company. She’s got something called stock options I still ain’t figured out.”

    “How you handle it?”

    “I don’t know. Just do. The thing I regret, not having kids. I see Bobby with his three and think he’s about the luckiest man ever was.”

    “Muriel talks about kids.”

    “You being cautious? You don’t wanta get married cause you have to.”

    “Ain’t no worry in that.”

    “Why’s that. She can’t have kids.”

    “No. I’m cautious. I’m not looking to be a dad right now. I ain’t got time for a good night’s sleep, let alone a kid.”

    “That’s good. Don’t go rushing into anything. You love her?”

    “I don’t know.”

    “That’s an honest.”

    “I can tell you her family hates me.”

    “Why you say that?”

    “They don’t come out and say it, but you can feel it. They love JR.”


    “I guess he owns sixteen percent of their family company. They try talking business like it’s all over my head, but I can understand percentages and a cash infusion. I don’t get these heifers healthy, I don’t know how we’ll make it to market with anything worth sellin’.”

    “You keeping Lucy informed?”

    “No I got this. I ain’t crawling, begging for money because I can’t make this work.”

    “It’s her ranch. You’ve got a responsibility to keep her informed.”

    “I’ve got this.”

    Armed Mexican thugs walk Laura toward Andy, with David and his mercenaries behind him. They run toward each other and hug.

    Carlos and JR enjoy a Mexican feast with the man from the bar and his momma and a lot more of their family. JR arm around the man, he says, “Your nephew here wants to run for political office. I told him I’d love to help him out. What ever he needs. Good friends have to stick together.”

    Jeremy sits by the pool at his mansion with Hugh. “I’ve been been talking to your financial advisors and some of the people running NorCo. I think we can work out some partnership. I want to make sure you’re on board.”

    “My mother isn’t going to do business with you since you haven’t lifted a finger to help out with Laura.”

    “Your mother has no power over the Statham family investments. But you do.”

    Behind him two bikini clad girls get out of the pool and dry off.

    Hugh notices the girls. “What makes you think I’d do business with you.”

    “Your mother isn’t going to approve of you marrying Lucy Ewing. But you know as well as I do, she’d make an excellent wife. You’re no more interested in her than she is in you, but the arrangement could be beneficial, produce and heir with a family of considerable means. And show your mother she’s not in charge of your life.”

    “I can do all that without a business arrangement with you.”

    “Then you deal with JR Ewing. You’ll just be switching up your mother for Lucy’s uncle. I’m not interested in your life. Just NorCo. Think about it.” Jeremy walks into the house.

    The girls come over and introduce themselves to Hugh, rubbing all over him.

    At Southfork Laura steps out of a limousine and runs to her mother. JR follows and Gloria hugs him. Sue Ellen hugs him next. Hugh hugs his sister next with Andy patting JR on the back.

    As everyone celebrates around the pool and the barbecue, Donna takes JR to the side. “What’s with Trident being pulled apart?”

    “I negotiated the pieces we needed, refineries, gas stations, pipe lines. We’re sharing petrochemicals. What’s left Venezuela and RosCo are splitting fifty fifty.”

    “Just like that?”

    “Just like that. West Star’s dead and Ewing Oil’s bigger than its ever been, and had maintained family control. Wendell’s out.”

    “So is Cliff Barnes. He’s been fired.”

    “How have you been doing with the Cartel?”

    “Won some. Lost some. Marilee sold to Wendell this morning.”

    “Figures. Listen Donna. Don't worry. You're doing a great job. Ewing Oil is in the best shape of it's life. Keep up the good work."

    The Ewing family board a private plan headed to England for Lucy's wedding to Hugh.

    At a country estate in England Luch marry's Hugh in a grand wedding. Gary is there to give her away. They are all surprized that Val isn't there, surprised and worried (tie into the season 6 finale for Knots Landing with Val looking for her babies). Bobby and Pam and their three children (Jenna having died saving Bobby from Katherine) arrive (tie into the season 1 finale for their spin off show). Mickey comes with Muriel; Muriel is Lucy's maid of honor. Andy is Hugh's best man. Richard Channing arrives with Maggie to attend the wedding; Richard is Hugh's Godfather, an old friend of his late fathers and the Statham family with Gloria having been from Conniticut / New York as well (tie intothe season 4 finale for Falcon Crest where Richard and Maggie return to Richard's house and it then exploids).

    Note: on May 18, 1985 Dysnasty concluded it's fifth and highest ever rated season with a cliffhanger to end all cliffhangers: the Moldavian wedding massacre. This also replaces the Cliffhanger where the Ewing family gather around Bobby dieing as he would be on his own series. And if BBG were well enough she could be in the final as well or they could add her and Clayton as a mystery, maybe even have a scene where Clatyon enters a room to find her laying face down on the floor and yelling "Ellie."

    1985 Cliffhanger:

    Before the wedding Hugh signs papers with Jeremy Wendell creating NorCo in which High will be the largest shareholder and Jeremy will be the Chair and CEO lined up against Donna as President and CEO of Ewing Oil, JR as Chairman and Vicktor Sechine as Chairman and CEO of Trident (or what's left of it).

    Lucy seems short with Muriel as she helps her get reading for the weddng. Muriel tries to assure her that the ceremony will be beautiful. Lucy says, "It's not that. It's just . . . My mother's not here. Grandma's not here."

    "David said he's on top of it. You know David. He'll figure it out."

    "Yeah I'm sure. I noticed you came with Mickey. You're seeing a lot of him."

    "Yeah, he's a pretty great guy."

    "Just be good to him."

    JR, Bobby, Gary and Ray meet before walking into the chaple. JR offers his hand to Gary. "I know we haven't always got a long, but Momma said something after Daddy's died. That I had to stop all this fighting and step into his shoes. I want you to know, what ever you need, Southfork is your home."

    "Thank you JR." They shake hands.

    "I mean it. And Ray. I think we're getting along like a couple of good ole boys. Ain't that right Ray."

    "It's a strange world."

    Bobby pulls his brothers into a huddle.

    JR walks with Sue Ellen and John Ross. down the isle.

    Ray walks with Donna down the isle.

    Bobby walks with Pam and the three kids down the isle.

    Then the wedding procession beings, followed by Lucy. A beautiful ceremony is followed by throwing rice as they come out of the church. They get into an old Rolls Royce convertible and wave good buy to everyone cheering them on.

    Later at the reception JR dances with Gloria, Sue Ellen with Gary. Cliff dances with Laura. Donna dances with Richard Channing. Ray dances with Pam. Bobby dances with Charlie.

    Jeremy Wendell leaves the reception with a very young, very beautiful woman.

    Outside in the garden, dusky in the evening Mickey takes Muriel’s hand, gets on one knee and proposes marriage. An excited Muriel says, “Yes, yes, yes.”

    JR dances with Sue Ellen, twirling her around the room.

    David and Paul sit and watch the couples, and then smiling at each other.

    Andy sits and talks with Laura. “So tell me about Cliff Barnes.”

    “What’s to tell. I was having lunch with Sue Ellen and he came into the restaurant. We meet. Next thing I know she’s inviting him as my guest to the wedding.”

    “Oh is Sue Ellen set you up. Well I suppose it’s better than being your step mother’s escort.”

    “True. He’s really a very nice man. Hates the Ewing’s, well JR and his dad.”

    “Are you going back to Dallas?”

    “Yes. You?”

    “Yes. Donna’s giving me a job on her personal staff.”

    “Oh. You’re finally going to learn the oil business. Tell dad?”

    “No. I don’t really want him to know. You know what I mean?”

    “I do.”

    They laugh and hug.

    In the dusky morning, Lucy leaves cute little English cottage, looking at Hugh sleeping and walks on a bath down to a marsh to come across Andy. When she asks why he’s there he tells her he couldn’t stay away. She tells him he has to stay away, at least until they return to Dallas. He says, “I’ve got some news you might want to hear?”


    “Mickey proposed to Muriel.”

    Obviously disturbed but she says, “Why would I care about that?”

    He takes her in his arms and kisses her passionately.

    JR walks in on Sue Ellen taking a bath. He sits on the edge of the tub, talking about traveling, seeing all of Europe. She teases he can’t be away from Dallas that long, plus John Ross has school. He mentions bringing along a tutor for John Ross. He leans over to kiss her. She pulls him in the tub. They laugh and kiss.

    In the afternoon JR, Sue Ellen, John Ross, Ray, Donna, Mickey and Muriel gather on the tarmac to board the Ewing private jet. Gloria and Laura arrive next and Gloria thanks JR for giving them a ride. JR jokes about dropping them off in New York and then onto the Bahamas to drop off Lucy and Hugh for honeymoon but Laura says that she wants to go back to Dallas. Gloria and Laura disagree when Lucy and Hugh arrive and all attention is on the newlyweds.

    Carlos speaks to JR as everyone else boards.

    Inside David meets with the pilot and Andy takes the copilot’s seat.

    Ben sits next to Lucy and they talk about how wonderful it will be to live on a tropical island for a month. Carlos takes the seat next to them.

    Wendell meets with Barnes in an office in D.C. “I want you here in Washington. NorCo Wendell joined the Chamber of Energy Conservation. Ewing Industries, Ewing Oil, Trident, all the big oil and dozens of nit so big oil companies belong. I’ve negotiated you a job. President of the CEC. Your job is to promote our interests in this town.” (In other words Cliff moves to the new series with Bobby and Pam as a lobbyist).

    Vicktor says to Simón, “We just might have started World War Three.”

    Simón says, “I’ve got Trident. What you have to deal with is your concern. But you’d better know what you’re doing.”

    A very handsome, younger Asian man says, “You should know the Americans know the art of war, from cover to cover. And you won’t know when you’re being deceived, that I can guarantee you. You’ll be sucked in and the next thing you know they’ve got you.” The man makes a motion as if capturing a fly in the air.

    The Ewing family and friends (sans JR) gather on their private plane flying over the Atlantic.

    Two ground to air missiles launch toward the Ewing jet. The pilot takes aggressive action to dodge them. They stay on it. One taking out one wing, the other exploiding off the side. The jet begins to rapidly descend. Two more missiles launch.

    Inside everyone (sans JR) holds tight to each other. Panic stricken.

    JR turns around in an office chair, says, “Took you long enough,” and fires a gun.

    The End. Cliff Hanger. What happened to everyone? Where are the 4 key enemies in all of this? Who did JR shoot?
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    Who did JR shoot?

    The next season would be in place of the Dream Season, with tie ins to 3 other Lorimar shows, starting:

    JR - Chairman of Ewing Oil and on the boards of several other companies including Ewing Industries (the Jock role)

    Sue Ellen - President of the Ewing Family Foundation, member DOA, and mother to John Ross (the Miss Ellie role)

    Lucy - Executive Vice President for Exploration and Development of Ewing Oil - duplicity and sex (with Andy, Dia, and others). Her go-to’s are Ben and David, married to Hugh (3rd husband) and in love with Mickey. She has to deal with Jeremy (her x) and Simón in business. (the JR role)

    Donna - President and CEO of Ewing Oil; note: her and Lucy as women in the oil industry. (the Bobby role)

    Ray - General Forman of the Southfork Ranch, owns the Krebs Ranch, good ole boy friend to JR

    Mickey - General Forman of the West Star Ranch, works with his Uncle Ray, Lucy’s true love interest

    Muriel - Mickey’s fiancée, Gillis family heiress

    Miss Ellie

    Clayton Farlow

    Jeremy - enemy number 1, Chairman and CEO of NorCo Wendell

    Andy - Jeremy’s son, works with JR and his father on various projects

    Simón Mendoza - enemy number 2, from Venezuela, Chairman and CEO of Trident

    Dia Long - enemy number 3, from China, Chairman and CEO SinoPet North America

    Note: Gloria back to NYC; Cliff and Laura move to D.C.
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    This would be in place of the Dream Season:

    In front of JR holding a smoking gun Vicktor Sechin falls over, a bullet through his head. JR walks out of the dark room.

    The plane out maneuvers two more ground to air missiles including the use of flares to divert them.

    Operating with one engine the plane makes an emergency landing.

    JR greets his family as they walk down out of the plane, hugging his wife and son. He shakes David’s hand. “Thank you.”

    “Of course. I’ll take care of Vicktor.”

    “Already did. Soon as I got word he was behind the explosion at Southfork and the murder of my father. I need you to find out if he’s behind this. And if he is, who in Russia do I need to follow up with.”

    “JR. We can’t live like this,” Sue Ellen says practically in tears.

    “I know. I’m gonna end it. It’s taking longer than I thought, but I promise you, you and John Ross are safe, Sue Ellen.”

    Carlos says, “I’ve arranged passage on Canard. I figured everyone would feel safer. Then a train to Dallas.”

    JR says, “That’s the long way but I suppose it’s best.”

    (JR guest stars on Bobby’s spin off in D.C.)

    The Ewing’s enjoy a cruise to New York. Lucy is jealous over Mickey and Muriel’s engagement. She and Hugh take a flight to the Bahamas once they reach New York. Cliff meets them at the Plaza and with Laura later heads to D.C. Gloria stays in New York.

    One late evening in a hotel bar, Donna has a drink after Ray heads off to bed. Jeremy comes in and joins her. “I hear good things about Ewing Oil.”

    “Do you?”

    “JR’s the Chairman and on the boards of several other companies, including Ewing Industries. You’re President and CEO. Only woman in any executive position in big oil. And Lucy, Vice President for Special Projects. This should be interesting.”

    “Lucy’s job was JR’s idea. I’m not sure she’s ready to handle it.”

    “It’s not a typical place for women.”

    “No. But both of us grew up in oil families. We know the breed of men.”

    “Well, she’s a newlywed. Now that she has a husband to take care of.”

    “She’s cutting her honeymoon short. You’re attempting to get the OLM to shut down some of our fields.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Yes you do. Your running NorCo and Mendoza’s running Trident. And you both think that with the OLM shutting us down, we’ll agree to sell to one, or the other, or both. Well that’s at least what I’m hearing.”

    “Shouldn’t believe everything you hear.”

    “No. I don’t. But I believe my friends. Certainly over you. When I expose those on the OLM you got to, I’m sure they’ll squeal. You don’t exactly foster loyalty.”

    “Well, we’ll see.”

    The next morning the Ewings and Krebs board a train.

    Lucy walks out of a hotel bathroom fully dressed.

    An older man in bed says, “Hey what gives.”

    She pushes play on a VCR. A scene on the tv appears of the two of them having sex. She says, “I don’t care what this does to my marriage but it’ll destroy yours, and your family. So the next time you vote against me on the OLM board you better think long and hard.” She ejects the tape and takes it with her out of the room.”

    The family, minus JR and Hugh, gathers in the Living room prior to dinner. Lucy explains Hugh is in Australia and that the Duchy owns a sheep station there. Sue Ellen explains that JR is in Moscow on business. Mickey arrives with Muriel.

    Bobby and JR arrive in Moscow, snow covered Stetsons on the tarmac, with an American delegation of congressman and businessmen.

    Sue Ellen meets with an older woman in beautiful ocean front cottage in California over tea. “Thank you Mrs. Ewing for agreeing to meet me.”

    “No thank you for contacting me Caroline. This girl, Ellie . . .”

    “Eleanor Barbara Ewing.”

    “Yes. Her mother passed away a year ago?”

    “Yes. Mr. Ewing and Miss Maggie we’re married. I’m sorry.”

    “No. I need to know the truth.”

    “I didn’t know about Mr. Ewing’s other family. I don’t think Miss Maggie ever did. Then I saw him in the news. Mr. Ewing . . . They were married right before Ellie was born. They were a happy family. Though Mr. Ewing was away on business a lot.”

    “What business?”

    “Oil. Miss Maggie died right after Mr. Ewing’s father.”

    “From what?”

    “She had cancer.”

    “And you’ve raised her ever since?”

    “Mr. Ewing’s been here, off and on, and Miss Maggie’s parents, but they’ve both passed away. I know I don’t have any right to interfere, but the little girl, she deserves a family.”

    “Yes you’re right.”

    “When I heard he’d remarried. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

    “No don’t be.”

    “I thought if you understood, how wonderful of a father he’s been to her, you’d take her in as your own. I knew a man as loving as Mr. Ewing had to have a wife just as loving.”

    JR and Bobby meet alone with Mikhail Sechin, Mister of Ministry of Oil and Gas. He says, “I hope that my nephew’s actions will remain behind us. I bare the Ewing Family no ill will. In fact I look forward to your assistance in helping us meet our production needs.”

    Bobby says, “Well as long as we can continue open dialogue I see no reason we can’t proceed.”

    JR pats both of them on the back, “As long as we see mutual benefit, I see no reason not to proceed. There’s a lot of oil in this county we all want to get at.”

    Sue Ellen introduces Ellie to John Ross as his sister. John Ross is confused. “When your father and I were divorced her married someone else. She was Ellies mother. She died.”

    “Why didn’t daddy tell us?”

    “I don’t know. But I brought her here to stay with us. And Caroline. I think you’ll like her.”

    John Ross says to his sister, “Would you like to see your room.”

    The scared little girl shakes her head and John Ross takes her by the hand.

    Sitting on the sofa Lucy says, “I wonder how this is going to go over when JR gets back.”

    Donna asks, “How are you doing, Sue Ellen?”

    “I don’t know. They were married before JR and I were divorced. And she died after we were remarried. I don’t know what to think. Did JR love her? I mean the whole time he was trying to get me back he has another family. A wife. A daughter. After everything. Still to say nothing. Caroline assumed JR and I were married after Ellie’s mother died. The man I describe confused her.”

    Lucy asks, “What do you mean?”

    “She describe a very different JR. I didn’t even know who she was talking about.”

    Just to summarize the Ewing family at this point:

    JR = Sue Ellen

    • John Ross (7)
    • Ellie (4)

    Ray Krebs = Donna

    (note: his nephew Mickey Trotter is like a son to them)

    Gary = Val (divorced) = Abbey

    • Lucy (24) = Mitch (divorced) = Jeremy (divorced) = Hugh
    • Olivia Cunningham (14) - stepdaughter
    • Brian Cunningham (12) - stepson
    • Jerry (1)*
    • Betsy (1)

    Bobby = Pam

    • Charlie (13)
    • Christopher (4) - adopted
    • Lucas (2)

    *as Bobby didn’t die, use a different name

    JR and Andy Wendell walk up to the house from the driveway at Southfork. The family, still minus Hugh, gathered around with John Ross and Ellie just getting out of the pool. Ellie runs up to JR yelling, “Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!” and hugging him around his legs, soaking wet. JR looks stunned.

    In the study of Southfork Sue Ellen watches JR pour a drink. “Well?” She asks.

    “What do you want me to say. You know everything that happened.”

    “Did you love her?”

    “Margret? Yes I suppose I did.”

    “You did think I should know? How long would you have kept this secret from me?”

    “I guess forever. I’m sure you don’t believe me, but I didn’t want to hurt you. And I didn’t want to hurt that little girl. Not exactly a stable home we have here.”

    “Even when her other died?”

    “Especially then. I needed to protect her.”

    “I don’t even know what to do with this JR. I’d ask you are there any other secrets, but you’d just lie. You always lie. But I can’t even say this time it was to your benefit.”


    “You lied to protect that little girl. And maybe you even lied to protect me. I don’t know. But can’t figure out how this lie benefited you. I went through the papers in Santa Barbra.”

    “I see.”

    “That little girl owns your half of Ewing Industries. So just one day she shows up and says to John Ross she’s his sister?”

    “I was going to explain it to him when the time came. Explain he had a sister to take care of. You bring her here and that won’t happen.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “They’ll fight. Her and John Ross. Ewing’s don’t share so well.”

    “I don’t know. You and Lucy seem to be sharing Ewing Oil just fine. Donna told me the stock market punished you for brining Lucy on and probably even hiring Donna.”

    “I’m not worried about the share value. Donna’s the right person for the job. There’s not a man out there who’s a better face for Ewing Oil. And Lucy’s gotta cut her teeth somewhere in the family business.”

    “I wanta raise Ellie.”


    “Caroline says she doesn’t have any family she’s aware of. I want to adopt her. That little girl doesn’t even remember her mother. And everyone deserves a mom.”

    “Are you sure?”

    “I’m sure I want to get to know the man she knows as her father. Because he’s someone I’ve never meet.”

    In her bedroom at Southfork Lucy sleeps with Andy.

    JR and Sue Ellen talk with the kids. Sue Ellen asks Ellie if she could be her mother. Ellie hugs her. JR explains the burden of being a big brother to a sister. Ellie hugs John Ross. John Ross looks disgusted. “You gonna be a man one day, you gotta look out for her,” his father tells him. John Ross reluctantly hugs her back.

    Donna meets with her all male executive team. They discuss various global developments. The OLM reversing their vote on shutting down Ewing Oil’s west text fields. Donna seems surprised.

    Lucy signs contacts with Dia Long, shaking his hand. “Sharing these deep sea well will not only split our costs and save us money, they’ll make us an ally in the area.”

    “Certainly. We look forward to a long friendship with Ewing Oil.”

    In a hotel room Lucy sleeps with Long Dia.

    Mickey and Muriel horse back ride together.

    Lucy looks through maternity close in a posh department store in Dallas. A clerk says, “Your Grace. May I help you?”

    Very sullen Lucy responds, “No.”

    In the study at Southfork JR says to Andy, “Take your father up on his offer. It’s sort of the same role Lucy’s playing at Ewing Oil. Special projects could mean anything.”

    “True. Or just his way of giving me a check with nothing to do.”

    “Then make up things to do. But I’d rather have you inside the company keeping me informed. NorCo-Wendell is positioning itself in our way at every turn. Your father even got the OLM to shut down some of our most profitable fields. Though that didn’t last long. And I want to know how close he is working with Trident and SinoPet. That’s information you can get me from the inside.”

    “I suppose, if you say so.”

    “Oh we’ll figure out things for you to do. In the meantime you’ll gain valuable experience to replace Donna when she retires, and then you can arrange to acquire NorCo-Wendell. You just have to be patient.”

    “That doesn’t come do easy for me.”

    “Oh I know what you mean. But I’m learning. And if this old dog can learn new tricks, so can a young pup like you.”

    Donna stops Lucy on her way into the back of Southfork. “The OLM reversed its stand on our West Texas fiends.”

    “Well that’s good.”

    “How’d you do it?”

    “What makes you so sure I did anything?”

    “Listen to me Lucy, I’m not going to run Ewing Oil like that. Don’t under estimate my knowing what’s going on around me. We operate this company with integrity.”

    “Of course. Is that all?”


    “Listen Donna, like my grandaddy alway's said, ‘if you can't get in the front door, just go around to the back.’ I just went in the back.”

    “That’s what I mean. We don’t operate around back. If you can’t handle Wendell out front, I will.”

    Lucy laughs, “No I can handle that termite,” and saunters into the house.

    In the entry hall, on her way up stairs Carols stops her, “Miss Lucy, there’s a man at the gate for Mickey Trotter. Says it’s his father.”

    “Really. Well send him up.”

    Mickey gets off bus horse at Ray’s place and then helps Muriel. He introduces her to his mother. The two women hug.

    Lucy welcomes an old rancher through the front door, “Hello. May I help you.”

    “Yes. I’m Wes Parmalee. Mickey’s father. I heard he’s working here with his cousin Ray.”

    “Yes. He runs the West Star Ranch next door. And help Ray here with Southfork. I’m Lucy. Lucy Ewing. Please come in.”

    “So, I know Michael Trotter, Sr. passed away some time ago, but as far as I knew Mickey had had anything to do with you since then.”

    “Well ma’am I’m not really the family sort.”

    “Which is why his mother married another man.”

    “Seems like you’ve talked for sometime to my boy.”

    “Enough to know he won’t want to see you.”

    “I heard he’s getting married. A friend up in Kansas told me Lil came down to meet this girl.”

    “And you thought you’d make it one big happy family event.”

    “No. But I at least owe him . . .”

    “Twenty some years of parenting.”

    “Yes ma’am. Or at least going forward from here.”

    “You’re right. At least. Mickey’s probably in the barns working. I sent for him. Please wait in the living room. Carlos here will help you out. I’ll be back down.”

    JR sips on a bourbon when Jeremy Wendell walk in to the Cattleman’s Club with Andy. “Well if it ain’t the Wendell’s. I figured you’d be held up in your offices. Sorry to hear about the oil spill up in Alaska.”

    “We’re taking care of it JR. Don’t you worry.”

    “Oh just concerned for those little seals. It’s gonna cost you north of s billion to clean that mess up, I hear.”

    “We’ll cover it. I hear Trident made you an offer.”

    “Which I declined. Well before you go about and consider it, give me a call. Let’s try to keep those assets in American hands.”

    “I’m not selling to anyone, JR.”

    “Well, never say never. See Andy, your daddy and I got a history. Ain’t that right Wendell? And rule number one, don’t forgive and never forget.”

    “You could say that. You cost me Trident. A company I put together.”

    “See there Andy, don’t forgive and never forget. Do unto others before they do unto you; and third and most importantly, keep your eye on your friends, because your enemies will take care of themselves!" JR raises his glass and stands. “Oh by the way, my niece Lucy is pregnant. Which means you’re about to be an uncle. And I’m about to be a great Uncle. Oh and Jeremy, a Ewing one day is going to be the single largest shareholder in your NorCo-Wendell company. Won’t that be nice? One big happy family.”

    JR walks into Southfork’s living room and Lucy introduces him to Wes Parmalee as the family gathers. Ray arrives with Donna and Lil and immediately tells the man to get out.

    He says he’s got something for the Ewing’s first. “See I was married to your Aunt Nancy. She passed away a few years ago.”

    “Nancy?” Lucy questions.

    Miss Ellie says, “Jocks brother Jason’s widow.”

    JR, “Well if your news is Nancy died, we already know. I told my momma back when it happened.”

    “That ain’t the news.” Wes hands JR a business card. “My lawyer will be in contact to work out the details. But Nancy left me what Jason left her. Half of Ewing Oil.” He hands a contract to JR. “I ain’t here to cause no problems. But I am here to do right by my boy.”

    “Since when did you care about Mikey,” Ray snaps.

    “A man can have a change of hart.”

    Looking over the paper JR says, “I think you better leave my home Mr. Parmalee.” Walking him to the front door, JR continues. “You tell Mr. Wendell I said hi. We’ll be in touch.”

    Back in the living room Miss Ellie explains that Jason and Jock were partners, how bad Jock wanted his brother to part of Ewing Oil, but there’s no way Jock didn’t take care of things. “There must be a paper somewhere dissolving the partnership.”

    JR says, “His lawyer is one of Wendell’s.”

    Lil says, “I am so sorry.”

    Miss Ellie asks, “Why are you sorry?”

    “I brought him into our family. He had an affair with Margret. He stole from her. From everyone. If I remember right he stole her diary from the war. Anyway, he destroyed our family. Now he intends to destroy yours.”

    Miss Ellie sits down, grief covering her face.


    “Jock worked so hard. Jason was as big a drunk as Digger. So was Jock’s father.” Holding Lucy’s have, she takes a deep breath. “When his mother Lucille died he was just a kid, left to care for his family. They hurt him. And now half of everything his worked for . . .” She covers her mouth, tears welling up in her eyes, she looks at Lucy. “When your daddy was a kid, thirteen I think. He got stone drunk with his friends. It broke Jock’s heart.” She stands. “JR, we might be wrong, we might be right, but we’re Ewing’s. Together we can’t be stopped.”

    “Yes, momma.”

    “I want you to destroy that man. Do what ever you have to do to destroy him.” Miss Ellie walks out of the room.

    Add: Donna’s story regarding being pregnant with a Down Syndrome baby: Hunter John Krebs.

    Wes approaches Mickey on the West Star Ranch.

    “What the hell are you doing here?” Mickey snaps.

    “I know it’s been a while.”

    “Not long enough. I told you last time I don’t ever want to see you again.”

    “I’ve got something for us. Something we can share. Build a family with.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “Half of Ewing Oil.”


    “I found Jason Ewing, Jock Ewing’s brother. He’s Rays real dad. I was gonna use him to get close to the Ewing family, but turns out better than that. Jason owned half of Ewing Oil. When he died his widowed inherited it. I married her and now that she’s dead. The Ewing’s are going to have to turn over half of Ewing Oil to me. To us.”

    “What? I don’t want your money. Especially not something you took from some widow. And Lucy owns part of the company. You’re not taking anything from her.”

    “That’s not up to you.”

    “You hurt Lucy and I’ll end you. You hear me old man. You come to Dallas to take anything from her and it’ll be the end of you.”

    “I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But I’m doing this. This is my chance to take something, something really big and you and the Ewing’s aren’t gonna stop me.”

    “We’ll see about that.”

    Andy Wendell sits across from his father in Jeremy’s big corner office. “It’s all coming together,” Jeremy says with smug satisfaction. “Wes Parmalee is going to sell us half the Ewing family shares. Those shares have super voting rights, which will gives us the ability to merge the company with NorCo-Wendell. That’ll loosen Hugh’s share in my company as well.”

    “Don’t you think you’re underestimating the Ewing’s again? Last time you did, Lucy cleaned your clock.”

    “This time I’ve Chris led everything. It’s also the end of the Cartel. Ewing Oil and NorCo-Wendell have bought up nearly every last independent. Dallas is going to be a new place very soon, a place which belongs to me.”

    “All while you deal with Simon Mendoza?”

    “I’m certain he’s behind the oil spill and when I prove it, he and Venezuela will loose control of Trident and I’ll pick it up.”

    “Unless you cant and the costs of the clean up run you out of here.”

    “That’s not going to happen.”

    “Sounds like an enormous house of cards if you ask me.”

    “Of course it is. That’s how business is played my boy. If you can’t stomach it, you’d better get out.”

    JR meets with Long Dia in the back of a limousine. “Please tell Mr. Rosemont I appreciate the help with Wendell.”

    “Of course Mr. Ewing. We are grateful to help. Mr. Fischer is really the one who gathered the information you need.”

    “We’ll extend my gratitude to all 13 members.”

    “May we know your plans.”

    “Well Mr. Long. I believe in letting a man gather enough rope to hang himself.”

    “Very wise. My father always said, never do the things you can get others to do for you.”

    “A very wise man. So you can tell your associates we will be in court for a long time. I’ve turned that over to Donna and Lucy. I’m curious how strong Donna will stick to her morals and how far to the dark side my niece will go.”

    In the offices of Ewing Oil a very pregnant Lucy says, “We loose the next round and we might be out of options. We make Wes Parmelee disappear and Mickey inherits we let him continue then just buy him out.”

    “That would take years holding onto Pamelee until he’s declared dead. Unless you mean . . .”
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    JR sits in the dark out back of Southfork. “Ray.”

    As Ray approaches he doesn’t see JR but turns once he hears his voice. “JR. What are you doing sitting in the dark? Carlos called. Said you needed to see me.”

    “I have a favor to ask.”

    “What’s that?”

    “I’m headed to the Mayo Clinic tomorrow for a procedure. If I don’t comeback . . .”

    “If you don’t come back? What kind of procedure is this?”

    “They found cancer. That’s just between me and you. I told everyone I’ve got business in the Middle East.”

    “What? Why would you do that?”

    “I don’t need everyone huddle around me when I’m like that. They’re better off thinking I’m strong, at least until I am again.”

    “Sue Ellen must be a wreak.”

    “She especially can’t know.”

    “What? JR what the hell.”

    “Listen Ray, I don’t expect you to understand. Women are interest in Ewing men because of who we are, rich, powerful, strong.”

    “That’s not true, JR. Sue Ellen loves you, remember for richer or poorer, in sickness and health?”

    “Really? And Pam? When she had her mommas money she left. Then when it was all gone she was right back. Val? Don’t get me wrong. I understand my brothers, because in spite of it all, everything’s that’s gone down between us, I love Sue Ellen. And I’ve gotta take care of her.”

    “Then tell her.”

    “No. She’ll just be worried. I know she loves me. Took me a good long while to figure that out. No she don’t need to worry. If all goes well I’ll be back as if nothing happened. If it doesn’t, we’ll that’s why you’re here.” JR slides a large, metal, back box toward Ray.

    “What’s that!”

    “Everything you need to know, and pass onto John Ross. The world’s not as nice as you and my brothers seem to think. And the part the Ewing’s have made money off of is particularly dirty. People will visit you and bring the key. You’ll have a lot of help, but I need you to take care of Sue Ellen, John Ross and Ellie. Keep the vultures away. And keep these secrets until my boy’s old enough to carry them himself.”

    “JR . . .”

    “Ray I came to you because while I don’t like admitting it, you’re the most like my daddy. Our dad.”

    “Thank you, but JR . . .”

    “But this is only in-case. I’ll be back. I ain’t loosen this fight. My momma beat cancer and so will I. You won’t even notice a difference when I get home.”

    Begin a story line where Clayton deals with issues of early on set Alzheimer's and the family rally’s around him.

    Lucy and Donna go into labor and have babies around the same time:

    Hugh Edward “Ned” Garrison Arthur Statham


    Steven Clayton Krebs. Note: Clayton is Steven Clayton Farlow, II and “Dusty” is Steven Clayton Farlow, III. Though the baby is tiny and premature he does not have Down Syndrone. He has to stay in the hospital as he’s tiny, with concerns for his heart and breathing. This becomes an on going story line at least until Steven comes home.

    Also: Sue Ellen (and Miss Ellie) watch the babies while Donna and Lucy go off to work, leaving Sue Ellen to comment, “Its like having twins.”

    Meanwhile John Ross makes a friend of one of the ranch hands’ sons, Mateo Calderon and Carlos’s son Juan with a crush on Mateo’s sister. His sister, Ellie, tags along everywhere.

    Mickey breaks up with Muriel. Muriel’s heart broken and Mickey’s lonely but he can’t see her anymore, he doesn’t love her. Ray is proud that Mickey did the right thing. After trying to and partially being able to build a relationship with Ray, Wes dies, throat cancer he knew about but went untreated. Wendell has bought out Wes for a hundred and fifty million dollars (a steal if the courts side with Wes on Nancy Ewing’s ownership of half of Ewing Oil). Mickey inherits a hundred and fifty million dollars. He tells no one but Donna and Ray to help him manage his money and set up income for his momma in Kansas.

    After sometime gone Sue Ellen begins to panic about not hearing from JR. Ray goes to Minnesota to find him still recovering in bed from brain surgery. He’s not very coherent and the doctors are doubtful. Ray rushes home to tell Sue Ellen and take her to see JR.

    At his hospital bed she breaks down in tears. She begs him to come home. Ray and Donna care for her.

    Gary and Bobby show up to pay their last respects.

    Sue Ellen pleads, “Please JR. Please come home. I’ll take care of you no matter what. Just don’t leave me.”

    Miss Ellie sits stunned. “Oh Donna. It’s not suppose to be this way. A mother isn’t suppose to burry her child.” Donna holds her.

    Lucy confronts Carlos in a hospital meeting room. “So if JR knew about this, he was prepared. What did he tell you if he dies!”

    “I don’t know what your talking about.”

    “Bull! He took care of everything and so if he dies what did he say?”

    “He’s not dead Miss Lucy.”

    “I can’t wait until he is. My family’s falling apart. What did he say?”

    John Ross and Ellie visit their daddy. Ellie reads him a book. John Ross tells him about school.

    Ray talks to Donna on the phone, “Nothings improved . . . No Sue Ellen is a bad as he thought she’d be. I have half a mind to take her to a bar so she can get some peace . . . No of course I won’t . . . Yes I’ll keep you posted . . . I love you . . .” He hangs up as Lucy and Carlos approach.

    Lucy holds up a key. “OK where’s the box?”

    “What box?”

    “Cut the crap Ray. We’ve got to be prepared. When he dies we’ve got to be able to handle it. This isn’t like grandpa. Who’s left to handle things? None of us might like it, but that’s how it goes. JR took care of things. And it’s more than money Ray. If he left you that box, he certainly explained that.”

    Lucy walks into a judge’s chambers, “Your honor this is my uncle’s death certificate.”

    The judge looks over them. “I’m not disputing my great uncle Jason Ewing died. But these are his divorce papers. He was divorced long before he died. That means Jock Ewing was his next of kin, not his x-wife.”

    “I’ll take a look at it.”

    Sue Ellen sleeps with her head on JR’s chest, leaning over from chair. Miss Ellie sleeps on a sofa with John Ross and Ellie. Ray sleeps sitting on the floor.

    With his eyes closed JR says, “Sue Ellen you know I need my space to sleep.”

    Sue Ellen bolts up. “JR. What did you say?”

    “You know I can’t sleep with you on top of me.”

    The family rushes over to him. Sue Ellen crying tears of joy. “Oh JR. Oh my dear god. I love you so much.”

    “In the mornin’ darlin’ I need my sleep.” His eyes still closed, a devilish grin across his face.

    Jeremy walks in the front door of his mansion. “What’s going on?”

    Lucy walks down the stairs, almost to the bottom. “What’s it look like.”

    A crew is busy inventorying the house.

    “Why are you in my house?”

    “Your house. No. This is my house.”

    “You must have lost your mind. The strain of loosing Ewing Oil.”

    Lucy Chuckles.

    “Do you know to save Southfork it ended up in Jock and Jason’s hands.”

    “Did it?”

    “Yes. Jock turned it over to Ewing Oil. Used it as collateral to build the company. Before the Ewing’s took it away from the company. I’ll be going after it as well.”

    “No you won’t,” Lucy chuckles. “You borrowed the money to buy Wes Parmalee’s claim from my husband. As a matter of fact you owe my husband and I an awful lot of money.”

    “Get out.”

    “The Parmalee loan was based on your court case, which was thrown out. Jason Ewing divorced his wife before he died. And as this house, it’s contents and your NorCo-Wendell shares backed up that loan; I’m here to take stock of everything which you’re forfeiting.”

    “You bitch!” Jeremy lunges for Lucy but Andy holds him back.

    Miss Ellie walks into the room. “You’d better settle down Jeremy. You’re already in enough trouble. You don’t want to add assault.”

    “I’m warning you, the Ewing’s are going pay for this.”

    “No were not,” Miss Ellie says, “Your mistake was to think JR was the only Ewing willing to do what had to be done. You attacked my husband when he couldn’t fight for himself. Now you’re being put you down.”

    Agents come, identify themselves as FBI and begin to arrest Jeremy.

    “What? What the hell for?”

    Miss Ellie says, “Selling drilling technology to the Soviets.”

    Wendell is removed from the house.

    Lucy hands Andy an envelope. “This is a Swiss account with money that should make up for some of this. And Donna, wants you to stay on with Ewing Oil. She wants you in London to over assist with the merger on that end.”

    JR returns home to a roaring rodeo at Southfork with all the usual suspects, Jordan Lee, Marilee Stone, Punk and Mavis Anderson, of course Ray and Donna and their son Steven, and Lucy and her son Ned, Miss Ellie and Clayton and Sue Ellen with John Ross and Ellie, all there to great JR.

    There’s talk of Donna completing the merger of NorCo-Wendell into Ewing Oil and oilmen trying to talk her into running for Governor.

    There’s talk of Miss Ellie and Clayton going on another long trip and Punk and Mavis joining them.

    There’s talk that one day Lucy might be running Ewing Oil, before John Ross and then one day even little Hugh Statham.

    Then Miss Ellie turns pale. Clayton asks what’s wrong as she stares across the crowd at a man who approaches. “That’s Jason Ewing.”

    Lucy looks, her jaw drops, her eyes wide open.

    JR turns around and looks.

    Jason nods and smiles.

    Cliff Hanger to replace Bobby turning around and a dream. Cliff gone bankrupted. Wendell ruined. Now Jock’s brother to claim 1/2 of the family’s control of Ewing Oil and 1/2 the Southfork Ranch.
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