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Josefin Nilsson - Love me for who I am

Discussion in 'Documentaries' started by Emelee, Mar 25, 2019.

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    This is a story about how a celebrated actor gets away with domestic abuse for 30 years, despite all colleagues knowing the truth.

    Swedish documentary about singer/songwriter Josefin Nilsson who was in a relationship with one of Sweden's top stage actors, Örjan Ramberg, in the 90s. He brutally abused her, physically and mentally. He kicked her, hit her and threatened her life. She had to have back surgery for her injuries and her wounds never healed. She died 2 years ago because of an enlarged heart, much because of the massive amount of painkillers she was taking. She would have turned 50 this year.

    Örjan Ramberg also abused his previous women, actresses Ewa Fröling and Lena Olin.

    Lena Olin pretty much had to escape to Hollywood with their son to be free from him.

    Örjan Ramberg was sentenced in court for the abuse of Josefin, but was not sentenced to prison.

    He was allowed to keep his job at the theatre as though nothing had happened. But people knew. People had seen the injuries on his partners. Make-up artists had to cover up the bruises. Everyone knew. Next to no one did anything.

    But the audience knows now, and the theatre has cancelled the plays he's currently involved in.

    Josefin Nilsson, Örjan Ramberg

    Lena Olin told her story a few years ago. Örjan physically abused her when she was pregnant with their child.

    Lena Olin, Örjan Ramberg
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