Kimberlin Brown and Antonio Sabato Jr running for Congress

Discussion in 'US Soaps Forum' started by Jason73, Oct 11, 2017.

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    Brown announced this week that she was running for Congress in California's 36th district. Sabato announced back in May that he was running for Congress in California's 26th District. Both are running as Republicans.

    They're both running in fairly liberal districts, so it will be interesting to see how they fare. Neither of them are running in districts that I can vote in, so I won't have the opportunity to vote against Sheila and Jagger.
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    Can you imagine the 'attack ads' Brown's opponent could produce using old footage from Y&R/B&B? That familiar 'glint in her eye' (right before Sheila does something insane) with the Psycho attack-in-the-shower music in the background? I'd laugh and laugh. They could even have "Lauren Fenmore" (Tracey Bregman) do an anti-endorsement, telling them not to vote for a 'baby-snatching, murderous psychopath who made my life hell for years."
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