Land is everything - Ellie of DALLAS and Angela of FALCON CREST.

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    Although they were both the matriarchs of their respective shows Ellie and Angela had different demeanours but shared a substantial fondness for the land, on their properties. With Ellie it was all about the Southworth dynasty and no oil drilling (with particular emphasis to section 40 and then section 18 on NEW DALLAS). Then there was her DOA involvement. Angela protected her heritage of vast vines, the winery built close to them and the mansion to an extent similar to Ellie but in a less earthy way, more battle axe fashion.

    Who do you think exhibited a more convincing land is everything attitude? Or were they both convincing? They just had different ways of expressing their devotion.

    Jock, Ray and Donna are having morning coffee, in the Southfork dining room. Ellie soon joins them and a marital tiff erupts, (a scene from season 3, DVD-4, 1980 – ‘81):

    Ray says to Jock: “About Bobby. According to JR he is on the senate committee that is going to decide about Takapa.”

    Jock: “Well now that is one vote we can count on.”

    Ellie joins them and says: “Do you really think so little of Bobby?”

    Jock: “I think he is smart enough to understand good business, when he sees it, that’s for sure.”

    Ellie: “Is that what you call it? I call it ravaging the land, for profit.”

    Ray looks at a dejected Jock and then gives his $0.02 worth: “Miss Ellie I understand how you feel about this. But we are not going to ravage the land. We just want to turn a swamp into something useful. Something that people might benefit by.”

    Ellie retaliates: “A swamp! When you were a ranch foreman you had a very high regard for the land. It was very special to you. All you used to care about was the best price for cattle feed. But since you have become a Ewing your values seemed to have changed, along with your knowledge. You are now an expert on knowing what is best for people!”

    Jock intervenes: “Damn it woman, get off a Ray’s back! Since this whole thing started you haven’t been fit to live with and I am not putting up with it, anymore. I’m going to Dallas!”

    Ellie: “Jock if that’s the way you feel, when you get to Dallas stay there!”

    Jock leaves the room, while saying: “That’s just exactly what I am gonna do!”

    Melissa now owns Falcon Crest, even with Angela saying she’ll be back, in the 7th season’s cliff-hanger. Angela has come to take a look at the vines, after Pilar told Cesar, they weren’t in good condition. The matriarch arrives with her grandson Lance, in the black Mercedes SL. The foreman Cesar has his grey GMC pickup truck stationary and is ashamed of what is all around, (a scene from season 8, 1988 – ’89):

    Angela: “I come to the vineyards every day Lance.”

    Lance: “You couldn’t a seen this or you would have stopped it.”

    Angela: “Well that’s mildew.”

    Lance: “Ya huh!”

    Angela: “Is it as bad as I think?”

    Cesar: “Yes Mrs. Channing!”

    Melissa comes on horseback towards them, at a galloping pace.

    Melissa: “What are you doing, on my land Angela?”

    Angela gives Melissa a look that could cut corn, while replying, “Melissa I’ve never really liked you but I always thought you cared for the land, as much as I do and knew your business!”

    Melissa: “Louie told me he knew what he was doing. He said that everything was fine.”

    Angela: “I thought Falcon Crest would be safe in your hands, so I planned on going away and leaving it, with you!”

    Melissa smirks and says, “You’re leaving?”

    Angela: “Was leaving. I can’t standby and see you ruin everything that my family has worked for, for generations.”

    Melissa: “You don’t have a lot of choice, Angela do you?”

    She looks back at them before mounting the horse and replies, “Lance get her outta here!”

    Angela: “Melissa you are such a fool. You could have it all.” She looks over the vineyards with Lance and an angry Cesar, waiting for Melissa’s next move.

    Melissa cracks the whip and storms off.
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    Yeah the land was very sentimental to Miss Ellie being that it was Southworth property and then Jock had to step in the 30s when it looked as if Southfork was in trouble. I could just imagine Miss Ellie doing physical work on the land, when she was bringing up her boys but Angela not so. Mrs. Channing liked nothing better than walking through her vineyards and keeping an eye on the goings on but I just can’t see her even in her younger days actually helping to bring in a harvest or the finishing touches in the winery. All that said a grape is a grape is a grape and with close to millions of them Angela was grinning from ear to ear.
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    I always found Angela's love for the land and her passion and determination to keep at and make it successful more convincing that Ellie's because she didn't have a Jock Ewing. Angela had to fight for everything single handedly, not for herself but for her grandfather's and father's legacy. Ellie on the other hand was never seemed as strongly attached to the history of Southfork, her ownership of the ranch wasn't achieved through her own hard work and determination but through marrying millionaire Jock Ewing. See never seemed to talk much about the history of the Southworths and their connection to Southfork like Angela did about the Gioberti's and Falcon Crest.
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    I see both points of view but as I was more a fan of Dallas than Falcon Crest I believe my opinion would be a little bias. Once again Dallas was ahead of its time when the Takapa story-line was introduced. Not only did it create friction between Jock and Miss Ellie but we were witnessing the birth of environmental issues. I wish the Dallas writers had steered Miss Ellie more into this type of story, especially after the death of Jock.
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