Lorenzo Lamas (aka Lance) scenes.

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    Below are FC scenes (season six to nine inclusive), which have much contribution from Lance. Season 1 to 5 inclusive feature in the ‘Lorenzo Lamas appreciation thread’, which is more about videos and pictures. Angela’s grandson was the narcissistic womanizing tough guy and the contrast to the early day’s Gioberti family unit, who worked together, ate together plus generally provided the nice element, to the show. Scenes from season 6 and 7 are posted this week, while 8 and 9 will be next week.

    Season 6

    Eric Stavros arrives at Falcon Crest. He is confronting Lance about a dodgy winery deal. Lance is in the pool, with Melissa, (a scene from season 6, 1986 - ’87):

    Lance: “We were just discussing you Eric. Well looks like grandmother finally caught you, with your fingers in the cookie jar.”

    Eric: “And we both know why. Don’t we Lance?”

    Lance: “Melissa have Doris count the flatware when he leaves.”

    Melissa: “Lance will you stop it! Eric what do you want?”

    Eric: “You should know the kind of man you married. Slipping those cheques of Angelas’ in my room, for our little share a winery.”

    Lance: “Your defensiveness is getting offensive Eric.”

    Eric: “He is afraid of me Melissa. Afraid I will take you away from him. Weather I will do all the things in this Valley he is too weak to accomplish.”

    Lance jumps off his pool lounger and shouts, “that’s the buzzer!”

    He goes to fight the Stavros heir, while saying, “I’ll make you eat your words.”

    Melissa: “Eric! Eric! I think you better leave.”

    Eric: “Oh I’m going but if you think you’re going to chase me out of this Valley you’re wasting your time. I’m staying here!”

    Lance: “You know those Stavros’ are really getting to be boring. I wish Angela done a better job of picking her husband.”

    Melissa gives Lance a dirty look. He says to her, “what are you looking at?” She pushes him, into the pool.

    Lance goes to Melissa on the patio, of the Agretti mansion. He gives her the news of Angela’s arrest, over the dumping of toxic waste, (a scene from season 6, 1986 - '87):

    Lance: “Honey look at this! My grandmother gets arrested. Nobody tells me. I have to read about it, on the front page of the ‘New Globe’.”

    Melissa looks at the newspaper and replies, “you and Angela aren’t exactly on the best of terms.”

    Lance: “That doesn’t matter we’re family. I should have been told about this.”

    Melissa: “Look Angela doesn’t need your help and Richard certainly doesn’t need your help, plastering this all over the front page.”

    Lance glances at her, as she continues reading the ‘New Globe’.

    Angela wants to invest in Melissa and Lance’s winery. The supreme vintner has the Tuscany Land Corporation in her control and sees this as good leverage, to increase her holdings for the umpteenth time. The three of them are in the Falcon Crest living room, (a scene from season 6, 1986 – ’87):

    Lance: “Aren’t you gonna offer us a drink?”

    Angela: “No! I’m going to do better than that. I’m going to offer you a way out of your financial predicament.”

    Lance: “Okay, cut the garbage. I know you’ve done your checking. You know that we owe an awful lot of money to complete the build of that winery and we need to borrow a lot more to keep the place open.”

    Angela: “I’m a willing lender, providing I have an interest in your operation.”

    Melissa laughs: “Oh, I’m so sorry! Excuse me Angela. I’m not sure how to really take this act on the road. Ah you’d bring the house down in Vegas.”

    Angela: “I don’t think you’ll be laughing six months from now, when the bank comes knocking or the Tuscany Land Corporation.”

    Lance gets up from the sofa and so does Melissa. He says to the grape granny: “This place is beginning to stink! I wonder sometimes why do I even bother.”

    Angela: “Lance!”

    Lance: “What?”

    Angela watches them, as they stand in her hallway.

    Angela: “I’m going to keep your room open. I have a hunch you’re gonna need it.”

    Melissa and Lance stand outside the mansion’s front door. Melissa goes off on one again. Angela is eavesdropping, in the hallway.

    Lance snogs Melissa. She pushes him away while saying, “Take it to Dina!” (His latest woman on the side).
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    Season 7

    Lance and Chao-Li are doing marital arts training, in the garden of Falcon Crest, (a scene from season 7, 1987 – ’88):

    For once it is Lance who has the advantage, over his master.

    Lance: “Chao-Li pay attention!”

    They try another move.

    Lance: “Chao-Li your body is here but your mind is somewhere else.”

    Chao-Li is clearly annoyed.

    Chao-Li: “It’s a personal matter.”

    Lance: “Maybe I can help. Some burdens can only be lifted if they’re shared.”

    Chao-Li: “I have had news from my daughter.”

    Lance: “In China?”

    Chao-Li nods and then continues, “My uncle the head of the family is very ill.”

    Lance: “I’m sorry!”

    Chao-Li: “He has summoned me back. It is my duty to go.”

    Lance: “Yes I understand.”

    Chao-Li: “It is the country of my ancestors Lance but it is not mine. I’ve never even been there. I do not wish to leave your grandmother but I have no choice.”

    Lance: “I know!”

    The shadowy 13 have just tried to kill Lance. He is now hanging from a windowsill, after they tried to run him down. Kathryn Anderson is in the 13. However Lance does not know this, until the grave scene, (a scene from season 7, 1987 – ‘88):

    Kathryn: “Are you all alright?”

    Lance: “Hanging in there!”
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    The scenes between Lance and Chao-Li were always good to watch because of the bond they had together. Chao-Li being the paternal figure. 90% of the time there wasn't friction. Can't say the same for Mr. Cumson's scenes with cousin Cole. Those scenes were full of jealousy and provocation.
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    Season 8

    Lance goes to see Melissa in the Falcon Crest mansion, after she phoned him to come and see her. She would like nothing better than to be an item with him again. However he is dating banker Pilar now, (a scene from season 8, 1988 -’89):

    ……. Melissa gives Lance a photo of them together, when they were going out all those years ago. At first he tells her to keep the photo but then decides to take it.

    Melissa: “Well you don’t want to keep your date waiting. It’s with Pilar isn’t it?”

    Lance: “Yeah!”

    Melissa: “Just between us I think you can do a lot better.”

    Lance: “Thanks but I’m a big boy now, I can make my own dates.”

    Melissa: “Yeah you are.”

    They go to the front door.

    Lance is still concerned for her: “Are you sure you’re alright?”

    Melissa: “I’m fine!”

    They kiss.

    Lance: “Goodnight!”

    Melissa: “Goodbye Lance!”

    What Lance doesn’t realize is that his ex wife is anything but fine. After an emotional phone call to her son Joseph in Australia Melissa sets about burning the mansion to the ground, while still inside. Gasoline is poured into the study, the foyer and on the stairs. She then plants Angela brooch in the foyer. A match is lit and so the beginning of the end for Melissa commences, while up on the landing.

    Angela is in the sanatorium, after some manoeuvring from Richard to obtain control of Falcon Crest. Lance is with her in the visiting room, (a scene from season 8, 1988 – ’89):

    Angela: “Have you heard from Emma?”

    Lance: “No but I’ve talked to Daniel’s publishers. He is tracking them down.”

    Angela: “What about Julia?”

    Lance: “She is in a convent in Italy, on some retreat.”

    Angela: “Damn!”

    Lance: “Grandmother what is going on?”

    Angela: “Does something always have to be going on. I just want to see my daughters.”

    Lance: “Now you know what I mean. You have Kenneth Loane running all over town for ya. Why?”

    Angela: “He has other clients besides me. Why is it that everyone thinks that I’m always up to something?”

    Lance: “Don’t get all worked up now. Everything is going to be okay.”

    Angela: “Don’t talk to me like I’m the village idiot. I’m not crazy! If I want my daughters with me there is nothing wrong with that.”
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    Season 9

    Lance is examining the acid content of grapes, in one of the Falcon Crest vineyards. Pilar arrives, to speak to her husband, (a scene from season 9, 1989 – ‘90):

    Pilar: “For your information the old lady is having me followed.”

    Lance: “Hey that old lady happens to be my grandmother. Show a little respect.”

    Pilar: “Damn you, you’re not listening to me. She hired someone to follow me.”

    Lance resumes his examination of the grapes and says, “Why you hiding something?”

    Pilar: “Will you wake up! Angela is up to something Lance, she’s trying to come between us.”

    Lance: “Pilar hey nobody is going to come between us. Not ever!”

    Pilar looks across the vineyards, while saying, “I just get so worried sometimes.”

    Lance: “Why?”

    Pilar: “Cause I know that your grandmother still sees me as the little peasant girl down the road, running around in bare feet and a torn dirty dress.”

    Lance consoles Pilar, “Hey you’re my wife. I’ll take care of it.”

    Sydney, Pilar, Danny and Lance are in the mansion sunroom, tasting recently produced cabernet. Time has lapsed since the contaminated wine publicity stunt Michael Sharpe concocted, to buy the Falcon Crest business cheaper, (a scene from season 9, 1989 – ‘90):

    Lance pours the cabernet into four glasses and says, “I think this is what is known as the moment of truth guys.”

    Danny: “Yeah!”

    Danny then proceeds to gulp the glass of wine.

    Lance: “Oh take it easy. You gotta slow down. Savour it!”

    Danny: “Well I admit I’m not a connoisseur but ya know this is pretty good.”

    Lance tops the glasses up again and remarks, “This is about the finest cabernet we ever produced.”

    Lance: “To Falcon Crest!”

    Syndey, Pilar and Danny also toast to Falcon Crest.

    Danny: “I’ll have this place back on its feet yet.”

    Lance clears his throat.

    Danny: “Okay we’ll have this place back on its feet but I have helped haven’t I.”

    Lance: “Yes you’ve helped.”

    Pilar: “Not as much as you think but yes you’ve helped.”

    Danny: “Look I know I have a lot to learn but in a couple of years I’ll be a wine making ninja.”

    Sydney laughs.

    Lance: “You think your father will allow that to happen?”

    Danny: “He has to.”

    Pilar: “I don’t think Michael Sharpe has to do anything.”

    Danny: “Look we’ve come this far I mean if we stick together he has to come around.”

    Lance looks over at Pilar. Sydney glances at Lance.

    Danny: “I admit my fathers’ not perfect but he cares about me. We were eyeball to eyeball this morning and he blinked.

    Lance replies, “I hope that’s true Danny. I really do!” He then gives Danny a pat on the back.

    Lance: “Meantime Pilar and I have to hit the road.”

    Danny looks a bit agitated.

    Lance: “A little thing called marketing.”

    Danny: “A ha!”

    Lance: “Now that we have a good product we have to convince people to buy it.”

    Pilar: “Which may not be all that easy but we are going to give it our best shot.”

    Lance: “We will make it happen. Congratulations!”

    Lance shakes hands with Danny and points to Sydney, saying, “Be good!”

    Pilar: “Congratulations!”

    Danny: “You too!”

    Pilar: “See ya later honey.”

    Sydney: “Bye bye!”
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