Los Rey... Dallas speaks spanish!

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    Did you know in 2012 Dallas was back in TV? Not just in TNT but in the US spanish network called Azteca!!! It was called "Los Rey" I've just discovered this "telenovela" and it's an adaptation of the original Dallas, same characters but younger and sexy: Bobby, Pam, JR, Sue Ellen, Ray and Lucy. The plot is the same as the original pilot "Digger's Daughter" but they end it the first episode with Vado (JR) plotting with Amado (Ray) the trap in the cabin.
    The resolution with Vado and Matias (Bobby) seeing Lorenza (Pam) soaking wet in Amado's arms is the beginning of episode 3. It's a curious experiment to watch it and compare both series to see how the mexicans adapted an All-American classic!!!
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