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Discussion in 'Streaming TV' started by Pamela_E, Jan 14, 2020.

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    Anyone watched this?

    I have really enjoyed both seasons.
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    Have really enjoyed it. Season 2 was brilliant. I know some struggled with the first season due to it being a little slow at times but I believe it set season 2 up brilliantly. My 82 year old dad informed me on the weekend he enjoyed season 2 of Lost In Space more than Star Wars - The Rise of Skywalker. That's saying something coming from a fan of Star Wars since 1978.
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    I looooove this series! As a child the original was a favorite of mine and this has taken things to another level. The budget puts it on par with big budget films and I love that despite the fact that much of the audience won't seek out the original, they still include so many great easter eggs. The entire cast is fantastic. Will in particular is a difficult character to cast because kids tend to be annoying, but he works. Judy being biracial gives an interesting dynamic to the father/daughter relationship and I love how it'll tie together with her birth fathers return in season 3. The best episode thus far was episode 5 of season two when they focused Judy rescuing her father. That was the moment her character truly came alive for me. Another big plus for me is Parker Posey as Dr. Smith. She's one of my favorite actors and her spin on the character is much more interesting than he was on the original series. She is packed with so many damn layers and you never truly have a grasp on what she's thinking. I feel the second season did a fantastic job of really expanding on who she is.

    Netflix has a habit of canceling shows after 3 seasons, but I hope this show does well enough that we get 5 or 6. It's rare you get a sci fi show that is this beautiful and well done.
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