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Meet the new EastEnders family

Discussion in 'UK Soaps Forum' started by Sarah, May 12, 2017.

  1. Sarah

    Sarah Super Moderator Staff Member Original Member Since 1998

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    Northern Ireland
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    Two real-life brothers, an actress who has played TWO previous roles in EastEnders, a bloke from Benidorm and a bearded dragon called Rooney - this is the new "not-to-be-messed-with" EastEnders family.

    The Taylors will, we are assured, make "quite an entrance" when they arrive in Albert Square this summer, giving the resident Walfordians "a rude awakening".

    EastEnders executive producer Sean O'Connor describes them as "noisy and brash" who "lack cash" but "have love and warmth in spades".

    The announcement has split opinion among fans on the soap's Facebook page, with some worried they are a stereotypical white working-class family and/or a pale imitation of the Millers.

    Others have said there could be more ethnic minority families, or have questioned whether they would be able to afford to live in the East End these days.

    But some are looking forward to what O'Connor described as their "explosive" impact on Walford life.
  2. ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989

    ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989 Soap Chat Addict

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    22nd June 2010
    Two of the boys who play the youngest siblings actually have an older brother who goes to the school I work at, good luck to them as far as I'm concerned.

    However, I'm not sure about the family itself or how they'll fit in, they may have worked in the 00s era like the Millers did, and as far as I'm aware the stereotype does look rather out of date now, especially in EastEnders, where the residents are now more lower middle class/business owners, but I guess its always good to have a spanner thrown in the works every now and then.
  3. Rove

    Rove Soap Chat Enthusiast

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    Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
    I haven't watched EastEnders for years and as I began to read the article regarding the introduction of a new family I realized why I no longer watch these type of series. Much like Neighbours and Home and Away here in Australia it's just more of the same. A new family arrives, usually with deep secrets. Its all become a little repetitive. They may have different faces but the story remains the same. I'll also add I'm over these teenagers and their angst. What gives? When I was growing up it was all about riding our bikes, horse-riding, playing cricket, tennis, going to the beach. There was never a dull moment for us kids/teenagers after school and on weekends. It was all about enjoying each others company and having fun. Soaps these days seem to have teenagers sitting around talking sh?t. Get outside you idiots, breathe in some oxygen.

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