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    Title: Memories Of You
    My tears are full of memories of you ~ Paul Penn

    This story is a continuation of the Dream Season after the bomb went off in JR's office. Sue Ellen suffered minor burns and a tertiary blast injury. She was physically thrown by the blast, and it caused direct impact trauma.


    Sue Ellen lay in a coma from the traumatic brain injury she suffered from her head hitting the ground. It had been 24 hours and no change in her condition.

    JR never left her side, and was overcome with emotion. He blamed himself for not handling the situation with Angelica better. The police stationed guards outside of Sue Ellen's room and on Southfork grounds, even though Angelica was now behind bars.

    The entire Ewing family was in turmoil especially Clayton who wanted to literally kill JR with his bare hands when he realized Sue Ellen being in the coma was partially his fault.

    When Miss Ellie came into the room, she gave JR something to eat. "I brought you a sandwich, and a cup of coffee."

    "I don't want any food, Mama," JR said, his hand on top of Sue Ellen's.

    "You need your stamina, JR. There's nothing else you can do," Miss Ellie said.

    "I'm not leaving Sue Ellen alone. She is going to wake up soon, and I'm going to be here when she does. I...I can't lose her. I can't," JR said, his voice cracking. Miss Ellie walked around the bed and comforted JR the best she could.

    Cliff and Jamie came to the hospital and were extremely upset over Sue Ellen. They stayed in the waiting area with Pam and Mark waiting to be able to see her.

    "How is she?" Cliff asked, unable to fathom something happening to the woman he once loved. He loved Jamie but Sue Ellen would forever be in his heart.

    "No change, Cliff. We should be able to go in soon. Miss Ellie is in there with JR now," Pam said.

    “Thank God the bomb found in Jack’s car never went off. Damn, what scheme did JR get involved with for that Nero woman to want to blow him to pieces. JR should be in a coma, not Sue Ellen," Cliff remarked.

    "Cliff," Jamie began, "it's no use wondering why. The important thing is that Sue recovers."

    "Yes, of course, and if she doesn't I will…" Cliff stopped when Miss Ellie walked out of Sue Ellen's room.

    Pam stood up and asked, "How's JR holding up?"

    "Not good. He won't eat anything and he blames himself," Miss Ellie told her.

    He should, Cliff thought then said, "Can we go in, Miss Ellie?"

    "I don't see why not. It may be better if you go in one at a time. All of you at once will be overwhelming for JR," Miss Ellie said.

    "Let me go first," Cliff said to Pam. She agreed, as did Mark and Jamie.

    When Cliff walked into the room, he got teary-eyed seeing Sue Ellen so helpless. As JR lifted up his head, Cliff could see the anguish on his face. Instead of saying something that would start an argument, Cliff tried to be reassuring.

    "Sue Ellen is going to be fine. Don't you worry. She's a fighter," he said then kissed Sue Ellen softly on the forehead.

    "I don't think that's a good idea, Steven," Clayton told him.

    "Why? I want to come to the hospital, Daddy. I still love Sue Ellen. I don't care about JR. Damn it's his fault she's in a coma. He gets involved with…"

    Dusty paused when he felt his anger get the best of him then said, “I’m leaving right now.”

    Clayton knew it was no use telling Dusty to stay away. The only thing the family could do was pray for Sue Ellen, and hope for the best.

    To Be Continued:pray:
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    On the upside, everyone cares for Sue Ellen.
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    Three hours later

    Dusty arrived at the hospital and was met by Clayton. He asked if there were any changes in Sue Ellen’s condition. Unfortunately, there wasn’t.

    “I want to see her,” Dusty said and started to walk toward the door. Clayton stopped him momentarily and said, “There is something you should know before you go in.”

    “What’s that Daddy?” Dusty asked.

    “In the time that you’ve been gone, JR and Sue Ellen reconciled again. They've been happy, so don’t say anything that you’ll regret later. There is no love lost between me and JR, but go easy on him,” Clayton replied.

    Dusty couldn’t believe his ears. Not only because Clayton was telling him not to be harsh with JR, but that Sue Ellen took JR back yet again. He put his personal feelings aside temporarily. All he cared about was Sue Ellen pulling through. Even though JR was to blame, Dusty promised Clayton he would not lose his temper.

    Dusty walked in and when his and JR's eyes met it took every fiber of his body not to strike JR. He was surprised that JR didn't tell him to get out. He put his hand on hers and whispered, "Sue Ellen, it's Dusty. I’m here and I love you."

    Dusty turned to JR and said, "I'm sorry. I...I had to tell her how I feel. God, she is so beautiful. I don't blame you for wanting Sue Ellen back. I know she has feelings for me but deep down you are the one locked in her heart."

    JR managed a smile. "It took me too long to realize that. It's the same for me. Sue Ellen is the love of my life. I don't want anyone but her. She's going to wake up. I know she will."

    Dusty nodded his head in agreement. He sat next to her when JR told him not to leave. "I want Sue Ellen to hear both of us, Dusty. She cares about you very much, so please stay."

    "Thank you. I will," Dusty said, and they shook hands.

    .The Next Day

    Jerry walked around Sue Ellen's office with tears in his eyes. He couldn't believe that the woman he fell in love with could die, or never come out of her coma.

    If she would have chosen me, I.... His thoughts were interrupted my Mark. "Hey, I've been calling you. I had a hunch you'd be in here," Mark told him.

    "Oh, I left my cell in my office. Do you have news about Sue Ellen? Is she awake?" Jerry asked, enthusiastically.

    Mark shook his head. "No, I'm sorry. She's still the same. I wanted to know if you want to go to the hospital with me and Pam in about an hour," Mark asked.

    Jerry thought about it then said, "No. I think it's better that I don't. I’d punch JR in the nose if I go.”

    Mark definitely understood how his good friend felt and didn't push him. "Okay. I promise I will let you know if anything changes."

    "Yes, please," Jerry said, and left Sue Ellen's office.

    Patricia sat there holding her daughter's hand. I can't lose her. Oh God, please don't take Sue Ellen.

    "Would you like some coffee, Patricia?" Miss Ellie asked.

    "No thank you Ellie. I can't believe this happened. I knew Sue Ellen should have stayed with me and divorced JR,” Patricia said with anger.

    "Patricia, my son feels bad enough. I finally convinced him to get some sleep in the next room. He loves Sue Ellen," Miss Ellie said.

    "It doesn't matter now. The only thing I care about is Sue Ellen getting better," Patricia told her.

    "That's all everyone wants, Patricia. Sue Ellen is like a daughter to me. I hope you realize that," Miss Ellie said, and kissed her daughter-in-law's hand.

    JR got the rest he needed, if only for a few hours. He and Dusty were back at Sue Ellen's side after Pam and Mark came to visit.

    They talked lovingly to Sue Ellen—until JR felt her hand squeezing his. JR jumped up, as did Dusty. Tears went down their cheeks when Sue Ellen began to open her eyes.

    To Be Continued:dance:
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    Sue Ellen looked around the blurry room until she was able to focus. She saw JR first then Dusty.

    "Darlin, oh thank God," JR said to her with tears in his eyes.

    "Sue Ellen, I'm here. JR and I are here," Dusty whispered.

    Sue Ellen couldn't speak. She mouthed their names and squeezed their hands. She had no idea what had happened. JR asked Dusty to get the doctor. He bolted out the door.

    "Don't talk, sugar. I thought I was going to lose you. I love you so much," JR said. He leaned in and kissed her lips sweetly. A single tear flowed down her cheek.

    The doctor told JR that Sue Ellen would be fine but they needed to run a few tests.

    “I’ll be right outside the door, darlin. I’m not going anywhere,” JR told her. Sue Ellen smiled and nodded her head.

    “When can we go in and see her, JR?” Cliff asked, anxiously.

    “As soon as the doctor says it’s okay. I’m sure she’ll be happy to see everyone. I don’t know if she remembers anything but she seems fine.”

    “Thank God,” Pam said, as Mark excused himself so he could tell Jerry the good news.

    A relieved Clayton turned to Dusty and said, “Did JR give you a hard time for being here?”

    “No just the opposite. He wanted me to stay and talk to Sue Ellen. I think JR realizes what Sue Ellen and I meant to each other. I can’t get over the change in him.”

    “I’m sure it’s only temporary. Wait until Sue Ellen is ready to go home. I doubt he’ll want you around,” Clayton told him.

    “Well, right now he wants to keep the peace and so do I. The only thing I care about is Sue Ellen. When I know she is 100% okay, and hear it from her that she wants JR, I will accept it and leave,” Dusty explained.

    Clayton nodded. “Fair enough but please don’t get your hopes up.”

    One Hour Later

    The doctor came out of Sue Ellen’s room. He told JR that she had no recollection of going to the Ewing offices.

    “The last thing she remembers is being hit by a car, and she mentioned talking to a woman named Jenna just before. Does that mean anything, Mr. Ewing?” The doctor asked.

    “Oh God, that happened a few years ago. She was pregnant and lost our child. A lot has happened since then. I don’t understand why that is the last thing on her mind,” JR said, sadly.

    “She has head trauma, Mr. Ewing. I believe it’s temporary but I don’t know for how long. Why don’t you go in and talk to her. I will tell the rest of your family exactly what I told you.”

    JR had no choice. He agreed and went into the room. Sue Ellen managed a smile and said, “JR, what the hell happened?”

    “Sugar, you went to the office to see if I was okay and when you got there a bomb went off. It was meant for me. A woman named Angelica Nero planted it. I...I know the last thing you remember is being hit by a car.”

    “I...I don’t understand any of this. Where is John Ross? With Peter at camp?” Sue Ellen asked, inquisitively.

    JR took Sue Ellen’s hand. “Darlin, John Ross doesn’t go to camp anymore and Peter left Dallas a few years ago. You lost part of your memory darlin.”

    Sue Ellen stared at him in disbelief. “What? Oh my God, JR. Peter? Why did he leave and…?

    “It doesn’t matter. It’ll come back to you eventually. I want you to know that in that time, we’ve become closer than ever,” JR told her.

    “Closer than ever? You mean I took you back again,” Sue Ellen said, in disbelief.

    “We reconciled not long ago and...oh wait...I will show you photos of us on my phone,” JR said, and quickly showed her a few selfie photos of them in bed cuddling and kissing, and another of them with John Ross.

    “Oh my God, JR. I...we look so happy and my baby. He’s grown so much,” Sue Ellen said, her eyes swelled up.

    “Our boy is worried sick about you. I asked Mama to call and let John Ross know you were going to be just fine. I know the rest of the family is anxious to see you and…” JR paused. Oh my God. Bobby.

    “What’s wrong?” Sue Ellen asked.

    “I have something to tell you,” JR said, and hoped she’d be able to handle the news that Bobby was dead.

    To Be Continued:(
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    Ohhh dramatic :D
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    "Darlin, I don't know how to tell you this except to just say it," JR said.

    “Say what?" Sue Ellen inquired, her lip quivering.

    "It's Bobby. He...he's dead," JR told her, his words breaking up.

    Sue Ellen was crushed. She loved Bobby like a brother. Her eyes swelled up with tears, and she began to cry.

    "Oh my God. How?" Sue Ellen asked.

    "Katherine Wentworth. She ran him down with her car and…"

    Sue Ellen interrupted. "Why? Oh God, how's Pam? And Jenna?"

    "Darlin, they're doing a lot better now, well Jenna isn’t. Pam is married to Mark and…."

    "Mark Grayson? Oh my God, JR. I...I don't remember any of this," Sue Ellen said, clearly shaken.

    "It'll come back to you real soon," JR said.

    "JR, did I see Dusty earlier?" Sue Ellen asked. When JR nodded his head yes, Sue Ellen said she wanted to see him.

    "Of course, darlin," JR said, and was about to leave.

    "Wait. Before you go, remind me how happy we've been?" Sue Ellen said.

    JR smiled. He showed her more photos and tenderly kissed her lips. Sue Ellen caressed his face and said, "Later tonight I want you to tell me more about us. Okay?"

    "Sure darlin," JR said and walked out the door.

    When JR left the room he went up to Dusty and said, “Sue Ellen wants to see you.”

    Dusty smiled and walked toward the door. JR told everyone that he told Sue Ellen about Bobby.

    "Oh dear, what she must be going through not being able to remember anything from the last few years," Miss Ellie said.

    Clayton put his arm around Miss Ellie and said, "I'm sure it's only temporary."

    "Mama, did you let John Ross know Sue Ellen was okay?" JR asked.

    "Yes, and Ray is driving him to the hospital so he should be here soon." Miss Ellie told him. A relieved JR was finally able to relax a bit. He told Miss Ellie he'd be back in a little while.

    When Sue Ellen saw Dusty coming through the door, she outstretched her arms to him—a huge smile on her face. He kissed her lips quickly.

    "Oh Sue Ellen, thank God. I was so worried. When Dad called me, I rushed to get here," Dusty told her.

    Thinking Dusty was still married she asked, "Linda was okay with you coming here?"

    "Well, Linda and I are divorced," Dusty told.

    "Oh, I'm so sorry. I...I don't remember and…"

    Dusty took her hand and said, "Don't be. I'm not sorry about it. There is something I want to tell you."

    Sue Ellen's heart beat fast. "Oh God, I can't handle anymore bad news, Dusty."

    Dusty shook his head. "It's nothing bad."

    Sue Ellen was relieved. Dusty looked into her eyes and said, "Actually, it’s quite wonderful. About 8 months ago, we made love."

    “We did? Oh Dusty! I’d give anything in the world to remember that. I never stopped loving you,” Sue Ellen said.

    “I’ll always love you, Sue Ellen. I wish it would’ve been enough,” Dusty remarked.

    “How did I ever let you go? Why would I go back to JR after we made love? I don’t understand any of it. JR showed me pictures of the two of us and...that means that I chose him over you. Am I right?” Sue Ellen asked.

    “Yes but you weren’t really together yet with JR. You moved back to Southfork for John Ross. After you left the sanitarium you were living with your mother and...”

    “Sanitarium? Oh God, did
    I start drinking again?” Sue Ellen inquired.

    “Yes, and it was really bad. You...well...forget it for now. You were finally sober, and doing so well. You and JR made up in the interim.”

    “I don’t want to know how JR and I ended up on the outs and got back together just yet. Tell me about us. When we made love did we promise anything to each other. I mean did I initially agree to divorce JR or marry you? How did we even find each other again?”

    Dusty caressed Sue Ellen’s face and said, “I think you need to talk to JR first and let him fill you in on a few things first. He said the last thing you remember is being hit by a car. Is that right?”

    “Yes. I remember talking to Jenna and next thing I know a car came out of nowhere and hit me. The last few things I remember were that John Ross was going to camp. Peter Richards was his counselor and...” Sue Ellen paused. She didn’t want to tell Dusty about her young lover. “Well, I hope John Ross comes to visit me soon.”

    “He’s on his way I’m sure. Well,
    I don’t want to leave unless you tell me for sure that you still want to be with JR,” Dusty said.

    “Oh Dusty, I...I’m so confused right now but please don’t leave. I don’t know what my future holds especially with JR,” Sue Ellen said.

    “I won’t. I love you, Sue Ellen,” Dusty exclaimed.

    “I love you, too,” Sue Ellen said, as Dusty leaned in and kissed her sweetly.

    To Be Continued:)
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    Can I just say that I hate Dusty.
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    As their lips parted, Dusty said, "I'll tell JR to come back, okay?" Sue Ellen nodded her head in agreement.

    After a few moments, the door opened but it wasn't JR. It was Cliff. Sue Ellen smiled as Cliff walked over and kissed her cheek. "Hey, you gave all of us quite a scare you know."

    "So I've heard," Sue Ellen answered with a chuckle.

    "I'm so glad you're okay. Jamie and I are…"

    "Who?" Sue Ellen inquired.

    "Oh Sue Ellen I totally forgot. Jamie is JR's cousin wife," Cliff told her.

    "Oh my God...I...cousin? Wife?"

    "Yes. Jamie is Jason Ewing's daughter. I know you don't remember but you became great friends, Sue Ellen. Let me show you the photos from Pam's wedding."

    Sue Ellen's eyes lit up as she looked at several pictures which included her with Jamie. "She's lovely, Cliff. Congratulations, I'm so happy for you, and Pam of course. Is she here?"

    Cliff told Sue Ellen that Pam and Mark left the hospital but would be back. He told Sue Ellen about her working for Grayson Research and what she accomplished.

    "Mark said you're the best at what you do, Sue Ellen."

    "Wow, I never thought I'd have a 9-5 job, Cliff but it sounds wonderful," Sue Ellen said.

    "It is. You enjoy it, and you and Dr. Kenderson make a great team," Cliff told her. He then explained who Jerry was.

    "He sounds interesting enough. I just wish I could remember," Sue Ellen said.

    "You will. Now just relax a little bit. JR should be back any second," Cliff said.

    "I'd like to meet Jamie, if she's here," Sue Ellen told him.

    "Yes, yes she is," Cliff said and left Sue Ellen's room to get her.

    Sue Ellen had no recollection of Jamie but she liked her immediately. She also spent time with Pam, Mark, Clayton, Miss Ellie, Patricia, and most importantly John Ross. She cried when seeing him, and told him she'd be home soon.

    After speaking to the doctor again, Sue Ellen felt better. He told her that he believed the memory loss would be temporary and that she'd make a full recovery. She was lucky to be alive.

    Sue Ellen perked up when JR came through the door.

    "Hey sugar, how are you feeling?" JR asked.

    "I'm better now that I've seen John Ross. I miss him already though," Sue Ellen said.

    "I know but you'll be home in no time. I have a little surprise for you. I bet you're hungry for some real food," JR said.

    "Yes. I didn't eat much of the tray they gave me," Sue Ellen confided.

    JR opened the door and said, "I don't want you to eat that hospital crap. Okay guys bring it in."

    Sue Ellen was impressed. A beautiful tray with her favorite foods, and desserts followed by a roomful of roses, I love you balloons and a black velvet box JR would save for last. The sight of an overjoyed Sue Ellen made JR feel good. He took her hand, and with tears in his eyes said, "I'd be a lost soul without you. I love you so much."

    Sue Ellen was choked up, and said, "JR, my darlin, I'm not going anywhere."

    To Be Continued:heart:

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