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My Dynasty 2018 (assuming)

Discussion in 'Dynasty Writers Room' started by stevew, Oct 16, 2016.

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    John Stamos as Blake Dellis Carrington – family patriarch, self-made billionaire, Chairman and CEO of DenverCarrington (the Haliburton-esque oil field services company), former U.S. Secretary of Energy and Ambassador to China, a proud Yale man (based on Dick Cheney and George H. W. Bush)

    Julie Gonzalo as Christina Castillo Carrington – journalist with the Denver Herald and free-lance writer, Blake’s young fiance (based on Diana Spencer and Jackie Onassis)

    Blake Lively as Fallon Carrington – Blake’s spoiled rotten and rather promiscuous daughter, project manager for DenverCarrington with her MBA from Wharton and BA from Yale with ambition to run her father's company one day (based on Marjorie Merriweather Post and Barbara Hutton)

    Chord Overstreet as Steven Carrington – Blake’s younger son, often promiscuously gay, general laborer working in oil fields for DenverCarrington and later on his own, having dropped out of Yale he worked to make his own mark just like his father before him (based on James Dean and Elon Musk)

    Juan Pablo Di Pace as Jeff Colby - Blakes god son, friend of Christina's, in love with Fallon, from the super wealthy Colby family

    AnnaLynne McCord as Claudia Blaisdel - Christina's good friend, a victiam of Carrington greed and her husband's drive to get rich

    Chris Carmack as Matthew Blaisdel - former employee of Blake's, friend and business partner of Steven, drive to strike it rich

    Notes: the Colby's are based on the Kock brother's meets Carlos Slim; the Blaisdels are well educated middle class people, and Ted Denard is a special guest start, a working class man out of place among the Carringtons, Fallon has a series of lovers


    Blake holds onto Christina’s hands between the two of them, assuring her that everything will be just fine. They stand by a roaring fire in a heavily paneled library of his grand mansion. She tells him that she just isn’t sure, how of course she loves him but she’s half his age and what will his children say.

    “Listen to me Christina, I love you. You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I mean that. “

    “You said yourself that Fallon’s never liked anyone you dated. She especially hated Claudia.”

    “That was different?”


    “For one Claudia was married. Listen to me Christina. I’ve lost more in my life then I care to recount. Every day I wake up and think about my son, what happened to Adam, where is he, is he alright, is he alive. I’ve tried my best to raise my children by myself and work, built up a company from the ground up, a family full of bankers and lawyers out east, they didn’t get it. They didn’t get me or what I was trying to do to be my own man. And now, my own children, Fallon and Steven, can’t stand to be in the same room with me most of the time, and I get it. I know what I did wrong. I’ve hurt a lot of people to get here, and believe me if it takes me the rest of my life to fix this I will. But, please Christina. I need you in my life. I can’t do this without you. I love you. “

    “Oh Blake, I love you too. But your fighting with Steven to be the man you want him to be. Don't you see he's trying to do just what you did, stand on his own. And Fallon idolizes you. She's not going to want to share her father's attention, what little of it you give her now.“

    He takes her in his arms and the two stand there holding each other tight. Blake says, "We'll figure this out."

    Fallon gets out of a modest bed in a small apartment, naked she walks to the bathroom and the naked stud of a man says, "Hey Fallon get back here."

    She turns and looks at him, smiling. “Believe me I’d like to stay, but when Blake Carrington says be there for dinner you don’t tell him you can’t make it.”

    Steven and a crew of oil riggers roar with excitement under the rain of crude oil. A man somewhat older then him comes running around and grabs up Steven. They hug. “We did it Matthew. We actually did it. You know, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

    “And I couldn’t have done without you Steven; I'm just a geologist.”

    They pat each other on their backs, along with a lot of other workers as they all get drenched in the mist of the not yet capped oil well.

    Walking to their truck the two men laughing, Steven gets serious when he says, “I want to thank you for not holding anything against me.”

    “What are you talking about?”

    “My dad with your wife, Claudia.”

    “That had nothing to do with you. We were working on this project long before Blake Carrington sent me to Middle East on some pointless project so he could get in bed with my wife.”

    “Well this is just the start. We’ll leave Blake Carrington behind with this one. I’ve already worked out a deal through Jeff Colby for Trident to refine the oil. I’ve still got to work out something to get it shipped, but we’re in business.”

    “Couldn’t do it without you Steven, I mean it.”

    “Thank you for saying so.”

    “It’s just the truth. I might know how to drill, but you know fracking. You’ll get oil out of this land others long since gave up on. And, even though it’s because of Blake Carrington, you do have the business contacts we need. So let’s say we forget about your father and my wife and just take care of business.”


    The two shake hands.
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    Fallon walks into the lavish music room of the Carrington Mansion to find a very handsome Hispanic man pouring himself a drink. “What brings you here Jeff Colby?”

    “Your father asked me to dinner.”

    “What kind of announcement would include you?”

    “You know he is my godfather. I've been part of this family longer then you."

    "Ad-hock. Oh, I'm just teasing you Jeff. Still, I'm curious, what's up?"

    I figured it had something to do with Christina?”

    “Christina who?”

    “My cousin Christina Castillo.”

    “What announcement could possible include her?”

    “Maybe they’re getting married.”

    “I get why your so-called cousin would marry my father, since she’s a poor relation of yours and all, but what would my father have to gain by marrying her?”

    “I’d hardly call Christina a poor relation, and her mother's married to my uncle Jason so she's not so-called.”

    “ What ever, so her mother married your uncle, but her father’s a drunk who's done time in prison for insider trading. She’s not exactly the good side of the Colby family.”

    “You know Fallon not every marriage is about getting something from someone. Maybe they’re in love. There was a time I thought you might love me and the Carrington’s aren’t nearly as wealthy as the Colby’s.”

    “Well no one’s nearly as wealthy as the Colby's. ColbyCo makes your uncles and aunt each worth what, forty billion or more? Gives them control of Trident and thousands of other companies. Let’s you play as Vice President of Exploration for Trident and what ever else you want to do.”

    “All you think about is money, isn't it?”

    “Now that’s not true. We had a lot of fun that had nothing to do with money.” She playfully takes his drink from his hand and sits down with a devilish smirk.

    Steven and Matthew sit at a hole-in-the-wall bar nursing their drinks and talking. Steven asks about Matthew’s daughter. Matthew answers, “I get to see her on weekends. Claudia’s back to working for the Denver Herald and talking about taking her on some assignment in South America. We’ve been fighting over it.”

    “She just can’t take your daughter out of the country.”

    “That’s what I said. I don’t know. We were trying to make it work for Lindsey and it just end up back to fighting. I heard your dad’s been seeing some girl at the Herald that works with Claudia.”


    “Name's Christian Castillo.”

    “Haven’t heard of her.”

    “Claudia says her mother’s married to one of the Colby brothers in Mexico.”

    “Really? Big money then.”

    “No. I heard her dad was some big hedge fund manager but he lost like millions for some drug cartel down there. Went on the run. Then he ended up doing time for insider trading. Real playboy, shady type with a good last name but kind of left his children without.”

    “I’m supposed to be home for some big family news.”

    “Maybe your dad’s proposed to her.”

    “Oh God. I pity the woman that straddled with that son of a bitch.”

    Holding up his glass for a toast Matthew says, “Well I’m done making his company money. Here’s to a business of our own, to Blue Sky Energy.”

    The two clink glasses, down their bourbon and order up another round.

    Fallon sits in the music room with Jeff at the window peeking behind the curtain when Blake and Christina walk in. Blake says, “I see Steven couldn’t make it.”

    Jeff speaks up, “I heard he struck oil only a couple hours ago.”

    “Yea well everything’s more important to Steven than family.”

    “Blake,” Christina admonishes, “That’s a big thing for him. You should be proud of Steve. We can always share our news with him later.”

    “And what news is that?” Fallon asks.

    “I’ve asked Christina to marry me and she’s agreed.”

    Jeff congratulates them, approaching, shaking Blake’s hand. Blake pulls him in for a hug. “I told you all about Jeff coming to work for me when he was just a kid. His dad and I use to be good friends, wildcatting with him and his brother's back when all the good oil finds were gobbled up by big companies. He’s like a son to me.” Jeff hugs Christina.

    Fallon approaches. “Long enough grieving period from your first rich husband?”

    “Fallon Alexis Carrington!” Blake admonishes.

    “It’s OK Blake. “

    “No it’s not OK. Senator McAllister was killed in front of her. It’s not OK to bring it up. I expect you to welcome her into this family, not bring up bad memories.”

    “Blake its fine. It’ll take Fallon some time to get use to the idea. I do love your father Fallon.”

    “Oh, I’m sure you do. Six point seven billion worth of love.”

    “That’s it Fallon. Apologize.”

    “For what? Being honest. She just keep marrying up like her mother. But I can tell you, my father has no interest in a run for the White House, so you’ll have to forgo that. Thought I personally think our house is much nicer, don't you?”

    “Fallon, I understand this upsets you. Your father hasn’t been very good at bringing people home, so he admits, but I don't intend to come between the two of you or want anything to do with that you think is yours. And, I understand I’m a great deal younger than your father, and yes he has a great deal more money than I do. And, I get it, your father and mother’s marriage and her abandonment of you makes it hard for you to believe in love, but I do love him."

    "Oh really," Fallon rolls her eyes.

    "I’ll give you all the time you need to be OK with this. You let me know when you are and then we can get married.” Blake tries to object. Christina kisses his cheek and walks out of the room.

    “You’d better get used to the idea Fallon. I plan on spending the rest of my life with her. I’ve made a lot of bad choices in my life and haven’t been the greatest father, but I love her and I plan on marrying her.” Blake follows after Christina.

    Jeff says to Fallon, “Well looks like you did it again.”

    “Did what?”

    “Made everything all about you.”

    Blake walks out the front door of the house where Christina waits for a car. “Please come back in darling.”

    “No Blake. She’s your daughter. I can’t marry you knowing it’ll up set your family. You need to work this out with her.”

    “I’m not begging my children for permission to get married.”

    “I’m not worried about me and Steven. I think, from what you've told me about him, we’ll get along just fine. But you and him, you’ve got to find a way to make amends with him. When you do and when you get Fallon to come around, I’d love nothing better than to marry you. But, no matter how old they are, they’re your children. Take care of them.”

    “And us?”

    “I’m always going to be here for you.” A limousine pulls up in front of them. “But I can’t marry you until you’ve resolved this. I’ve never had children and I want them. You know that. But, we can’t have children with this hanging over us.” Christina kisses his cheek and gets into the back of the car.

    Blake sits in the dark library alone drinking and watching the flames in the fireplace flicker. Steven pops his head in and says, “You wanted to see me?”

    “Better late than never ha?”

    “It was a big day for me.”

    “I heard. You and Matthew struck oil.”

    “We did.”

    “Good for you. I’m sure the two of you will be very successful. You’ll expand fraking to a level that’s unheard of.”

    “That’s the idea.”

    “ Word from a few of my friends is if your technology pans out its bad news for the Russians. They also figure the Saudi’s will increase production.”

    “They can do what they want. We’ve got a lot of room to remain cost effective.”

    “Jeff seems to think the Colby’s are concerned.”

    “They should be.”

    “I wanted to introduce you to Christina Castillo this evening. I asked her to marry me.”

    “And she said?”

    “She said yes.”

    “Well good. You deserve some happiness.”

    “Thank you. She won’t though, marry me, unless you and I can work things out, so that you’ll agree to be my best man.”

    “Is that what you want?”

    “Well, means I have to come to terms with you being in business with Matthew Blaisdel.”

    “I know the two of you have been at odds, and I know you think he was disloyal to you when he left DenverCarrington. I also know you slept with his wife. I doubt he can let go of that, you sending him off to the Middle East on some trumped up project so you could get in her bed. But you got what you wanted didn’t you? She sold you her father’s shares in Intercontinental Transport.”

    “I’m not going to tell you I’m proud of what I did.”

    “No, I wouldn’t expect you to start lying to me now. The one thing we’ve always had was honesty. You certainly have never held back about how you feel about Ted.”

    “I can’t help think he’s using you.”

    “Yep, there it goes again.”

    “You’re building what’s going to outdo DenverCarringting. Hell, you’ll out do Trident and Colbyco. You don’t think that man doesn't knows what he gets with you?”

    “Same thing Christina gets with you.”

    “That’s different.”

    “And why’s that?”

    “Just please. Will you be my best man?”

    “As long as you know, I’ll be bringing Ted with me.”

    “I’ll try my best.”

    “Thank you. That’s all I ever asked.”

    “Steven, it’s late. Why don’t you spend the night?” Steve goes to say something and Blake irrupts him. “Please.”

    In a bright sunny restaurant in downtown Denver Christina stands and welcomes an old friend, “Claudia.” They hug and sit down. They quickly order. Claudia appreciates Christina’s emerald engagement ring. Christina defines it’s as too much.

    Claudia says, “Oh let him spoil you. It’s what Blake likes to do. So when is the big date?”

    “You’re sure you’re OK with this?”

    “You and Blake? He used me Christina, but I was, am, married. I knew what I was doing. I knew it would hurt Matthew. And, I did it anyway.”

    “I’m so sorry Claudia.”

    “Don’t be.”

    “I mean for what happened between Matthew and I.”

    “You were there for him when he needed someone. I don’t know what happened to me. But, while I was away he had to deal with my illness and Lindsey being just a baby, and she was sick, and you were his friend. It hurt, you know, when I found out about the two of you.”

    “I’m so very sorry. Not a day goes by I don’t regret what happened.”

    “But none of that excuses what I did. I chose to try and work things out with Matthew. I choose to cheat on him. I don’t know if it was to get back at him or if it was just, well, Blake Carrington knows how to make a girl feel special. Are you sure you know what you’re getting into Christina?”

    “Yes. I know what he did was wrong. We both know it certainly isn’t the first thing he’s ever done that’s ethnically questionable, but I do love him. I can’t tell you why. But, the man I see, the man he is with me, he’s different.”

    “He sent me a rather sizable check and a letter stating it’s for the difference between what DenverCarrington paid me and the real value of my stock in ICT. A personal check. And, an apology. So, maybe you really did get to him.”

    Christina smiles. “I hope so. A lot’s happened to him. His relationship with his family, his x-wife, losing his son Adam, deals he was cheated out of when he first got into the oil business, friends, like Jason Colby, people he was supposed to be able to trust.”

    “He never told me anything about his family or his business dealings. I heard about Adam, being kidnapped. Well, that was in all the news. But, what about the Colby’s?”

    “Blake went to school with the Colby brothers. In fact he and Jason shared a room until they graduated and then again through most of their time at Yale. I guess that’s what hurt so much. He didn’t expect his old friend to go along with his brother, Cecil, and cheat him out of a share in Trident. That’s how Blake learned to do business. He still does business with the Colby's. Don't ask me why.”

    “I didn’t know. I mean I remember going to a party at Cecil Colby's place here in Denver, but I never realized, I mean Blake made him seem like an old friend. Isn’t your mother married to Jason Colby?”

    “Yes. And Blake's Philip Colby's son Jeff's godfather."

    "Small world."

    "Yes it is. Say, how is Lindsey?"

    "She's doing well, I guess. None of this has been easy on her."

    "No I suppose not."

    "I think she thinks talking about you would be disloyal to me, but I know she misses you. You were important to her for a very long time."

    "I miss her too. I never wanted to replace you Claudia."

    "I know that. I also know you went through a lot when John was killed. I don't blame you anymore Christina. And thank you, thank you so much for carrying for Lindsey when I couldn't."

    "Of course."

    "Are you sure, you and Matthew are really over? I know it might seem odd coming from me, but I know he cares about you."

    "And I care about him, but. It just wasn't right."

    "And you're sure this thing with Blake Carrington is?"

    "I'm positive. I don't know why, but I feel, I guess I feel loved, adored even. And I never had that. I guess that's why I understand his daughter. Fallon just wants her father's attention. They've got to work things out. And Steve, he and Blake are just too much alike to get alone, but somehow they've got to figure things out."

    "Well, if you're certain."

    "I am Claudia. I really am. And, I know this is probably weird, me asking you, but you've been my friend for so long, since forever. You were my maid of honor when I married John and I was when you married Matthew and I was hoping. I was hoping you'd be my maid of honor again."

    "Wow. That is a bit much. Considering, well does Blake know your asking me?"

    "No, I wanted to ask you first."

    Claudia takes her hands, "Of course I would. There isn't anything I wouldn't do for you."

    Television news broadcast: "The Colby brothers have thrown their support behind presidential candidate and former Colorado Governor Ellen Hayes. Governor Hayes is off to a strong start for what is looking to be a very long race to twenty-twenty. The Colby brothers are among the country's most influential Republican donors, but since twenty-sixteen have looked to deal more and more with what they call agreeable Democrats. Cecil Colby is the Chairman and CEO of ColbyCo, the giant conglomerate invested in insurance, commodities, energy and such. The company's largest investment is a fifteen percent stake in Trident, one of the world's super major oil companies of which Jason Colby is Chairman and CEO. The Colby Family Charities is among some of the most well endowed foundations in the world and is overseen by their sister, Constanza Colby who is often given credit for the brothers willingness to work with Democrats. They Colby's maintain houses in Mexico, Colorado and Montana as well as company apartments all over the world, a world of private jets and yachts. Each is estimated to be worth forty-seven billion dollars, which can be very influence in any race, even more for President."

    Steven and Matthew meet with Jeff in an office where Jeff sits behind the desk and Los Angles's skyline appears behind him. Jeff says, "I don't really see why I can't arrange the shipping of your oil for you. Colbyco has more then the capability."

    "Honestly Jeff, we're looking to go this our own. We're aware of the expense of shipping crude and feel that it would be better handled in house. All we're looking for is a short term agreement."

    "I agree with you Steven, and I spoke to my Uncle Cecil about that very thing. I'm sure in your position he'd agree too, but right now he's not in your position and he wants a much longer agreement."

    "Then we'll go else where."

    "Your father has a subsidiary with a fleet of underutilized tanker trucks."


    "How about this? I make Blake an offer for that company. We're not talking much. I can get my Uncle Jason to do along with it as it's needed to ship a new source of oil we really want to get out hands on to bump up our Colorado refinery to one hundred percent. That's his new goal, get them all past one hundred percent. You've got the oil he needs, so he'll be agreeable. I'll leave the Carrington name out of it. Then once I get the small tanker company part of our deal to buy your oil will be financing the sale of the trucking company to you."

    "You're serious?"

    "I want that oil Steven. I'd really like your fracking technology, but I'll take what I can get. Is it a deal?"


    Blake works at his desk reading financial reports with a Denver Bucks game replayed over the television in the background. His secretary hands him more papers and says, "They're doing well this year."

    Blake looks up, " We're expending great things this year from them."

    "Always makes it fun around here when they're on their way to the Super Bowl."

    "Sure does Betty."

    Fallon works in a conference room around a table with several other DenverCarrington executives. They look over plans for Arctic drilling when a man walks into the room and whispers in Fallon's ear. Fallon excuses herself.

    Fallon enters her office where Christina waits for her. "And what can I do for you?"

    "I'm sorry to interrupt you work, I just wanted to make something clear."

    "Go ahead."

    "I have no intention of leaving your father. I won't marry him without your blessing or your brothers, but I have no intention of leaving him."

    "Thank you for that bit of information. I'll make note of it. Is there anything else?"

    "Please Fallon. I've asked him to work things out with you. I know how much he means to you and how much you and your brother mean to him. I just need you to try. Maybe you could move back into the house with him, you and your brother. I think being a family . . ."

    "Excuse me for interrupting, but my family is frankly none of your business. You're not a Carrington, and if you're waiting on my approval you never will be. You're a gold digger, lets be honest. You're plain, simple and honestly all wrong. You're a tag along. A girl from the wrong side of things and you know it. You're close, nice clothes, nice hair, good schools, mother married well for the third time anyway, but you're a hanger on. I can see right through you."

    "Can you?"

    "Yes I can."

    "Its admirable that you want to protect your father, even fill his shoes here one day, but he's entitled to more don't you think."

    "What you off he can buy, like your friend Claudia."

    "Your father didn't buy Claudia, he used her."

    "Well then, why buy what you can get for free."

    "Here that a lot Fallon? You stand there like you're your father's protector but do you know how much it hurts for him to know what you are behind his back."

    "And what is that?"

    "A whore who's made her way through his football team, basketball team, his business. You think those sinkers don't make it back to him and crush him."

    "You little bitch."

    "No just honest Fallon. Your father and I have had fight after fight about trying to accept Steven, but your brother is with one man, all be it as you put it from the wrong side of things."

    "My brother isn't with him. Ted Denard is just someone my brother uses, like a valet. And Steven Carrington can use anyone he wants."

    "Do you hear yourself? Do you really believe you're some high and mighty family and the rest of us are here to serve you?"

    "Yes I do."

    " I feel sorry for you. You'll never understand what it's like for someone to love you because don't love anyone."

    "Of please spare me your love."

    "Whether or not you believe it, I do care about you. You're Blake's daughter."

    "Let me explain something about Blake Carrington to you and I'll be done with it. Blake Carrington came from a well heeled family out east. His father was a bit of a maverick himself, like my father and like Steven. That doesn't mean we're some kind of vulgar new money types. We're Carringtons and in this world, that means something. Blake Carrington is a charming man, refined and polite. He's also ruthless and powerful. You think he's interested in you because he loves you. Maybe you're his way into the Colby clan. You're mother's married to Jason Colby after all. He's got Jeff around his little finger, hoping to marry me off to him. What Blake Carrington wants right now is another Super Bowl ring and to destroy the Colby's. He's also patient and calculating Christina." Fallon walks back out of the room leaving Christina to stand their alone.
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    Steven walks into an apartment in Denver calling out, "Ted."

    A handsome young man covered in paint walks into the living room and says, "I've been expecting you."

    Steven grabs him up and kisses him. They hold each other tight and passionately before Steven pulls away and says, "We've done it. We're off and running. We've got the oil and the trucks to ship it and a hell of a deal with Trident to refine it. We actually did it Ted."

    Caressing his face, looking into his eyes, Ted says, "I'm so proud of your Steven."

    "I wouldn't have done it without you. You're the one that convenience me to just jump in with both feet."

    "Just returning the favor. I'd given up painting but when you bought me all those supplies you gave me back my life again."

    "I told you there's more to life then making money. You just got to do what you love. It doesn't matter what your job is as long as you can do the things that make you happy."

    "Oh Steven. I love you."

    "And I love you."

    The two return to kissing.

    Christina saddles up a horse when a young man approaches her, "Mrs. McAllister, I'd be happy to get him ready for you."

    "That's OK Tommy. I've got it."

    "Will Mr. Carrington being joining you?"

    "No, I didn't ask him. But, one of these day's he'll stop working so much."

    "I agree with you. He's got so much land here to enjoy and someone to ride with, what more could he possible ask."

    "This is true." Christina mounts the horse and rides rides out.

    Blake arrives home through the front door and asks the gentleman who opens the door, "Joseph, is everyone here for dinner?"

    Joseph helps him with his coat, "Miss Carrington and Mr. Colby are in the music room and Mr. Carrington came through the gate not long after you."

    "And Mrs. McAllister?"

    "She just got in from a ride and went up stairs to wash up."

    "Perfect. I'll go up and change and be right down. Please tell Fallon I'm home." Blake takes each step two at a time.

    Steven and Ted walk into the Library. Steven offers Ted and drink and Ted declines, looking around the room seeming very uncomfortable. Steven says, "It's not designed to make you feel comfortable. It's designed to make you feel inferior."

    "Does a good job at it. Are you sure this is going to be OK?"

    "My father said to bring you."

    "He actually said to bring me?"

    "He said to bring Ted with me. Just relax. I want you here."

    "And so do I," Christina says walking in through the open door.

    "You must be Christina. I've Steven and this is my boyfriend, Ted, Ted Denard."

    Christina hugs him, taking him a bit by surprise, "I'm so glad to finally meet you. Blake has told me so much about you."

    As they separate Steven says, "My father's a bit basis."

    "He is that's true. He things your the smartest man he's ever known."

    "My father thinks I'm smart, the son that dropped out of college?"

    "Yes he does. Oh you know your father, he'd prefer to you get through college, but he thinks you're going to put DeverCarrington out of business one day. So Ted," Christina turns and hugs him, "I heard your a mechanic. Blake said you use to work for an auto parts company but got laid off and went to work as a mechanic."

    "Yes, I ah, I worked the line for about eight years before the shut the whole thing down for cheaper labor somewhere else. I got a job just to keep my head above water, that's how I meet Steven. He came in to get that old junker of his looked at."

    "I've heard about that junker. I think it embarrasses your father, like he's worried people will think the Carrington's have fallen on hard times. He's very silly sometimes. You were able to help Steven then?"

    "Oh yea. I've kept it running."

    "That's wonderful. Blake tells me that Steven is a skilled swimmer, at one time a possible Olympian. Do you enjoy swimming as well."

    "Not competitively or anything. I enjoy painting."

    "Do you? I heard his mother has a talent for painting. I tried it once. Everything turned out blue."

    "Yes blue is a powerful color, you have to be careful using it; it'll take over. Steven said you're a journalist."

    "Sort of. Free-lance. I love to write but mostly I end up editing."

    "So you're artistic as well."

    "I don't know about that, but I dable. Do you enjoy horseback riding. I'm told all the Carrington's love horses."

    "Never did it much. A few times with Steven. I love to be outdoors though, hunting, camping, fishing."

    "Oh. I know Blake loves to hunt and fish. Do you and Fallon, Steven?"

    "We both grew up hunting and fishing, yes."

    "I'm more a garden person myself, but I do love to putter around in the garden."

    "Well, you'll love living here then," Steven says.

    "It is beautiful."

    "My father says you won't marry him without our permission. You don't need my permission Christina. I just want my father to be happy and I'd like him to be happy for me."

    "He is Steven. Believe me, he is. He's just worried. I've never known a man to worry so much as your father. Well maybe my father, but he hid it under being drunk most of the time."

    "Maybe he does. He's a difficult man."

    "Harder on himself then he is on anyone, if you can believe it."

    "Actually I can."

    Christina laughs a big and hugs Steven again.

    Holding her he says, "Don't wait for Fallon's approval. You'll never get it. My sister isn't about to let anyone know she likes them, except for me, well and my father, but half the time she's mad at him and just saying she likes him through clenched teeth."

    Christina laughs, still holding on to Steven.

    Steven holds on to her.

    Fallon looks at Jeff with a smile on her face, like she's appreciating him just being in the room, as he refreshes her drink. Handing it to her she nods without saying a word. Blake walks into the room, dressed for dinner. "Where's Christina?"

    Jeff answers, "We haven't seen her. Or Steven for that matter. I saw him drive up with Ted."

    "Oh good. Good. Let me go find them. We'll meet you in the dinning room."

    With Fallon and Jeff sitting on one side of the dinning room table, Blake walks in with Christina, Steven and Ted. Blake takes Christina to the end of the table and holds out her chair for her before returning to his end. On the way he pats Ted on the shoulder and says, "Now Ted, I want you to be comfortable in this house. There are no rules of etiquette. Just dig in."

    Steven says, "Dad it's not like he's never eaten with a knife and fork."

    "I know that Steven, i just want him to feel comfortable. He always seems uncomfortable here."

    "You'll have to excuse my father Ted," Fallon says, "He's uncomfortable himself around rough people."

    "That's not true Fallon!" Blake snaps.

    "Fallon, you were in a meeting today about Arctic oil leases. How's that going?" Christina asks.

    "Why would you know what I was meeting about?"

    "A friend of mine is on your team. Andrew Kirby."

    "How do you know Andrew?"

    "I went to school with his sister. Andrew introduced me to Matthaw Blaisdel and Matthew introduced me to your father."

    "Oh is that how it worked. I always wondered. Here I was thinking Jeff introduced you two."

    "No. Jeff's always been very sweet to me but we never hung out or anything. Andrew and I went out a few times. Matthew was going out with my friend Claudia."

    "You and Claudia still friends?"

    "I asked her to be my maid of honor."

    "Now that should be uncomfortable."

    "Why's that? Because she was in a relationship with your father? He helped her out when she was in a very low place in life. I'd like to think they're still good friends."

    "You don't honest believe that do you?"

    "Your father agreed to helping with her biography on the Colby brothers. Michael introduced them. She was trying to put her life back together. Blake helped her, a great deal. More then I think he knows."

    "Oh this is too much. My father isn't a charity worker. He wanted something she owned and he got it."

    "And she was able to write what most call the definitive book on the Colbys. If you're talking about her father's company, Blake paid her a fair price."

    "You're serious."

    "I am. In fact when your father figured out that she wasn't paid fairly by DenverCarrington, he made sure he took care of the difference. She was just telling me about it."

    "Is that true?" Fallon asks he father.

    "Yes. I sent Claudia a check for the difference."

    "You'll bury DenverCarrington in no time if you start doing things like that."

    "I paid her out of my own pocket. Claudia's a friend of this family. We certainly don't take advantage of our friends."

    "That's the company Trident just bought of you, isn't it?" Jeff asks.

    "Yes that was Claudia's father's business. You bought the trucking part of the company. What I was interested in were the pipelines, so it work out for everyone, Claudia, me, and Jeff."

    "And Steve," Jeff says, "We used the company to help us seal the deal for his oil. Looks like it work out for everyone involved."

    "See," Christina smiles while taking the food from a platter held next to her, "There's no reason everyone can't win. There's more then enough to go around."

    Fallon smirks, "Oh I see now why you like her. She lives in her own little fantasy world."

    "That's enough Fallon," her father again admonishes . Fallon helps herself to the fish course on the platter which is now next to her. She then says to Christina, "That's the wrong fork by the way."

    "Oh so it is. Silly me." She picks up the fish fork and laughs it off. Noticing Ted follow her and change forks, she winks at him.

    Jeff says, "My aunt is in town this weekend for the new wing of the Denver Institute of Art. She's donating my grandfather's impressionist works. She's had a copy made of everyone of them and is giving the originals to the museum. Will you be there Blake?"

    "Yes. Christina and I are planning on attending. I had a copy of the Pissaro in the living room made and I'm doing the same thing with the original. Your aunt inspired me."

    "The Pissaro," Fallon blurts out. "You love that painting. It belonged to your mother."

    "And it's in much better hands in the art museum then here. Not to mention, so many more people will be able to appreciate it. There's a private collection that your aunt has been trying to buy in total. Apparently the autonomous seller has fallen on some hard times and is looking to sell everything, quietly. I've contributed to that as I'm sure your uncles have."

    "Yes, so have I. It's all very mysterious but if she can pull it off, she swears it will have the entire art world talking. Ted. I hear you're an artist."

    Ted finds his voice and says, "I like to paint."

    "I really would like to introduce you to my aunt. Steven's shown me some pictures on his phone of your work. He says you're not interested in selling your work, and I can appreciate that, but I'd still like my aunt to have a chance to see what you do. Steven also says that Children's Hospital is important to you. It is to my aunt as well. I think you two would have a great deal to talk about."

    "Sure. I'd meet with her."

    "Great. I'll talk to her about this weekend when she's here, if that works. My aunt is a bit of jet setter."

    "That's like saying your uncles are a bit rich," Fallon laughs.

    "Ted," Blake says, "I know Steven wouldn't ask you, but these dinner go pretty late, and I want you to know that you're more then welcome to spend the night. Both Steven and Fallon have their own rooms. Jeff usually spends the night in the guest room, but I know, that you and Steve, I mean, you can share a room, it's alright. Steven told us that your family isn't very accepting."

    "No. I pretty much don't have a family."

    "Well here you do. OK?"

    "Thank you Mr. Carrington."

    "Blake. Please."

    "Thank you , Blake."

    With the sun up in the warm autumn morning Fallon walks out to the pool and strips out of her close, revealing a colorful and small bikini before diving in and swimming length wise. She's followed by Steven in a white speedo who dives in after her and quickly races ahead. Ted, in board shorts walks in slowly at the other end while Jeff jumps in, only to walk back out and lay out in the sun.

    In the breakfast room under the stairs Blake stands up to kiss Christina's cheek. The two sit down to have breakfast with the bright son coming in the windows.

    Out in garden a staff sets up a table for lunch with linens, crystal and silver. They hurry about making it perfectly elegant.

    The Carrington's and their guests walk through the garden and around the table laid out for lunch. Christina introduces Claudia to Jeff and Jeff introduces her to Cecil.

    Blake leans over to Christina and whispers, "I know you don't necessarily like Cecil but I need him to support a loan for DenverCarrington."

    "A lone?"

    "I just need to refinance he company's debt and ColbyCo holds a lot of it."

    "So you want me to what?"

    "Just be friendly."

    "I told you how he's hit on me since my mother married his brother."

    "Yes, but I though."

    "Your thought what?"

    "Never mind."

    Cecil says to Fallon, "I've asked Jeff to run ColbyCo's Public Relations Office here in Denver."


    "An Executive Vice President position. We need someone to make us look better, and I think Jeff's the man for the job, wouldn't you agree."

    "I would actually. He's moving around the company rather quickly."

    "Well, he is the heir apparent. "

    "What about your brother Jason's children?"

    "Jason's formed an investment company of his own, Colby Enterprises. The plan is for him to stay with Trident in Los Angles. We're trying to make the transition for the next generation as smooth as possible."

    "My father says that at DenverCarrington there are no heirs. Anyone who makes his way up to the boardroom has to earn it."

    "Well your father is a peculiar man. But, from what I hear, you'll most certainly earn it. At least that's what Jeff tells me."

    "Does he?"

    "And besides, he's leaving your and Steven his shares in the company, most certainly."

    "He's set up trust funds for us. He plans on leaving ninety percent of everything to a foundation he's set up."

    "I see. We've done something similar. Not ninety percent, but a large amount. My sister takes care of that. Her and I have always looked out for Jeff, since his father died."

    "He never speaks about his mother."

    "Wouldn't it. We got rid of that low rent tart as soon as Philip died. Scared her off along with Jason's first wife."

    "I see."

    "You know I've always hoped that Jeff would settle down with you. Your mother, she's such a remarkable woman."

    "I wouldn't know."

    "Yes. Shame about that. But I'm certain you've heard about her. Just last week everyone was talking about her at the Black and White Ball in New York City. She attended with Alan Vidal. They were all anyone was talking abou t."

    "Yes my mother seems to end up in all the right places, but Denver."

    "Well, I blame your father for that, but lets not go there. What do I need to do to push you Jeff's way my dear?"

    Steve says to Ted, "this is were everyone's planning something. You'd be amazed, more business is done like this then in any boardroom. That's for ironing out the details."

    "What business could that man have with your sister?"

    "Cecil? He's either trying to talk her into bed or more then likely pimping for her and Jeff ."

    "That doesn't sound like business."

    "But it is. My sister and Jeff Colby married makes for one hell of a business merger."

    "I see. Which would explain why I'm not good enough for you. I don't come with anything."

    "You're good enough for me,"

    In the dark of night the lights of a ColbyCo refinery sparkle like brilliant stars while trucks labeled 'Blue Sky Energy' rolls through the gates. Other trucks labeled 'DenverCarrington' are packed up by the building. The factory works loud and hot through the night steam from several stakes rising into the moon lite night. From a distance everything thing is peaceful until a chain of explosions.
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    Here's a switch up in my idea:

    Make the Colby's from South Africa with Jesse Williams as Jeff, half Black & 1/2 British with The Colby boys as black and Constance as their mother. The Colby boys meet Blake at boarding school out east. They could strike oil together in Africa back in the 80's and end up in Denver together looking for what oil is left after all the great oil properties were snagged up - only to fight and split up.

    Colin Salmon as Jason Colby
    Diane Carroll as Constance Colby (mom)

    The Colby's could stay South Africa with Jason in London running CP - modeled after British Petroleum / BP (C for Colby or Commonwealth). Cecil could run ColbyCo based on Koch Industries in Denver. Global offices, apartments, homes.

    DenverCarrington based on Haliburton would be in Denver like the Bushes going to Texas to strike oil. Also a background story of politics, maybe secretary of energy and ambassador to Vietnam.

    Steven's company could use advanced fracking technology to get at oil no one could ever get at before - all those once dried up properties and call it BlueSky to sound more environmentally friendly (which it isn't).

    They'll do deals in Asia and the Middle East - more diversity, not forced but the reality of the oil industry.

    We could see more of Krystal's Hispanic family from Argentina (with lots of dislike of the British both the Colby's and Alexis). The British, the South Africans, and the Argentinas all into polo. Lots of fun interacting around the world. Krystal's Argentina mother could still be married to Jason Colby. Her father could be a washed up polo play, fund manager, heavy drinker living on his good looks and schemes - where instead of total poor Krystal lives in the poor front of wealth like a Jackie Kennedy.

    Blake's 1/2 sister that is not a surprise could be half Asian from Singapore - another British polo playing influence and more diversity. Her mother's family could own refineries in SE Asia as well as oil leases.

    If done right it won't feel forced but exciting, global, international.

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