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Official - Tory Cuts Mean We Will Die Sooner

Discussion in 'UK & Rest of World Politics' started by Angela Channing, Feb 25, 2020.

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    I hope everyone who voted Tory are happy that their vote mean we are likely to die sooner. The austerity cuts that this government has inflicted on us while they cut taxes for the richest in society, has been linked to life expectancy growth stalling for the first time in 100 years.

    A report published today highlights:
    • stalling life expectancy for men and women in England since 2010
    • the more deprived the area, the shorter the life expectancy
    • among women in the poorest 10% of areas, life expectancy fell between 2010-12 and 2016-18
    • people in poorer areas spend more of their lives in ill health than those in affluent areas
    • the amount of time people spend in poor health has gone up across England since 2010
    • cuts in funding in deprived areas and areas outside London were larger and affected those areas more
    Austerity blamed for life expectancy stalling for first time in century
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