"One Good Scare": The HALLOWEEN Films

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Mel O'Drama, Nov 11, 2016.

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    Mixed feelings here, too.

    When this was first discussed some months ago, I was quite happy to give it a miss on the basis of all the familiar hyperbole about Laurie facing Michael for the final time, which has been said and done more than once before.

    And then I saw there was yet more retconning regarding Laurie's history in the series and just had to sigh. So this isn't the Laurie who had a daughter who was presumed dead in a car accident. Nor is it the Laurie who had a son, faked her death and finally got killed by Michael. And of course it's not the Laurie from the reboot films. I have some acceptance that the Halloween series has become a whole big "choose your own adventure", where you can decide which sequel to watch next depending how you want things to go (I, II and H20 being the "official" trilogy in my personal view). But it has diluted the whole series really and investing in yet another take is a lot to ask.

    I dislike the concept of the film crew, which was old hat even when they did it in Resurrection. Halloween films work best when they're intimate and personal and have just one or two people who believe the truth. Making Michael a cult within the series has never worked, nor has adding filters like cameras and witnesses.


    There was something that really grabbed me about the trailer. It took me a couple of watches to get what it was, and I've realised I'm quite in love with the idea that Laurie has become Loomis... this eccentric, gun-toting elder with a voice that sounds worn out from screaming that nobody quite believes or takes seriously. I mean I really like that.

    Some of the nods to other films in the trailer seem promising too - like the boy with the ghetto blaster bumping into Michael. It's a nice acknowledgement of the series' history without being overtly satirical. A few of those could work well.

    And yes it will certainly be interesting to see Carpenter revisit the series.

    I can't see myself rushing to watch this, but I certainly won't be actively avoiding it as I have the rebooted version.
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    That's how it played out to me.

    I'm not impressed with the reporters and when I saw then dangling the mask I thought I can't do this, but then when we saw Laurie and the whole eccentric bit I was immediately gripped, throw in the theme and it won me over. My reaction wasn't to jump out and see this as fast as I could,. but it did make me want to see this in the cinema because of the music. Kinda like my last time of watching it on the big screen.

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