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One Griswold

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by stevew, Aug 9, 2019.

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    One Griswold

    3 best friends who attended and boarded at Prembrook School in up State New York decide to change the world and go into business together:

    Lucas Wade Krebs: the son of a Texas Cattle rancher and socialite attends the university of Michigan to get his Masters in engineering. Lucas is determined to make a more efficient car engine which runs on alternative energy. His sister Charlotte is a Slavic princess by marriage and his sister Margret is a powerful D.C. lobbyist. He’s from the Texas Ewing Family.

    Andrew “Andy” Chao-Li Cumson: the youngest child of Lance and Pilar Cumson. His father owns half the Falcon Crest Winery with his Uncle, the “Seer of ‘Cisco,” billionaire investor Richard Channing. His sister, Lisa, runs Falcon Crest. Andy got his masters from Michigan State University in botany and is determined to develop a plant based, renewable energy source.

    Terrell Gregory Sumner: former California Governor, U. S. Senator and Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Greg Sumner’s illegitimate child. Terrell studied economics and finance at the University of Michigan.

    The three founded Griswold, LLC, named after the street on which their apartment in the city of Detroit is located. Their major investors include Bobby Ewing, Richard Channing and Greg Sumner. While their professional lives are a fight to master the automobile and energy industries, their lives are no less dramatic.


    Nicholas Hoult as Lucas

    Diego Tinoco as Andy Cumson


    Tequan Richmond

    (just general ideas of the main actors)

    Theme music: techno symphonic

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