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    "Oh wow Momma's coming!" John Ross exclaimed as Miss Ellie delivered the good news. In the few days since she'd spoken to Sue Ellen, she hadn't told John Ross of the invitation she'd extended incase the young boy became too overwhelmed with excitement. He hadn't been able to spend much time with Sue Ellen over the last week, but because of the time he'd spent with his father he understood why.

    "What's that now?" JR said, entering the kitchen.

    "Daddy guess what?" John Ross said, running to his father's side. JR lifted him as he said, "Momma's coming to the barbecue today!"

    "Yes....I heard son! Mama?"

    "I hope you don't mind JR...I just thought it would be good for John Ross..."

    JR told himself that John Ross Junior was very happy about this but feigned indifference as he nodded and said, "Of course I don't mind..!"

    Although he was elated that he would see Sue Ellen today, JR knew that this had the potential to send Cally into hormone overdrive. As if she wasn't paranoid enough, Sue Ellen's presence could just push her over the edge.

    But it was a risk he was willing to take. Once he was sure his mother was out of earshot after helping Teresa perfect the chilli, he set John Ross on the counter top and said gently,

    "Now remember the plan boy? Remember what we talked about....?"

    "I remember Daddy!"

    "If you don't see me and your mama talking much today, you know why..."

    "I know Daddy...I'm just excited to see her!" John Ross said.

    JR smiled, his grin giving his emotions away. "So am I", he said with a wink.

    Despite his excitement at seeing his mother, John Ross still felt uneasy. He was a perceptive child and the vibes that he had been picking up within his home were confusing and frightening to him. He had grown increasingly resentful of Cally's presence and in his child like mind was just wishing every night before he went to sleep that she wouldn't be there when he woke up. He didn't fully understand the complexities of an adult relationship and he had innocently thought that Sue Ellen would be home within a few days.

    Sue Ellen too was feeling sick with nerves and incredibly anxious at being back at Southfork under such a set of different circumstances. She knew a confrontation with Cally over the hoax pregnancy that she had formulated with the girl, was long overdue. She could only hope it wouldn't happen today in front of John Ross and Miss Ellie.

    That did not mean that she wouldn't look stunning and knock the stripes off anyone else, Cally especially. The girl may have had youth on her side, but Sue Ellen was far from over the hill and she had something that Cally could never acquire. An inbuilt sexiness that no one, JR included, had ever been able to explain. She didn't have to try. It was just there. She exuded sex appeal.

    As she nervously pulled the car into the Southfork driveway, parking behind the hundreds of guests in attendance, she checked her make up one final time. She knew what she was doing and also had a pretty good idea how her appearance would affect JR. She wasn't stupid. She knew the man - knew how to drive him crazy and the fact that he wasn't going to be able to touch her was going to make it even more exciting.

    It seemed, however, that JR had had similar ideas. As Sue Ellen pulled the car into the driveway, she was so distracted by JR standing near the garages, cooly sipping a beer that she momentarily forgot where she was. She realised she wasn't breathing as her heart threatened to jump out of her chest. He was so handsome. It was rare to see him in anything other than a suit, and she did enjoy the occasions when he was more casual. The blue shirt he wore with a simple cowboy necktie complimented his already piercing blue eyes. And then of course was his trademark Stetson. Today he had chosen a cream colour, keeping in the mood of the tradition of the event. John Ross was dressed in a miniature outfit of his father, which made Sue Ellen smile. He was adorable. They both were.

    JR hadn't seen her yet as he chatted to what looked from a distance to be Jordan Lee. Taking another deep breath, she opened her car door, swinging one long leg out of the car, her tanned boots hitting the hot tarmack of what was already a scorching Texas day.

    "Mommy!" John Ross screeched and ran from his father towards her. JR looked from Jordan in the direction that John Ross had ran and suddenly the effect that he had just had on Sue Ellen, was reversed. Everything seemed to switch to slow motion as he watched her flick her tousled auburn hair in the light wind, and eyed her from the top of her head to the bottom. The white outfit she was wearing, a tight top with matching skirt, highlighted her supple figure and tan and if he looked just closely enough he could just make out that she wasn't wearing a bra. It was subtly done though, as if she'd done it only for him. It was classy and non-deliberate. As she turned to close her car door, he got a glimpse of her back, the criss crosses making the lack of bra even more apparent, her bronzed back glistening in the sun as he traced the line from her spine to her curvy bottom. The only thing he couldn't see due to the length of her skirt was her beautiful legs, but that may have pushed him just over the edge.

    John Ross temporarily took Sue Ellen's attention away as JR waited, finding himself slightly frustrated that he couldn't have her immediate regard. She kneeled to embrace her son tightly. JR pretended to act cool, sipping his beer, trying to ignore the racing of his heart.

    He didn't want to overplay it, so looked back as they strolled towards him hand in hand. His bright smile still captivated Sue Ellen, as their eyes met and she smiled back at him. She had only about another 3 feet to go, before their union was crudely interrupted by the shriek of Cally appearing behind him.

    "JRrrrrrrrr!" she cooed. Sue Ellen stopped in her tracks as she watched the young woman appear in what could only be described as an 'Ellie May Clampett' style outfit from the classic tv show, The Beverly Hillbillies. Cally wrapped her arms around JR's waist. Sue Ellen inwardly cringed. JR looked at her with an apologetic glance mixed with annoyance.

    Sue Ellen held John Ross' hand tightly and made her way towards the guests who were familiar to her and who she knew would welcome her in this already tense and nervous situation. She had just started a conversation with Sly when she felt a cold hand touch her back. Jumping slightly, she turned around. Cally stood behind her.

    Sue Ellen was a veteran of Ewing events and it occured to her how close she was standing to the pool. Moving herself and John Ross with a quick step to her right, Cally followed with her and said,

    "Sue Ellen!!! JR told me you were joining us today! Welcome to our home!" Cally said in her thick Arkansas drawl.

    Sue Ellen couldn't quite believe what she was seeing - or hearing. Cally was speaking to Sue Ellen as though she had never been to Southfork or lived there for most of her life. She had known when she came here today that she would have to put on the best act of her life and she quickly put her thoughts aside and, ever the lady, said, "It's very nice to be here, Cally, thank you".

    "Can I get y'all somethin' to drink?" Cally asked. Sly and Phyllis were already looking decidedly nervous as they watched the two women. Sly glanced to JR over Sue Ellen's shoulder and although he didn't move, he was watching closely.

    "Yes...please..." Sue Ellen said as she watched Cally walk to the pop up bar behind which Joe was serving.

    "Mrs Ewing!" Joe said happily, quite obviously talking to Sue Ellen who winked at him, but Cally monopolised the conversation by saying 'You can call me Cally!" directly to the man who went on to look just as confused as pretty much everyone else who was in their immediate area. Sue Ellen turned heads wherever she went and it was obvious she was quite a sight not only owing to her beauty but by the fact that a lot of the people who were guests today, had also been guests at JR and Cally's recent non-nuptials.

    It crossed Sue Ellen's mind that Cally may try to poison her, so she was glad that Joe was doing the serving. Sue Ellen quickly removed the ginger ale that she had requested for John Ross from Cally's hands and gave it to the boy. John Ross looked at his mother as if asking for help to get away from the woman he now despised. Sue Ellen took her cool lemonade from Joe and thanked him. Joe gave her a quick wink back, which didn't go unnoticed by Cally. Sue Ellen sipped the lemonade which helped cool her down in the now sweltering heat which she wasn't sure was from the sun or from her nerves.

    JR continued to observe from where he had been standing. He cursed the fact he still hadn't got to speak to Sue Ellen but knew that he couldn't make it obvious how much he wanted to be near her. It was clear that Cally was playing a very clever game today, or at least trying to.

    She wasn't that clever. JR could see right through her and he was sure Sue Ellen did too.

    "You wanna see around the house, Sue Ellen?" Cally asked wide eyed.

    Sue Ellen wondered what the girl was playing at but she politely replied, "I'm familiar with the house Cally." Then quickly corrected herself by saying, "Maybe later. Thank you".

    "Oh I knowwwwwww" Cally drawled. "It must be painful for you to be here again...I'm sorry".

    Sue Ellen felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up and although she understood why JR was keeping his distance, she wished to God he'd hurry up and rescue her.

    "It isn't painful at all", Sue Ellen said, cutting Cally off. "I have many wonderful memories here. I just want to spend some time with John Ross today, if that's ok".

    There was no hiding Sue Ellen's meaning and Cally seemed to catch on quite quickly. "Yes, I understand...bein' away from him must be so difficult for ya...."

    "I'm glad you understand", Sue Ellen said biting back. "It is very hard being separated from someone you love. I'm sure in time you will have your own experience of that..." Sue Ellen feigned sadness as the penny seemed to drop with Cally before saying, "Excuse me Cally..."

    JR laughed as he saw Sue Ellen walk away and roll her eyes. By Cally's expression, he could only guess that Sue Ellen had delivered one of her famous one liners to the girl. Sue Ellen deliberately walked closer to him, but stopped to speak to Punk and Mavis Anderson, who immediately embraced her. Cally felt stung by how popular the ex-Mrs Ewing still was amongst people whom she had hoped would soon be her peers.

    John Ross held tightly to his mother's side, but looked to his father who gave him a quick wave. He was growing impatient. Being this close to Sue Ellen was excrutiating as he wasn't able to do anything about it. He found himself walking in her direction. Although she could see him out of the corner of her eye, she didn't react immediately.

    "Well how's everybody doin'?" JR asked as he sidled up alongside them.

    "Hello JR!" Mavis said, hugging the man she had known since he was a child.

    Punk and JR shook hands and then JR did something which amazed Sue Ellen. He tipped his hat, bowed his head and kissed on her the cheek. He knew Cally could see them, but if she was going to play games with him, he was damn well going to do it back.

    "Hi Sue Ellen..." he said with the sexy drawl that never failed to make her go weak at the knees.

    "Hi JR...." was all she could manage. He saw the effect it had on her and grinned. "Damn him..." she thought, although secretly thrilled he'd done it.

    John Ross hopped up into the safety of his father's arms, glad to have some visual height advantage over the grown-up crowd and to see what was going on around him. He felt much calmer and protected near both his parents and away from Cally.

    "And how are you John Ross?" Punk asked.

    John Ross shrugged, "I'm ok..."

    Mavis could tell the young boy wasn't himself and looked at Sue Ellen who smiled softly. Although Mavis and her husband were oblivious to what was going on behind the scenes, she hoped that the display of genuine affection between JR and Sue Ellen boded well for their future and for that of their son.

    Meanwhile, Cally was fuming. Why was JR kissing Sue Ellen in front of everyone? It had only been on the cheek but still. As far as Cally was concerned, JR should be by her side and not over there with Sue Ellen and whoever that old couple were. She resented Sue Ellen being here at all, but JR had told her that she was here to see and be with John Ross as he found these events difficult without her. Cally had been left with no choice but to comply.

    Cally began to walk, quite briskly for a crowded event, towards Sue Ellen. Mavis could see her and pre-empted what was coming by saying, "Sue Ellen, can I borrow you? I want to ask your opinion on a dress for a wedding I'm going to in a few weeks...."

    "Of course Mavis!" Sue Ellen said and turning to John Ross said, "I'll be back soon, sweetheart. Stay with your Daddy ok?"

    "I will Momma", John Ross said proudly as JR and he made cute faces at each other. JR watched as Sue Ellen walked away and then for the second time that day, was forced out of his daydream by the maddening accent that was becoming part of his everyday life.

    "JR!" Cally exclaimed. "Why in the hell are you kissing Sue Ellen?"

    JR dropped John Ross gently to his feet and ushered Punk to take the boy away.

    "You leave my Momma alone you hick!" John Ross shouted.

    "John Ross!", JR chided although secretly impressed by his son's gumption.

    Cally looked shocked and shouted after him, "Don't you talk to me like that John Ross!"

    JR grabbed Cally by the arm and although he kept the smile on his face, pulled her out of sight and to the side of the garages.

    "Don't you ever dare think you can reprimand my son little lady...!" JR warned.


    "And before you ask, I kissed Sue Ellen on the cheek and don't think I didn't see you pretending to get closer to her earlier either."

    "I was offering her a drink!" Cally protested.

    "Uh-huh" JR said sarcastically. "I've told you before. Stay away from her".

    Cally looked like she was going to cry. JR knew he had to try to pull this back if he was ever going to be free of her so he went on,

    "Now look, let's just go and have a nice day, with no more arguments..."

    Cally nodded. She was obviously shaken as anyone who had just had a confrontation with JR Ewing would be.

    They walked back to the party, Cally curled her arm through JR's and although he winced, he didn't stop her. Keeping her quiet today would be his goal.
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    Sue Ellen returned just in time to see them together and upon seeing JR introduce Cally to a couple of the old boys that she also knew, she felt sad. She knew it was all part of the pretence but she wasn't going to deny it hurt. JR turned in time to see Sue Ellen watching them and the look on her face made him ache. She quickly turned away and headed back to John Ross and Punk.

    A few hours passed and Sue Ellen had enjoyed dancing with Clayton, Punk, Bobby and John Ross. The mood of the barbecue had grown steadily more relaxed as those in attendance grew more tired from the food they had consumed, alcohol and dancing. She needed to use the bathroom and wasn't prepared to use the toilet facilities erected for the event out by the outhouses, so waited until she was sure no one saw her and slipped inside the Ranch via the side door of the patio.

    Being back inside the Ranch after so many months sent shivers down her spine. Although there was no one in the house, she could sense them, feel them and she smiled as she glanced from the living room to the dining room, remembering so many things that had happened not only between and in the two rooms, but all around them and all over the huge space that made up Southfork. It was difficult to force herself out of her thoughts but she knew she couldn't spend long inside. She raced upstairs to JR's bedroom and quickly used the restroom.

    As she washed her hands, she was struck by an idea. She smiled to herself and giggled at how wrong it was but how right it felt too. It was devilishly wicked and very risky. But she was at a stage in her life where she didn't care. She did it anyway, and wondered to herself what he would think.

    Hurrying downstairs and heading out the way she came in, she went back outside into the bustle of the crowd. Noticing that John Ross seemed to be having fun playing cowboys with Christopher, she smiled, happy that her son was now pre-occupied and losing some of the clinginess he'd had that morning to both her and JR. Looking around for someone to talk to, she noticed that JR was now dancing with Cally but the expression on his face said it all. They weren't dancing the way that she and JR would have danced, moulded together, her head on his shoulder, occasional glances into each others eyes, hands subtly roaming over each others bodies. No the way he danced with Cally was different. He held her at a distance and she looked clumsily from his face to his feet. Sue Ellen giggled to herself as she noticed the girl was standing on JR's feet at intervals. He looked far from happy or amused as she tried unsuccessfully to master the dance.

    Miss Ellie approached her, with her arms outstretched. "Sue Ellen! I haven't had a chance to properly chat to you!"

    "Hello Miss Ellie!" Sue Ellen said, embracing her.

    Miss Ellie looked into Sue Ellen's eyes and said, "How are you?", her elderly brow creasing in genuine concern.

    "I'm doing ok.." Sue Ellen said. She knew that Miss Ellie likely had an inkling that there was something more going on with her and JR than was apparent to others, given what she had witnessed on the morning of the wedding, and given that JR was her son. But nothing as yet had been said and neither woman felt it appropriate to bring it up today.

    "I'm glad", Miss Ellie said, still not letting go of Sue Ellen's hands.

    "Miss Ellie...would it be alright if I went to visit the horses?" Sue Ellen asked.

    "You don't need to ask Sue Ellen. Of course. I'm sure they miss you".

    Sue Ellen was touched by Miss Ellie's understanding and concern. She squeezed her hands and said 'Thank you Miss Ellie", and began the short walk over to the stables.

    She didn't know JR was watching her every move between frustratingly manouevring Cally so he could see her. He wondered why she was walking off by herself and it stung his heart that he couldn't follow her.

    Sue Ellen stopped to stroke Applejack, the brown mare that had once been ridden by Jenna Wade. He brayed softly at her, almost nodding in recognition of her soft voice as she spoke to him. She kissed him softly on his nose and began to walk in the direction of the stables.

    She had almost reached the stables, when she noticed two men that she didn't recognise . The taller one leaned at the side of one of the staff bunkers, the smaller one stood leaning against the fence just infront of him. Although Sue Ellen assumed they must be new ranch hands, their demeanour and clothing suggested otherwise and something about them made Sue Ellen very uneasy. It was much quieter out towards the Southfork main stables and if they were going to give her any trouble, it would much more difficult for her to call for help out here. She glanced in their direction, before walking confidently towards the stables.

    The horses whinied on her approach. She'd always loved it out here, loved being with them and loved riding them. Although JR liked horses, riding them didn't exactly fit with his image and she could count on one finger the amount of times she'd seen him either out here or on horseback. He'd found riding uncomfortable, smelly and more suited to the likes of Bobby and Ray. She'd always tried to reassure him that he wouldn't be mistaken for a cowboy but it didn't work.

    Saying hello to them all, but stopping at her own, she was filled with emotion. She loved that horse to this day. He had been her comfort and her escape and she felt sad and regretful that over the past year she hadn't got to ride him. She knew he was well taken care of, however hoped that soon she would be able to spend a lot more time with him.

    "Hello my darling boy..." she whispered. Storm bowed his head to her. "I've missed you". His beautiful black mane had obviously been well groomed and she was thankful for that.

    Her thoughts were disturbed by the sound of crunching on the loose pieces of hay and few leaves that lay strewn around the stable area. Turning around, she felt suddenly afraid as the two men she'd seen standing at the outhouses, were now standing at the end of the long walkway.

    She felt vulnerable and alone. Who were they and were they planning to hurt her?

    The smaller one was chewing on a piece of hay. He looked at her but there was something very vacant about the stare in his eyes. The taller one had a menacing grin on his face. Sue Ellen swallowed deeply. What had JR always said to her about safety and carrying her cell phone or even an alarm? She'd left her phone in her purse in the car and the nearest phone would be in one of the guest houses or staff quarters.

    Sue Ellen stayed close to the horse, tempted to jump onto Storm and gallop out of there. She was the fastest rider in the county. It would be no problem to her to ride bareback right at them. Storm seemed to become agitated as if sensing danger and his two front legs paddled. Sue Ellen stroked him and stayed close to him. She could hear the other horses moving in their individual stables. Horses, like the majority of animals, were hugely sensitive to changes in their environment and were highly intellectual along with it.

    The smaller man removed the hay momentarily from his teeth, hacked in his throat and spat hard on the ground to his side. Sue Ellen turned her head in disgust. It was one of her biggest pet peeves and a sure indication that the men didn't exactly know the meaning of respect.

    The taller one let out a bizarre giggle at his actions before they both began to walk slowly towards Sue Ellen. She noticed that the smaller one had a bad limp. She grasped Storm tighter before saying,

    "Who are you? What do you want?"

    They looked at each other and laughed like Beavis and Butthead.

    "What do we want Japhet?" the smaller one said laughing, continuing to chew his hay.

    "Now what do we want Boaz?" said the taller one back to him.

    "We want to talk to you little lady!"

    "About what?" Sue Ellen questioned as they drew even closer to her.

    "Well.." said Japhet. "I'm Japhet Harper and this here is my brother Boaz".

    Sue Ellen couldn't place the name for a second until she could and said, "Harper..?" back to them.

    "Yup. We're Cally's brothers".

    The fear that Sue Ellen had felt upon seeing them started to fade away. Her first thoughts had been they may have trespassed on to Southfork land and could be there to do harm to women, just as had happened with Luther Frick many years ago. Knowing that they were Cally's brothers and likely didn't have a brain cell between them, made her feel slightly more relaxed.

    "Cally's brothers. I see..." she nodded. "So how can I help you? Your sister is out at the barbecue..."

    "Yeah that's our lil' Cally, out dancin' and havin' fun", said Boaz.

    "With her new husband" said Japhet laughing to Boaz but then looking to Sue Ellen with a serious look.

    Sue Ellen crossed her arms, defiant in her stance and raising her eyebrows at them.

    "And?" she said, prickled by the mention of JR with Cally.

    "So we'd be here just to let y'all know to stay away from JR Ewin...." Japhet said, as Boaz continued to chew on his hay, giggling to Sue Ellen at his brothers words.

    "Or else..." Boaz said.

    "Is that a threat?" Sue Ellen said.

    "No m'am...." Japhet went on and squared up right into Sue Ellen's face. He was taller, but not by much. "That there's a promise".

    JR had finished his agonisingly long dance with Cally and had managed to pan her off on Lucy. Knowing they were otherwise safely occupied, he saw his mother and approached her.

    "Mama..." he said quietly to her. "Have you seen Sue Ellen?"

    "Yes JR, she's out visiting the horses. I saw her just a while ago".

    JR kissed his mother on the cheek, and, quickly checking to make sure Cally wasn't behind him yet again, headed in the direction of the stables.

    John Ross and Christopher's play had taken them out toward the fields and they were now coming back towards the main house in the direction of the stables.

    "Pow pow pow!" John Ross shouted with his imaginary gun as Christopher ran and tried to hide from his older cousin. Forever playmates but with John Ross nearly always the dominant one, Christopher as the more gentle of the two more often than not found himself running for cover.

    As John Ross lost sight of his cousin, he began to run back in the direction of Southfork and the noise of the barbecue. A thought came to him that Christopher may be hiding in the stables and he glanced in that direction. He could see the outline of two men in the semi-light and started walking over to investigate.

    He cautiously entered the space, his mind moving between thinking Christopher was hiding in there and wondering what was going on at the other end of the stables. He couldn't see anyone other than the two men but a voice he immediately recognised, made him move faster as if acting on instinct.

    "Excuse me gentlemen", Sue Ellen said sarcastically. "I have to get back to the barbecue...." She attempted to part a way between the two of them, but between one's height and the other's stockiness, they wouldn't budge.

    Knowing his mother was behind the two men, John Ross ran at them. Boaz wobbled as his good leg attempted to fail him and Japhet turned around in surprise at being knocked, albeit with not too much force.

    "John Ross!" Sue Ellen exclaimed and grabbed him protectively to her.

    "Who is this young buck?" Japhet asked, Sue Ellen cringing as he showed his yellow teeth.

    "I'm John Ross Ewing the Third and you leave my Momma the hell alone or my Daddy will kick your butts the whole way back to Alabama!" John Ross shouted, pushing Japhet away with as much strength as he could manage.

    "Arkansas", Sue Ellen muttered between her teeth at the boy.

    "Arkansas!" John Ross said, mimicking his mother.

    "You're John Ross Ewing the third?" Boaz asked between chews on his hay. "Then who the hell is John Ross Ewing Junior?"

    "ME" came the deep voice from the other end of the barn.

    Japhet spun round. "Well lookie-here Boaz", he said elbowing his brother in the shoulder. "It's Mr Big Shot Wonderful".

    Boaz continued to chew on his hay and eyed JR. "Yeah...Mr Big Shot Wonderful", he said, merely just repeating what Japhet had said, with more cartoon style laughter. With both their backs to Sue Ellen, she pushed John Ross gently in the direction of his father, doing her best to get him to safety. He refused to budge, shaking his head in defiance and folding his arms. Now both Sue Ellen's 'men' were shielding her.

    "What the hell are you two doing here?" JR asked angrily as he walked towards them, realising who they were.

    Japhet raised his head cockily. "Our lil' Cally invited us".

    "Did she now?" asked JR, more in anger than surprise.

    "Yuuuup", managed Boaz.

    "Wanted us to be meetin' her new family", Japhet went on.

    JR moved closer. "And is this how she intends on you meeting her family? By threatening a lady and a young boy?"

    "Ain't no threatenin' here".

    "They threaten you, Sue Ellen?" JR asked.

    "Yes", Sue Ellen said, knowing she could speak safely now that JR was here.

    "Lady's tellin' porkies", Boaz said.

    "Bite me!" John Ross shouted.

    "John Ross!" Sue Ellen said, pulling him back against her.

    "Well you heard the boy!" JR said, in full agreement with John Ross. "You get the hell outta here - hop if you have to..." he said, referring to Boaz's limp, ".. or I'll have some big ol' boys escort you off my Ranch", he said. "You see.."JR said, sidling right up to Japhet's face. "I got brothers too. And they're a hell of a lot bigger than the two of you".

    Boaz kept chewing, but by the expression in his eyes he could tell JR was threatening him. JR put his arm around past Boaz who stood at least a foot and half shorter than him and outstretched his hand for Sue Ellen to take it. She did so willingly and he pulled her gently to his side.

    "Well what are you waitin' for boys? I said get movin...!"

    Japhet knew they were beaten for now and shrugged his shoulders, his mouth snarled in a side smile as a mock laugh sounded from his throat.

    "C'mon Boaz..." he said.

    Boaz shot Sue Ellen a really perverted smile which sent shivers down her spine, before hobbling off alongside his brother. As they left, Japhet said, "We'll see y'all again soon. Brother-in-law..."

    Waiting until they were far enough along the stables, Sue Ellen and John Ross shouted simultaneously,

    "BITE ME!"

    JR laughed out loud. Taking his cell from his pocket, he hit the number for the Ranch security, giving clear instructions for them to watch for the two 'idiots' who were on their way back towards the house. They would be easy to spot.

    "Make sure they leave".

    Sue Ellen heaved a sigh of relief as she started to giggle.

    "Are you alright?" JR asked with concern.

    "I'm fine...really!" she said smiling. "I was scared at first because I didn't know who they were but once I realised..."

    "Yeah.." JR said, gazing at her for the first time properly since she'd arrived that day. She was so beautiful. He almost couldn't stand it. Recovering, he said, "You could have probably knocked them both on their asses honey!"

    Sue Ellen smiled at him, blushing. She knew he was referring to when she knocked him on his ass at the Oil Baron's Ball earlier in the year.

    "Well I'm lucky I had my two favourite men to rescue me..." she said, gazing at JR then looking down at John Ross as he smiled up at her. She mouthed a silent 'Thank you.." to JR who winked at her.

    "What's say we go grab the last of the Barbecue food?" JR said, as John Ross took each of his parents hands and they walked back in the direction of the party.

    As elated as JR was in that moment, he was also fuming inside and dreaded to think what might have happened had he not come in in time to see the Harper Brothers with Sue Ellen. He silently vowed to do something about them and to talk to Cally about bringing them to Southfork at all.
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    Gotta love lil JRo. I nearly spat my drink over my screen. That was too funny.
    Loved that the family was so good to Sue Ellen here, and her visiting the stables was a cool touch.
    I was nervous for our girl for a minute before I knew it was Callie's brothers at the stable. And even though I loved her boys coming to the rescue it would've been awesome to see her knock them on their arses herself.
    As for Cally, can the whiny little brat PLEASE take a dip in the pool before the barbecue is over?

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