Only Jeff survives Moldavia

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    Imagine nobody but Jeff survived Moldavia. After all Maxwell Caulfield thought "The Colbys" were build up to replace "Dynasty" ... so with Jeff who was needed for the spin-off only Sammy Jo and fake Krystle/Rita were save.

    It would have broken my heart but it would have shocked the fans and would have made the show the most talked about in tv´s history - a number 1 show which gets killed at the height of its success ...

    The Colbys could have moved into the mansion (so Spelling would have saved some money which he would have loved) - Blake could have been there for some episodes as some kind of a ghost - giving Jason some sleepless nights. After some dirty tricks Rita could have become sweathart Krystle and become Jason´s second wife. Miles marries Sammy Jo. Sable would have moved into Alexis´ penthouse. After some days she finds a hidden room where Ben cares for a wounded Alexis!

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