Ordeal by Innocence - miniseries in 4 parts

Discussion in 'TV Central' started by Emelee, Jul 14, 2018.

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    Has anyone seen this? It's a mini-series adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel with the same name. It was broadcasted in April of this year. I am watching it now as it's aired in Sweden for the first time on the telly. I enjoyed the first episode, it felt like a classic summer crime story.

    The series follows a family who have recently lost their strict and mean matriarch - she was murdered of course. She and her husband raised 5 children, adopted orphants. One of them, Jack, is found guilty of the murder and was sent to prison where he was assulted and died -- but not before telling his family that he has an alibi that he cannot find. 18 months after the murder, the father is set to re-marry a young bitchy woman, but a man who claims to be Jack's alibi shows up on the doorstep. The big question is: if not Jack, then who killed Mrs Argyle?

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