Pam is dreaming. And not for the first time.

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    It was there all along. How did we miss it? Those creative types had dropped an almighty hint of what was to come.
    Season 5 (per DVD release).
    Episode 4
    Little Boy Lost.
    Bobby discovers Pam, lying in bed, unresponsive and calls the family doctor to Southfork. After the doctors examination of Pam he has the following conversation with Bobby in the living room.

    Bobby: Doctor how is she?
    Doctor: Well she is asleep. I've given her a mild sedative.
    Bobby: Did, did she say anything? Did she speak?
    Doctor: After a while. She said it was almost like she was dreaming. She heard your voice when you spoke to her, but it didn't seem real.
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    Pam was obviously a bit like Lady Galadriel from Lord of the Rings, she could see possible futures.

    It's also possible that Pam was a previous version of Galadriel in female human form, as Elves live for centuries which would explain how Pam always looks so young! ;) :D
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