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People who've read this thread function

Discussion in 'Feedback & Help Forum' started by tommie, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. Ms Southworth

    Ms Southworth Soap Chat Dream Maker

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    Dallas Wonderland
    Honestly, I’m not gonna bother sending you a screenshot! The poll headline along with the poll results are visible on the right of the frontpage (and one doesn’t even have to scroll to notice it)! And it doesn’t matter if you’re on a computer or a tablet!

    There are much nicer ways to speak to your members! You could simply have written something like ... “Thank you. We’ll consider your suggestion.

    But I’m beginning to sense that there is a lot of “history” that seems to play a part here!

    Hilarious that you’ve already started a poll! You really need to be right, right? :giggle:
  2. Ome

    Ome Admin

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    Dec 2005
    Then please don't raise it as an issue if you're going to make a complaint and not bother to back it up.

    Do you seriously think I put the poll out there to be 'right' about something?

    I put the poll out there to see what the members thought. Like I mentioned yesterday, I can take away the feature if it wasn't popular with the members and what better way to find out than ask in a poll?

    Well, maybe if you knew what you were taking on, you might not jump in for the sake of a little drama.
  3. Snarky's Ghost

    Snarky's Ghost Soap Chat Oracle

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    Haunting that cozy cellar under Falcon Crest
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    September 2000
    I'm not sure if anyone has pointed this out, because I haven't read this thread very carefully, but it appears that if you go to your "privacy" features and uncheck where it says "Show your current activity" your name doesn't register on the "Users Who Have Read This Thread" feature.

    Hope I'm not giving away any trade secrets.
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