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Plans for Pam had VP not left?

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by TJames03, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Angela Channing

    Angela Channing Soap Chat Warrior

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    I would have loved that to happen. :D
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  2. Seaviewer

    Seaviewer Soap Chat TV Fanatic

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    14 September 2001
    It's hard to see Ray having much of a case without Jenna.
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  3. Jock's Ghost

    Jock's Ghost Soap Chat Newbie

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    Joplin MO
    She once said she was offered a shitload of money to stay and she nearly did as it would have been offensive not to take it, but she was tired and bored of the show. I don't blame her, but considering how Bobby's demise didn't work, they should have just done a pissed off, "I'm leaving town" and been done with it. OR recast her...
    Margret Michaels did a fair resemblance. The worst thing that could have happened is fan dislike.... had VP returned, no big deal, NO storylines lost, just a quick face change..... hell, they should have recast Bobby for that matter... it would have been weird, but it didn't hurt Dynasty all that much.... Steven Number 2 was slightly more interesting. Keep the car wreck, recast as MM, plastic surgery, rehab, pain, insecurities, some nasty remarks from JR, that would have keep the show going two more seasons! Think of the drama with those two.... we root for Pam's struggle to find her inner beauty and strength again. I always prefer a recast over a dead character or new one.... IF the character is so integral as Pam and Bobby was.

    Pam's leaving was so damn vague, yet Bobby's was too permanent. Bobby should have had an easy out. When his dead body is rolled in the elevator, right before the door closes, Pam sees him rise up...... BOOM! It can go two ways- she's distraught and imagines it and Duffy never returns or its true.... Instead of the shower scene. We see a mysterious man kidnap Pam and take her to a secluded cabin, takes off his disguise to reveal Bobby..... "the reports of my death were greatly exaggerated," he says as Pam cries.... we learn Bobby witnessed a mob hit and went into hiding until all the players were caught and jailed.... no dream, no messy logic. No fan abdication.
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