Dallas Actors Priscilla hosts Elvis concert show! :)

Discussion in 'Dallas - The Original Series' started by Karin Schill, Jun 5, 2018.

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    Hi Everyone,

    I was just wondering if any of you have watched the Elvis in concert show "The wonder of you" that Priscilla Presley is touring the world with?

    It came to Stockholm last Saturday so my sister and I went to watch it and we really enjoyed it. The show was better than we had expected and well Elvis was a marvellous singer so it was a delight to hear him together with the live orchestra. :elvis:

    However the best part for me was watching Priscilla appear live. In the introduction she joked that the weather in Sweden was the same as at home in California. It was a warm day for Sweden. She also said that Stockholm was a nice city and that she would have loved to have stayed longer. She also made a standard intro about how not many artist could fill a stadium 40 years after their passing. However she must have noticed that the stadium was not full since she later commented that it was a bigger arena than usual. I think Globen has room for 15 000 people. I estimate that abour 7000 was in the audience that night.

    She appeared again a bit later to tell us a couple of stories about Elvis and the songs "Old Shep", "It's Now or Never" and "Don't."

    Then she appeared again at the beginning of the second act where she went down to meet and greet the audience in the first two rows. She shook some hands and small talked to people about Elvis. One of the people she talked to was a Swedish singer named "Henrik" who I think had his break through on a talent show where he imitated Elvis some 20 years ago. Someone in the audience gave Priscilla flowers and wanted to have dinner with her or something. She said she was unavailable and someone made a comment that she was dating Tom Jones which she denied and said he was a good friend and that was all.

    A fan gave her a paper to write an autograph on and I think she wasn't supposed to do that. So she tried to joke it away by saying "Oh a check of 50 000 dollars of course I sign it!" :lol:
    I love Priscilla's sense of humor. I don't think most people realize how funny she can be.
    She also later signed a Elvis jacket for a fan although she wasn't supposed to. She also asked for younger people in the audience and found a guy in his 20s who was there with his grandma who she mistook for his great-grandma.

    A lot of people in the audience seemed to be big Elvis fans. I saw people in their 50s, 60s, 70s wearing Elvis t-shits and a woman had Elvis face tattooed on her arm.

    Then there was a section where she showed some home videos with Elvis. It was the same clips that we've already seen in all the documentaries over and over again. But it was interesting to hear her live commentary on them and watch her reactions. She smiled at some things, seemed slightly embarrassed at the clip when she was kissing his toe or something like that and commented the clip with Lisa Marie with the word "9 months later I had a baby, he had a baby, we had a daughter" or something to that effect.

    All together she made four appearances. In the last one she thanked the audience and talked about the emotions on Elvis face when he sang the closing number. Then she blew us a kiss and was out of there.

    But yeah it was nice to see her on stage. I think she's a lovely lady and really classy. I think she's done a great job at keeping Elvis legacy alive too. If it weren't for her I doubt I had discovered Elvis music. :hat:

    So well over all it was a memorable evening and I wanna thank Priscilla for doing this show for us. I think the love she had and still has for Elvis shines through in this project. :ty:

    Take care,
    Best wishes:
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    Thanks for the transcript Karin, sounds like you enjoyed yourself

    I have to say I really liked PP when i met her in 83 and she was stunning to look at then

    The concert has been to UK a few times, but I've never been as I dont like the sound in the venue it heads to

    Im sure if my mum were still alive she would have wanted to go, she loved Elvis

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