Roseanne to return in 2018

Discussion in 'TV Central' started by Sarah, May 17, 2017.

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    A lesson for any future reboots or continuations. And if they wish to understand how some don't make it - look no further than TNT Dallas.
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    Here's my draft for the show "Cancelled".

    The ex-Roseanne actors are now playing characters working for the town's mayor, the town being Sense City.

    Characters are:
    -Mayor Wankford "Wank" Overwood
    -Raisin DeBarre
    -Sammy Joan Parker
    -Perryl Peeps
    -Trumpwald "Waldo" McTweety
    -Nellary "Nell" Clinchnot
    -Sheriff Gagnee Lovelacey

    supporting characters:
    -Mr. Huge, the town's mysterious serial killer. The "huge" refers to his giant knife since the murder victim's last words are always "it was.....huuuge".
    Oddly enough, the bodies never show any stab wounds, or any kind of physical injury for that matter - but who's going to argue with a murder victim?
    -Ollie Villanson, a popular blogger (using the moniker MarkMyWords!) who has many followers, and thinks that this new show is a blantant spoof that tarnishes the memory of his all-time favourite TV-show Spin City.
    Every week he starts a petition to get this abomination cancelled and he always succeeds.
    What he and the town's folk don't realize is that cancellation is the very reason to keep "Cancelled" in production.

    recurring special guest star:
    -Princess Kate The Great of Belairia, who had attempted a pop career in the late 90s with her minor Euro club-hit "Kate The Great", a re-written version of the 80s smash "Fade To Grey".

    I have a feeling it's going to work.
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