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Discussion in 'CW Dynasty Episode Threads' started by tommie, Jan 25, 2019.

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    I want more Monica and less Jeff. I like Monica and Fallon's complicated friendship. Monica has a low tolerance for b.s. which reminds me of Laura Avery.
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    Because of all the excitement surrounding Alexis' (#1?) jaw-droppingly brutal exit I decided to put Dynasty on MyNetflixList again (again).
    This show is such a weird experience, I'm getting terribly frustrated when I keep watching it, and then relax when I stop watching it.
    So, with zero expectations, I started watching this episode and initially it looked like one of those sassy girls with wisecrack dialogue episodes so I figured I made a mistake (again!).
    But the thing with the nuts (to convince the soccer player) was a creative solution and the very idea that the writers decided to come up with something clever encouraged me to keep watching.
    Monica threatening her mother was quite soap-tastic although it borrows heavily from the Fallon & Steven vs. Alexis storyline.
    The bar shenanigans were trash-y fun (not as great as Alexis' "The Boys In The Backroom") but at least it looked good.
    The confrontation with Liam was the episode's highlight - "you're behaving like a child" - which is indeed one of the show's biggest problems (writers, take note of your own script!).
    Although some of the best soap came from women trying to please their men (Krystle, Sue Ellen, Sable). And I certainly wouldn't mind if they toned down Fallon a little bit.
    In this Girls Night Out it is all about her, she never gives anyone the opportunity to shine and controls all the dialogue.
    I understand that she's the star and she does have screen presence, but somehow it makes me dislike both the character and the actress, and I'm sure that's not their intention.
    Either way, Fallon & Liam have now become The Impossible Romance, which means that we want it to happen.
    A hunky guy out-of-reach is a typical soap challenge, at least they got that part right.
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