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    Could someone upload (if possible) the season bibles obviously season 6 and 7's bibles are well known around here, and there were several changes due to the mid season retools, in particular the season 6 cliffhanger in which Alexis would testify against Amanda and send her to jail but Prince Michael would step in last minute to save Amanda, meanwhile because of this, Blake would vow vengeance against Alexis.

    I'm also sure there was a season 7 bible (written in 1985) that included the Moldavians but no Ben or Caress
    But was obviously ditched by early 1986.

    Furthermore I understand that seasons 3 and 5 were different, season 3 had Fallon go head to head with Adam in a court trial and Mark would try to disfigure Krystle.

    If someone has these and could translate them to English I (along with the rest of us on here) would be very grateful :)
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