Sons & Daughters

Discussion in 'Australian & New Zealand Soaps' started by JROG, Sep 12, 2017.

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    I’ve been watching an old US soap called The Doctors on YouTube and this popped up in my suggestions so I started watching as a companion piece to that. I’m currently in late 1970 on The Doctors, but this show feels like a contemporary of that lol. I certainly don’t mind, But I find that interesting.

    I’m 9 episodes in and so far so good. The pacing isn’t the best but the story is moving along nicely and they’re doing a good job introducing everyone. I’m curious where this murder story will go, not to mention the brother and sister dating. I’ve seen some spoilers so I don’t mind if y’all say anything but I’ll keep posting as I watch!

    One thing I really anticipate is everything with Pat. From what I’ve read she sounds pretty iconic so I’m curious if she’ll live up to her reputation. So far she isn’t doing too much.
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    It's been quite a while but it's time again for the sons & daughters, love & laughter, tears & sadness & happiness to come back!

    Another binge session commences!

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