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    Here's another idea for a comtuation say in the next couple years:


    aka Dallas 3.0

    Set up:

    John Ross Ewing III (early 40s)

    Patriarch (Jock). 1st wife: Pamela Rebecca Barnes (divorced), 2nd wife: Marta Maria DelSol (deceased); Owns 1/2 of Ewing Industries, a multinational, conglomerate of several companies with his brother Bo. The company includes shares in CalcoHarwood (supermajor, traditional oil co), Ewing Oil (oil exploration and field services), Ewing Alternative Energy, Ewing Construction, Lone Star Capital, Barnes Media, Barnes Hotels and Resorts, Wentworth Tool and Die, Ryland Transport, Cyberbyte, Branch-water (paramilitary and clandestine co), Southfork Cattle Company, etc. He also owns 1/2 of the Southfork Ranch.

    Lucas Wade (Krebs) Ewing (mid 30s)

    Villain (JR), owns the old Wade Ranch property (leased to the Southfork Cattle Company) and lives at Southfork on Lucy's insistence with Marta's death. President and CEO of Ewing Oil. He was very good at school and John Ross showed him the particulars of the oil industry. Jenna died when he was young, raised with Donna and Margret in the summer, boarding schools otherwise. Falling out with both of his fathers, Ray and Bobby. Close with John Ross and Lucy, the three are like siblings.

    Boax Harper Ewing (late 20s)

    Sidekick (Bobby), "Bo" owns 1/2 of Ewing Industries, playboy who's a family outsider, charming and sweet, leaving a lot to be jealous of, especially for Lucas, but to Lucas he's family and the Lucas takes him under his wing.

    Amalia Mavis (Anderson) Ewing (early 30s)

    Lucas's wife (Sue Ellen). "Amy" is Punk and Mavis's granddaughter. Event organizer, charity socialite. JR couldn't have picked out a better partner for being a Ewing wife than Amy. She has her own trust fund and is President of the DoA. She is a cousin of Marta's through her mother, Carlos's sister.


    Lucy Ann Ewing (early 60s)

    Matriarch (Miss Ellie), President of the Ewing Foundation which owns the land of Southfork and all of Miss Ellie and Clayton's 32 billion dollar estate (including shares in CalcoHarwood from their West Star shares). Owns 1/2 of the Southfork, which she buys from Bobby. 7 marriages, including twice to Mitch Cooper.


    John Ross Ewing IV (8ish)

    "Jay," John Ross's son with Elena Ramos. She's in prison for her association with Trevino. First Pamela was his mother than Marta. Marta and Amy called "Juanito."

    Maria Sofia Ewing (2ish)

    John Ross's daughter with Marta DelSol. "Sofi" is the princes of the family.

    Steven Clayton Ewing (infant)

    John Ross's son with Marta DelSol. His mother and Amy call him "Steveo." He is only 6 months old when his mother dies.


    (Moshe) Moe Ben-Gurion (40s)

    A forgiving confident - one of John Ross's three lieutenants, President of Barnes Media, a manipulator of the public and individuals. Ph.D. in Economics, Philosophy and Psychology. John Ross's friend from boarding school.

    (Alejandro) Al Valadez (30s)

    A good spy - one of John Ross's three lieutenants, Teresa and Carmen's nephew, MD, former Navy Seal Commander and Senior Supervisor for the CIA. President of Branch-water.

    (Elizabeth) Liddy Wendell (20s)

    A clever lawyer - one of John Ross's three lieutenants, Jeremy Wendell's granddaughter. JD, CPA, CFA. President Lone Star Capital.


    Jeremy "David" Wendell, Jr. (late 60s)

    Liddy's father, Jeremy Wendell's oldest son. Chairman and CEO of CalcoHarwood. Hates the Ewing's for putting his father in prison where he died. Disowned by his father for his horrid behavior, married several times, based on J. Paul Getty. Note: CalcoHarwood is Goliath to Ewing Oil as David.


    The Southfork ranch (and other spaces through Dallas). The ranch consists of the mansion, a primary cottage, horse stable, barns for the cattle business, storage sheds, bunk houses. The mansion is in the same layout as the original with the center entry hall, the dinning room to the right, the living risk to the left. The kitchen has been opened up with the family room off the back, a fire place between French doors onto the patio. Jocks den is now John Ross's office and he works mostly from home. Upstairs are 5 bedrooms, one of which is in the right dormer, another in the left dormer is the MBR with a giant bath and closet above the garage (a sky light in the cupola). There are four kids bedrooms surrounding a common play room in the attic that John Ross added. Above one of the barns is a massive rec room with bar, pool table, exercise equipment, etc., sort of a man cave. Also on the property is a skeet range, equestrian arena and Amy's art studio.


    A young, gorgeous hunk of a young man, with full, thick, and wavy, sand colored hair, shaved on the sides, long on the top, comes up out of the water pushing his hair back. Two bikini clad girls rub oh his body, tanned, lanky, well sculpted with several tattoos. The three frolic in the pool. They call him, "Bo," as they giggle.

    The Ewing Family graves, JR, his parents, Clayton, Miss Ellie's family, Christopher's infant children and a fresh grave with an adorable eight year old little boy cuddling next to the mound, sleeping. The brand new headstone reads, "Maria Marta del Sol y Ewing. Beloved Daughter, Wife and Mother."

    In Miss Ellie's living room Lucy reaches up and hugs tight to a man in his thirties. "Lucas." She won't let him go for the longest time and then only to hug the women next to him. "Amy." Finally sitting on the sofa, they join her, "What are we going to go?" Lucas holds her hands. "This family's finally fallen apart." Tears in her eyes. "I don't think he loved her when he married her. I'm sure it was all part of JR's master piece."

    Amy says, "Why don't I go make us a cup of tea?"

    "That would be nice." Lucy watches Amy leave the room, a beautiful girl in her early thirties, long chestnut hair, big brown eyes. When she's gone Lucy says in a hushed voice, "Tell me you love her."


    "I know about JR's master piece, telling you you're really Bobby's son. Setting you up to marry Punk and Mavis's daughter."

    "You wanted to talk about John Ross."

    "Before he left, Uncle Bobby sold me his half of Southfork and I'm moving in to help with the kids. And, I know Amy and Marta were close, cousins, and she's been helping with the kids, and I was thinking, the two of you should move in as well, at least until everything's ok around here. You can keep the apartment in Dallas, just stay here too. Please. It's not like Bobby and Ray are around. When things settle down, I'll even talk to John Ross about giving you a third of Southfork."

    "Lucy," Lucas sounds admonishing.

    "Please Lucas. Please."

    "I'll talk to Amy about it."

    "Thank you Lucas." Lucy leans over and hugs him. "Thank you."

    Out by the graves Amy bends down and the little boy grabs her around the neck. She picks him up. He holds her tight and she carries him away. "Let's go see Sofi and Steveo."

    Hearing the tea kettle whistle without stopping, Lucy and Lucas walk in the kitchen to find it left unattended. Wondering where Amy is. Lucas turns off the stove.

    Bo gets out of bed with the two girls walking naked across the room. He turns at the door and says, "Thank you for coming over, but I think the two of you should leave now." They protest as he goes into the bathroom and shuts the door.

    Lucy walks into the one room cottage, shakes her head and asks, "Where's Bo?" They point to the closed bathroom door. Lucy pounds on it. "Boax Harper Ewing. You're suppose to be in house. Lucas and Amy are here."

    It sounds like he says, "Shit," on the other side of the door. Under the running water of the shower he yells out, "Sorry Luce! I got waylaid! I'll be right there!"

    "Yeah I bet," she mumbles. "Hurry up!" She turns as the two girls are getting dressed. "He owe you anything?" When they appear confused she says, "You know for services rendered." The two giggle as Lucy walks out, disgusted.

    In the big and opened up kitchen Amy says to Lucas, "Jay fell sound asleep."

    "I know what it's like to loose a mom at a young age and your father checks out. I'll kick John Ross's ass he does that to those kids."

    "Well you had Donna and your sister there for you. And these kids will have us and Lucy."

    Lucas laughs, "I love my cousin dearly, but Lucy can't boil water. Speaking of which where's Valjean?"

    "Apparently he's gone shopping to stock the house up. It's pretty empty around here. Lucy's moving in."

    "She told me. In fact she wants us to move in."

    Amy's face lights up. "What did you tell her?"

    "I'd ask you."

    "It's your family Lucas."

    "So you don't object?"

    "No of course not."

    Lucas flashes her a devilish grin. "Well I don't know." His smile grows wider.

    She playfully hits him. "Cut it out."

    "Of course we'll move in. I've got some business in D.C. later this week. You handle the details."

    Amy hugs him, "Oh Lucas. Thank you. Thank you so much."

    In the living room Lucas introduces Lucy, Amy and Bo to three other people. "This is Moe Ben-Gurion. He's an old friend of John Ross's from boarding school. He's the President of Barnes Media, which is owned by Ewing Industries. John Ross calls him his forgiving rabbi. And Al Valadez," pointing out a man in this mid thirties, "He sort of grew up on Southfork, off and on. Teresa and Carmen were his aunts."

    "Oh so you're Jay's cousin than," Lucy interjects.


    "Does he know about his mother?"

    "That she's in prison for conspiring with Nicholas Trevino and the Mendez-Ochoa drug cartel? Sort of, yes."

    Lucas continues, "Al's the President of Branch-water, a paramilitary company, also owned by Ewing Industries. As John Ross says, he's a good spy. And Liddy Wendell," he says pointing out a twenty something femme-fatale."

    Amy asks, "As in Jeremy Wendell's daughter?"

    "Yes," Liddy answers. "My grandfather fought and lost against JR and Bobby Ewing and my father's sort of taken over where his dad left off. I don't really buy into their games. They seem a waste of time to me."

    "She's the President of Lone Star Capital and John Ross's clever lawyer. I asked them here because they're John Ross's lieutenants. They run not just their perspective company's but pretty much everything John Ross put together. This is my wife Amy, of course you've meet. And this is my cousin's Lucy and Bo."

    Bo looks up and down Liddy, a stunning young woman with beautiful red hair.

    Liddy says, "Nice to meet you. Especially you Bo, as you've owned half of Ewing Enterprise since your brother and I set up the company."

    "Yeah well, I leave that stuff up to him. I'm not one much for business."

    "I've seen you come and go from your cottage out back but it's nice to put a face to a name, finally."

    "I'm not really sure what we're meeting about, like I said, I don't do business."

    Lucy speaks up, "That was my idea, to meet. John Ross isn't around. We don't know what's up or when he'll be back. We all have to step up. I bought Uncle Bobby's half of Southfork and I'm moving in. I asked Lucas and Amy to move in too, to help with the kids and make this a home again, before everything falls apart. Lucas said we should meet with them because other than Marta, they're the closets people to John Ross." Looking at the three of them Lucy continues, "I'm afraid we haven't been all that close. Lucas doesn't even talk to his fathers, either one of them. I've been living in New York and my parents and brother and sister in California. And of course John Ross and Bo here in Texas. I know JR put together some plan that created Ewing Industries for his sons here. But, well it's time the whole Ewing family pulled together. I can't do much to get Uncle Bobby or my father back to Texas, or Ray for that matter, but we belong here. We're Ewing's. You understand that Lucas?"

    "I suppose so."

    "You wanted to call your self a Wade, I understand that, and if you want to call your self a Krebs, I guess I'd understand that too. But you're a Ewing and you should be called a Ewing. You're the President of Ewing Oil. And Southfork is your home. And your's too Bo. It's about time you settle down. I want you working with Lucas or some other company owned by Ewing Industries or with me and the Foundation. You can stay in that cottage outback if you like but supper's at six sharp, in the house."

    "I don't know about all that."

    "Well I do. Ewing Industries owns a lot of businesses. Pick one," she begins counting them off on her fingers, "Ewing Oil, Ewing Alternative Energy, Ewing Construction, Lone Star Capital, Barnes Media, Barnes Hotels and Resorts, Wentworth Tool and Die, Ryland Transport, Cyberbyte, Branch-water. I got it all?" Lucy asks Lucas.

    "The important bits."

    "I'm sure there's more than that. Or work at Southfork. But you need to settle down. John Ross has told about all the times he's had to bail you out. Well that stops now." She takes the drink from his hand. "And if you can't control this, this stops too."

    "Listen Lucy I've gotta momma . . . "

    "And she ain't here. But I am. And I love you Bo. And you too Lucas. We're family. We've got to pull together for John Ross and those kids. Now this fight over CalcoHarwood. I want details."

    "Like what?" Al asks.

    "I know when they merged with West Star, Ewing Industries and the foundation became major shareholders, The Ewing Foundation from Clayton's shares and the company from JR's. I've run the foundation for over ten years. Sue Ellen, Uncle Bobby and my dad are the board my Grandma set up. They oversee the investments. As President I don't handle that end of things, but don't think I'm not aware."

    "About thirty-two billion dollars," Liddy says. "That's a lot of charitable money. I'm not sure what you want to know. My father merged Calco Petroleum with Harwood Oil twenty years ago and it was his sole ambition to get ahold of West Star, the company my grandfather ran for thirty some years. I don't know what all went on with the book cooking scandal. What my father knew or orchestrated. Though I'm sure his hands are all over that mess. It cost Ewing Industries billions and the foundation too."

    Lucy says, "Our endowments more like seventeen billion now over this bullshit of your father's."

    "My father was able to pump a great deal of money into CalcoHarwood to save it, of course that gave him and his friends enough shares to control the company. John Ross tried the same thing, but even with Standard CB Bank he couldn't come up with enough cash."

    "Did John Ross have anything to do with the book cooking?"

    "No," Moe says. "I'm not saying it isn't something we wouldn't have tried. But we didn't. We didn't need to, to control CalcoHarwood and the time and if we had, we'd have been ready with the cash, ready like Jeremy Wendell was."

    Lucy says, "I only ask because I know JR had Carlos DelSol loaned Uncle Bobby and Sue Ellen the money for Ewing Global from some fund of JR's and John Ross used Judith Ryland and the Governor to bankrupt them. She's now a U. S. Senator and the Governor's in prison next to her son, Harris. And Ewing Industries has all the pieces of Ewing Global and Ryland Logistics, which somehow managed to own the Ewing Oil name."

    "Like I said, it's not that we wouldn't have."

    "That scheme nearly bankrupted Sue Ellen and Uncle Bobby, save for their share of Southfork oil."

    "Along with your father, they're both well off, thanks to John Ross's slant drilling," Liddy says. "So are James's kids."

    Lucy asks, "So John Ross had nothing to do with the CalcoHarwood scheme that bankrupted countless people, but someone, assuming he did, shot and killed Marta?"

    "Yes," Al answers.

    John Ross steps out of a helicopter on the roof of a high rise in Mexico City. He shakes the hand of a man about his age and says, "Carlos!" over the roar of the copter winding down. "How's your father?"

    "Not good! The kids?"

    "Sofi doesn't understand. Jay's beside himself. I understand why he couldn't come."

    "He's not doing well at all John Ross."

    "I'm going to destroy Wendell, you assure him of that."

    "That won't bring back my sister, but I do look forward to it."

    The two enter the building.

    Sue Ellen sits by the pool with Lucy watching Jay play with some friends. She asks, "How's he getting through the night?"

    "He's taken to sleeping in my room. Every day up at the crack of noon. Valjean brings us breakfast in bed. I must say, seven husbands later and I finally found a guy who sleeps in late enough."

    "Oh Lucy." Sue Ellen chuckles. "That poor boy. All he's been through. Pamela called me."


    "She's worried about John Ross."

    "What about Jay?"

    "She asked about him. Hi didn't know what to tell her about John Ross."

    "I don't even know where's he's at. The kids need him. Jay especially needs him. You should see Lucas. He reads the kids a story every night in the nursery."

    "I'm glad you're hear for them."

    Valjean steps out of the house, "Miss Lucy, your cousins are home from the office."

    Lucy and Sue Ellen go into the house.

    They enter the living room where Lucas pours Bo a drink chatting about the Wellen Formation and how Ewing Oil and their friends snapped up every mineral right there was, leaving Wendell fuming."

    "No business talk at dinner," Lucy reminds them while entering the room.

    Lucas makes Lucy a drink. "Why Sue Ellen, I thought you went back to shacking up with that Lord of yours."

    "No. Don went back, but I'm staying, at least until John Ross is back and doesn't need me."

    "Oh we got this covered darln'. You know us Ewing's. We stick together. Those of us strong enough to stick it out. Drink?"

    "No thank you. So Bo, I hear you're working at Ewing Oil too."

    "Yes ma'am. Lucy thought I needed to settle down. I don't have the education of Lucas here. You know he's never got anything less than an A?"

    "You don't say."

    "And he's got three degrees. University of Pennsylvania and Harvard and Columbia. But says John Ross taught him the oil business and he's gonna teach me."

    "Lucas always was a go getter."

    "He was on the phone with Donna Dowling, the former Secretary of Energy. She's a lobbyist in D.C. with his sister Margret. He spoke like Congress worked for him."

    "When you pay as much as I do to get a person a job, you expect they'll at least return your call. Donna's got it covered for us." Lucas hands Amy a drink as she walks in.

    Sue Ellen asks her, "Amy, how's the planning go for the social season going?"

    "We're getting there. Cattle Baron's Ball is running smoothly. A few snafus with the Oil Baron's Ball but we'll work it out. Was working on The JR Ewing Stakes all day today. I hope you an Don will be there. Never hurts to have a lord present."

    "I don't know about that."

    "You should come over for the DoA meeting tomorrow. It's here at Southfork."

    After Valjean whispers to Lucy, she announces dinner and they all walk across to the dinning room.

    Lucy sits in Miss Ellie's chair. Sue Ellen and Bo sit next to each other with Lucas and Amy on the other side. Jay walks in from the kitchen with Sofi who sits between Amy and Lucy, across from Sue Ellen. Jay sits in his daddy's chair and John Ross puts his hands on his shoulders and says, "Thanks for keeping it warm for me partner."

    Jay jumps up, excited to see his father. They hug. Everyone seems happy to see him. He goes around and kisses Sofi telling her she's the prettiest girl at the table. He takes his seat at the head of the table with Jay on his right. Telling stories about visiting their momma's family. Jay asks after "Abuelito."

    "He's doing well. He's gonna be up here real soon to see you guys."

    "What about me?" Sofi asks.

    "Oh and especially his princesa."

    Valjean holds the patter for Lucy to help herself as she says, "Trout, John Ross. See we were expecting you."

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    Outside by a camp fire John Ross leans back in an Adirondack chair, smoking. Sue Ellen appears out of the dark. "When did you begin smoking?"

    Without looking away from the flames, John Ross answers, "When they killed my wife."

    "I know this has been hard on you. I also know you married her because your father arranged for you to marry her, just like he arranged for Bo to marry Amy."

    "Yeah well Bo didn't marry Amy."

    "I know you want revenge."

    "Damn right."

    "Please John Ross, this is what happens when you do business like you and your father do. Please just stop."

    "Really? Wendell tries to ruin this family and my father puts him away and that justifies his son coming after us, so I'm just suppose to be ok with that? You and Uncle Bobby steal everything from me and I was suppose to be ok with that too? Like you were just suppose to let Elena never pay you back. That's bullshit. We're suppose to be on each other's side. But you never were on mine."

    "I'm always on your side."

    "Grandma's will leaves me all of Southfork. Did you know that? Mineral rights and all."

    "No I didn't. I thought she left that to Bobby."

    "When she came back after dad tried to . . . She asked for it back. She begged dad to forgive her. Told him her dad had promised it to him as the oldest son. He wouldn't speak to her. So she left it to me in Uncle Bobby's care. Half when my father died and half when Bobby dies. He tried to sell it to keep it from me. He just sold his half to Lucy. And you talk about the way I do business." Sue Ellen goes to speak and he cuts her off. "What about Chris? They tried to kill him. How many years did it take to get his life back? And why? Because they were going after Elena. There's a piece of work. A lying bitch who I tried to be good enough for. Ironic wasn't it. Or Pamela. She wouldn't even go on a date with me but somehow she was in love with me. Enough to care who I slept with. But not enough to stick around."

    "You hurt her John Ross."

    "You don't think I know that. Only person I ever really hurt." Looking her right in the eye, "The rest of you never really care enough for me to get hurt."

    "That's not true."

    "Really and when she slept with Nasir Ali? You just told me it was my fault. You didn't care to hear my side. How it wasn't a real marriage from the start. How I'd wanted it to be. But she made it what it was. She tried to hurt me."

    "And she succeeded."

    "Yeah well, a long time ago."

    Sue Ellen reaches out to take his hand. He pulls away.

    Bo sits up on the edge of the bed. Liddy reaches over and caresses his bare back. "Getting up so soon?"

    "I need to head back to Southfork."


    "John Ross came home, doesn't look so good."

    "Oh. Yeah I guess you better than. Thanks for coming over. I ummm."

    "Yeah I know . . . You know he's gunning for your father."

    "Yeah well I can't blame him. I'd want a reckoning too."

    "He won't stop until he's destroyed him."

    "Like I said, I don't blame him."

    Bo stands up pulling on his underwear.

    Lucas orders a drink at a whole in the wall bar. The bartender says, "How's John Ross doin'?"

    "Well as can be expected." A waitress snuggle up to him. He puts his arm around her.

    "Tell'em I'll keep him distracted."

    "Darlin' I know you would. But right now he's got a reckoning on his mind and he's ain't got room for nothing else."

    She takes her drinks out into the room and the bar tender says, "I hear that son-of-a-bitch killed his wife got torn apart in prison."

    "Yeah well that ain't who he's after. I guess. He helped out that dumb bastard's family."


    "No he's after the person who set him up for the book cooking at CalcoHarwood."

    "You mean he really weren't behind it?"

    "No. I doubt it. He'd have been prepared with cash like Jeremy Wendell was."

    "Makes sense."

    "What makes sense?" Bo says sitting down at the bar.

    "Oh just tellin' Joe here if John Ross had been behind the book cookin' at CalcoHarwood he'd have been prepared with cash on hand."

    "So you saying he wasn't behind it?"

    "That's exactly what I'm sayin'."

    "Well I'll be damned." The waitress practically crawls in Bo's lap, "Hey sugar."

    "Hey Bo. Came in to see me?"

    "Sure did." Holding her in his arm right. "I gotta say I missed you."

    She starts grinding on him.

    A guy comes up and pulls his hand off her. "What the hell you think you're doin'?"

    "Whoa buddy. Just letting the lady earn her tip. What business of it is yours."

    "That's my sister you little bitch!" The man punches him.

    Lucas jumps to his feet and punches the man back. Soon there's a full fledged bar fight.

    Amy and Lucy walk into a police station in the dark hours of the morning.

    In the kitchen at Southfork Amy and Lucy tend to the cuts and bruises of Lucas and Bo. The sun starts to peak through the window when John Ross walks in, half a sleep, going for his coffee. "What the hell happened to you two?"

    Bo says, "Just a little fight at the Hole in the Wall."

    "Yeah your brother here was hitting on some big guy's sister," Lucas laughs and then squints in pain.

    "Yeah where were you bro? I figured you'd be back there nursing a bourbon and branch."

    "Damn wish I'd been with ya."

    "John Ross," Lucy admonishes.

    "Well, nothing I like better than a little fight now and then. You boys clean up and get into work. That office ain't gonna run itself." John Ross leaves the room.

    In his study John Ross welcomes Moe and Al. "Morn' all. Let's get down to business. What you got on Trip?" John Ross drinks from his mug off coffee, sitting in flannel pajama pants with the Longhorns across the chest of his t-shit.

    Al, in jeans and a hoodie, says, "He's clean, damn boring, but clean."

    "Nobody's gotten that far in politics and stayed clean. He's just been careful, that's all. And don't forget, he's a Wendell. There's bound to be a body in that closet someplace. Find it! Put it there you have to."

    Moe stands in the room wearing the finest Italian suit. Adjusting his cufflinks he asks, "Hasn't Liddy given you anything we can use?"

    "Says there ain't anything," Al answers.

    "I'm not sure how she'll feel about us rope in her half brother. Speak of her, where is she? Not like her to be late."

    Lucas and Bo step off the elevator and through the doors of Ewing Oil. Lucas tells him to make sure he's read up on Brian Caffrey. "I don't want any slip ups when we meet with the OLM."

    In his office he notices files sitting on his desk. He goes over them and places a call.

    Cleaning the stalls John Ross stops to answer the phone. "Yep."

    "Why is CalcoHarwood refining our Walker Oil?" Lucas asks.

    "Someone's got to. Until you get a pipeline in place to hook up to Ryland's Trans-Texas Pipeline, they're the cheapest to truck to. Spoke to Doug Stemper at Ryland. He's investing in new trucks to handle our needs for the time being."

    "Are you gonna let me run this company or not? Every time I turn around you got something undermining what I'm working on. Either you've given me the power to run Ewing Oil or you haven't."

    "Listen to me, no body gives you power. Real power is something you take. And that's what I did. I took those oil leases out from under Wendell. He'll still get the oil but now I'm the middle man."

    "I don't get why you're putting money in the pocket of that man. After the stunt he pulled. Pick another refinery, just help shore up his bottom line."

    "We gotta get the price of CalcoHarwood back up. I ain't sold any shares, and I don't intend to."

    "And Heather Harwood?" Lucas says looking over the leases.

    "She's my sister. Her fortunes suffered in Wendell's little game too. Some of these oil leases will help her out. Don't worry. Ewing Oil got more than it's fair share. And the company'll manage the drilling for her leases as well as del Sol's. You'll see Don Lockwood in there too. You've got this. No worries."

    Looking over the papers Lucas adds, "And James Beaumont and Moe, Al and Liddy. Come on John Ross. You really believe she's gonna help you destroy her father?"

    "You leave my people to me. You just get that oil out of the ground." John Ross hangs up.

    Lucas slams the phone down. "What the hell. Now I'm a god damn errand boy."

    Amy meets with the DoA as Lucy walks in the room. Some of the women ask her to join. Lucy declines as it's never been one of her things. A younger woman asks about John Ross. "He's doing fine, and no he doesn't need a date for any social occasion. We'll be going together for both our shakes. Last thing I need is another potential x-husband."

    "Well a man like John Ross isn't going to stay alone long."

    "Are you offering your services or a comforting shoulder because he's got lots of comforting shoulders."

    "A man needs more than a comforting shoulder."

    "So services. I'll let him know. Make sure you come in by the back door."

    "That's really not very funny."

    "No but if you knew my cousin you'd know it's accurate."

    Amy walks out the front door with the last of the DoA members. Lucy waves them off and closes the door. "Thank god that's over." She walks into the living room to find John Ross. "Pour me a double . . . How does she stand those hens?"

    "Same way grandma did I guess." He hands her a drink. "And this is how my momma managed."

    "Fair enough." She takes a large drink. "You timed it right. There were a bunch of vultures looking for a rich husband among that crowd."

    "It wasn't by accident. Valjean called me soon as they were leavin'. You were known for a rich husband or two."

    "Well I didn't marry them just because they were rich."

    "Fortunate happenstance."

    The two sit down on the sofa. Lucy chuckles. "I guess so . . . You gonna go up and shower? You smell like cow crap. No wonder Marta had this furniture reupholstered constantly."

    Lucas walks past the archway. "Lucas! Can you join us?" John Ross calls out.

    Amy kisses his cheek and says, "I'm going to check on dinner," leaving him to walk into the living room alone.

    "What is it?" he asks standing over the two of them.

    "Please sit down. Lucy and I want to discuss something with you." Lucas sits in a chair across from the sofa. "We want to acquire the Wade ranch from you. We've already bought up several ranches in Braddock and Dallas Counties."

    "It's not for sale."

    "Hear me out. Lucy and I are going to turn the land over to the foundation, to protect it. Of course Bobby, Gary and my father's estate all share equally in Southfork's mineral rights and interestingly enough Ray sits on more mineral rights around us then anybody. I don't know how he did it. And you've got the mineral rights to the Wade ranch. We're not looking to change any of that. I want Ewing Industries to acquire the South Fork Cattle Company though! If I'm not mistaken, you're not interested in it anyway."

    "Not really."

    "But then this house. I want it to go to Jay."

    "Well, work that out with Lucy. The two of you share it now. Whataya need my ranch for?"

    Lucy says, "It's not a problem for me. I'm not going to have children at this point anyway. And Bo says he's not interested in the house. We've given him a life time lease on the cottage."

    "You asking me if I'm planning on having kids someday?"

    John Ross says, "This family does have a tendency to fight over stuff. Bobby and Betsy have never even been to Southfork. And I don't see Christopher returning."

    "Christopher's not a Ewing."

    Lucy looks struck, even a bit angry, but she tampers it. "We want you and Amy to stay, and to share the house, with both of us. I'm fine with my room. I've got other homes. I don't need something big here. Just my room will do. But you and Amy. I talked to John Ross about JR's old room. It's pretty much an equal master bed room in the other dormer, if we go into the room next to it. That'd still leave us Bobby's old room for guests. And if you did have kids, there's room up in the attic with John Ross's kids. The point is we want to share."

    "I see."

    "This place is as much yours as it is ours," John Ross says. "And one day, it'll belong to our kids. They're gonna have to figure that out."

    "I thought you wanted Jay to have it."

    "Do. He's my oldest. But what I want won't matter. He might not want it. Or Sofi might want it or Steven. Or your kids."

    "We're gonna keep some buildable lots set aside in case any of the kids want to build on the property instead." Lucy stands and kisses Lucas forehead. "We'll make this work out." She leaves the room.

    Once she's gone John Ross says, "We really do want you here. And Amy's really good with the kids. She can do what she wants with the house. Decorating I mean. I know that's her kinda thing, like Marta. Lucy's got an apartment in New York City and a beach house in Knots Landing, and god knows what else. She doesn't need another place to decorate. And you probably got some ideas too. Just don't change grandma's place too much. Spend what you want. I'll cover it."

    "I'm sure she'd like that."

    "We're Southworth's. This is what we do. Live together."

    "Where you at with Wendell?"

    "Not as far along as I'd like. There's a few people, if we can get to them, we'll lock him up."

    "If?" Lucas asks.

    "When. I hope you don't object to me sitting in grandpa's chair at the table. I ain't giving that up. Nor my study."
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    Very early in morning at Southfork, in John Ross's study he meets with his team. Liddy hands him a file and says, "I can be prepared to pay off Ewing Oil's debt."

    John Ross lookd it over. "Do you think Lucas assumes I'll just take it in the ass cause he's family? He has to know he can't drive Ewing Oil into debt and just take it away from Ewing Industries like this without a fight, a fight he'll loose."

    "I don't know. He's smarter than this, sure."

    "Well if he wants Ewing Oil, he can certainly have it, but he'll have to fight harder than this bullshit. Let him do whatever. Get this to our legal team and make sure they're prepared. I don't want him in prison though. Make that very clear." He looks to Al, "Did you find out about their marriage?"

    "It took me a while. It doesn't get brought up between them really ever. But I'm convinced they know. Neither one has said anything."

    "Well I want to know for certain. Find a way to get them to talk about it. I don't want any surprises. I don't like surprises." John Ross looks at Liddy, "You sure you're ok with this, with your father?"

    "You know how many people's lives he destroyed doing this. CalcoHarwood is hanging on by a thread. People committed suicide over what he did. Marta's dead because of it. Of course I'm OK. Put him down."

    Moe asks, "Are you OK with this John Ross? This isn't how your father intended his master piece to end."

    John Ross hesitates. "I'm done with JR's masterpiece one way or another. I've had to work for every piece of Ewing Industries. Sell myself to do it. I don't want CalcoHarwood. Certainly not like this. He wasn't even gonna tell me Heather Harwood was my sister. You know he didn't leave Bo or James a damn thing?"

    "What? What about Bo's share of Ewing Industries? The mineral rights?" Al questions.

    Liddy says, "Ewing Industries was suppose to belong just to John Ross. That's why its so tightly tied up in a trust. Bo gets the money. John Ross keeps control."

    "I wanted some family. And I set up my share of the mineral rights for all of JR's grandkids, James's, mine, if Heather and Bo have any, and . . ."

    "And," Liddy asks.

    "And," Al answers.

    "I used some money to help James buy a construction business. That wasn't part of JR's masterpiece. My mother's share of the mineral rights I'll leave to the trust as well. JR made sure she had no option but to leave it to me. This wasn't his masterpiece but it is mine. Do you know, that son of a bitch gave my Uncle Bobby back Southfork because he knew my grandma's will left it to me? Half when he dies. Half when Bobby dies."

    "Then how'd your Uncle Bobby sell his half to Lucy?"

    "'Cause he thinks he can do what he wants."

    John Ross walks out to have breakfast by the pool with the family.

    All of Dallas society shows up for the Oil Barron's Ball. John Ross holds out Lucy's chair. They sit next to Lucas and Amy. Bo and Liddy attend together. Moe and Al each arrive with dates. Moe introduces, Congresswoman Jessica McConaughey. John Ross already knows her. Al introduces Paul Walker. Lucy knows the famous artists from her years living in New York City.

    There's lots of small talk. Lucy gives a speech welcoming everyone. John Ross gives away a scholarship honoring Jock. They dance.

    John Ross approaches the bar. "Bourbon and branch and a very dry martini."

    Standing by the Ewing table Liddy says, "Father," as an older, distinguished man approaches.

    Kissing her cheek. "Do you really have to sit at this table."

    "Were else would you have me sit? With you and that girl you brought. Tell me she's st least my age."

    "You could have stayed home."

    "So could have you."

    Bo approaches. Holding out his hand he says, "Mr. Wendell." Without shaking hands the man leaves. "The great J. David Wendell."

    "My father isn't great."

    "I only meant in a business sense. Somebody was telling me about a deal JR tried to strike with Ibn Ali for the last of his county's oil, John Ross was suppose follow up on but fell through. Your father made deal."

    "His son Nasir supposedly had an affair with his wife," Liddy states.


    "Prince Nasir was gay. A fact, once exposed by John Ross, didn't end well in his county. My father's deal with Ali Al Ain instead gave him enough money to begin to control CalcoHarwood. Any way mgrandfather, whom my father supposedly hates the Ewing's over, pretty much disinherited my father."


    "He's a bastard. My brother died at twelve of a brain tumor because David Wendell wouldn't pay for treatments. He didn't even attend the funeral."

    "Wow. I'm sorry."

    "Don't be. He's a successful businessman. He'll tell you, you can't have a lasting relationship with a woman if you are a business success."

    "Lucas calls him Goliath."

    "I suppose he'd see it that way, compared to Ewing Oil. CalcoHarwood's revenue last year was over a hundred and eighty billion dollars."

    "Holy shit."

    "Over three hundred billion in assets. Nearly ten billion in profit, of course that appears to be debatable. Was over three hundred billion in market capitalization. Was. He's playing fast and loose with the law to try and increase his share."

    "That's why that nut job killed Marta."

    "Exactly. He made it look like it was John Ross's scheme to buy more shares in CalcoHarwood. He can go back to California or England or what ever other rock he's got to crawl back under for all I care."

    "You OK Liddy?" Bo puts his hand on her shoulder.

    Liddy walks away.

    Out in the limousine Liddy and Bo go at it pulling each other's clothes off.

    David Wendell holds out his hand, "Governor Weber. Now I know your in the pocket of John Ross Ewing, but we can at least shake hands."

    As the governor shakes hands with David, three men approach, one of which says, "Mr. Wendell. I'm with the SEC. You're under arrest . . ."

    A stunned crowd watches as David is handcuffed and removed from the room.

    John Ross turns to Lucas, "I'm impressed."

    Lucas fending a look of insincere innocence, "All I know is tomorrow CalcoHarwood stock should hit rock bottom and I'm grabbing up a shit load."

    "Don't you mean Ewing Oil's grabbing up a shit load."

    "Something like that cousin."

    "I know what you're up too and where you got all the cash. The debt you've got Ewing Oil in, up to its eye balls."

    "Well that's good. Makes it easier to broach the subject."

    "I ain't gonna walk away with my tail between my legs cousin. You want Ewing Oil you're gonna have to do better than that. My lawyers will wrap this up in no time."

    "You're not gonna fight this in court."

    "Hell if I won't. We're family. That only gets you so far. I'll take you to court and kick your ass over the county line before I let you pull one over on me."

    "I'd like you to meet my partner," Lucas says motioning behind John Ross.

    John Ross turns around to see Pamela. "Shit. What are you doing here?"

    She smiles, "Good to see you too John Ross."

    "Pamela and I'll be acquiring a quarter of Ewing Oil in the morning right after the CalcoHarwood purchase. The loans have gone into default. New York Negley Bank will be owning the other half. Of course it's your right to take us to court to stop it from happening."

    "You son of a bitch!" John Ross grabs him up by his jacket.

    With the ruckus brewing Lucy approaches. "Cut it out. Bad enough Wendell made this into a fiasco, I don't want the Ewing's in the morning papers too."

    John Ross let's him go. "I'll handle you at home."

    "No you won't," Lucy says. "Andrew," looking at Lucas, "Andrew Negley, one of my x-husbands, calls me up and says he gets a call from someone at his family's bank, well they founded it, they don't own all that much in it anymore, like John Ross they've diversified. But he did help me finance buying the banks loan to Ewing Oil. Turns out your old friend at the bank ain't so loyal a partner in crime as you though." Lucas goes to speak. "Don't bother." She then looks at Pamela, "And turns out you used that trust your daddy turned over to you. You know the one flush with all that cash John Ross paid you for your aunt's share of Ewing Global. But turns out your aunt's not dead. In fact she sold me the contents of her trust fund. You better believe it sweetheart, I'll take you to court to enforce my purchase agreement." Looking at Lucas Lucy says, "That makes us partners, except that makes you the silent partner." She looks at John Ross, "I purpose a three way split. If you'll agree. Ewing Industries gets a third of Ewing Oil. Gary Ewing Enterprises, a company I share with my brother and sister, gets a third. And Lucas keeps a third."

    John Ross says with a smile, "I can live with that. But I want control of the company's CalcoHarwood shares. I plan on buy a fair number of shares in the morning as well. With Heather and the foundation we might just be able to take control and turn things around. And, I want to put Liddy in charge of the turn around. We'll tear the company apart to handle this mess."

    "Sounds like a plan."

    John Ross smirks and pats Lucas on the chest. "See cousin, that's how how you make a play against family." Then looking at Pamela he says, "Now see darlin' what happens when partner up with the wrong Ewing. Every time you get bit. How many billions this one cost you?" He walks away from them.

    Lucy asks Pamela, "You gonna stop by the ranch? Jay misses you. You know before you left he considered you his mother. Still really does and now that's he's lost Marta, well he's been through a lot."

    "You think John Ross will let me see him?"

    "He's not a monster you know."

    Amy joins Lucas sitting at the Ewing table alone. "Got your ass handed to ya?"

    "Go away Amy."

    "You listen to me Lucas. I didn't marry some weak-kneed kitty. You didn't see Lucy turning on you. Alright, so you learned a lesson. But what you do now is figure your next dozen moves to push forward. You got a third of Southfork and a third of Ewing Oil and you didn't need Bobby Ewing to leave it to ya. Now what's next?"

    "Liddy'll tear CalcoHarwood apart. I'm guessing she'll sell Calco as a separate company, mid and down stream operations. Probably a public company but Ewing Industries will keep a big share, maybe gain control. She'll hunt up a company for a joint venture for the chemical company assets. She'll dump what's left of CalcoHarwood as a pureplay oil company, maybe even sell off those pieces. Maybe Ewing Oil can pick up some of the pieces."

    "David Wendell?"

    "He'll get off and once Liddy's done tearing up his company, he'll be richer than ever. You can bet he's buying shares tomorrow regardless. He'll find a way around the SEC. He's still gonna be gunning for the Ewing's. More than ever. But this 'ill clear John Ross of any wrong doing, which'll pass Wendell off even more."

    "So now what?"

    "Now I do like you said. I plot out my next dozen steps, figuring with each what'll be John Ross, Lucy and Wendell's moves and then my counter moves."

    "There you go. Cause this isn't about money, is it? It's about power. You just brought down Goliath. Now you make your move on the king." Amy stands up and leaves him.

    Lucas stands and watches her walk away, contemplating.

    Al steps up and puts his hand on Lucas's shoulder. "You alright?"

    "I think so."
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    I am liking this! Looks like a promising start! This has to be one of my favourite stories of yours in quite a while. Kudos to you! Hope you update soon.
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    John Ross works the ranch with Al, mending a fence on section forty. Al says, "I don't get why bringing in Pamela would work. Why wouldn't you have drug them both into court?"

    "Just wouldn't have that's all."

    "Well you don't owe me no answers."

    "What do you suppose Lucy knows about Katherine Wentworth, other than she's alive?"

    "You mean does she know JR's the father of Katherine's son?"


    "We were surprised Lucy knew any of it."

    "So maybe she knows. Lucy didn't cheat Katherine or her son. She paid a fair price for everything."

    "Which leaves your brother pretty well off."

    "Rebecca's will was pretty clear how the trust funds must be shared with all her descendants. Which is good. He don't know about JR being his father?"

    "No. As a matter of fact that's the last piece of news I just got. He thinks your Uncle Bobby is."

    "Well that could turn out interesting. If he has kids we'll approach him. No reason to now, especially as Lucy looks to have taken care of their money situation."

    "And Cliffs trust. Pamela's had full access to it since Cliff's still locked up with no hope of getting out. So it's not like she's destitute."


    "I figured you might be worried. Lucas has put her up in one of the cottages on Southfork while she's in town."

    "I sure as hell don't need that."

    Out by the pool Jay runs up to Pamela and hugs her legs. "Momma!"

    She picks him up, "See I told ya I'd be watching you, and I'd come back when you needed me."

    "Daddy says Madre is watching me too."

    "Yes she is. From a very special place."

    "Madre use to tell me all about cielo. De pequeño me dijeron que si me portaba bien, iría al cielo."

    "Si, es verdad."

    "Are you going to stay momma?"

    "As long as you need me."

    He hugs her around the neck, tight. Then pulls himself out of her arms to jump down. "Sofi this is Momma. Momma this is Sofi. She's my sister. And the little guy Lucy's carrying is my brother Steven. You can hold him. He'll like you."

    Pamela holds the little boy.

    Jay whispers in Sofi's earn and the little girl hugs Pamela's legs. Bienvenido a Southfork, momma."

    Pamela smiles, a bit overwhelmed.

    A man about John Ross's age slams an office door. "I don't want any more questions about my father," he yells at his staff.

    A woman in the room says, "I'm worried how this is gonna play out in the election."


    "You just can't order it away. Like it or not J. David Wendell is your father and he's up against some serious charges. And buying up CalcoHarwood stock as it plummets isn't making him look innocent."

    "How about the Ewing's and the Barnes'? They're all buying up shares as fast as people can dump them."

    "They look like they're all in cahoots and with a congressman in their pocket."

    "I ain't in no ones pocket. My father hasn't ever even given to my campaign. Though he's given generously to my Republican challengers!"

    "That's a hard story to get out there."

    A woman peeks her head in, "Congressman Wendell, Moshe Ben-Gurion is here to see you?"

    "Here? In the office?"

    "Yes sir. He just walked in. Senator Brown dropped him off."

    "Judith Brown is here?"

    "No she left."

    "OK. Send him in. Everyone else get out, but don't leave."

    "Moe, come in. It's been way to long. How's things over at Barnes Media?"

    "Well with your dad and the North Koreans we're pretty busy."

    "I can imagine. My father's always good for a news story. A merger, a marriage, a divorce, a . . ."

    "A book cooking scandal."

    "I hear CalcoHarwood won't survive this time."

    "Should it?" Moe asks

    "No I suppose not. So what brings you to D. C.?"

    "We both know this ends you political career. John Ross is putting together a think tank he wants you to head up. The Hamiltonian Institute. He'll start you off with fifty million dollars and work the endowment up to ten figures."

    "What's this some sort of peace offering for destroying my career."

    "We didn't do that. Your father did and whether he's found innocent or guilty there's no way you come out of this electable. Liddy assures us you're the right man for the job."

    "What am I expected to do?"

    "Promote free markets, limited government, that sort of thing."

    "I'm a Democrat. We might have different ideas of what that means."

    "Government's job is to protect the people and provide necessary infrastructure."

    "That's right. John Ross might not like the extent to which I take those concepts."

    "John Ross never hires yes men."

    Lucy walks into the living room at Southfork to find Amy looking over fabrics. "Decorating?"

    "Yeah. The contractors came in to work on our room and I thought I'd redo Bobby's room as a guest room while I'm at it."

    "Sounds like a good idea."

    "You sure John Ross is good with this?"

    "I'm certain of it. This place never really felt like Marta. It's my Grandma's house. Now you thinking of touching her studio and he might object, but no, do what you want with the house. Valjean says it's nice to have a friend in the kitchen."

    "Well were way different. I've got my tatara abuela's cookbook and he's trained in France. Not too many ways to compromise."

    "Well I'm glad you've taken over running the place. John Ross didn't like too many people around you know. Marta had her nanny with her. But I'm glad she's just helping out with the kids now. She's kinda too old to be doing everything more."

    "Well I told her that, to just worry about the kids. I've hired some housekeepers for the day. She was very happy. This is a lot to take care of. And I've hired a real gardener, not the ranch hands coming to the house hacking away at things. John Ross is just gonna have to get use to a lot of people around. He's got his study to hide in."

    Lucy laughs. "Good. I'm glad you feel good about this. And don't worry about Valjean. You do what you want. He can just look out for me. Ok?"

    "Thank you Lucy." Amy takes her hand. "This feels like home."

    "It should. Because it is."

    John Ross sits up at the whole in the wall bar. The rest of place is empty. "Usual Mack."

    "Afternoon J-Ro. Already got it on the grill." The bartender hands him a beer. A-Han got in before you. Headed to the little boys room."

    "Good man. My daddy use to say his dad would work from breakfast to dinner without takin' a break. I don't know how he did it."

    "Well as you can see we don't get too many customers during the day."

    "'Tis true." Al sits up at bar. John Ross asks him, "You sticking around after lunch?"

    "No. Can't. Got meetings all afternoon. Specially got to make sure we lock security down on that new pipeline from the Wellen Formation. I'll be headed out there tomorrow."

    "Good. Glad to hear it."

    "I'll be at the morning meeting then I'm off. I'll be back though, for the next day."

    "Sounds good."

    "How's that new Forman working out?"

    "No complaints. Not a bit timid telling me what to do."

    Al laughs, "Good."

    "Just as long as he knows I take care of my own horse we'll get along."

    "Hector's an ornery bastard so's a good thing."

    "Only books I ever read," John Ross says, deep in thought and followed by a long draw on his whiskey.

    The bartender puts two burgers in front of them.

    Bo walks out of his bath room in a towel. Liddy sits up in bed turning up the tv. A news reporter says, "And J. David Wendell was found not guilty on all counts . . . ". She turns off the tv and throws the remote.

    "Bastard gets away with everything! Those two executives for CalcoHarwood they're pinning this on committed suicide. Bullshit one ran into a overpass pylon by accident. The other slipped and fell on the tracks." She gets up and gets dressed in a rush of anger.

    "Drank' it's OK. He ain't coming back to the business. He's been taken care of once and we'll take care of him again if we have to."

    "You don't get it. My youngest brother's dead because he wouldn't pay for treatment. He though the odds of experimental procedure were too great the cost. My oldest brother committed suicide because that bastard was so hard on him. Marta's dead because of what we know he did. Those two people," pointing at the tv, "didn't just die. He as good as killed them. Everyone dies in his wake. And he walks away with a shit load of money. Money I made him tearing CalcoHarwood apart! I just want him to go away!" She throws open the door and walks out.

    Outback at Southfork John Ross man's the grill will Amy and Valjean set the table. Lucas comes up from the drive way yelling, "You hear the news! That son or a bitch! I can't believe it!"

    Lucy says, "Calm down. We all heard it. Wendell's been found innocent."

    "Oh hell I expected that much. No about BNP. Some New York hedge fund manager is restructuring the Australian British company including spinning off their America oil assets."

    John Ross says, "That includes CalcoHarwood's plays."

    "And several others, including in the Wellen Formation."

    "So what's the point?" Lucy asks.

    Liddy answers while approaching with Bo, "BNP's struct a deal with their largest investor to buy those assets. The Trident Corporation. Making Trident the nation's largest pure play oil business. My father controls Trident's voting stock."

    "You gotta be kidding me," Lucy says.

    "And there are all sorts of contracts tying Calco refineries to Trident's oil. And with Ewing Industries controlling Calco that puts us in business with Tident and my father."

    John Ross puts the stakes on the table. "That's enough business talk."

    Amy says, "I'll go get the kids."

    Lucas says, "What are we gonna do about this."

    "I said that was enough. We'll handle things in the morning."

    "Listen John Ross, you ain't the only one running things around here."

    John Ross shoves him in the pool. As Lucas comes to the surface and starts yelling back John Ross says, "Get your ass out of the pool and go dry off. Dinners on the table. Six sharp whether your down or not."

    Lucy pushes John Ross in the pool. When he surfaces she says, "Opps. Dinner might be a bit late."

    "What you go and do that for?"

    Lucy laughs.

    Amy comes out of the house with the kids and Jay jumps in the pool between his dad and Lucas.

    Bo takes off his boots and says, "Y'all better back it up," and jumps into the pool.

    Walking out of the water Lucas grumbles, "Well that was just damn silly. We're dealing with a psychopath and they're playing games."

    Bo, John Ross and Jay splash each other.

    Lucy holds onto Valjean laughing.

    Amy cracks a smile.

    A long black limousine rolls down a long drive way toward a French chateau.

    From out back a drive helps Pamela stand up. David having stepped out of the car kisses her hand. "How lovely to see you. I'm glad you could make it. We've got a lot to talk about."

    Out back they walk the sculpted gardens. "So I hear not only is the your daughter working for John Ross so is one of your sons."

    "I'm not much better with children than I am with women."

    "We have a score to settle."

    "We do? I would have at least thought you'd have taken the enemy of my enemy approach,"

    "Believe me I'd love to Wendell. The fact that he walked away controlling Calco's refineries didn't set to well with me. Your scheme made you both richer."

    "I don't know what you're talking about. I tried to save the company. But between you and me and BNP, I'll settle for control of Trident."

    "Except you don't have control of Trident. I do. At tomorrow's board meeting we'll pick a Chairman and CEO and that'll be me. I don't need your vote. You can try and call your friends but I doubt they'll answer. We will create a Vice Chairmans job for you. Your son Averell will remain President and Chief Operations Officer. You vote against me and I'll call a vote to remove you."

    "You sure you want to add me to your enemies list?"

    "Let me explain something to you. You cost me several billion dollars. But I still control Simmons and Platt. With it and BNP, I don't need you? And I'm not afraid of you. Not that I care you tried to set up my pitiful x-husband or that you ended up getting that addle brained wife of his killed, but you hurt Jay."


    "John Ross Ewing the forth. He liked Marta. And she was good to him."

    "I didn't kill his mother."

    "But she's dead because of you. And don't think I give a damn about proof. So I plan on keeping a tight lease on you."

    "I'm not the leash type."

    "You are now. Simmons and Platt picked up the loan on this house too." Pamela pats his chest and then walks back toward the house.

    John Ross sits and nurses a beer by the camp fire out back. Lucy sits down next to him. "Kids still asleep?" He asks.

    "Nope. Jays reading Sofi Stellaluna again."

    "You read it. I read it."

    "He's read it twice. They'll fall asleep when they're ready."

    "That's true. Thanks Luce."

    "Yeah. You're a good dad, ya know it?"

    "I don't know about that. If I was such a great dad, their mom would be around."

    "Don't blame that on yourself. That man had a lot of problems. Lied to his family about their finances. Killed himself. Was still worth a couple million but for some people that's not enough. For some people it's all about the stuff they own. Look at this place. Nice house. But it ain't about that, is it? It's about your dad and Grandma. Clayton. Bobby and Christopher. It's what this place means."

    "Yea. I thought about changing it once, just to pass off Uncle Bobby. But I couldn't ever do it. You left for a while."

    "Yep. And if not for you all I'd leave again. I rather like New York City. Made lots of friends. And I was spending winters in the South of France for awhile. It was nice. And my nieces and nephews are in California. Just something about this place."

    "That there is."

    Amy wonders among the paintings of Marta's studio. A ranch hand comes out of the closet carrying a paint brush. "Up late?"

    "Me? You're the one that has to get up before dawn."

    "I don't get much sleep."

    "I bet. I'm glad John Ross agreed to let you use Marta's studio."

    "Did he ask how you knew I was a painter?"

    "I said we were talking while you groomed my horse."

    "Good idea."

    She pulls apart his snap button flannel shirt and rubs his chest. "I can be creative."

    "I've noticed."

    Al drives the truck up to the back off Southfork. A heavily intoxicated Bo stumbles out. Lucas helps him stand up and the two walk Bo to his cottage and help him fall into bed. Al says, "Not sure he can handle the high pressure business of oil."

    "Big deals that could turn up dry. Dealing with people like David Wendell. People who'd sooner have the shit beat out of you than loose a dime. I doubt he even had to deal with bullies growing up. I'm pretty sure he was always one of the popular kids." Lucas closes the door and they stand out on the porch. "Even has John Ross looking out for him."

    "Handsome, rich, a brother like John Ross to look out for ya. Not a bad life to live."

    "You see those stupid license plates John Ross has on the cars."

    "Yeah. You're Ewing four."

    "Yeah. What the hells that about? He's three. Lucy's five. Bo's six. He gave Amy seven."

    "Was your grandpa Jock's idea. He was Ewing one. JR was Ewing three."

    "Oh that's why he's Ewing three. Being four always made me feel like his number two. Marta was Ewing two. I kinda miss her."

    "She was a good person." Al puts his hand on Lucas's shoulder. Facing each other. They hug. Holding each other tight.

    Lucy and Amy sit in an airy restaurant talking over lunch about foundation business and shopping. Pamela approaches. They're cordial but not inviting. Pamela says, "I have an offer for the Ewing Foundation."

    "Oh, OK. What is it?" Lucy asks.

    "The Wendell Mansion. I believe it was built in the twenties by David's grandfather. Trident owns it now and we'd like to donate it to the Ewing Foundation. Contents and all. There are several works of art and I know you've got an impressive collection. I thought it'd make a great museum. Maybe the Ewing Museum of Fine Art. I've got some paintings of my grandmother's my father held onto I'd like to donate in her name."

    "That's very generous of you."

    "I don't want the Wendell name used any where."


    Pamela hands her the deed. "I want them completely forgotten about. I've got a friend with the Wendell Foundation who's going to give you a call about merging with the Ewing Foundation. Again the name won't be used."

    "David's OK with this?"

    "He doesn't have any say in the matter. He was never very involved with it. Certainly doesn't have any control over it."


    "Let me know if you run into any issues." Pamela walks away.

    Amy says, "That was interesting. What do you think she's up to?"

    "God only knows."

    Pamela sits in the back of limousine only to find John Ross facing her. She asks, "What are you doing here?"

    "Actually that's what I want to know. Why are you still here?"

    "I left because I wanted Jay to have a normal life. A mother and father. Sister and brother. He didn't need me hanging out fighting with you. I figured he would be safe."

    "He is."

    "Not with the woman he called mother shot and killed."

    "I wasn't in the CalcoHarwood deal. I didn't want anything to do with it. David Wendell set me up. Not that he did a very good job at it. I didn't want this."

    "No you loved her."

    "Yes I did."

    "I didn't come around to fight with you. But I promised Jay if he needed me . . . When I'm done with David Wendell his existence will be a rumor."

    "How is that, by proving up Trident's finances?"

    "By bankrupting him. As long as he has money and friends he'll never be convicted of anything. But I'll make sure he looses everything first."

    "The house and foundation aren't much of anything. His shares in Trident."

    "It's all he's got left. And a few bucks in the bank and a job. One piece at a time."

    "OK. OK." John Ross gets out of the car.

    Lucas changes in his room after work when Amy comes in. "How was the office?"

    "Had to set up a meeting with Wendell. If I want that pipeline from the Wellan Formation, Trident's in the way."

    "I don't like a meeting where I can't I Hurd out who's getting screwed. Plus I've got to deal with the OLM who's holding up the project. So I'll be in Austin after that."

    "What about Trident. Don't they need to get their oil from the same area?"

    "Yes. Except they've already got a pipeline from where they're drilling."

    "Oh I see. It's costing me a fortune to ship it by truck. Then I've got a meeting in Mexico about an off shore lease they're opening up. Ewing Alternative and I are putting in a joint bid."

    "What about Bo. Is helping?"

    "He watches that's about it. He's over his head. Hell, most of the time I feel over my head."

    "You're not over your head. You're just letting fear get to you. And you're not gonna let it. You're Lucas Ewing. You're my husband. You'll do what ever it takes to master the deals in front of you and no one's gonna get one up on you. And if they do, they'll regret it. You own a third of Ewing Oil now. That's more than the quarter you were planning with Pamela. And you've got the backing of your cousins, not having to deal with woman. Step one accomplished. Step two, you formed Lucas Ewing Investments, doing business as LEI?"

    "Yes I did. It'll own a piece of the Mexican oil deal."

    "Good. Now you keep pushing forward and we'll be in top. There is nothing going to stop us."

    Down stairs the family gathers in the living room. John Ross is serving up drinks. He asks Amy about dinner and she informs him they're having Miss Ellie's pot roast. He hands Lucas a drink. "Ran into Ray today. Was at the cattle auction. He'll be there tomorrow too."

    Lucas takes the drink without comment.

    Lucy says, "I can't believe how well h s done. Ray was never ambitious like that. Now he's buying property around here."

    "Over 800,000 acres in west Texas, including the old Southern Cross that had been in Grandpa Clayton's family for generations, and he's added a another 100,000 just north west of here. Shares about a three mile boarder with Southfork."

    "Well good for Ray. Can't be anyone better to look after the land."

    Lucas says obviously to change the subject, "I hear there's about to be an opening on the board of the OLM."

    John Ross gives him a knowing look. "Heard the same thing. What do you think about Bo on the OLM?"

    "I think it's a excellent idea."

    Lucy says, "This smacks of talking business."

    "Certainly does. So many we need to talk about getting Bo to settle down." John Ross sits next to Lucy. "A person can't have a political career and still be sewing wild oats."

    "That's for sure. That boy gets in more trouble than anyone I ever did see."

    "Who's that?" Bo walks into the room.

    "You," Lucy tells him.

    "I don't get in all that much trouble."

    "Drinkin', smokin', carousing," Lucas lists off.

    "I'm not hurtin' anyone. Nothin' wrong with havin' a good time."

    "Not if you're gonna go into politics."

    "Who says I'm going into politics?"

    "They got an opening on the board of the OLM," John Ross says.

    "What hell's the OLM?"

    "Watch your mouth." No goes to defend yourself and John Ross cuts him off. "I don't want to here it."

    "It's like like Lucy doesn't cuss."

    "You're not Lucy."

    "I'm also not interested in some OLM board."

    "What are ya gonna do, whore around the rest of your life?"

    "I was thinkin' about it."

    "Just drop it." John Ross stand and sits his glass down hard on the bar. "So what's this rumor about a Ewing Museum."

    "Damn word spreads fast."

    "Amy told me when I came in the house."

    "I didn't know it was a secret?" Amy finally speaks up.

    "Isn't. She tell you your x-wife offered us the Wendell mansion? 30,000 square feet."

    Valjean runs in the room. "Monsieur Ewing, there's a fire in the ranch! Henderson section 31 they said!"

    "What the hell!" John Ross runs out of the room.

    Out in an open fiend John Ross arrives as two fire trucks marked Southfork battle a bush fire. He yells to a couple ranch hands, "Who's that over there?" pointing to another couple of fire trucks.

    "Webber Ranch. It's spread cross the property line. It gets to them oil wells they're a goner."

    "Then let's get our asses over there."

    "And leave it to spread on Southfork?"

    "We can't let it get to them rigs. Get over there."

    The men jump on the truck and race to the other side of the fire. John Ross jumps off the back of the truck and takes up the hose himself. Yelling at the one guy, "Get that water truck out here. This ain't gonna last long."

    "On its way!"

    John Ross pushes into the blaze and notices Ray manning a hose. "Ray. What the hell you doing here?"

    "What the hells it look like!"

    "How'd the hell something this big get going?"

    "I can take some guesses. One of us got some enemy. Boy I didn't expect a candy-ass like you out here!"

    "Candy-ass. I'll take you on any day old man!"

    The fire rages as other trucks arrive. Then suddenly the oil rig explodes and sends Ray and John Ross flying backwards.

    Lucas, Lucy and Bo come running into the hospital. Lucy asks about John Ross and Ray. The nurse says, "They're prepping Ray Krebs for surgery right now."

    "I gotta see him!" Lucas yells.

    The nurse goes to explain, but Lucy cuts her off, "Its his daddy. They had an awful fight."

    Lucas looks down at Ray as they wheel him down the hall, "I'm here daddy." He holds his hand. Ray smiles, "You hold in there. I'm gonna be right out here. I love you daddy."

    Lucy holds Lucas as Ray is wheeled into the operating room.

    They walk out to find Bo in the waiting room with his head in his hands. "How's John Ross?"

    Bo looks up, "Looks bad."

    Pamela comes running in the hospital emergency, to the side from the waiting room and says to the receptionist. "I'm Pamela Ewing. My husband John Ross was brought in."

    "Yes Mrs. Ewing. He's in OR. I'll see if I can find someone to speak with you. One moment." She noticed Lucy. The two look away from each other.

    In the wee hours of the morning Lucy walks into John Ross's study with Lucas to find Al, Moe and Liddy waiting. "Have you found anything?" Lucas asks.

    "Sabotage," Al answers. I've doubled down on security. No idea who's behind it."

    "If you find it was Wendell, I'm done with him. I want him put down."

    Everyone looks at Liddy. "I agree. But I don't honestly think it's David Wendell. He's not interested in small targets and there's no way he would have guessed John Ross would be out there fighting the fire himself."

    "Then get me a name," Lucy says through gritted teeth.

    Out in the cow barns Lucy announces someone set the fire. Someone with access to the ranch. She gets several people up in arms. Several old men saying they remember working for Ray. A few younger guys saying they use to wildcat with John Ross. He saved their lives and would gladly risk theirs for him. One man said he and John Ross had it out over drilling on Southfork ten years ago, slugging it out, but he certainly would set firer to the ranch and he had to respect a man who could take a punch like that. "Then help me find out who attached this family."

    In the driveway Lucas tells Lucy, "They're fine and I can't send seconds. Jose DeLaVega is expecting me or John Ross."

    "But Caracas."

    "I'll be fine." He gets in the back of a limousine and Lucy watched the car drive away.

    Amy watches from the balcony. Off the back of the house.

    Bo sits on the board of an OLM meeting discussing the variance for through land owned by Trident to connect several oil plays to the Keyway Pipeline owned by the DLV Group connecting the Wellan Formation to refineries along the Gulf shore.
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    Thank you very much. I hope you continue to like it. Hope you like the update.
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    I did like it! Yay! Hope to see another update soon.
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    Sitting in his study after months of skin grafts and still looking red and swollen, John Ross says, "What do we have?"

    Liddy answers, "The DLV Group started as DeLeVega Oil in Venezuela. It's a Spanish company now. But it still has more contacts in Latin America than any private oil company, especially in Venezuela. Your father had some dealings with the company and one time it was a major investor in Ewing Oil. They also have a very contentious relationship with Trident. Venezuela has tried to hold Trident responsible for an oil spill that occurred over a decade ago under Calco. DLV backs Venezuela's claim that Calco, then CalcoHarwood and now Trident is responsible. DLV has three off shore Mexican oil leases and two off the coast of Brazil. These are their biggest assets."

    Al adds, "El Valle is a crime syndicate; its has taken control of most of the rural south of Venezuela. My sources say they're funded by DLV, and has the backing of the U.S. Government, getting weapons to them through Columbia. This country has been trying to stabilize Venezuela for decades. One of those missions of ours lead to the death of your grandfather, Jock Ewing back in the '80's."

    Moe says, "I've got three sources inside Venezuela. They've provide Al with most of our information regarding DLV. What's most disturbing to me is Calco's mess they've refused to clean up. We're talking generations of suffering, birth defects, unbelievably high cancer rates. These people can't get out of the area that Wendell won't clean up. And he is responsible. He ran Calco when it was drilling for oil in Columbia on the boarder with Venezuela. Both countries have little environmental over site and Wendell was making a fortune. Those deals are what put Calco back in the black and cave him control of the company. The oil spill covered the Ebro water shed and flowed right into Venezuela. Little damage to Columbia. Massive damage in Venezuela not to mention the uncovering of slant drilling used to get at Venezuelan oil from Columbia. Calco's oil exploration was merged with Harwood and then acquired by Trident. And Wendell's been in control of it consistently."

    Liddy says, "My father just keeps becoming more and more of a monster."

    "That had been DeLeVega oil he was stealing, before nationalization anyway," Moe adds. "They managed to keep the Venezuelan government away from it."

    "So what you're saying is, we don't trust DeLeVega."

    "Not at all," Al agrees. "We have some CIA contacts that might prove useful."

    "Why are we a target is what I want to know. You've got me the who, the how, now I need the why, especially why Southfork?"

    "I might have that answer. Your Uncle Bobby was in Venezuela on a mission to investigate slant drilling used to steal Venezuelan oil and the responsibility for the clean up."


    "What we heard coming out of Venezuela favored DLV and El Valle laying blame right at Trident and David Wendell."

    "So what's this a warning sign?"

    "What I heard was he found reason to believe El Valle had been in on the deal. Arms for access to DeLeVega's oil."

    "So David Wendell, DeLeVega and El Valle were all in on this? And Uncle Bobby's where?"

    "No one's heard from him in Months."

    "Aunt Pam's in hiding over Wentworth drilling technology. Chris is keeping a low profile over his extraction process. And now Uncle Bobby's vanished. They certainly have a knack for ticking off the wrong sort. I want you to send El Valle a message for me."

    Pamela walks up the breakfast table by the pool. She kisses Jay and the Sofi on the top of the head. "Morning."

    "Morning momma. You excited?"

    "About the field trip? Yes. It's been a long time since I've been to the zoo."

    Lucy just watches the exchange with distrust.

    Lucas says, "Got a field trip planned? Me too. I'm meeting with some people in Houston. Looks like we both got busy days."

    "You going on a plane?"

    "Yes I am. Be down and back for dinner. Maybe we can get Amy to make chili for dinner."

    "Will you Miss Amy? Please."

    "I suppose so. You want hot, hot hot or John Ross hot?"

    Jay laughs, "Regular hot."

    Bo approaches the table. "Whatchya laughing about?"

    "Jay wants regular hot chili for dinner."

    "Oh we can do hot as hell but I don't want none of that John Ross hot. He's crazy."

    Ray, having walked up from the barns asks, "Who's crazy?"

    "My brother. His chili is too hot."

    "Nonsense. I'll tell ya what. I'll make my chili tonight."

    Collectively they all say, "No." Lucy laughs and kisses Jay's forehead.

    John Ross approaches, "What's so funny?"

    "They can't handle my chili."

    "What, the women and children?"

    "Bo and Lucas too."

    "Same difference."

    Ray says, "I want to thank you all for taking care of me these last few months, especially my partner here." Ray rustles Jay's hair. "But I'm gonna be heading back to the Southern Cross. I've had it turned into a camp for foster kids to spend outta school ranching and what not. Something I been working on awhile. Got the place already. Youall will have to come out and visit."

    "Sound like a great project." Amy sets a plate in front of him. "You getting out of the cattle and oil businesses?"

    "Completely. Retiring and just gonna take it easy."

    "Sounds like a good plan," John Ross says.

    Lucas adds, "For grown' soft."

    "Just turn' to catch up with you son." The two of them laugh.

    Lucas walks through the office saying hi to everyone. His secretary, he calls Gracie says, "A Mr. Andy Smithfield is here to see you."

    "Smithfield? Sure. Where's he at?"

    "Asked to set up in the board room."

    Walking into the board room Lucas says, "Andy." The two skate hands. "What business brings you over?"

    "Your daddy had me draw up some papers for his retirement. He's creating the Southern Cross Foundation and the Lillian Trotter Fund. In addition to their charitable work they'll take care of him. He's leavin' the rest split up between you and your sister. Saddle Tree Enterprises is selling all of its cattle operations to the Southfork Cattle Company. It'll lease back the land for a dollar, giving all of it to the Ewing Foundation to protect it. The rest will be divided in two. The non oil assets turned over to a trust for Margret. The oil assets to you in the form of the Saddle Tree Energy."

    Pamela and David get out of a limousine on the tarmac next to a private jet. She says, "If you expect out backers to back you, you'd better make a good impression. You've got a hell of a lot of strikes against you going into this meeting."

    "The point is I can make them money and a hell of a lot of it."

    Pamela climbs the stairs of the plane. "You'd better convince them of that."

    Inside Jay runs over and hugs her. When David asks what he's doing there, she says, "He is my son."

    Government agents scour a corporate office. One approaches an older man, "Mr. Benjamin Wendell? I'm with the FBI." He hands him a piece of paper, "We have a pretty comprehensive search warrant. Your brother David's assets have been frozen. Are you aware he fled the country."

    "We suspect he been laundering money for El Valle. Do you know anything about that?"

    "I don't even know what El Valle is."

    "We have reason to believe he may have laundered money through Wendell P & G."

    "That's absurd. My brother doesn't have an investment in my company of any kind. We don't have any sort of arrangement."

    "He use to refine your oil."

    "When he had refineries. What's left of CalcoHarwood is just oil exploration." I don't have any business dealings with David Wendell."

    "Anymore," the agent corrects him. "He's not invested in this company or is a creditor."

    "My only partner is my x-wife. I built this company myself."

    The age turns to another agent and says, "Get a search warrant for the x-wife. Freeze her assets. Name's Lucy Ann Ewing. Lives in Braddock Texas. Add Ewing Oil to the list. She owns a share of it." Turning back to Ben he says, "Any deals with Ewing Oil?"

    "No. God no."

    "Calco still refines your own. Ewing Industries is its largest shareholder."

    "Unfortunate happenstance."

    Lucas sits in a hotel room with a much older woman. "Impressive, your fight against your sister-in-law. I like to study my partners past dealings. When you emerged victorious over Lee Ann de le Vega she'd already done considerable damage to your family's company. You're a formidable opponent."

    "And a profitable ally."

    "That's what I'm hoping for as I take Ewing Oil into more Latin American investments." The two toast and drink. "To Bianca de le Vega and all the possibilities."

    She sets her drink down and begins to undo his tie, and unbutton his shirt. "I can promise you, you'll enjoy this arrangement almost as much as I do." She runs her hands over his smooth chest and leans in, kissing him as he takes her in his arms.

    The private jet taxis to a stop on the tarmac. It stops. It's later descends. David walks out into the warm, humid air, palm trees and police cars. He turns and says, "Where are we?"

    Be hind him in the doorway Pamela says, "Welcome to Venezuela."

    "You bitch."

    "It's a little a move I got from my father-in-law. Get your enemy to a country where you can deal with him."

    The police walk up and pull him down.

    Jay steps past Pamela. She hands him a briefcase. He walks down and hands it to the office in charge. "Gracias."

    "Gracias. Este hombre responderá a muchas personas por sus crímenes. Yo querría ser él."

    In his study with Al, Moe and Liddy, Liddy tells John Ross, "My father's lost every thing. His partners in Trident are looking for any missing pieces he might have hidden. The payout to clean up the decades old mess in Venezuela has cost them all billion."

    "Including Pamela?"

    "Her father. The money she invest was his. He's wiped out as well. And she managed to pick up the pieces of Trident on the cheap."

    Outside a Dallas high rise a plaque is removed and replaced with one that says 'Barnes Wentworth Oil.'

    John Ross exits an elevator into a penthouse and marches up to Pamela. "Is as how the hell you got in," she says, "but it's not worth hearing the explanation."

    "You took my son to Venezuela."

    "Our son. Remember I'm the one that arranged Elena be moved to a safer prison in exchange for adopting Jay."

    "You left."

    "So he could have a family."

    "I've noticed Sofi has taken to calling you momma."

    "Has she? Cute little girl."

    "We can't go through this again."

    "I'm not here to go through anything with you. Your cousin interfered with my family and your enemy has my son terrified. Well he's not terrified anymore. David Wendell is ruined."

    "I noticed it ruined Cliff as well."

    "Just old scores to settle."

    "Why Barnes Wentworth."

    "I don't intend to be poor because my father had bad investments and because Lucy funds my long dead aunt. Unlike you, no one needs to hand me anything." She walks past him slapping his ass. "Crawl out of here John Ross and enjoy your daddy's money. Let the adult take care adult things."

    He follows her. "I want you to stay away from my children."

    "You'll have to discuss that with Sofia but Jay's my son whether you like that or not."

    "I'm warning you Pamela."

    "I'm not worried. Probably the only person in Texas that doesn't tremble at site of you."

    "You'd better."

    Staring each other down they lunge forward at the same time kissing, ripping each other's clothes off.
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    Thanks. Ideas just swirling around my brain. Always fun to write them down and share.
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    In their morning meetings Liddy says, "If they'd use the money to diversify their economy, that'd be great. But they won't. The Venezuelan government will go on a spending spree until it's all gone."

    "I don't care about their reasons," Moe says. "I'm suspicious they'll follow through."

    "What we need from the two of you is security for our bids, information," looking at Moe, "and intervention, "looking at Al.

    Moe says, "No one can guarantee these bids. We shouldn't be involved in them, not even through the DLV Group. And certainly not using some of our advanced technology for extraction. Not until there's a regime change, a sustained one. Besides the Chinese plan on walking away with all these leases. That's the only information I'm hearing."

    John Ross watches the conversation like a three way tennis match.

    Al says, "What I want to know is why is Barnes Wentworth and Wendell putting in a bid. Pamela strips David Wendell of every dine. They've dug up money hidden in Europe and South Korean and taken it. He's rotting away for life in prison and his brother trusts her in some one in a million chance at a joint bid, that even if they win, the world is skeptical of Venezuelan's long term prospects."

    "So what gives?" Liddy asks.

    "I'd like to know why she's even in the oil business," Moe asks. "When she left for Europe she went to work in mining. And we need a better reading on Ben."

    Amy asks Ben what he'll do without his brother.

    "Not every deal I put together was tied to him."

    "Sure it was." Amy swirls her red wine while looking at Ben's penthouse view. "I heard you've got some Chinese friends backing your bid."

    "Did you?"

    "Come on Ben. We know what's going to happen. Lucas gets in on this and Ewing Oil gets burned."

    "That'd be my guess."

    "But you're not worried. You're jumping in with both feet. You've got something up."

    "Maybe I have."

    Bo leaves a Dallas night club with two young girls, all laughing, a bit drunk. A limousine pulls up and Bianca de le Vega gets out. "Mr. Ewing. You do know these two girls you got drunk aren't twenty-one?"

    "Who the hell are you?"

    "A friend of your brother's. Bianca de le Vega." She them motions to two men with her, "Take care of them so they don't bother Mr. Ewing." The men pull the girls away. "Need a ride?" She helps Bo into her car, groping his ass in the process. "So I hear you're on the board of the OLM."

    Late at night Lucas is working in his office going over financials when Al steps in. "What's up with this Venezuelan bid?"

    "Why are you interested in my business?"

    "And you've got the DLV Group and Saddle Tree as partners."

    "I've got enough stress in my life putting this together without you going back to my cousin to tell on me."

    Al massages his neck and shoulders. "You know I wouldn't hurt you."

    "I know you and John Ross discuss Ewing Oil with Moe and Liddy."

    "As an investment of Ewing Industries."

    "Do you know Ben Wendell is putting in a bid?"

    "It was brought up," Lucas says.

    "Did you know that Lucy was married to Ben?"


    "Did you know that Lucy owns half his company?"

    "No I didn't. How do you know?"

    "I have my sources."

    Al reaches in front and massages Lucas's chest.

    Lucas slides into bed next to Amy in the dark of night. Amy says, "So how are you holding up?"

    "I know everything I'm going to know about Long Dia."

    "I'm confident you can handle him."

    "I let John Ross's team know about Lucy being Ben Wendell's partner too."


    "To get them looking over her shoulder as much as they're looking over mine."


    "Bianca de le Vega got to Bo tonight."

    "Really. Why?"

    "I don't know. She had to be watching him to know what he's got up to. She's in with much of Latin America, but I can't have her manipulating Bo. I'll have to figure out a way to deal with her."

    "How's he doing on the OLM board."

    "Brilliant. At first recused himself of anything related to a Ewing Investment. I convinced him that those were too many. I told him to go hard on us, that we could handle it. John Ross isn't gonna put the screws to Bo. And Bo is holding up his Wellen Formation pipeline."

    "What goods that do you? Dive a wedge between John Ross and Bo?"

    "Not in the least. John Ross will handle it and go around Bo. No what it does is make Bo Ewing the people's champion. Sooner we build up that reputation, the sooner her gets elected to office and signs his half of Ewing Industries over to me in a blind trust."

    "One step at a time then."

    In his morning meeting John Ross says, "No one's talking to Bo. He thinks what he's doing is the right thing. Hell, he could be. It's not like these pipelines don't have their issues. No, your job is to work your way around Bo. My brother keeps this up he'll be running for office. Maybe he's found his callin'."

    "Not if he's still out parting with young girls," Moe says. "And why's he going home with Bianca de le Vega?"

    Ben walks into the living room of a plush hacienda over looking a vast field. "Your host has taken very good care of you. How do you like Argentina?"

    David turns around, "How's your contact with Long Dia?"

    "We've worked out a deal. He'll be in Dallas next week."


    "Your friend donated the money for the hospital and made the arrangements to lure Mitch to run the program."

    "Good. You'll need Mitch Cooper here to occupy your x-wife."

    "Amy Ewing came to see me."

    "Just out of the blue."


    "Be careful of her."

    "I only fed her the information we need them to know."


    At Southfork the family gathers in the living room. Lucy says to Bo as he rushes in, "Six sharp."

    "I know. I know. I made it."


    "I came from Austin. Shouldn't I get a little leeway? Liddy, what are you doing here?"

    John Ross answers, "I invited her to stay. We've been working all day, pouring through reports. Have I said how much I hate reading? Anyway, I asked her to stay for dinner. She's going to be staying in the guest room for the time being."

    Lucy says, "And Al's in one of the cottages . . ."

    "Keep a better eye on security that way."

    "I'm just saying, this place is getting pretty full, even for me. Pamela's in one of the cottages."

    "That's not my fault," John Ross says looking at Lucas.

    "I didn't know she was going to stay." Lucas takes a drink.

    Amy asks, "Say Lucy, did you hear who they've brought in to head up the Jeremy D. Wendell Center for Reconstructive Surgery at Southwestern?"


    "Dr. Mitch Cooper. Pamela mentioned she was having diner with her uncle tonight."

    "Why would Mitch be back in Dallas?" Lucy asks taking a big swig of her drink and sitting down, holding her glass up to be refilled.

    "You want me to invite him over to find out?" Amy takes Lucy's glass and refills it.

    "No I don't."

    "I made some calls. I've pretty involved with the hospital's fundraising. Apparently Richard Brandon created the J. David Wendell Professor of Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery position and they wanted your x-husband to fill the position."

    "Who's Richard Brandon and why would he do something like that?"

    Liddy answers, "He's a hedge fund manager. I can only guess because David or Ben Wendell asked him to."

    "For what?"

    "Good question," Lucas states. "I'm gonna guess because you own a share of the Wendell company."

    "And how do you know that?"

    "I make it my business to know everything that goes on in my town."

    "So what? So I got a share of Ben's business in the divorce. There wasn't anything to the company when we split up except some oil leases I helped him get with John Ross's help up in North Dakota, along time ago."

    "Well you helped him start out with some loans since his father cut him off and putting him in touch with John Ross. Then his momma left him her share of Lee Oil and his brother helped him grow the company with sweetheart deals. Not much that snake oil salesman could do for himself. I'd say you were entitled to a share, but now you're gonna watch him sink the whole thing without his brother holding his hand."

    "I use to feel so sorry for him. But after two years of that, I couldn't stand to look at him."

    "Tell ya what, I'll buy your share of his company and you can be done with him."

    "No business talk," John Ross announces.

    Amy says, "I heard my Tío Carlos is constructing a public garden he's naming after Marta, in Mexico."

    John Ross adds, "With a life size statue of her sitting on a bench, holding Steven while watching Jay and Sofi play in a fountain."

    "How lovely," Lucy comments. "Sounds like a project he can work on for the rest of his life."

    Pamela sits with Mitch Cooper at the dark Cattleman's Club. He says, "I don't get why Ben Wendell would think me being in Dallas would distract Lucy from his company if she's never said a thing before."

    "I don't know what he's up to, but I can tell you it's not to help people who need reconstructive surgery."

    "There's no reason for me to even run into her. Besides if I can't trust him why are you in business with him?"

    "My partners want in on this Venezuelan oil bid."

    "I can't figure out why you're back in Dallas and why you're back in the oil business."

    "My son needs me."

    A group of young girls, barely old enough to drink gather around a table celebrating something. The waitress turns down two of the five as underage.

    Bo struts up to one of them, a beautiful blonde in skin tight, white nylon shorts and a v neck t-shirt. "So I'm thinking you're Heather Wendell."

    "Yes I am. And should I know you?" Heather checks him out with a big grin on her face.

    "I'm Bo Ewing. I'm told we're suppose to hate each other."

    "Are we?"

    Bo grins. "I think I heard your father and uncle are our enemies."

    "Since my Uncle David's rotting in some South American prison thanks to your family and my father's running some tiny oil company, small compared to the Ewing Brothers and my uncle's standards, I'd say you're winning."

    "Yeah well I'd say never bet against a Ewing when he's going after what he wants."

    "And what is it you want, Bo Ewing?"

    "To get in your pants."

    "Well you're direct."

    "Why not?"

    "Yeah, not."

    In a motel room Bo and Heather go at it like wild animals, tearing each other's clothes off, humping over the counter so they can watch themselves in the mirror.

    Undressing for bed Lucas says to Amy, "I'm counting on Bo to get us some information out of Heather Wendell."

    "Have you figured out Pamela's contact try?"

    "Some guy named Jim Davis?"

    "Who's that?"

    "I haven't a clue, but neither does she, apparently. My guy said they text. She's been approached by curriers. With his associates, his word not mine, he's financed her purchase of Trident and to turn it into Barnes Wentworth. You remember a spike in silver prices a few years ago?"

    "No, but . . ."

    "Apparently she used her position at BNP to make it happen, BNP and the other big three in mining. These associates made a killing."

    "You can't get a trace on her texts?"

    "No. As my guy said, this person is using some very sophisticated software. The few phone calls they've had, he disguised his voice. It's been altered in a way she can't tell, but it's disguised. He's put her in touch with high ranking officials inside Venezuela."

    "So you think that'll give her an edge in the bid?"

    "It's possible."

    In the morning John Ross wads up and tosses a letter across the room. "How the hell is he still dead! You're telling me it's not Carlos or Judith. We didn't know they were friends of JR's until a few years before he died. Well I didn't know about Judith and him until after he died. They just suddenly appear. What about Bum?"

    Al says, "I have them all watched. It's just not possible."

    "Then there's a forth person."

    "I don't know who."

    "Then he's alive."

    "You saw him dead," Liddy says. "They did an autopsy."

    "Then explain these letters. JR could have been preparing for this for years but no way he wrote a letter for every situation. What was he clairvoyant? I'm sick of this. I want to know where the hell these letters are coming from. They're things he's written only JR should know." John Ross sits down, almost spell bound.

    Pamela stomps up from the cottages carrying a vase of two dozen roses. Everyone's eating breakfast, including the kids. She throws them in the pool and turns to stare down John Ross. "Don't you ever send me flowers again!"

    "What hell ya talkin' 'bout darlin'?"

    "Momma that was me. I sent them," Jay says.

    "What?" Pamela looks stricken.

    "I said welcome home. I don't understand what was wrong."

    "I though . . . Oh sweetie." She bends down and hugs Jay. Sofi squeezes into the hug. "It said love John Ross, Jay, Sofi and Steven and I thought your dad sent them."

    "I just used Southfork's account. I'm sorry if I up set you."

    "Oh no. It was my fault. I jumped to a stupid conclusion. Just eat your breakfast. The two of you." She kisses them both and without looking at anyone goes back toward her cottage.

    At her door she says, "Why are you following me?"

    "Because we should talk," John Ross answers.

    "No we shouldn't. It's never ended well."

    "I know you love me. I know you left because you couldn't see me with Marta."

    "I left because Jay deserved a whole family, not a broken one."

    "Are you lying to me or yourself?"

    "Leave me alone John Ross."

    "I know the kids love me but they need me. And I know Marta did, but . . . In all my life you're the only one who's ever made me feel loved. You risked your life to be able to do something you thought I wanted."

    "I'm not explaining that again."

    "I've never really hurt anyone. Disappointed people because they wanted something out of me, but never hurt them because no one really cared. I know you did. I know you still do. I fell in love with you the minute I meet you. Back when you wouldn't give me the time of day. When we were just kids. And I told Christopher who you were. He wouldn't believe me. I couldn't forget you. Though I've tried."

    "Well you should. I don't love you. And I never did." Pamela goes in the cottage and slams the door.

    Inside Pamela leans against the door and slides down out of breath. She begins to cry.

    Bo walks out the back of the Ewing Museum with Heather. She recounts that the house use to belong to her uncle David. They walk a bit further into the formal garden. He asks, "Did you get it?" She hand him a flash drive. He grabs her up and kisses her, pats her butt and says, "Good girl."

    In his office Lucas is thrilled to go over the contents of the flash drive with Bo. "Problem is, Long Dia's playing both sides beyween Ben and Pamela. Now what to do about it?" He pats Bo on the shoulder, "Good work. I've got another assignment for you. There's a last minute open State Senate seat that you happen to live in. I want you in it."

    "What about the OLM?"

    "Don't worry about that. I've got it covered."

    "I don't know about running for office."

    "You'll have people for that. You'll just need to keep your nose clean."

    "That's the part I don't know about."

    "What about Liddy Wendell? You think you could talk her into settling down?"

    "What? I don't know if I'd want to."

    "You think about it."

    Lucy meets with Mitch at the hospital. "I figured we might as well get this over with," she says.

    He hugs her. "How have you been Lucy?"

    "I'm always good. And you?"

    "Busy. New job. New Center. I was told the Ewing Foundation matched the Wendell grant but all the money up front. They want it named the Ewing Wendell Reconstructive Center. I assume that's what you want."

    "What I want is the name Wendell dropped. But your people were reluctant to go there."

    "And I hear you're back in the oil business."

    "Not really. Just a silent investor in a few businesses."

    "I see. You must be glad, living at Southfork. I always knew how much it meant to you."

    "Funny enough I am. I've got my little room. I come and go as I want. I'm off to New York later in the week. Some shopping."

    "Good for you. I'm glad everything turned out well for you."

    "And you?"

    "I'm happy. I'm not jet setting but I'm happy with my life. Bought a new house. Not to far from the museum you opened up."

    "Nice neighborhood."

    "It is. Well, I'd better get working. I hear you've got a meeting with our fundraising people. I hope we'll see each other around."

    "That'd be nice."

    Mitch hugs her again.

    A limousine comes roaring down a dirt driveway toward a barn where Bobby and Gary are busy celebrating a new calf. Once it comes to a quick halt John Ross gets out of the back and demands, "You better tell me you don't know a god damn thing!" He marches up to Bobby."

    "What hell's got into you boy?" Bobby questions.

    "Since JR died. I been getting letters from him. At first I assumed he wrote them all before he died. He had time to plan it out."

    "You said that before. Instructions for his master piece. But you already went through all that. You tellin' me there's more?"

    "The letters got too specific. Stuff only he knew and stuff he couldn't have predicted."

    "So what he's got someone writing letters for him. What do you think it's me?"

    "No. I doubt you'd have anything to do with his schemes."

    "Certainly not to screw me and your mother out of Ewing Global. Carlos?"

    "No. I'm positive it's not him. Not Bum. Or Judith."

    "Judith who?"

    "Judith Brown. Harris Ryland's mom. Turns out they were old friends. She was in on every bit of his scheme."

    "Figures. How can you be sure it wasn't one of them?"

    "I'm sure. So I got figuring, maybe he didn't die."

    "I identified the body, John Ross. You were there."

    "I had him dug back up. Full autopsy. Stuff we wouldn't have considered. Reconstructive surgery. DNA testing."


    "That isn't JR Ewing buried on Southfork."

    "You got to be kidding me."

    "No I'm not. So first thing I want, answers from Bum, but he's disappeared. Judith and Carlos are out of the country."

    "Wait a minute. How is this possible? Why?"

    "JR explained to me in a letter I needed a wake up call and having to step into my father's shoes was just what I needed to grow up."

    "That's absurd."

    "Were talking JR Ewing's logic."

    "I swear to you John Ross, I had no idea."

    "There's something else. I found Grandpa Jock's body in Venezuela. I'm having him flow up to be buried at Southfork."

    "How'd you pull that off?"

    "JR, or who ever, put me in contact with this group, El Valle. I did a DNA test on him too. It's really grandpa. He lived a lot longer than anyone thought. The U.S. government sent him down to help rally support for a revolution among some wildcatters he knew."

    "Oh my god."

    "This time I think we might actually pull it off. There're stirring in the western third of the country. If it's successful Maracaibo will be a breakaway state."

    "Why are you involved in this?"

    "Grandpa started it and I intend to see it through."

    "It cost your grandpa his life."

    "I'm not gonna cower in a corner Uncle Bobby, but I've got three kids that need me. So I won't be risking my life either."

    "After they almost killed Chris, he gave up. What he was doing was right. It wasn't just about making himself a lot of money. But they broke him."

    "Don't you worry, his patents are safe. And one day, one day I'll see to it that they live up to their promise."

    "Thank you."

    "Uncle Gary."

    "John Ross."

    John Ross gets back in his car and the car drives off.

    Bobby and Gary are surprised about JR and are glad to know their daddy's returning to Southfork. Gary says, "So no one shot JR?"

    "I guess not."

    "Do you think Sue Ellen knows?"

    "Now that I think about, yes. Yes I do. Not long after John Ross took Ewing Global from us she just vanished. It wasn't just loosing the company. Something happened and I couldn't figure out what. She knew. I'm certain of it. In fact she said something about having to go have dinner with a very old friend."

    Al meets Lucas at his car as he gets out after work. "I need to talk to you."

    "Sure. Go ahead."

    "Your digging around Pamela. You keep unearthing stuff you'd better stay clear of."

    "Like what?"

    "The Association. I don't know how much you know, but you should know enough to stay clear of them."

    "Well Alejandro, since Pamela's up to her eye balls with them, I figure I'd rather know than not."

    "John Ross has had enough trying to deal with them and hold onto Wentworth Tool and Die, not to mention the Ewing Extraction Process."

    "What's that got to do with Pamela?"

    "They attempted to kill Chris to keep his extraction process from sending the price of crude any lower with his extraction research. They killed Herbert and then Rebecca Wentworth over a drill bit that would have had the same effect. Her daughter's Pamela and Katherine are still in hiding because of it. And her son, Cliff Barnes, he risked his own daughter's life to get at the extraction process for them, which was better than the guarantee of them killing her, or worse. These aren't people you can deal with."

    "Sounds like someone has to."

    "Not by groping around in the dark."

    "John Ross know who his wife is dealing with?"

    "Yes he does. Unfortunately she doesn't. And neither do you. So you can back off on your own or I can speak to your cousin about where you're up to."

    "I'm not backing off to let Pamela get the upper hand on a deal over Ewing Oil. I don't care who's she's doing business with. You can tell John Ross that or would you prefer I did?"

    "Be my guest." Al steps out of his way and Lucas walks up to the house.

    David Wendell meets with a man about his age and tells him, "I want Wendell's debt turned into shares, my shares. And I want Lucy Ewing out of the company."

    "For a man in your position you make a lot of demands."

    "You tell Paul Sorensen what I want. If he wants to negotiate he can show up here, himself."

    "Paul," Lucy says walking up to a restaurant table in Dallas. They hug. "It's been way to long." They sit and begin small talk about life in New York. "Alright, you came all the way here because you want something," Lucas says.

    "Fair enough. I want in on this Venezuelan oil bid".

    Lucy laughs. "How many bidders are there?"

    "I've heard a dozen, each a combination of companies, like the Calco Corporation with Ewing Oil and Saddle Tree."

    "Well you're not here to buy me out of Ewing Oil. So how much for Wendell?"

    He takes a check out of his pocket and hands it to her."

    "You are serious."

    "That's almost as much as you got when my brother died."

    "Yeah as I recall you wanted me out of the family in a hurry. I'm not going to ask what makes you think half of Wendell is worth this much, because of you did answer you'd lie anyway."

    A hug grin crosses Paul's face. "It's been a long time Lucy." He reaches out and touches her hand. "My brother was a lucky man."

    Lucy recoils. "He could have done with a more caring family."

    "Well, the Sorensen's are a very pragmatic bunch."

    "I see." Lucy holds up the check.

    "I don't know why you married that toad, Ben Wendell, in the first place."

    "We all have our weak moments. The fact that my Uncle JR disapproved helped. I got a wedding gift in the mail. He was in the nursing home the first time. Wasn't saying a word to anyone. A shot gun arrived as a wedding gift. Nicely wrapped. No card. It brought a smile to my grandmother's face. She didn't approve of the marriage either."

    "Well good thing you didn't listen to them." Paul nods to the check.

    "It's a generous offer. I should of held out. But I already sold my share."

    "To who?"

    She holds out her hand.

    "I'm not giving it to you for information."

    "Then I'm not telling. But I know you brought it. You're not stupid enough to think I'd make any deal without it being included. Your brother gave it to me." He hands her a large jewelry box. She opens it to see an exquisite diamond necklace with matching earrings, almost lace in quality, though containing enormous stones of various shades of blue surrounded in a sea of transparent glitter. She motions over to a young man. Standing at the table he examines the jewelry. He nods with a big smile and takes it with him, right out of the restaurant, surrounded by what appear to be guards. "Marie Antoinette would be happy to see it returned to the light of day don't you think?"

    "The name?"


    Paul's face turns to stone as he gets up and walks out.

    Lucy sits back watching him with an enormous grin on her face.

    Dinner breaks up. The family goes their way. Lucy and Amy take the kids up stair. John Ross tells them he'll be up to read them a story. Bo says he's meeting some guys up at the Whole in the Wall and leaves.

    Lucas follows John Ross into his study. "Your friend Al confronted me in the driveway before dinner."

    "I heard."

    "What, he run in ta tell ya?"

    "Sent me a text as a heads up. But I knew he was gonna talk to ya."

    "I'm not backing off to let Pamela get the upper hand on a deal over Ewing Oil."

    "That's fine."

    "Fine? Al made it sound like you'd expect me to back off her."


    "Who the hell are these people she's dealin' with?"

    "I don't know. If I knew, I'd do something about 'em. That's the thing. You'll see people who you think know, but don't. The people you know dealing with Pamela, they don't know who they're dealing with themselves."

    "Oh come on. This is bull shit. She meet with Paul Sorensen and Long Dia."

    "Paul Sorensen?"

    "Lucy meet with him too. He was her brother-in-law."

    "I know who he is. I went to school with a cousin of his. Are you keeping an eye on Lucy? Cause you better not let her find out."

    "She owns a piece of Ewing Oil."

    "So do I. You're not spying on me are ya?"

    "I do what I have to do."

    "Well Lucas, you remember that. We all do."

    Paul walks into Pamela's office. "So you heard BNP sold me their share of Wendell Petroleum and Gas," she says. "I've submitted an offer to Ben for his share as well. I'm also working with BNP and SinoChang to put together a Venezuelan off shore bid. That should about cover everything. Anything else you came to see me about?"

    "I have some backers who want in."

    "I'm not looking for any other partners."

    "You've taken on a lot of debt. I can help ease your burden."

    "No thank you."

    Ben sits reading a book in his living room. A bullet silently pierces his window and into his skull. His body falls to the floor and a pool of blood floods around his head.
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    Bo and Heather rolls around in bed together before she cuddles in his arms. "You haven't even had his funeral and you've got offers from Pamela and your uncle?"

    "And some other people too."

    "Like who?"

    "Bianca de la Vega, Paul Sorensen and Dia Long. Do you know any of them?"

    "No but I'll put them in my phone." Bo picks up his phone and puts in the names. "My brother might. Just don't do a thing until you talk to him. He'll get you a fair price."

    Heather starts to tickle him.

    On the phone in her office Pamela says, "Since I started at BNP I've done everything you've asked."

    "And you've been rewarded handsomely. You got to run BNP and you now you've got a large share in your own oil company."

    "And who the hell is Island Investments"

    "A Caymen Island holding company for myself and some friends. It only has a few assets. Shares in Barnes Wentworth being among them."

    "You're a wealthy woman. We've got you control of your father's estate. Six billion dollars worth of control. And since proving your Aunt Pam is alive, we've got control of her estate. This Venezuelan deal, we don't want you involved in."

    "I'm not asking your permission."

    "Once things are settled with Maracaibo you can proceed. But Venezuela is too unstable. I assure you."

    "Alright. I'll proceed but pull out before I invest in anything."

    "That's fine."

    He hands up and she studies the phone with a determined look.

    Liddy sits looking over financials with Bianca. "What you need to remember is Ewing Industries owns most of the DLV Group, so we are going to proceed. Ewing Oil will acquire all the plays of de la Vega Oil. The rest of the company were here to restructure as an oil field services and construction company. It'll free up the cash you've been wanting for yourself and you keep running the company. What we really want is you as the face in Latin America. You have people who trust you and we need that. You've got operation in North America and Europe. We've got assets that'll expand your reach to North Africa and the Middle East. But you have to remember, you work for Ewing Industries. Not that your partners need to know that. What they do need is for you to advise them to slow down on this Venezuelan bid."

    "I disagree."

    "And again I have to remind you, you're not self-employed."

    John Ross hops down off his horse, so does Jay. Jay is telling him all about World War I and what he learned in school. They took the war and divided it into pieces. He got the Treaty of Versailles, so he did a PowerPoint. John Ross would love to see the PowerPoint some time. "I used Sun Tzu quotes for the analysis daddy."

    "Did you?"

    "Yes. My friend Sam. His dads from China so he read them in Chinese for me and then Uncle Bo read the English translation. The effect was so cool when that slide came up on the screen."

    "I'm so glad you're in a place you can thrive."

    "There is no instance of a nation benefiting from prolonged warfare."

    John Ross watches as a helicopter lands on Southfork. "To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy." Jay looks at his dad puzzled. "When I was your age I was having trouble reading. They were going to hold up my enter education and make me feel bad about myself because of it. "Who wishes to fight must first count the cost."

    Jay looks at the man coming down out of the helicopter, Paul Sorensen. "Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across."

    John Ross smiles at his son.

    The two approach Paul as Paul approaches him. John Ross introduces his son. They all shake and walk toward the barns. "You sent Moe Ben-Gurion and Liddy Wendell to represent Ewing Industries on the board of BNP."

    "I dot know what you're talking about Paul."

    "Of course you do. Ewing Industries is now the largest investor in BNP."

    "I wouldn't know. You'll have to ask Liddy."

    "I did. A full five percent."

    "Well she must have her reasons."

    "BNP is suppose to be mine."

    "I'm sure it is. They'll back you." John Ross pats his shoulder. "You'll do a fine job. Who's your CEO? Well they can advise you on that. Come look at my operation here. We've got a fine set up here. Lot of old tools, but we've been in business a long time. We buy what we need, when we needed it."

    Heather walks out of a Dallas department store with her girlfriends. A van pulls up and two men jump out to take her in broad daylight, leaving the girls screaming as they drive away.

    Lucas shows Bo pictures of girls. "Now this is Samantha Culver. She's the great granddaughter of Sam Culver who was the governor of Texas. You get elected to the State Senate she helps get you to the Governor's Mansion than the White House. Young and pretty. Whataya say? Amy will get involved with some project that'll invite her over to Southfork. She'll ask he to stay for dinner. You'll charm her. Get her to attend you political functions. She's the one. What ya think?"

    "Yeah I suppose so."

    Amy oversees the setting up of tables for a large charity banquet in a Dallas hotel when a young, stunningly handsome Chinese man approaches her. "Mrs. Ewing. Long Dia."

    "Hello Mr. Long. How can I help you?"

    "I'm the Vice President of SinoChang, the Chinese oil company. I'm in charge of international relations. We're looking to host some events here in Texas. I was wondering if you'd be so kind as to take us on as a client."

    "Certainly, Mr. Long."

    "Please call me Dia."

    Amy and Dia enter a hotel room where she rips open his shirt and rubs his chest, passionately kissing as they make their way to the bed."

    In a meeting in her office Pamela speaks to three different officers of her company, "We can proceed. Barnes Wentworth will buy Wendell Petroleum and Gas. You manage Heather's payout in trust, diversifying it as a dutiful fiduciary would. You see to it, it's assets are weaved into this company and you add to the Sorensen contribution to the hospital. He'd better get that situation fixed."

    Lucy, Paul and Mitch walk down the white hall off the hospital lobby. "So, yes we'll increase our donation but we want a change. Instead of Wendell we want it named Ewing Sorensen."

    Mitch says, "Of course. That's not a problem at all. Oh this is Andrew Cartwright, the nation's top reconstructive surgeon. He's U of T's Rebecca Wentworth Professor of Reconstructive Surgery. A new appointment sponsored by my niece. These are the donors for the center, Paul Sorensen of the Sorenson Foundation and Lucy Ewing of the Ewing Family Foundation."

    The man shakes Lucy's hand and says, "I knew your Uncle JR."

    "Did you? I can't imagine my uncle turning to a plastic surgeon."

    "No I suppose not."

    Paul and Dia meet in a public park when Lucas approaches. "How are things progressing?"

    Paul answers him, "Maracaibo is at war as we speak. We've got people in Washington putting pressure on the president to recognize their independence as soon as possible."

    "SinoChang will continue to work on its deal with Venezuela, to include Barnes Wentworth. I'm sure Bianca will do the same with Ewing Oil. They'll object once we strike a deal with Maracaibo. They'll cut us off."

    Lucas says, "But the deal was a scam anyway. We all know as soon as we were up and running they'd nationalize our operations."

    Paul says, "Exactly. So we're ready, Sorensen and Associates, Saddle Tree and SinoLong will develop the Maracaibo oil."

    Dia asks Paul, "You're sure there's nothing in our way. I've heard chatter that certain people will oppose the three of us locking up Maracaibo's oil for ourselves."

    "Of course certain people will, but we've got the thumbs up from my Associates."

    "Including Jim Davis?" Lucas asks.

    "Mr. Ewing, we have a rule. We don't mention members by name."

    "Do we even know who he is."

    "We don't need to know."

    "Do you?"

    "I'm not discussing it. I suggest you stop."

    Dia says, "I brought up his name, and yours," nodding to Paul, "to my boss. Two months later the party had them up on charges of treason."

    "Inside China," Lucas utters.

    "So we don't talk names Mr. Ewing. Including mine."

    Paul works the room of a high end cocktail party in New York when an elderly man approaches. "Name dropping isn't a good idea. Especially when you're hoping to make rank."

    "No but that was Lucas Ewing."

    "And another name. Your father assures me you're not thick."

    "I take it you know what we talked about."

    "I take it you were honest with your father."

    "Of course."

    The man gives him a suspicious eye. "The Association won't be split. 'If he is in superior strength, evade him. If your opponent is temperamental, seek to irritate him. Pretend to be weak, that he may grow arrogant. If he is taking his ease, give him no rest. If his forces are united, separate them. If sovereign and subject are in accord, put division between them. Attack him where he is unprepared, appear where you are not expected'."

    Moe puts his hand on the old man's shoulder, "Father, were leaving."

    "Yes I believe we were."

    "Hello Paul."

    "Hello Moe."

    "I was just giving Paul here a lesson. One he should know as well as we do."

    "And that is?"

    "Be secure in all points. Be prepared."

    "Thank you sir. I appreciate the reminder."

    "Not a problem. No where does it say we have to actually like each other, does it?" Without waiting for a reply the old man and Moe depart.

    Lucas walks in to Marta's studio on Southfork. Amy is looking over some paintings. She tells him, "Lucy wanted me to find go through Marta's things and pick what I think belongs in the museum."

    "You get any information out of Long Dia?"

    "Not yet."

    Al walks in and stops seeing the two talking. Amy calls him over, "Al. Do you have the people to transport the paintings?"


    "Ok. There's only a few of them. Let me see." She goes back to looking pulling out three. "I'll take them. You stay here with Lucas. He's stressing himself out over this Venezuelan oil deal. Maybe you can help him relax."

    They watch her take the three paintings outside. Al grabs Lucas and they kiss.

    Long Dia walks into the offices of SinoChang and asks the secretary, "Is he here?"

    "Yes. And he knows about SinoLong. He told me to tell you."

    Dia walks into a board room to find David talking business with a group of executives. He sends them out of the room. "Long Dia. I'm David Wendell, Chairman and CEO of SinoChang America. Your boss. Please come in. We were just going over SinoLong. My bosses want a bigger cut. And I'd like a share. But we can discuss those details later. What I need to discuss with you now and your role with SinoChang is some political details. I'm told you had an impact on the last Presidential election. Divide and conquer." The intercom buzzes. "One second. Yes."

    "Mr. Wendell, your wife is here."

    "Send her in."

    As he says it the door opens and Katherine Wentworth appears.

    At a small gathering out back of Southfork the Ewing's and Culver's celebrate the marriage of Bo and Sam. John Ross makes a toast to Senator Bo Ewing and his lovely bridge.

    Walking to their car Lucas assures Bo everything is in good hands. He's got his blind trust, patting his jacket pocket, and all Bo has to do is worry about making some babies while he's on his honeymoon."

    Pamela walks into her office late at night and says to a chair turned around to face out the window, "I'm glad you finally agreed to meet me Mr. Davis, if Jim Davis really is your name."

    She's shocked when John Ross turns around.

    Lucas walks out of his office, in the dark of night and says, "Who's there? He's shot and falls to the floor.

    End of Season 1
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    John Ross Ewing*
    Lucas Ewing*
    Amy Ewing
    Bo Ewing
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    Lucy Ewing*


    David Wendell
    Al Valdez
    Moe Ben-Gurion
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    guest starring:

    Katherine Wentworth Wendell*
    Long Dia

    The Ewing family rushes into the hospital. Liddy asks at the desk about Lucas and Al approaches. "He's in the OR right now."

    John Ross says, "What the hell happened? How'd someone get through our net?"

    "Inside job. I'll explain later."

    Al walks over to Amy. She hugs him.

    In the back of a limousine Liddy and John Ross face Al. Al says, "I shot him, to keep him from digging. Paul Sorensen already killed Ben Wendell. He's got Heather. He's after Pamela next. I've got a security detail on her but it won't matter if she doesn't cooperate."

    "She will," John Ross says. "We had a long talk. Sorensens been in the long game to he wants Maracaibo's oil, bad. There are those that reward him and those that think he's behaving risky. She's pulling out of the bid with SinoChang."

    "Good. Unfortunately Lucas meet with Sorensen and Long Dia."

    "God damn it! No wonder you shot him. What the hell does it take to get through to him? So what happened?"

    "He wouldn't tell me, just that they're working something out. My guys could hear either. They used a jamming device. They know they're being watched."

    Liddy says, "What they're working out is for Lucas, Long Dia and Sorensen to profit going around Ewing Oil and SinoChang and the Association."

    They all agree.

    Al the says, "David Wendell is back. SinoChang hired him as CEO of SinoChang America. Long Dia's in the board but works for the parent company. He's also married. David that is. To Katherine Wentworth."

    Paul Sorensen walks off of an elevator into his penthouse. It's late and he pours himself a drink and looks out at the Dallas skyline. John Ross startles him by saying, "Beautiful evening."

    "How the hell did you get in here?"

    "Do you need to ask? Pamela's pulling out of the Venezuelan bid with SinoChang."

    "I heard. Apparently she's got a merger deal with StoneHurst. She takes over StoneHurst, renamed it Barnes Wentworth and becomes its largest shareholder. Not a bad move."

    "Killing Ben Wendell didn't help you in the least. So, you might as well give up his daughter."

    "What about Ewing Oil?

    "We're out of the Venezuela bid too. That was Lucas's play. Not mine. And he'll be recuperating for sometime."

    "Who do you have running Ewing Oil in his absence?"

    "Robert Ackerman."

    "Good choice. He'll stay out of my way."

    "Now all you've got to worry about is David Wendell."

    "I'm on the board of SinoChang. And I've got the ear of his bosses. I can handle Wendell."

    "And Long Dia?"

    "A partnership."

    "And the Maracaibo rebels."


    "If you say so. I am for a reason. Pamela's is from limits. You do anything to her and you'll beg me to kill you." Sorensen's phone chimes several texts in a row. John Ross says, "That'll be the confirmation that tells you how serious you better take me. I'm not her to threaten you because I'm not willing to. I don't want anything to to Pamela. And a preemptive strike might be all you've left me. Right now those friends," pointing to Paul's phone,"are protecting you. As you can see, there is a limit to that protection. My family."

    "I didn't shoot Lucas. But I can tell you his snooping around, I'm the least of his worries."

    "I know that. I've got him take care of. Just worry about yourself Paul. Our friendship only goes so far." John Ross pats him on the chest and walks toward the elevator, the doors opening as he approaches. John Ross turns around and says, "Nice place you have here." The doors close.

    The Ewing's gather before dinner. John Ross passing out cocktails. Lucy telling everyone about her late husband, Sorensen, and how he was the most charming con man anyone ever meet. Amy helps a weakened Lucas walk into the room. Bo shows up with Sam. The kids, come walking in. Jay and Sofi holding a toddling Steven's hands. Al walks in last. John Ross says, "Glad you could make it."

    The Ewing gather around the table. Amy wants to know about Mitch. Lucy blushes. Sofi asks, "Who's Mitch?"

    Amy asks how's Al like living in the ranch.

    "It's peaceful. I go for a ride almost every day after our morning meetings. Speaking of such. Liddy' moved into the city with her cousin Heather. She's pretty shaken. I'm going add heather to our security coverage."

    "Good idea," John Ross says. "Make sure she's safe."

    Amy asks, "Sam, Lucy I have a DoA meeting tomorrow. Want to join us?"

    "Lucy has no such thing. I don't do DoA meetings."

    "I'm afraid I've got a busy schedule as well. I'm back to working."

    "Oh I did know you worked."

    "I took some time off for the campaign."

    "What is it you do?" Lucy asks, emphasizing the word 'do.'

    Lucas says, "They're not use to anyone but me going to work."

    Sam laughs. "It's OK. I'm a senior strategies with Bryon, Yates and Krebs. We're a consulting firm. Lobbying, business, special projects."

    "I know the firm well. The Krebs name in all that is my sister."

    "Oh Margret Krebs is your sister. She's impressive. She's our President and CEO. What a small world."

    Amy adds, "The wedding gift you got from Secretary Dowling had her name on it too."

    "Oh I didn't put the two together. Small world. I saw her a few times in Austin, but I don't know if she's even been to our Dallas office. I don't usually work on political campaigns. Other than Bo's of course."

    "What is it you do than?" Lucy asks.

    "Well mostly coordinate campaigns for start ups, help them get recognized."

    John Ross says, "She's been one of my goto people who've brought start ups to my attention. We usually meet the first Tuesday of the month."

    "That's right. Mr. Ewing . . . I'm sorry, you had me thinking about work. John Ross has invested in some very interesting businesses."

    "You see that look from Lucy? We're wandering into forbidden territory. You can talk work or religion or even politics, were all closeted libertarians here, but you can call us Republicans. But you cannot talk business at the table, not Ewing Oil or Ewing Industries or investing of any kind. Charity work or working the ranch, those are usually safe topics. Any scuttlebutt around the water cooler will work just fine. But never business."

    Pamela sits alone in her cottage trying to eat dinner while going over financials. She places a call in the phone next to her. I'm speaker the voice says, "Yes Mrs. Ewing."

    "I'm missing the financials on LuceAckerman."

    "I'm sorry Mrs. Ewing. You looked over their plays this afternoon and passed on them. They've been shopping for a buyer for two years now. There just isn't much left to the company."

    "Yes but out geologists said there's a lot more if we can get at it. Bring over those financials. I'm going to make a very low offer. Once we've got it, I'll speak to John Ross. See what he has for getting at it."

    "Yes Mrs. Ewing. I'm on my way over."

    David and Katherine are celebrating the Venezuela deal in his office when Long Dia walks in. "Turn in the news."

    "Why? What's wrong?" He turns on the television.

    As the news anchor speaks Dia says, "The President has recognized Maracaibo."

    "What's that mean for us?" Katherine asks.

    "Well with instability Venezuela might back out of our deal. Or double down on it. I'm going to guess Maracaibo is going to try and strike some deals fast. Bring in oil money quick."

    "Of course Venezuela won't allow bidding on any of that and working with them. It'll be one or the other."

    Katherine says, "But we can create other oil companies like you and I did with Velasco Oil and Dia with SinoLong. We create dummy companies to funnel money our way."

    "Except anyone bidding on Maracaibo oil will be eager to expose us," Dia says, pointing to the screen and a news reporter on the scene talking about BranchWater mercenaries Protecting the oil sites throughout Maracaibo."

    "BranchWater?" Katherine asks.

    "They're a company owned by Ewing Industries."

    Paul walks in next. "You see what Ewing did? He's ripped the whole country apart."

    "John Ross isn't capable of such a thing."

    "You're an idiot Wendell. A willful idiot."

    "I've know that boy since he was born. JR sure, if he could muster the support, but not even on his own. But John Ross is a cowboy, a stupid red neck rigger who couldn't even get through college. You expect me to believe he orchestrated this?"

    "I don't give a shit what you believe. He did. And that's a fact."

    On the phone in John Rosses study Moe speaks Chinese. "Zhào xiānshēng, xièxiè nǐ dǎ diànhuà. Yóu yīn xiānshēng xīwàng nǐmen zhīdào nǐ quánlì zhīchí jìnrù quánqiú shíyóu gōngyè, chéngwéi yīgè wánzhěng de chéngyuán hé dúlì gōngsī . . ."

    "Mr. Zhao, thank you for taking my call. Mr. Ewing wants you to know you have his full support for entering the global petroleum industry as a full fledge member and independent company . . ."

    "Shì de, tā hé tā de tóngshìmen yīdàn zhǔnxǔ shǒucì gōngkāi fāxíng, jiù jíyú tóuzī zhōng chāng měiguó . . ."

    "Yes he and his associates are eager to invest in SinoChang America as soon as you authorize the initial public offering . . ."

    "Wǒmen tóngyì, zhōngguó de wèilái zhèngfǔ de suǒyǒuquán bù tài zhíjiē . . ."

    "We agree. The future of China is in less direct government ownership . . ."

    "Wǒmen qídàizhuó wǒmen zài shèng fúlǎngxīsī kē de huìyì, xièxiè nǐ . . ."

    "We look forward to our meeting in San Fransisco as well. Thank you."


    "Good bye." He turns to John Ross, Liddy, and Moe, "We're proceeding. But the reality of the Chinese government giving up any significant share is remote."

    "I'm not after a significant share, just a share. And some friends who realize my friendship more valuable to them than that some bureaucratic wonks." John Ross looks at Liddy. "Have you spoken to your father yet?"

    "Not yet. I don't really look forward to it. Not to meeting your x-wife's aunt."

    "Will you call her mother or Mumsy?"

    "You spent too much time in England." Liddy rolls her eyes.

    "How about BNP?"

    "Moe and I are on the board. We're slowly increasing your share. Al's directing them to significant rare earth finds. We're running way ahead of the curve on this one."

    Moe says, "The key will be to stay a head of the security issues."

    A knock comes from the door. "Come in," John Ross says.

    Pamela steps inside, "I'm sorry, I don't mean to disturb you."

    "No that's all right. We're finishing up. Most of this can wait until morning. We just had a overseas call to make."

    The three excuse themselves. John Ross asks Pamela to sit. "What's up?"

    "I'm having a hard time with you being Jim Davis. How could you arrange dominating the global silver market?"

    "Well that was Liddy's idea really."

    "You got me in and out of Venezuela safely."

    "Just a matter of knowing right people."

    "This whole thing in Maracaibo, you orchestrated it?"

    "There's only so much I'm willing to tell you."

    "My job with BNP?"

    "You got that on your own."

    "But my promotions?"

    "Pamela, you did an excellent job with the company. Whether I gave you a nudge in the right direction or not doesn't change that. What you do, running very complex organizations, you're brilliant at."

    "What if I asked to be on your team?"

    "What team?"

    "Ewing Industries."

    "You'd give up Barnes Wentworth?"

    "Yes. I don't own a large share anyway.

    Bo walks in the front door of Ben's old house. "How are you doing?" He asks while hugging Heather.

    "A bit shaken still. Haven't really left the house. I heard your married and a State Senator."

    "I've been busy."

    "Does that mean you can't come up stairs with me."

    "Oh no. I'm willing if you can keep a secret."

    Rubbing his chest Heather says, "Oh I promise you I can keep a secret when I want to."

    Lucy walks into Southfork's entry as Pamela directs movers up stairs. Lucy's says, "What are you doing?"

    "Moving in." She then directs a box into the living room where she follows and begins to put out pictures and nicknacks.

    "Who said you could move in?"

    "Why thank you for the warm welcome Lucy."

    "Look it we've all ignored you living out back. But this is too much."

    John Ross comes out of his study. "What's going on?"

    "Your x-wife has took it upon herself to move in."

    "Will you please tell you cousin I don't need permission."

    "I'm afraid she doesn't. I gave up half of my half of the house to her in the divorce. But in trust for Jay."

    "Well, I'm keeper my a closer eye on things."


    Lucy turns to see the movers carrying down furniture. "Where are you taking that?"

    "I can't have to sets of furniture in my bedroom."

    John and Sofi come running down stairs all excited and hug Pamela.

    Pamela walks into the study where John Ross meets with Liddy, Al and Moe. "I'd like to discuss how Barnes Wentworth gets a share of the Maracaibo oil."

    "It doesn't," Lucas says, entering the room behind her. "Those plays belong to Ewing Oil."

    "Oh there's plenty to share. Besides Barnes Wentworth is far bigger than Ewing Oil. And from what I'm hearing, Calco's refinery capacity has expanded significantly. They need all the oil we can throw at them."

    "Maracaibo oil are deals worked out with Ewing's." Lucas positions himself next to John Ross."

    "I'm a Ewing."

    "Not by blood."

    "I'm not sure why you're objecting," Pamela states. "Your father is Barnes Wentworth's largest investor." Lucas is shocked. "The Blackwell Fund owns nearly a hundred million shares. Ewing Industries isn't too far behind. Compared to you all I'm a minor player."

    Bo gets out of bed and pulls on his underwear on the way to the bathroom. A beautiful young girls rolls over in bed and says to him, "You really have to go so soon?"

    "I've got to vote this afternoon," Ben calls out. He steps back into the room, "Look it Ava, you know this is a one time thing or maybe just a few times thing, right?"

    "I'm not looking to end your marriage if that's what you mean. My father is the President of Ewing Oil. We're bound to run into each other from time to time. I just want to enjoy you when we do."

    "We'll see." Bo walks back into the bathroom.

    "We both know you're not a politician or a business man."

    She turns over in a huff hearing the shower start.

    Betsy walks out by the pool where Valjean sets her breakfast. Amy walks up asking, "What's with Pamela moving in?"

    "I'd like to know the answer to that to."

    "Is there anyone left to move in?"

    "My brother and sister. Then you'd have all the Ewing grandchildren packed in here."

    "Is she back with John Ross?"

    "God I hope not."

    Bobby joins John Ross in the barn where he's cleaning a horse stall. "Thank you for taking care of my father."

    "You went out to see?"

    "Yeah. He'd be happy to be back here. Wish I could say the same about your father."

    "Have you heard from Chris lately?"

    "No. He hasn't talked to me in years. Changed his name to Shepard."

    "I'm sorry Uncle Bobby. I heard he's working on drilling into super volcanos to relieve the pressure and in the process is creating an enormous energy source."

    "You're investing in Thermotron, I take it."

    "Ewing Industries owns the investment company Yellowstone, which owns Thermotron."

    "Just like your father."

    "Chris is an engineer, a damn good one. I never wanted him to fail. I just knew we needed money for him to succeed. He could never get it through his thick skull that no one was ever going to loan him the money to get going. They were going to want a piece. And he wanted it all for himself."

    "It was his creation."

    "And it would stay that way and never get anywhere without funding."

    "It's hard to give up what's yours."

    "Yeah well when you think everything is yours and your the victim of everyone's schemes, kinda makes it worse."

    "I let the whole thing ruin my marriage to Ann. It wasn't even JR. It was me getting in the middle of the two of you."

    "And picks me sides."

    "His life hadn't been easy. Still no lead on Pam."

    "She doesn't want to be found."

    "I hear Katherine Wentworth's in town. Married to Jeremy Wendell's son."

    "Haven't seen her yet, but that's what I'm told. Governor gave her a full pardon."

    "Not surprised."

    "You and Uncle Gary doing well with Westfork?"

    "Actually yes. Nice to have him back in my life. Nice to be working the ranch. Though we're both getting a bit old for it, just the two of us a few hands. Ray offered to go in with us, would help with some much needed money, but."

    "Yeah, he's done pretty well for himself."

    "He sure has. He's been developing a giant solar farm in Arizona. You wouldn't believe it if you saw it."

    "You guys figured out who shot Lucas?"

    "He's been doing some snooping. I told him to back off. There certain people you don't snoop around. Considering where he was shot, I'd say it was a friendly warning."

    "This dealing with Wendell and the Venezuelan oil?"

    "I'm assuming."

    "I was sure he was gone."

    "I was hoping. And the US won't extradite him."

    "He's worst than his father." Bobby shakes his head.

    "Considering all the dead bodies left in his wake."

    In Southfork's dinning room Pamela directs a very elderly Hispanic woman as to dinner. She says to Valjean, "And I want my place in the middle. Sofi on this side, Steven on this side. If you could put his highchair here for me. Jay across from me. I don't care where anyone else sits. We'll need a lower Center piece, make it fruit as well. Just as colorful but useful."

    Lucy walks into the room and asks, "What are you going?"

    "Setting up for dinner. Lucy this is Lucinda. Lucinda will be taking over the cooking. She's been with me since I was a baby. Dinner will be at seven as well. It's too much for me to be home and relaxed for dinner by six. John Ross said you sit at the head of the table down there. That's fine by me. I'm sitting in the middle across from Jay. I don't care where anyone else sits. I also informed Liddy and Al that if they live on Southfork they're expected to attend, hence the twelve place settings."

    "I see," Lucy says, not too pleased. "What'll we do if we go to fourteen or fifteen."

    "Go tight through that wall and add on, and keep adding on until we gave enough room for everyone. Speaking of which, I was talking to John Ross, since no one here uses the garage of converting it into a sitting room for me. He said he'd talk to you and Bo about it. By the way, you do realize that since John Ross only had a quarter of this house to give away and way the two of you wrote up hbd agreement splitting his share and your share with Lucas equally, that in effect we all have a quarter share. I wasn't sure if he told you."

    "I haven't heard much from him since you got here."

    Out in the barn Lucas walks past Bobby with out saying a word to each other. Bobby nods on his way out. Lucas ignores him on his way in.

    John Ross says to Lucas, "Getting around pretty good."

    "Apparently who ever shot me I tended it to be a warning."

    "We warned you the people you were looking into weren't safe."

    "I noticed Pamela backed off the Venezuelan oil bid. Of course she wants in on your Maracaibo oil deal."

    "They'll iron out the details"

    Barnes Wentworth is growing fast."

    "Well it's got the funds. It's a public company and Wall Street loves her. She's working with the electric car company's to add charging stations to Calco's gas stations."

    "Yea. Where the hell did that come from."

    "I put her on Calco's board in your absence. Moe will step down when you're ready to get back to work."

    "Have you made any head way in finding out how some got into Ewing Oil late in the evening?"

    "No. And I told you I wasn't digging. You want to dig up that nightmare you go right ahead, but I'm not going to touch it."

    "Well I do intend to get to the bottom of it. I'm just gonna let someone threaten my life and get away with my."

    "I already told you it was obviously a warning shot. But you do what you gotta do."

    "I also want to make it clear, now that I'm overseeing Bo's share of Ewing Industries, I'll be at your morning meetings."

    "You're not trying to push your way into our daddy's company are you?"

    "Just taking care of his interests."

    "That's fine. But his share of Ewing Industries isn't for sale. Not even to you."

    "I'm not trying my hands."

    "Let me make it clear. I'll kick your ass right over the county line you sell so much as one share."

    "I'm not your lackey."

    "No. You're not. I don't have any of those. But those shares are off limits. That's a promise."

    Al approaches and watches Lucas leave. "They arrested Holly Harwood."

    "Good. Just make sure her money is protected and ends up in my sister's hands."

    "Wendell spearheads CalcoHarwood's book cooking scandal and they can't get anything to stick on him. And fall guys like Holly Harwood will never get out of prison."

    "Just as long as I have what will stick on Wendell,I'm good with that. 'Cause when I'm done with him, he'll wished he'd stayed in Venezuela."

    Lucas walks out the back of Southfork and redirects Bo from going in. "Dinner's gonna be a bit late. So how'd it go with Ava Ackerman."

    "Just as planned."

    "Good. I need as many avenues to get him out of my as possible."

    "When are you going back to running Ewing Oil?"

    "I should be back now. John Ross and Lucy keep making a fuss. Pamela grabbed up LuceAckerman."

    "What's that?"

    "An oil company, related to Robert Ackerman but family sold out long time ago. Pamela's got John Ross leading her Ewing Alternative Energy tech to get at the oil they couldn't get at. She also grabbed up Peter Wendell's, David's youngest brother's WenDixon Oil. Same thing. Company's oil plays all dried up and she comes in and opens back up. That's Ewing tech I should have exclusive access to and I sitting on the sidelines. Think what it's costing you for him to favor Barnes Wentworth over Ewing Oil."

    "I didn't think of it that way. But I trust John Ross."

    "Not when that woman's concerned. She's growing that company by leaps and bounds. She's got five old CalcoHarwood plays in the North Sea Plays she's opening back up. Two in the gulf. She just got back from Kazakhstan to negotiate a Caspian Sea bid. She acquired McLeish, a Canadian oil company. There's an Angola oil deal I hear in the works. She's got Iraqi plays. A bid for Brazil off shore oil. She wants in on Ewing Oil's Arctic play."


    "And if I don't get back in there Ackerman will cut her in on Alaska."

    In Southfork's living room the family gathers later than usual for cocktails. Bo tells Sam he's got a meeting after dinner with some constituents. Pamela plays checkers with Jay. John Ross and Bo talk the cowboys. Lucy and Amy talk Oil Barron's Ball.

    That night on a hotel bed Bo pounds Heather in completely naked lust.

    David and Katherine talk about throwing a cocktail party at their place before the Oil Barron's Ball while walking the thought the executive offices of SinoChang America. Walking into his office they find a room full of people including John Ross, Liddy and Al.

    John Ross welcomes them and introduces the IRS agents. John Ross announces that Katherine hasn't paid her American taxes in decades. The IRS agents arrest her. "Don't worry, you'll be locked up for decades, but I'll help out your son, my brother, H. Lee Wentworth. Apparently you mother's will is very strict about who gets what. So while you're gone, I'll help him figure things out and pay off the IRS." She's taken away. Liddy closes the door. John Ross says, "You won't have any access to her money. But you've still got a very comfortable living here."

    "You just can't leave me a lone, can you? Your family has to interfere with my life every chance they get."

    "You're a narcissistic shit head, you know it? Do you even remember your son? Do you even remember telling him if he was gonna kill himself at least get it right since he got nothing else in his life right."

    "What I said to my son is none of your business."

    John Ross punches him in the face. David stumbles back against his desk. "He was my friend. He punches him again. "As far as I'm concerned you killed him." He punches him a third time. "And you killed my wife. So let's get this straight. I arranged to get you out of Venezuela and Katherine a pardon. Let's be very clear about that. Now you position here at SinoChang. You work for me from this point on. You do what I want, when I want it, how I want it." John Ross takes a thick envelope from Liddy and pushes it into David's chest. There's everything I need to lock you away for what you did at CalcoHarwood from poisoning those people in Columbia and Venezuela to bilking your investors. Look it over so you realize how throughly and completely I own you. You'll do what I say, when I say it, exactly how I say it. And you won't be alone here. I intend to control every bit of SinoChang." John Ross thumps his forehead. "Starting at the top down, in America and China."

    Long Dia gets out of bed naked, a king size bed, with two young girls and a young boy passed out. He walks into the living room over his high rise penthouse house to find Moe sitting, waiting. Moe stands, pays the package on the table next to him. "This is from us. Instructions and motivation to carry out those instructions. Make sure you follow everything to the letter." He leaves the room.

    Paul steps into his private jet to find Sue Ellen sitting there. Surprised he says, "And to what do I owe a visit from Lady Maitland?"

    "We can agree, it's sways better to get along than to fight, right?"

    "Of course."

    "Today John Ross secured us control of SinoChang. So you won't be needed back in Dallas."

    "I see."

    "I want to thank you for your support. The Association appreciates your loyalty."

    "If you're certain."

    "We are." She stands and takes his arm, leading back to the door, "Now you can escort me to dinner with a few friends. The weather in New York is more comfortable than Dallas this time of year anyway."

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