Stephanie Beacham recalls ‘wretched’ reason why she couldn’t say goodbye to baby son

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    The actress miscarried when she was 12 weeks pregnant. In her autobiography she only explained that her husband had pushed her too hard during a play rehearsal. During an appearance on “Loose Women” last week, she opened up a little about their personal tragedy.

    Speaking quickly to get through her emotions, she said that when she inquired after a procedure in hospital, she was informed the foetus was a boy. She asked to say good bye to her son, and was profoundly pained to hear he’d been incinerated shortly after delivery.

    “There's a strange thing that happens between three or four months – you start to make plans. You already know what school it's going to. …. I am trembling telling it. I watched the smoke as I left the hospital.”

    News report with videos and pictures:
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    This happened a lot in the 1980s. I have an aunt who had a still born son, and she never ever got to see him, he was incinerated without her permission. My uncle, her husband did briefly see the child. They were very young and had no idea what was going on. This was a common procedure back then. They were part of a group of parents that campaigned for some sort of memorial for these babies. Which they did eventually get. Very sad indeed.
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