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Still The One

Discussion in 'JR & Sue Ellen Fan-fiction' started by Crazy For Sue Ellen, Oct 18, 2019.

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    CHAPTER 14

    "Another club soda darlin?" JR asked.

    "No but I think you’ll need to pour Mama and Clayton a drink later tonight. They are in shock," Sue Ellen said.

    "Oh don't worry about them," JR told her.

    "It's hard for me not to, JR. I sensed Miss Ellie was happier about it then Clayton was," Sue Ellen said.

    "Well, there's no love lost between me and Clayton but we've been better recently,” JR admitted.

    "He never understood why I kept going back to you, and I'm sure he is racking his brains out again," Sue Ellen said.

    JR could see the sadness on Sue Ellen's face and he sat down next to her. His hand gently on her knee. "Everything will be fine. I promise. I love you so much."

    "And I love you. I never stopped," Sue Ellen said affectionately, her hand caressed his face.

    JR leaned in and kissed Sue Ellen sweetly. They kissed for a few moments until they heard a familiar voice cry out, "Mama!"

    Sue Ellen got up and John Ross ran into her arms. She hugged him tight. "My baby. I missed you so much."

    "What's going on Mama? I mean you and Daddy were in a lip lock."

    Sue Ellen and JR chuckled. "Your Daddy and I are back together."

    "Really. Oh my God, that’s great but what about Cally?" John Ross asked.

    "She filed for divorce because she realized I was still in love with your Mama," JR told him.

    "Your Daddy sought me out in England and well here I am for good, but I can't live here until Cally and your Daddy are divorced."

    "And with my influence, it won't take long for that to happen. I guarantee it, son," JR said.

    John Ross was ecstatic. They made plans to go out to dinner to celebrate.

    "Did you have a good time tonight?" JR asked.

    "I sure did Daddy," John Ross said, smiling at him.

    Sue Ellen kissed John Ross goodnight and promised she'd spend the day with him and JR at Southfork.

    "Like a family again," John Ross gushed.

    "Damn right, partner," JR answered.

    They left John Ross's room after saying goodnight. As they walked down the hallway, JR convinced Sue Ellen to stay the night even if it was in her old bedroom.

    "It's just for tonight my darlin. Starting tomorrow I will stay at one of the vacant condo's until we are certain Cally definitely filed for divorce, and is not coming back," Sue Ellen said.

    "I know but it's going to be hell here without you,"' JR told her.

    "For me too but it won't be for long," Sue Ellen said.

    "I will definitely make sure of that, Sue Ellen," JR said.

    Once inside her bedroom, JR took Sue Ellen in his arms and they kissed for several moments. Their desire began to get the best of them until Sue Ellen slowly pulled away. She took a deep breath and said, "Oh JR, get out of here. We have to wait."

    JR kissed her lips quickly and said, "Goodnight darlin, I love you."

    After JR left, Sue Ellen shook her head. I am putty in that man's hands.

    ½ hour later

    Sue Ellen slipped into one of her old nightgowns that still hung in the bedroom closet. As she settled into bed with her iPad a text message from Don came through on her phone.

    Hello love. How is my ex-fiance? I'd guess not good since you are back with that “no good bastard” as you always referred to him. Did you start drinking yet, or have you already gotten your hooks into another sucker telling them you are over JR? You are pathetic.

    Sue Ellen didn't want to respond but felt she had no choice.

    I don't know what else to say except that I'm sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I will send for my things soon. Again, I'm sorry.

    Don was heartbroken. He hadn’t loved any other woman since losing his wife but the only thing he could think of was releasing the movie.

    Soon revenge will be mine.

    To Be Continued;)

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