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Sue Ellen - Matriarch

Discussion in 'Dallas Writers Room' started by stevew, Oct 15, 2019.

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    On Southfork, in a grove, in the farm back of the property, a monument reads ‘Southworth’ with the names ‘Enoch’ and ‘Eleanor’ and the years of their lives underneath. A coffin is lowered into an open grave with a headstone next to it, ‘Steven “Clayton” Farlow, II,” and other headstones around. The Ewing family gathers, all but JR. Bobby and Gary remove the pall and Bobby hands it to John Ross. The casket is slowly lowered into the ground. John Ross tosses in a yellow rose, hands the pall to his mother and joins his uncles in shoveling the dirt into the grave.

    Southfork is a live with people walking around, left just the way Miss Ellie had laid it out. Family and friends gather with a staff carrying trays of morsels and drinks. Most are laughing and sharing great memories of Miss Ellie. Bobby asks Ray about his family. Ray tells Bobby Jenna hasn’t been feeling well but her cancer is in remission. He talks about his children, Margret lobbying in D.C., Charlie on her third husband, Lucas in a band. Bobby mentions a kind note from Donna and how politics in D.C. seems to suite her and it’s not hard to believe she was once Secretary of Energy.

    Gary asks Sue Ellen if she’s seen JR. “He’s hiding on his boat out in the Gulf.”

    “He was a bastard of a brother, but I can’t help think how difficult this is for him. I’ve actually thought a lot about JR in the last few years. What it must have been like to have out daddy drive him so hard, only to make him compete for Ewing Oil. To have momma give Southfork to Bobby. He was an awful brother, but maybe his life wasn’t any easier than mine.”

    “No. JR has his demons, he also has a five hundred foot yacht, and undisputed control of West Star.”

    “I heard he’s working on a merger with the Trident Corporation. He’s at the top of his game.”

    “He really is.”

    “I heard when you father-in-law died your second husband become the Earl of Maitland and your now a Countess.”

    “Don and I haven’t lived together for years, but yes we’re still married.”

    “Momma sure picked the right person to run the Ewing Farlow Foundation. I heard you’ve done a lot of good. And New York.”

    “I do enjoy living in New York. And you and Val?”

    “We’re doing well. Kids all grown, having to figure out this new phase of our life. Lucy’s living in California now.”

    “Oh really. That’s great. It must be nice for you and Val.”

    “Just life on a quite cul-de-sac.”

    Bobby approaches Lucy and her siblings. “I wanted you and Betsy to know I put your grandmother’s jewelry boxes on the kitchen table. She wanted you two to split them up. Everything else is pretty simple. She left everything to the foundation. If there’s anything else you want in her room, furniture or clothes, help yourself. I’m just going to have it all boxed up and stored. I just don’t have the heart to go through it and packet it up. But she wanted the two of you to share her jewelry. Except for a few things from the boys.” He hands Lucy’s brother a small velvet box, “Bobby, this was her mother’s engagement ring. It meant a great deal to her. She hopes that you give it to someone that means a great deal to you.” Looking at Lucy, “There are three other rings she wanted me to give to the other boys. But everything else she wanted the two of you to have.”

    “Thank you Uncle Bobby.”

    “Yes thank you Uncle Bobby.”

    Bobby nods and walks away, solemn, almost destroyed. He approaches three young men. “John Ross, your grandmother left this for you, it’s the engagement ring my father gave to her. And Bo, this is the ring Clayton gave her. And Christopher, it isn’t much, but I hope you know how much it meant to her. Your grandfather Digger gave her this.” He hands them each a velvet box. “That’s pretty much everything.”

    “Everything?” Christopher questions.


    Sue Ellen takes Bobby way, saying, “You don’t need to do this now, Bobby.”

    “I just want it over with. When everyone’s gone I’m having momma’s room emptied and mine too. I’m moving out into the cottage.”

    “Why?” Sue Ellen asks and the two step into the study, closing the door behind them.

    “This house is too big for just me. I’m going to give it to John Ross. I hope he’ll stay and raise his children here. I’m putting the house in trust for him with you as trustee. I hope that convinces you to move in. He needs you. Your grandchildren need you.”

    “I don’t know Bobby. That’s asking a lot.”

    “JR lives in Dallas. You can have momma’s room and you’re the closets those kids are going to get to having a momma. And I’m kinda hoping you’ll help with Christopher.”

    “Help with Christopher? How?”

    “I think you and me putting him in charge of Ewing Oil as a mistake.”

    “He’s got a bit too close to JR. Pretty much all of West Star’s oil plays belong to Ewing Oil now. And West Star’s mid and downstream operations. I keep my ear out. But how can I help?”

    “I have to tell you a secret.”


    “JR is Christopher’s father. Kristen didn’t lose the baby. I set it all up so that JR couldn’t take him from Pam.”

    “Oh my God Bobby.”

    “I know. It’s too late to do anything about it now.”

    “Does JR know?”

    “Not that I’m aware. He’s just enjoyed working with Christopher to build Ewing Oil into the nation’s largest pure play oil business and bankrupting his Uncle Cliff.”

    “I still can’t believe used Kathrine Wentworth to contest her mother’s will and strip Cliff and Pam of everything.”

    “And Christopher went along with it. He bought Rebecca’s estate for pennies on the dollar, Katherine returns to Texas and is arrested in the airport for trying to kill me. She’s in prison and my son has everything. Sound familiar?”

    “Yeah, like something JR would have done.” Sue Ellen sits down. “I don’t know what to say Bobby. I know Cliff’s out for blood with JR and Christopher. He’s lost his mind. He really has. And Pam. I thought she and Chris were working out things. I can’t believe he did that to her.”

    “I’ve been supporting her since. I just wish she’d come home to Dallas.” Bobby sits down.

    Opening credits:

    Jordana Brewster as Amy Anderson – the granddaughter of Punk and Mavis Anderson who JR attempts to set John Ross up with, but John Ross is still in love with his wife, and Amy ends up with Christopher who’s looking to pull off the marriage JR prizes, she works for the Dallas Art Institute as a curator

    Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Lockwood

    Julie Gonzalo as Pamela Barnes – the daughter of Cliff and Afton, John Ross’s long estranged wife and mother of his sons, her trust fund is the only part of Cliff Barnes’s fortune which remains, she is an investment project manager for DCBC (Dallas Chicago Bank Corporation)

    Joshua Henderson as John Ross Ewing, III – father of three young sons, John Ross “Jack” Ewing IV, Steven Clayton Ewing and Willard “Wills” Clifford Ewing (Pamela Barnes is their mother), college dropout, eight years in the navy, playboy, occasional works the ranch

    Jesse Metcalf as Chris Ewing – President of Ewing Oil, working on pleasing JR as his uncle (father) teachers him the oil business while John Ross wants nothing to do with it

    Alexander Ludwig as Bo Ewing – Cally and JR’s son, president of Harper Douglas, a startup oil company with a friend of his working up in the Dakotas fracking, returning to Dallas for a lease he’s secured on the Mexican border, he’s gay and was in a relationship with his partner

    Mitch Pileggi as J. Paul Wendell – Jeremey Wendell’s son, president of Brown Brothers Logistics


    Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing


    Larry Hagman as JR Ewing
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    Northern Ireland
    Very intrigued and great homage to my favourite lady ever.

    Thanks for this and look forward to reading more!
  3. stevew

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    Thank you. Defiantly more to come and with Larry so ill they should have thought of it.
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    6 months later . . .

    Out in the barn Bobby is tending to a cow give birth with John Ross. The calf isn’t breathing and Bobby quickly goes into action, stabbing the baby with a needle and filling it’s veins with a medicine to jump start it’s heart. John Ross is impressed. Bobby comments that there’s more to life than gambling and womanizing.

    “Yeah, well college wasn’t for me either.”

    “There’s more to life than college too. You spent four years in the service.”

    “I should have reenlisted.”

    “Why didn’t you?”

    “Got tired of the dessert.”

    “You know John Ross, I’m proud of you. You’ve been there for those boys, even when their momma left and you were a single father, you do what you had to do and took care of them. Not every man would rise to the challenge, changing diapers, getting up in the middle of the night. You didn’t have it easy. And you’re, your own man too. You don’t take anything from you parents. You’ve worked the oil rigs as long as I can remember. You were cutting school to work on a rig. That’s hard work. My daddy would be proud. Your grandpa Clayton was proud.”

    “Yeah well, I don’t want anything from them. What I wanted they couldn’t both with.”

    “What is it you wanted?”

    “Parents living together, getting along. I couldn’t even give that to my own children.”

    “You tried. I watched you. I don’t know how many times you tried with Pamela.”

    “Yeah well, my father never saw it that way.”

    “No. I’m sure knowing JR he was more than ready to say ‘I told ya so.’ I’m glad you accepted South Fork.”

    “Well, I was tempted, but honestly, you saying it’s what Grandma would have wanted, through I’m not sure about you getting my momma to move in here.”

    “Those boys needs a mother, and I know you and your momma have had your issues, but she’s a good mother.”

    “When she’s sober. When she’s not trying to hurt my father. When she’s not jetting off to help save staving kids all over the world. You know that’s what makes it hard. If she just stayed drunk just flew around the world to party, I could hate her. How do you hate a woman that’s done all the things she’s done for other people?”

    “You shouldn’t hate your momma. Give her another change John Ross. Give her a chance to stick around her and be a grandmother, like the grandmother you had.”

    “Oh I hated her for a while there too, when she left, her and Grandpa just up and left to travel like I didn’t matter.”

    “That’s not true.”

    “Well when you’re a kid, it’s all you think about, your side of the story.”

    “They loved you very much.” Bobby laughs. “I’ll never forget the look on JR’s face when momma gave you all Clayton’s stuff.”

    John Ross mocks his father, “ ‘He ain’t a farlow. Give that shit to Dusty.’ First time I ever heard my father swear in front of his mother. And you got right up in his face and told him to watch his mouth.”

    “That was hard for momma. Dusty came for the funeral and then just left. Clayton would have wanted you to have it. You meant a lot to him.”

    “He meant a lot to me too. I just wish I could have made him proud.”

    “He’d be proud John Ross. Clayton didn’t care about the money. He inherited most of his money. Making money like your daddy does, that never impressed Clayton. Being a man. Standing on your own two feet. That would impressed the hell out of him.”

    Paul Wendell meets in his office high rise with Cliff Barns. Cliff says, “Why Paul Wendell. How’s life been treating you?”

    “Not as bad as it’s treated you in the last couple of years. What’s up? What’s this you needed to meet me about?”

    “My nephew founded a company couple months ago, Ewing Alternative Energy.”


    “JR’s backing him. Ewing Alternative is a subsidiary of Ewing Industries. JR’s company owns three quarters and Chris owns a quarter himself. The company owns some methane gas drilling process they’re calling the Ewing Process but really some engineer with Wentworth Tool and Die was the lead on the project.”

    “Which is a subsidiary of Ewing Industries as well.”

    “Yes. My nephew sold Wentworth Industries to JR and pocked a small fortune of his own. He and JR have been double dealing for years.”

    “I’m well aware of staying clear of both of them. Now the two are taking control of Trident, which means we’ll have some business with them, but I’m sure it won’t be long until they push my company out of any way from handling the transportation of any Trident oil.”

    “Count on it. JR’s building his Ewing Industries and Chris is building his Lone Star Investments and anyone in business with them is gonna loose. Including the stockholders of Trident. Mark my words.”

    “But I don’t get it. Why’s your brother and nephew working so hard to build up Ewing Oil, a company Bobby and Sue Ellen own? That’s Chris’s day to day job.”

    “Bobby’s only son is Christopher. Sooner or later half that company is his. And Sue Ellen’s only son is John Ross, JR’s oldest boy. I’m sure JR’s youngest, Bo, doesn’t know that Chris’s backing of his oil start up, Harper Douglas, has all been JR’s doing.”

    “JR’s got his hands in a lot of cookie jars doesn’t he?”

    “Always does.”

    “So, what’s the big deal about Ewing Alternative?”

    “The process is big. It’s a game changer in energy. They’re gonna be able to get at methane gas no one else can touch and make JR that much richer. If we’re gonna strike, now is the time.”

    “What makes you think I’m interested in going after JR Ewing?”

    “There are a lot of people in this town want to see that son of a bitch brought to his knees. He took everything my momma left me. He saw to it your daddy lost everything and spent how many years locked up? It’s a long list of people that want to see old JR take a fall. Any my nephew is gonna be his Achilles heal.”

    Sue Ellen sits out by the pool watching her grandson’s swim, sitting having lunch with a young woman she introduces to Bobby to Anne Smith, an old friend of hers as he walks up to the house from the barns.

    “Hello Ann. Nice to meet you. Seems we most have meet at one function or another before. You were married to Paul Wendell, weren’t you?”

    “A long time ago.”

    “I had some business deals with his father, Jeremey, and I’ve ran into Paul from time to time.”

    “Weren’t you dating Lesley Leland a little while ago?”

    “Point taken. Can’t judge a person by their past, can you?”

    “I sure hope not.”

    Christopher sits in his office talking over his desk to a lawyer about the South Fork trust which controls the mineral rights to the ranch. They discuss the fact that Miss Ellie did not include the trust which included the mineral rights when she gave South Fork in trust to his father, nor did she include it in her will. “Which means the mineral rights are in play. I’m certain I can get my Uncle JR to agree to drill. I’m equally certain I can’t get my father to agree. So if you can get the trust to transfer to the three brothers, I’ll have to figure out a way to control my Uncle Gary.”

    JR walks into the room, “I’m not so sure you’ve got to go to such lengths as finding something on Gary, though I’m sure you could come up with plenty in his closet. And if not, it wouldn’t be too hard to put something there. But once the mineral rights become an inheritance to my brother and myself, we’ll have to drill in order to pay the estate tax. They won’t have any choice. Neither one of them have that kind of cash sitting around. Once the IRS gets ahold of the appraised value, there’s no way around it for them.”

    “That’s brilliant Uncle JR. Absolutely brilliant.”

    “Well, like my daddy use to say, if you can’t get the front door, better go around the back.”

    Bo strikes oil on his derrick late at night, celebrating with all of his crew in the shower of crew oil. A South Fork truck comes racing up the dirt road. Bobby jumps out of the passenger side and come running, yelling, “What the hell are you doing!”

    John Ross jumps out from the driver’s side. “Uncle Bobby. Uncle Bobby, I got this. Bo’s my brother. Let me handle it.”

    Bo says, “Do you have any idea how much oil is down there!”

    “This is South Fork land. It belongs to the foundation. You don’t have permission to drill on South Fork, Bo.”

    “What? But Christopher said . . .”

    Bobby goes, “I might have known. He’s paying for this?”

    “He said you didn’t have any choice but to drill, once the government gets down assessing the value of the oil under South Fork. You’ll have to pay estate taxes on it, so you’ll need the money. Don’t worry Uncle Bobby, I’ve got this. This ain’t gonna upset the cattle operations one bit.”

    “What the hell are you talking about?” Bobby yells. “The mineral rights belong to the foundation too.”

    “No they don’t,” Christopher says, walking up from his Maserati. “The mineral rights weren’t included in grandma’s will or her trust papers turning South Fork over to you. So when she died they went in limbo. Uncle JR’s right. You’ve got to get ahead of this be prepared to meet your tax obligations.”

    “Bull shit!”

    “Where is my father?”

    “I don’t keep tabs on your daddy John Ross. He sent me an email explaining everything, tell me to get Ewing Oil out there. So we contracted with Bo here. What else are you gonna do. The government’s gonna get their money one way or another.”

    “I’ll sell my half of Ewing Oil to pay the taxes.”

    “And then what? Pay Uncle Gary’s too? Pay Uncle JR’s share? You just gonna give everything away so you can sit on billions in oil? That’s bull shit daddy. And you know it.”

    “Shut this down Bo. Shut it down and dismantle it and get off South Fork.”

    “What are you crazy? You totally lost your mind. Look it. This oil is coming up whether you like it or not daddy. It might as well be Ewing Oil and Bo’s company. We’ll sell to Trident and it’s a win win for everyone.”

    “Tear it down or I’ll have it torn down!” Bobby walks back to the truck.

    “You’re a real piece of work Christopher,” John Ross says and follows his uncle.

    “I’m not gonna watch you bankrupt my daddy to keep oil in the ground. This country needs oil!”

    Bobby goes to get into the car and says to John Ross, “Find me my brother!”

    Note: I’m thinking if I was working with CC’s team what I’d contribute to their ideas. So the stage is set. Chris v. John Ross. JR v. Bobby. Sue Ellen will get pulled into the middle and have to be the prevailing voice of reason. And then add to this all the complex relationships with Chris engaged to a woman that loved John Ross and Ross in love with Chris’s cousin who’s likely to side with Chris. And Bobby and Bo’s relationships . . .
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    Christopher walks into his office at Ewing Oil and Sue Ellen turns around in his chair. “Long night last night.”

    “You’re up early.”

    “Not really, I’m still in London time.”

    “What can I do for you Sue Ellen?”

    “It’s about South Fork’s oil.”

    “Let me save you the trouble. You and my father are gonna shut us down. Alright. It’s your company. But that won’t stop me. The Ewing brothers will drill, like it or not and I’ll get a cut, through Ewing Oil or what ever company. It’s up to you I suppose. But this is happening.”

    “Owe I know it is.” Sue Ellen stands. “Just not the way you think. I’ve spent a long time studying business Christopher. And studying JR’s brand. JR always under estimated me. And for good reason. But not this time. When Miss Ellie set up the foundation and I agreed to fun it I put a bug in Bobby’s ear to protect the land of South Fork. The foundation owns the land now, we rent it to the South Fork Cattle Company for a dollar a year. And we protect it.”

    “I’m well aware. I’m also well aware that my grandmother didn’t include the mineral rights when she gave the ranch to Bobby or when she died.”

    “No she didn’t. She gave them to the foundation when she set it up.”


    “Those mineral rights are the property of the foundation. So here’s what’s going to happen.” She hands him a card. “She’s a UofT geologist. Call her. She’s going to be the lead on the project. The Foundation owes the land of several ranches around South Fork, the McKays, Wade ranch. She’s got ideas how to get at the oil under South Fork with out harming the land. Ewing Oil can have the leases, but the terms won’t be so generous. I’ll have the foundation legal team forward you the paper work. Sign it as CEO of Ewing Oil, or I will as Chairman and take away the CEO job from you. You can turn around and sell all the oil you want to Trident. But you and JR just made the endowment of the Ewing Farlow Foundation second only to the Gates Foundation. So, thank you Christopher. And next time you’ve got plans with my company that just might up set my family, you better check with me first. I didn’t give you this company. The power of this office belongs to me.” Sue Ellen smiles and walks out.
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    Sue Ellen sits in the South Fork living room drinking tea in front of a roaring fire, an afghan over her legs, reading a book. JR walks in. “Still the most beautiful bell in Texas.”

    She sits her book down. “Well look who decided to grace us with his smile. And why are you smiling JR?”

    “Don’t you know rich people is always happy, darling?”

    “You know I thought you use to fight your family because you felt they wronged you. And sometimes I agreed with you, more often than not in fact. But now I think you just enjoy tormenting them.” Sue Ellen stands up to the man who age has diminished in stature. “What was that with Christopher and Bo drilling on South Fork. Why didn’t you just talk to Bobby?”

    “Sweetheart . . .”

    “Don’t sweetheart me you son of a bitch. Now our son and Christopher are fighting over this damn piece of land. No offense to Miss Ellie, but I’d burn this place down if it helped this family, I sure as hell not gonna watch us go to war over it.”

    “Now it’s us. You’re a Ewing.”

    “John Ross is my son and this is my family. And this is my home, thanks to Bobby.”

    “Mighty nice of him. He’s at odds with Chris a lot, isn’t he? That boy’s given him a run for his money. One dirty deal after another. Bobby tell you he’s partners with John Ross here on South Fork now? The boy drops out of high school to work on oil rigs, then quits that to drop out of college, then joins the Army, drops out of it, goes into touring with a band, goes back to oil rigging, marries a Barns, quit on that, now he’s a redneck rancher. That about cover it Sue Ellen? I made that boy a promise. I’m gonna live up to it. I’m gonna give him his birthright. But he’s gotta man up.”

    Sue Ellen’s face turns knowing. “You set this fight up. You want John Ross and Christopher to fight.”

    “I want John Ross to take what belongs to him.”

    “Even if he has to destroy himself and his family to do it. Let me tell you JR. I’m not your momma. I’ll fight you every step of the way. You won’t go to my son what your daddy did to you. I’ll see to that.”

    Bo shows John Ross the cold oil rig on South Fork and says, “Your momma tells me we can slant drill from the ranch next door.”

    “I just can’t believe you’d do this, Bo. Come talk to be first. We could’ve worked all this out.”

    “I need this John Ross. Ryan and I split up. He’s buying me out. I want to be here, here in Texas anyway. I want you to join me. Ewing Brothers Oil.”

    “You’re gonna with Christopher?”

    “He’s cutting me in on the deal with the Foundation.”

    “Your problems gonna be shipping this oil. Christopher’s got it in with Trident. They’ll handle there own midstream operations. But I’m not making a deeply with out father. That leaves Paul Wendell. He’s got all the independents tied up, those not tied to the seven sister, like Ewing Oil.”

    “So you want to do business with Paul Wendell?”

    “Actually I know his daughter. Uncle Bobby’s been dating her mother. I also been listening. Wendell’s corrupt. We find what we need and we control Wendell.”

    “What do we need?”

    “I hear he’s got a box like daddy.”

    “What box?”

    “It’s called the red folder. Everything the Ewing’s need on ever dirty deal is in there. Our father’s got stuff in there to reign in the governor himself. Grandpa Clayton said to me it’s JR’s whip but it could just as easily be he noose. And I hear Paul Wendell has the same sort of thing. A black box.”

    “Who’d you hear it from?”

    “I keep my ears open. There is one lesson our father taught me I’ll never forget. Make it your business to know everything that’s going on around you.”

    “So you’re in?”

    “I’m in.”

    The brothers shake on the deal.

    Chris shows Amy Anderson a big beautiful penthouse apartment in Dallas, he gets down on one knee. “Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?” He holds up Diggers long forgotten engagement ring to Miss Ellie, a huge rock which must have taken up a whole pay check from an oil find back in the day.

    Amy replies, “I don’t know what to say.”

    “Say yes.”


    Bobby and Ann walk at the zoo with John Ross’s preteen boys.

    John Ross plays in the pool with a beautiful young blonde. As they’re walking out of the water Sue Ellen approaches, obviously mad, a fact he ignores. “Momma, do you know Emma Wendell? Emma this is Lady Maitland.”

    Before Emma can speak Sue Ellen says, “What the hell do you think you’re doing John Ross?”

    “What’s it look like? Swimming.”

    “And your sons?”

    “They’re with Uncle Bobby and Emma’s mom, at the zoo. What’s with you?”

    “With me! You’re a married man.”

    John Ross laughs, “Tell that to my wife, not me.”

    “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

    Getting angry John Ross says, “I did not cheat on my wife.”

    “You’re just like your father.”

    “I’m not like my father!!!”

    Emma jumps at his out burst.

    “I see you with my own eyes.”

    “Yeah and you know who you don’t see? Pamela. Four years momma you don’t see Pamela. But like you and Aunt Pam and Aunt Donna, she just walks away. So damn easy for you ain’t it momma, to just walk away.”

    “I never abandoned you.”

    “Hell if you didn’t! Or were you to drunk to remember.”

    Sue Ellen slaps him. “I won’t apologize the rest of my life for that. But maybe there’s a reason your wife isn’t here.” She looks up and down Emma.

    “I am not my father!!!!!”

    Bo rolls around naked in bed with Paul Wendell.
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    In the twilight hours of the morning Christopher enters the study of South Fork to find Sue Ellen waiting, meeting with a team. “You’re late.”

    “You’ve got to be kidding. This is a bit early don’t you think?”

    “Every Monday morning. This is Claudia. I don’t know if you’ve meet her, since you’re not living at South Fork. She’s not only an incredible chef, she’s going to oversee South Fork and serves as sort of my personal secretary.

    This is Ted. He’s my lawyer and he heads up my family office, a private company which handles investments, manages my household staffs, including South Fork, makes personal travel arrangements, basically he takes care of everything business wise. You’d do well to speak with him yourself. He works with your father and John Ross.

    This is Jamal. He’s the President and Chief Operations Officer if the Ewing Farlow Foundation. He gives away the family’s money.

    And Carole, she’s the foundation’s Chief Investment Officer.

    This is Christopher Ewing. As you know, he’s the President and CEO of mine and Bobby’s largest asset. Ewing Oil. In the past We’ve meet every Monday morning. Sort of a keto me up to speed on what’s going on. In the past I’ve ignored Ewing Oil, but going forward, I want you here as well. I want to be kept up to date, more than just periodic board meetings. No surprises.”

    Christopher looks annoyed.

    Bo meets John Ross out in the barns, early in the morning. “Morn’ partner.”

    “Morning, Bo. So this our first day? I was telling Uncle Bobby I’ll be splitting my time up between South Fork and Ewing Brother’s”

    “What’d he say?”

    “He’s fine with it. Wishes us luck. I talked to a neighbor. Karen Henderson about an oil lease on her property. It’s not much, but would go right along with South Fork. She figured if South Fork was good with it, she’d finally go along with it. She trusts us. Well she trusts Uncle Bobby.”

    “That’s great. Any progress with Wendell?”

    “Well Emma’s not all that found of her daddy. That helps. I also got a guy I work with, Bum. We met in the Army. He helps out with things. Says Wendell’s shipping more than legal stiff across the boarder.”

    “What, like drugs?”

    “Would explain how he grew so big, so fast and without any money from his daddy. Most everything Jeremy had, he lost or was tied up and he couldn’t get at it.”

    “So he started from scratch. Sort of like us.”

    “Yeah well Grandpa Clayton left me some money and your mom leant you some money when you went into business the first time. About all Paul had from his dad were contacts. Makes a big difference. His mother’s in the DOA with my mother.”

    “Sue Ellen tell your anything?”

    “Yea. Long before Jeremy went to prison they divorced. Judith Brown got next to nothing. Jeremy basically discarded them. Momma says she got real desperate. People can make a lot of money when they’re desperate. Brown Brothers Logistics was her family’s company, belonged to her brothers. She ended up pushing them out. What ever Jeremy runs today, he owns just a tiny piece of what is essentially his mother’s company.”

    “Interesting. And his black box you mentioned?”

    “I’ll get my hands on it. Just give me time.”
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    Bobby and Ann horse back ride across South Fork, ending up by a steam and having a picnic lunch.

    John Ross, Chris and Bo all meet up at a honky tonk to celebrate getting at South Fork’s oil. All three look very different. John Ross in his jeans, big cowboy buckle, black t-shirt abs black Stenson. Chris in a navy blue pin strip suite, finally tailored, starched white shirt and stately, silk tie. Bo wears a tight white t-shirt with blue horizontal stripes and even tighter navy chinos. The three toast “black gold” and “Texas T” and their grandmother. John Ross says, “No more fighting. No raping up the land. We finally done it. Ewing Oil is gonna be huge again. And Ewing Brothers is about to take off. Here’s to my brothers.” They toast and laugh.

    A cowboy comes over and says, “John Ross.”

    “Hank. Hey. How’s it going? These are my brothers. Chris Ewing. And Bo Ewing. Gentleman this is Texas Jack.”

    “Sorry John Ross but we don’t want his kind in here.”

    “What, Chris? He wears fine suites and really he’s the biggest asshole you’ve ever seen. But don’t worry about him. He won’t cause you no problems. I’ll keep him in line.” John Ross squeezes Chris’s shoulder.

    “No I mean the dandy.”

    John Ross stands up. “What the hell you just say to me Jack.”

    Chris stands up, “You better watch your mouth when you talk about a Ewing.”

    “That ain’t no Ewing. My family’s worked with Ewing’s longer than you been alive.”

    “I say who is abs who isn’t a Ewing,” John Ross says. “Ain’t no man in this room man enough to say otherwise.”

    “I’m man enough,” a guy behind jack says approaching the bar with a few others.

    “Jack you better tell this junk yard dog that we can thrown down right now but when a Ewing’s done with you it’ll be more then bruises you’re tending to.”

    “John Ross, I came over to help avoid this. But you got to understand . . .”

    “I ain’t gotta do shit Jack. You and I worked brush fires together, not cause I gotta, ain’t that right? That’s what you said to me.”

    “Yeah but this is there place.”

    “You’re standing on Ewing land. You feed your family with Ewing money. I think you need to tell your friends who’s place this is and maybe they can come back after we’re done.”

    “They ain’t gonna go for that.”

    “Then they gotta do what they gotta do, Jack.”

    The one guy who spoke up before grabs Jack up by his collar and punches him in the face. In order to get at him John Ross has to attack Jack. Shoving doesn’t work so he goes to punching him in the face. Chris jumps in. An all out brawl erupts. The bartender takes a bat to the guy who punched Bo to start with.

    A police car pulls up behind South Fork. Sue Ellen rushes out the back. Bobby and Ann sitting by the pool, run over. The deputy explains everything’s ok, but a few of his ranch hands won’t be reporting to work in the morning. John Ross says, “They don’t work for us anymore. I need you to escort them to get their stuff and then off Ewing property.” The debuts assures him it’s done.

    In the kitchen Ann takes care of Chris’s wounds and Sue Ellen takes care of Bo. Bobby takes care of John Ross and tells him how he wishes he’d been there. Sue Ellen snaps at him, “Bobby.”

    “What? Ain’t nothin’ better than a little fight now and then, keep a man young. Especially for a worthwhile cause.”

    Ann says, “I can’t believe there are people like that left in this world.”

    John Ross adds, “I can’t believe there are people ever been ghastly stupid. They ain’t gonna get another ranching job anywhere close. I ain’t tolerating mouth like that.”

    “I get that,” Bobby adds.

    Sue Ellen says, “You shouldn’t be in a place like that, with people like that, disgusting mouths.”

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah, momma.”

    She looks at Chris, “And I better not hear about this in the morning news, Ewing Oil President in a bar room brawl.” Tending to Bo, “You shouldn’t let this boys influence you like this. They been getting in fights with rough necks or each other their whole lives.”

    “Yes ma’am.”

    “I’ll handle this first thing in the morning.”

    “Momma, I told you I got this.”

    “I’m gonna make sure.”
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    Chris and Amy are married. John Ross is his best man. JR and Sue Ellen Dance together. Emma shows up with a young cowboy as her dare. Bo shows up with a young guy as his date. Everyone’s surprised that Paul Wendell is invited. He arrived with a young woman.

    JR says to John Ross, “What the hell’s he doing here?”

    “A put him on the guest list. Bo and I are working with him.”

    “Only because you won’t work with Trident. Boy that terminate is gonna over charge you cause he can. You gotta set your pride aside.”

    “We’re fine.”

    “Looks like he got that floozy from his momma.”

    “Whatdaya mean?”

    “I’ll let you figure that one out. I just can’t believe you’re lettin’ a Wendell transport Ewing Oil.”

    “We got this daddy.”

    “Look at the bride. You know that girl fell hard for you. Probably still harboring feelings for you. And you let your cousin go off and marry her.”

    “I’m already married daddy.”

    “Yeah to that Barnes girl. What the hell you thinking. I told you . . .”

    “I know you told me. Can we drop it?” John Ross walks away over to great Emma and her date.

    JR looks on them with suspicion. Cliff Barnes shows up. JR says, “What the hell’s he doing here?”

    From behind him Sue Ellen says, “He is Christopher’s uncle.”

    “Well his momma had the good sense to stay away.”

    “Yes she did. And I’m sure that broke Chris’s heart. I tried to get her hear. She’s let go his helping out Katherine.”

    “I bed she did darlin’, with Bobby supportin’ her. Your friend Ann know he’s supportin’ his x-wife.”

    “I don’t know what he’s told her about Pam.”

    Up in his room John Ross sleeps with Paul’s date, Veronica.

    Amy confides in Ann, “I didn’t want to say anything before. But I can’t drink at the toast.”

    “What? Why not? Oh you mean?” Ann’s face lights up. “Congratulations.”

    “Chris doesn’t know.”

    “Oh I see. Yes of course.”

    “I was wondering if you could help me. Get the wait staff to poor something else in my glass.”

    “Sweetheart, everyone will notice, even if it’s apple juice.”

    “Well do you think a sip would hurt?”

    “No I don’t think a sip would hurt, but shouldn’t you just tell Chris.”

    “On our honeymoon.”

    “Oh I see. That’ll be nice.”

    Elena hugs Ann.

    Chris talks with Paul who tries to convince him to ship Ewing Oil’s South Fork oil with him as well. Chris tell him it’s worth considering, but his problem is, he needs his own company, needs to cut Ewing Oil out of South Fork’s oil all together.

    JR introduces John Ross and his boys to Marta DelSol. “You know here father, Carlos. The richest man in Mexico.”

    “Yes I’m well aware of who Carlos DelSol is, though we’ve never really meet.”

    “Marta works in New York City at the Met. She came down to escort her father to Chris’s wedding, as a favor to me. Wasn’t that charming of her?”

    “Nice to meet you. My father’s s always playing match maker.”

    “No not this time. Your momma’s living here do I guess the boys go themselves a mother figure.”

    Marta says, “No I asked your father to introduce us. Jessica Leland and I were college roommates. She talked about you all the time.”

    “Jesse. What a small world. So was any of it flattering.”

    “All of it actually.”

    JR say, “Well let me take my grandsons some place so you two can get acquainted.” JR takes the boys away.

    The next morning Sue Ellen sits out by the pool for breakfast bringing with her some papers. She’s alone with Bobby who asks, “Why so serious looking?”

    “This morning Chris made a proposal.” She hands the papers to Bobby. “Merge Ewing Oil, Ewing Brothers and Ewing Alternative. Ewing Oil would be fifty percent, a slight underestimation. Ewing Brothers sixteen percent and Ewing Alternative thirty-two percent.”

    “Ewing Alternative. Chris hasn’t done anything with the company to be worth much of anything, let alone thirty-two percent.”

    “If it has the potential he claims.”

    “If, Sue Ellen, is a big word.”

    “Off the top of my head I’m thinking fifty-four percent to Ewing Oil, twenty eight to Ewing Alternative.”

    “Off the top of my head, if you want to, then buy me out.”

    “Are you serious?”

    “Yes. In fact, it’s not something I’ve announced, but I’ve sold John Ross half of the ranch with the option to buy the other half when I die. It’s his. He’s the only one who cares about it. And I really wish he wasn’t even considering the oil business.”

    “So do I.”

    “Have you considered what JR is playing in all of this?”

    “I have no doubt he owns a good chunk of Ewing Alternative.”

    “I have no doubt he plans on making the whole thing part of his Ewing Industries.”

    Sue Ellen sighs.

    John Ross walks out with the boys for breakfast. Bobby says, “Already late for work.”

    “No I been up since four. Just went in to get the boys going before I head out to West Texas. We’ve got a lease on a new play that’s gonna up set the hell out of Chris. But the land’s owned by an old friend.”

    “What kinda old friend?” Sue Ellen asks.

    John Ross stands and walks toward the driveway where an approaching taxi pulls up. Out steps a young man about his age. “Drew!”

    “J-Ro. Dog, how are ya?” They hug. John Ross brings him over to the table. “Uncle Bobby. Momma. You remember Drew Anderson. Amy’s brother.” They great him as a long lost friend. “He almost got back her in time for the wedding.”

    “I was about to re-enlist but J-Ro talked me into coming back to Texas.”

    “His momma’s land down on the boarder.”

    Bobby says, “The Ramos place didn’t there. They found oil?”

    “Oil I can get at, yes. I’m sure we can do it. They’ve been working plays in the area for about five years now.”

    “My abuelo died trying to prove their was oil down there and John Ross is sure we can finally get at it. I’ve signed a lease with his company and am going down there to work it.”

    Sue Ellen says, “This mornin’, Chris mention a few significant plays you and Bo are working on.”

    “He told you his idea then I take it.”

    “He did. Are you sure this is what you want?”

    “I want to help Bo out. This gives him a significant piece of a much bigger business. Chris knows the business, Bo knows oil.”

    Drew says, “Should. You had that kid working the fields when he was still wet behind the ears.”

    Bo walks out with Chris and Amy. “Drew!”

    “Bo-Bo!” The two hug. “Sis.” Drew hugs his sister. He then punches Chris in the shoulder. “You better do right by my sister Chip.”

    “I hate that name. So he got you to come back home.”

    “We’re gonna work the rig on my property together.”

    “Well if these two say they can get at the oil, they can get at it. Shame your grandpappy didn’t know what he was doing. Was he ever legal?”

    “Shut up, Chris,” Bobby orders.

    “What? I was just asking.”

    “Well I’m telling you. I’ll kick your ass right over the county line you keep that mouth in gear.”

    “I tell ya. This family gets to touchy about the wetbacks.”

    Amy pushes him into the pool.

    Sue Ellen laughs.

    Treading water Chris says, “Don’t be mad darlin’. Your daddy was an Anderson. You’re all legal.”

    Amy walks back in the house.
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    In a seedy motel in desolate Southwest Texas John Ross and Veronica play rough at sex.

    JR discusses an oil deal in Abu Dhabi.

    Chris meets Bo in a field office trailer. “So explain to me this obsession with Brown Brothers shipping?”

    “John Ross is on board with the merger, but he doesn’t want the ties to Trident.”

    “Because of Uncle JR?”


    “That’s just bad business. Uncle JR’s not even in the exploration side of oil anymore. He’s got shipping and refining. Gives us damn favorable terms too. Wendell’s the enemy. Not to mention he’s got a monopoly going with Brown Brothers.”

    “He says he’s got that handled.”


    “I don’t know.”

    “I didn’t come all the way out here for I don’t know.”

    John Ross sees Emma at a club in Dallas, it’s loud, you can feel the music inside you, he’s easily the oldest one there until he sees another guy his age talking to Emma. Once that guy leaves, John Ross approaches Emma. He hands her a packet. “Thanks. I appreciate it.”

    “That’s a lot of money. Not sure why you need it.”

    “Just do ok.”

    “Of course. And thank you. Bum made a copy of everything.”

    “Do what you want with it.”

    “You know Anne’s moving onto South Fork with my Uncle Bobby. You should consider it.”

    She rubs he’s chest. “That would be convenient.”

    “That’s not what I mean. I mean it would be safer than staying with your dad.”

    “You saying my dad deals with some bad guys?”


    “I can handle them.”

    “No you can’t. Listen Emma, we’ve had a lot of fun, and I consider you a friend. I wouldn’t want anything to happen to you.”

    She rubs his crotch. “Let’s go in the bath room.”

    “I got a better idea.”

    John Ross slips out of a hotel bed leaving Emma to sleep. He goes through her purse and finds a baggie if pills. He goes in the bathroom, pees and flushes them. He then goes back in the room and leaves Emma a note before leaving.

    Back at the club, outside in the ally, he approaches from behind the man who meet with Emma earlier. He puts his hand on his shoulder and squeezes tight. “Bruce. I’ll be damned. What dragged you out to place like this.”

    “Well John Ross. Been a long time. Same as you I guess. The young kitty.”

    John Ross slams him against the wall. “Cut the shit, McKay. I wanta meet the guy you’re working for.”

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    “Selling Emma Wendell pills.”

    “You know I can’t take you to him.”

    “You know I’ll hurt you.”

    Amy joins Sue Ellen, Ann, Marta and the rest of Dallas’s old guard for a DOA meeting in the living room of South Fork.

    Chris meets with Paul in his office. “I want you to stop shipping Ewing Brothers oil.”

    “We’ve all got things we want. Doesn’t mean we get ‘em.”

    “I’ll give you a contract with Ewing Oil to replace it and then some.”

    “I take it you wanta force John Ross into a deal with Trident. So you’re gonna have to do better if you think I’m gonna help JR.”

    “How much Ewing Oil you want?”

    Paul leans back and smiles.

    John Ross turns over information he got from Paul’s black box, through Emma, to the DEA.

    Bobby and Ann visit Ray and Lucas on a dairy farm in Switzerland.

    Paul is attested. Brown Brothers is raided, drivers arrested, including Drew Anderson, Marta’s brother. Judith Brown arrives.

    Bobby marries Ann in Vegas.

    Television news reporter announces: merger of Ewing Oil, Ewing Alternative and Ewing Brothers into Ewing Energies. Ewing Oil, Sue Ellen buys out Bobby: 53%, Ewing Brothers split Bo 8%, John Ross 8%, Ewing Alt : JR is the surprise owner of 24%, Chris 7%. Sue Ellen Ewing is the Chairman and CEO, the biggest woman in oil. Christopher Ewing is President and COO of the private, family held company.

    Sue Ellen meets with Chris in his office over looking the Dallas sky line and offers to sell him 1% to make him equal to Bo and John Ross. They then talk about testing the Ewing Process for methane extraction, a major, global game changer.

    Ann and Emma are kidnapped by Paul’s drug partners using the scene we saw where Bobby is frantic and John Ross has to do something. He uses the black box and Paul’s CIA contacts to save them.

    Judith sells Brown Brothers to John Ross and John Ross uses his new CIA contacts and friendship with Drew to create Branch Water, a paramilitary company. John Ross blackmails the Governor into making Judith the replacement for a vacant U.S. Senate seat.

    Paul meets with an obviously insane Cliff and the Governor, plotting to destroy the Ewing’s. Paul introduces Vicente.

    In jail the drug cartel is methodically killed off.

    Vicente sleeps with Veronica. Vicente then sets up John Ross as having been with Veronica in the hotel room and kills her.

    The whole family, Sue Ellen, Bobby, Ann, John Ross, John Ross’s sons, Chris, Amy who’s noticeably pregnant and Bo are on the deep sea oil rig during testing and it explodes. The fate of the entire family is at question.

    Cliff arrived in an airport hanger next to a private jet. Down steps Pamela saying, “Father, what have you done?”

    End credits roll.

    In an office late at night with a commanding view of the city, JR says to John Ross’s friend Bum, “This will be my masterpiece.”

    End of season 1
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    Emergency room, the Ewing family is rushed in.

    Doctors talk to Chris, Amy might loose the babies. John Ross looks in on her.

    Paul rushes in to see Bo being rushed to surgery and he breaks down. Bo promises he’ll be ok. Sue Ellen watches.

    JR meets with Bobby in the hospital. “You know this was Cliff Barnes.”

    “Come off it JR.”

    “I’ve been trying to tell you Bobby, our family isn’t safe. Cliff’s lost his mind. Wendell’s involves. So’s the Governor.”

    “Not only is everyone out to get us, they’ve joined forces?”

    “Bob I know you don’t want to hear this . . .”

    “No. No I don’t.” Bobby walks away.

    Sue Ellen approaches JR. “How derp are you into this?”

    “Into what darlin’?”

    “Driving Cliff our of his mind.”

    “This isn’t my fault. That whole family’s nuts. Pam. Katherine. Cliff.”

    “Your grandchildren.”

    “They’ll be fine, but you’ve got to admit, Rebecca has some messed up kids. Pam’s got that, whatda they call it? Angora-phobia. Katherine’s sitting in a looney ben some where. Now Cliff. Not sure how you think I did any of this to them.”

    “I was married you, remember. You could easily drive anyone over the edge.”

    “That hurts sweetheart. Old JR’s got feelings too.”

    “No you don’t. But you care about your son and grandsons. Otherwise I’d suspect you behind this.”

    “Glad to know I’m off your short list. But you’d better put Cliff and Sam and that guy,” nodding toward Paul Wendell, at the top of things.”

    “Now you’re adding the Governor and Paul Wendell?”

    “I didn’t add them darlin’. You know as well as I do this is my town and I know everything that happens here and everything about everyone. So when I tell you the three were behind the explosion, you can take it to the bank.”

    Pamela sees John Ross with Amy.

    Amy looses her children and alone contemplates suicide. John Ross takes care of her while Chris doubles down on saving his investment in methane extraction.

    Paul and Bo grown closer while Cliff and the Governor continue to plot putting an end to the Ewing’s.

    Pamela moves back into South Fork and her children couldn’t be happier.

    John Ross comes in from working the ranch all day and answers his phone. “Dad.” JR begins to talk about how proud he is of his son.” Then a gun shot and the call is over. John Ross goes yelling into the phone, “Dad! Dad! Dad!!!”
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    JR’s funeral and everyone imaginable returns to say good by.

    The dinning room and reading of the will, Chris and Sue Ellen wondering why they’re there. JR’s lawyer announces JR sold 16% of Ewing Oil to Carlos DelSol and his remaining 8% to Harwood Investments and what remains are his personal assets and his shares of Ewing Industries, which includes his shares in Trident. All of his personal assets, including cash, annuities, and the USS Sue Ellen Mae he leaves to Sue Ellen. Everyone is surprised. His one hundred prevent ownership of Ewing Industries divides five ways among his five children, twenty percent to each. Again everyone is surprised. The lawyer names them off, “James, John Ross, Chris, Ellie and Bo.”

    Chris says, “What?”

    John Ross asks, “Who’s Ellie?”

    Sue Ellen answers, “Your fathers daughter with Holly Harwood.”

    Chris walks out of the room.

    This is where there’s nothing of the TNT version to work with, certainly no Ramos revenge plot. All that’s left is framing Cliff for killing JR, but Sue Ellen is well aware of the scheme and in the end the three boys come together to control Ewing Industries and Trident, selling Ewing Oil to Ewing Industries:

    Sue Ellen: 45% (James sold his 10% to Sue Ellen)
    John Ross: 10%
    Chris: 10%
    Ellie: 10%
    Bo: 10%
    Carlos DelSol: 15% (allied with Sue Ellen, along with assuming a good share of the debt of the company)

    Sue Ellen - head off the family, the company and the foundation

    Bobby - head of the ranch and moral center of the family

    John Ross - oldest brother

    Chris - middle child

    Bo - baby of the family

    Pamela - John Ross’s estranged wife and nemesis

    Amy - Christopher’s estranged wife in love with John Ross

    Paul - Bo’s husband and Ewing family enemy

    Ann - Bobby’s wife

    Emma - Ann and Paul’s daughter

    Judith - Paul’s mother

    And then Ellie shows up shows up at the end of Season 2 as everyone has a reason to hate Christopher, like JR, Chris is shot in the offices of Ewing Industries.

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