SoapLand - The Battle Of The Booze Scenes: The Result

Discussion in 'SoapLand - The Battles' started by Willie Oleson, May 20, 2018.

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    1. Sue Ellen Ewing

    One of Sue Ellen's most memorable drunken tirades which was followed by her most infamous and destructive drunken f***-up. A clip of this has already been posted but this one has a few added sound effects for those of you with a juvenile sense of humor like me.

    2. Gary Ewing

    Ruining lives but making TV gold. So raw and genuinely shocking and unsettling.


    3. Cliff Barnes

    Ken Kercheval does such a good job here of portraying Cliff's self pity, self loathing and resentment.

    4. Alexis Colby

    Alexis may be drunk (although you'd hardly notice) but tomorrow she'll be sober and Sable will still be Sable.

    5. Lucy Ewing

    "I oughta be ashamed?? What about HER!!" This scene is so wonderfully awkward and Lucy is quite funny here.

    Honorable mention goes to the first ever barbecue on Dallas which is unique in that so many characters were drunk at one event. If I remember rightly JR, Jock, Sue Ellen and Digger were all pretty wasted. If I'm not mistaken this is something we never really saw in any soap again. From then on it was usually a show's resident drunk or one character making a fool of themselves but never a good chunk of the main characters all getting drunk at a party.
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  2. Willie Oleson

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    Sorry for the delay - here are our favourite booze scenes:

    1. Gary Ewing ("ruining lives"**) - 13 points.

    2. Sue Ellen Ewing (drunken argument with JR) - 10 points.
    2. Digger Barnes (dancing/singing to the music of The Yellow Rose) - 10 points.

    3. Sue Ellen Ewing (drunken tumble down the stairs) - 5 points.

    All the other chosen scenes are unique choices so I don't think it's necessary to re-list them here.

    Congratulations, KNOTS LANDING!![​IMG]

    **is this the soap's most popular quote/catchphrase?
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    Maybe we could submit it to the soapchatters as a soapland battle--"most memorable line from the big four and a half" ?

    Just a thought.
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