The Denver Diamond - The Rock of The Rockies - The Alexis Diamond

Discussion in 'Dynasty' started by Alexis, Apr 24, 2018.

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    Why didn't Dynasty have a storyline about such a thing. Gemstones, including diamonds are mined in Colorado. And since these people were mega rich and loved nice things and were supposed to be ultra glamorous why didn't they invent such a magnificent stone and use it as a plot.

    Maybe it was found by Dex while he was off doing something rugged in the mountains in a lumberjack shirt, and then presented to Alexis as a token of his undying love. Then it's found out to be the largest Diamond ever found in America. Alexis has it cut into a fabulous and huge necklace and throws a party for it's unveiling. A very glamorous ball with all of Denver decked out in their finest. Alexis later does a lot of publicity with the diamond. Her wealth shoots up even more, she's asked all over the world to make appearances with it. She now has to be flanked by burly but hot security men when wearing it.

    She becomes obsessed with the jewel and refuses to place it in a bank safe. She thinks it needs to be seen and appreciated and admired constantly, like herself. It shouldn't be banished away and hidden in the darkness of a safe deposit box. She decides to keep the jewel with her in her apartment. Of course soon after the jewel vanishes...

    I got bored, I don't know where to take this story. Somebody finish it for me?

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    The burglar's car crashes into Sammy Jo's car, she's unharmed but when she calls 911 she notices the necklace and of course she recognizes it.
    She hides it at Delta Rho and tells Alexis that she found her necklace, of course Alexis can't prove that she has it.

    "So, lady, how bad do you want it?"
    "And why should I believe you, you little bitch?"
    "Fine, then don't".
    "Wait! Suppose you do have it, what do you want from me?"
    "The only existing copy of Sister Dearest".
    "Never! Never!"
    "Obviously I'm wasting my time here, goodbye Alexis. By the way, you look a little common without those beautiful stones. Strange I've never noticed that before".
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    I can't help but be reminded of an episode on "Archer" where a famous, beautiful and glamorous 50-year-old actress was wearing a dreadfully expensive emerald necklace at a party, and said party was crashed by a group of men wearing clown masks intent on stealing the necklace:

    How about Alexis goes on an insane rampage, accusing everybody of stealing the necklace, first starting with Krystle ("You've always been jealous of me!") before pointing accusatory manicured fingernails at her own daughters ("You couldn't wait to get your filthy little sticky hands on it!"), even accusing Adam ("Thought you'd have something pretty to impress your next whore, is that it?!"), Blake ("You couldn't stand that it was a testament to how much another man loved me!"), Dex ("You got jealous a necklace, a simple necklace, didn't you?!") and Sammy Jo ("Of course it was you, you trashy little tramp! Admit it!").

    Finally its revealed it was Steven of all people: he's become addicted to gambling and needed a way to pay off some huge debts, and was too embarrassed to ask any of the family for help. Amanda finds out, helps Steven track down and buy back the necklace so they can present it to Alexis...

    ...only to find their mother kneeling over the bloodied corpse of a maid. Alexis looks up with a crazy smile, saying, "She won't be stealing anything anymore..."

    Once Alexis sees her beloved necklace, her sanity comes back, and she comes to horrified realization of what she's done... yet she manages to turn things on Steven, as it was his thievery that made his poor sweet mother go absolutely bonkers. So basically, she guilt-trips both Steven and Amanda ("I saved your life, remember?") into helping her hide the body.
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