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Doctor Who The Dominators

Discussion in 'Cult TV' started by darkshadows38, Sep 13, 2016.

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    Sad that Deborah Watling died from cancer on Friday. I watch her in H. G. Wells' Invisible Man sometimes. She played the invisible man's niece, Sally. I watch her in an episode of Wiilliam Tell too. And other stuff.
  2. darkshadows38

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    since i see nobody has posted on here in awhile i think i shall have to do so. i've gotten WOW quite a bit of them since my last post on here from back in December. Since last month i got Terror of the Zygons i had to wait about oh 2 years before that sucker had a good price for it and right now it does on Amazon. check it out and get one while you can. the others?
    well one of them came today in fact, and it's Logopolis which i've never seen, i also got The Daemons as well that one is a personal favorite of mine, Time Lash that one i haven't watched yet and i have never seen that one either, i got i think it was back in June The Twin Dilemma that i still have not watched yet and i've never seen that one either. i started to watch it but than i got distracted and never went back to it,perhaps one day i will soon...

    i have also since got Power of the Daleks on dvd when i see the blu-ray i will get that and when the animated version of Shada comes out when it hits the states i will get that as well.
    even though i have the normal version already.

    Earthshock is my last one to come in the mail, and that takes it down to me needing #36 ! a far far better number than #52 i must say and i hope when X-mas comes this year to get more but me getting from amazon those 5 are enough for now sadly.

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