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The DYNASTY-verse: An Oral History

Discussion in 'Dynasty' started by James from London, May 14, 2019.

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    There's a lot of it so I'll post it a chunk at a time.

    I've grouped it roughly into years, but that's just to make it easier to read, rather than getting rigidly bogged down in continuity.


    Cecil Colby to Blake Carrington: You and I, we go back to the Ice Age.

    Alexis Colby (née Morelle, ex-Carrington) on Louis XV: Actually, I heard that the old man wasn’t such a great lover after all.
    Dominique Devereaux (née Millie Cox): Of course, [Madame de Pompidour] told you this herself?

    Blake Carrington: My family has been in the state of Colorado for three generations and not one of them has ever had anything more than the clothes on his back.

    Blake on the Colby birthright: That distinguished birthright that dates back to making money since and off the war of 1812.

    Steven Carrington: Back in the 1830s, a Pennsylvania Carrington was caught shoplifting.
    Fallon Colby (née Carrington): What did he lift?
    Steven: The Pennsylvania Treasury.

    Jason Colby: Colby Timber Company, Eureka, California. That’s where my granddad started the whole thing.


    Ben Carrington on his father Tom: The man who cheated on [his wife] from the day they met.

    Miles Colby to his father Jason: Remember what you said about your father? He built this company out of sweat and blood and dreams.

    Zach Powers to Jason: We have a lot in common, you and I. Both come from simple backgrounds. You come from timber country, don’t you, right here in California? I was born in Spain, brought up on the sea. My father was a fisherman, Zacharius Salvatore Zachary.

    Zach: The name on my birth certificate reads Pablo Zacharius.
    Sable Colby (née Scott): And why the change to Zach Powers?
    Zach: Zach from Zacharius, to honour my father. Powers, because I liked the taste of it. And a lot easier to pronounce.

    Jason: This is the Colby house. My father built it. My granddad bought the land.

    Jason: My grandfather built it with his own sweat.

    Jason: My dad was married in this house.

    Jason on his grandfather: This is his watch. My dad got it the day he married from this house.

    Constance Patterson (née Colby), Jason's sister: I’ve been around horses all my life.

    Jason on Andrew Colby: I was his firstborn son.

    Jason: I’ve always been a private man, like my granddad.

    Jason, speaking to his daughter Bliss in 1985: I come from timber country. I’ve shaken more California dirt out of my boots than your boyfriend will ever set his foot on.

    Steven Carrington: Mozart's 'C Major Sonata'. Where'd you learn to do that?
    Walter Lankershim: I was just a boy, too young to know any better, I imagine. My mom used to call it the music-box song. I'd come home from school. So many times she'd be sitting there, a little pale and weak. She'd say, 'Sonny, it's been so quiet around here all day. Could you play that music-box song for me?' And I'd play it.

    Blake Carrington: We knew what it was to be poor, we knew what it was to go to bed hungry and along the way I learned what hard work was.

    Blake on a baby's gown: Both you and Steven wore it at your christenings and some years before that, I wore it at mine.
    Fallon, Blake's daughter: Look at the embroidery and material. I thought you said your family was poor?
    Blake: We were, but I guess you could say my mother was rich with her fingers, rich with her heart.

    Krystle Carrington (née Grant, ex-Jennings) on Blake: He doesn’t lie.
    Alexis: That’s right, of course. His sainted mother taught him the sin of that, didn’t she? Along with the first President of the United States.

    Tom Carrington to Blake, his son: At least you’re still honest. You’ve always been a paragon of that peculiarity, not like that brother of yours, Ben.

    Ben Carrington, Blake's brother: You always were the moraliser, weren’t you, Blake?

    Ben to Blake: You were the loving son, weren’t you — but to our mother, Blake, or to the father you turned against me? It’s hard to believe I looked up to you once, my big brother who could do no wrong. She loved me, Blake. She loved me more than anyone on this earth and you’ve never forgiven me for that.
    Blake: She loved both of us and you know it.

    Sable to Jason, her husband: You always said how you were jealous of your brother Cecil because your grandfather doted on him. That’s how it is. The first is always the best.

    Phillip Colby, Jason's younger brother: Granddaddy used a whip.

    Jason visiting the Colby family ranch in Eureka, California: When we were kids, we used to run wild in these hills — Cecil and Connie and Phillip and I. One of us would run away and hide. The others had to track him down, following the signs. I can still hear them yelling.

    Jason on Phillip: I remember him as a little kid following me around this place like a puppy.

    Phillip to Jason: I not only looked up to you, I worshipped you. You acted like I didn’t exist. You and Dad on the inside and me on the outside.

    Jason to Phillip: Mom spoiled you and so did Connie. You were the youngest. Maybe it wasn’t your fault. But you were always trouble.

    Phillip: Love — I didn’t know that word was in your vocabulary. It sure as hell wasn’t when I was around. That’s all I wanted, you know — a little love, respect. What would that have cost you?
    Jason: Respect? You have to earn that, Phil. You never did understand that, did you?
    Phillip: What about love? How does a kid earn love?

    Blake on his mother: She was beautiful.

    Fallon on Blake’s mother: How old were you when she died?
    Blake: Four. I just barely remember her, except for her eyes. She had the most incredibly lovely eyes.

    Tom: Blake, you’ve always known me to be a stubborn old goat.

    Blake: What was it my grandfather used to say? 'Lie down with rattlesnakes, get up with fangs in your neck.'

    Blake: My father took me to the state fair when I was a boy. We went on the Ferris Wheel together. When the wheel got to the top, it stopped. It was stuck. Nothing we could do, so we just sat there and waited, and all of a sudden the weather turned nasty and it began to rain. Then it began to pour with thunder and lightning. It seemed like we were up there for an eternity. I was scared. He knew it and he took my hand in his and he squeezed it gently. He didn't say a word but it made me feel better, not so scared. It was the only time that my father ever held my hand. It was the only time we ever touched.

    Tom: Remember one day on an old Ferris wheel, son? It was raining and we were stuck. I was nearly as scared as you, but I didn’t let on, did I?
    Blake: No, no, you didn’t.

    Blake: I remember when I was a little boy, my mother took me to see something very very special. It was the July Fourth celebration. I remember the red, white and blue fireworks lighting up the sky and I remember the enormous thrill that I felt when I saw the reflection of that light all over our small town and on the faces of all the people standing there watching.

    Blake: When I was a little boy, somebody gave me one of those hourglasses where the sand runs down from one side into the other. Well, it bothered me to see the sand running out like that so I did a pretty dumb thing. I took the top off and I put a lot of sand in. I packed it down, very tight, so it couldn’t move and it couldn’t go down through. I guess what I was trying to do was make time stand still.

    Zach on his father: We came to this country when I was just a boy. He did very well for an uneducated man, wound up with a couple of boats of his own.

    Jason: I didn’t know your father. I was a kid.
    Zach: Your father didn’t know him either. He was too small, too insignificant — an insect for your father to crush without even realising it — but I knew him. He was a good man, an immigrant struggling with a small fleet of fishing boats in San Pedro Harbour until the great Colby conglomerate swallowed him up and took everything. As children, we never heard the word suicide. My mother told us it was an accident, but when his body washed up on shore, I knew who was really responsible, who’d taken his boats, his livelihood, his life and I swore one day I would make the Colbys suffer as they made my mother suffer.

    Zach: I know the pain of losing a loved one. I learnt that when my father died.

    Zach to Jason: You killed my father. The Colbys caused my father’s death.

    Jason on Zach: Colby Enterprises put his father out of business. He killed himself.

    Jeff on a ruby engagement ring: It was Grandmother Colby’s.

    Jason: This is the Colby house. My father built it. My granddad bought the land.

    Jason: My grandfather built it with his own sweat.

    Constance on her brother, Cecil: My brother saved everything.

    Constance to Jason: You’ve been twisting me around your little finger since you were six years old and you’re too big for me to wallop your fanny anymore.

    Daniel Reece: I was raised with horses. My mother [worked with them].

    High school

    Blake: I was the best beer and pop bottle opener in Dora’s Diner. That’s the place I worked at when I was going to high school.
    Krystle: Was Dora pretty?
    Blake: Oh, just about as pretty as her chilli.

    Constance: Jason, you are such a lousy dancer.
    Jason: I was, in high school.
    Constance: When I think of the hours I spent trying to get you ready for your first dance.
    Jason: You were too tough. You used to kick me in the shins every time I missed a step.

    Jason on Constance: When we were kids after my mother died, big sister sitting in that chair telling us off, my brothers and me, breaking up fights, sending us up to bed. Those were times, God I remember, with the whole world in front of us, our whole lives — Phillip, Cecil, Connie and me.


    Walter, speaking in 1981: I've been around this sometimes filthy, sometimes impossible business for forty years.

    Walter: We didn't have the knowledge then that we've got now or the implements. You had to smell it. You had to find it with your nose.

    Matthew Blaisdel to Walter: Your shot — what you've been scratching and scrambling for your whole life.

    Jake Dunham to Joseph Anders: Mr Anders, isn't it a fact that when you were in the army serving in the 52nd artillery, you suffered a permanent hearing loss?
    Joseph: It's true that I suffered a hearing loss, but it's minimal at best.

    Jason: I haven’t been shot at since World War II. I didn’t like it then either.

    Sable, speaking in 1989: That painting Alexis has, it’s a Frederich Stahl. He was a local painter, local to Germany, Austria. Hitler admired Stahl’s work so he stole everything the man ever painted from galleries and museums, off the living room walls of the people he had shuttled into concentration camps, and none of his paintings were ever seen again.

    Dr Jonas Edwards, speaking about Kate Torrance in 1982: The same woman I’ve known for forty years.
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    Alexis' studio
    Wow. At four, Blake was away at the fields. And an even younger Ben was sleeping around with Emily. Those Carrington toddlers were like full-grown men.
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    Blake: Dinard, that's the name of a town in Brittany, isn't it? I drove through it once during the war, about a week after D-day. Beautiful place.

    Walter: Right after the war, up there in the Yukon when we were drilling around '45, '46, we had a situation. A young fellow working there, he was the nephew of our biggest competitor. Had a lot of information missing. That boy, he was a pretty good worker, pretty nice-looking boy till we found out he was the one taking the information and giving it to his uncle. Changed his looks somewhat after that.

    Mr Crenshaw, attorney: You worked for Tom Carrington, didn’t you?
    Mr Franklin, rigger: Oh, for years, sure. A hard man. He was fair, always fair.

    Mr Franklin on Ellen Carrington: Nice woman. She was always nice to me.

    Adam Carrington on Ellen Carrington: I never knew my grandmother, but I’ve heard enough about her to know that she was an extraordinary woman.

    Blake to his mother Ellen: You had a wonderful smile. Of course, I remember you occasionally frowning too. You used to give us that funny look and you’d say, 'You two sons of mine, I love you from my soul, but you Blake, sometimes you’re too stubborn, too hardheaded, and you Ben, sometimes you’re a little too much on the wild side, but you’re both going to shape up. You will, by God, you will or my name is not Ellen Lucy Carrington.'

    Blake on his mother: She knew you.
    Ben: No, she didn’t because you always made sure to turn her against me so she’d never love anyone but you.
    Blake: You’re wrong. She did love you. She knew your weaknesses, but she was a forgiving woman, as forgiving as she was beautiful.

    Blake: I was raised to think that the most important thing in life for me was to battle my way to the top of whatever mountain I chose and do my damnedest to stay there.

    Blake: I started at the bottom and worked my way up.

    Krystle on Blake: My husband has worked very hard all of his life, from the time he was in his teens.

    Steven, Blake's son, speaking about the oil business in 1981: Dad, look, I want to do it the way you did it. I want to get my hands real dirty. I want my muscles to ache. I want to sweat and get dog-tired and then come falling into bed at night knowing that I'm learning, really learning this business the way you did.

    Blake: I remember being out in the fields. I was barely seventeen years old, grimy, work blisters on my hands, and in my head, dreams, dreams about oil being down there somewhere under that ground. Then all of sudden, it happened. It was there, gushing out of the ground, a hundred feet in the air. I just stood there right in the centre of it. It was beautiful.

    Blake: I clawed my way up to a point where I founded and built Denver Carrington.

    Adam to Blake: You and Grandfather didn’t make your fortune selling girl scout cookies, that’s for sure. You scratched and clawed your way to the top of the heap and if it suited your purpose, you lied and you stole and you cheated.

    Blake: I built this company on long hours and hard work.

    Blake: I worked as a rigger during the daytime. At night I went to the School of Mines, winters and summers. I studied and I sweat and I broke my back to learn the oil business, the oil business that this country can’t afford to do without.

    Adam: Frank Eastman [and] Mr Carrington worked together as riggers a long time back.

    Blake: Old Frank used to start belting them down usually before noon and he’d stop sometime considerably later.

    Blake on Nick Kimble's father: Nick's father and I started out in the business together, five-dollar-a-day riggers. Three months after he started, he was in a poker game with the boss, filled an inside straight and ended up with half the well.
    Nick Kimble: And six months after that he loses it again in another poker game drawing to an inside straight.
    Blake: Yeah, but at least he took a chance.
    Nick: And lost, Blake.
    Blake: For all his orneriness, he still had vision and imagination.

    Blake: I’ve been motivating people all my life.

    Nick to Blake: We Kimbles have always been realists. You know my father was.

    Inscription on an old photograph: “Jason Colby, Class President. [Stanford University]”

    Frankie, looking at an old photograph: Jason at twenty-two.
    Sable: Oh he was beautiful, wasn’t he?
    Frankie: Yes.


    Mr Crenshaw: Did you call him Dad, Father or Tom?
    Blake: Tom.
    Crenshaw: Was that always the case, Mr Carrington?
    Blake: No, it wasn’t. We had had some disagreements.

    Blake on Tom: He did some terrible things with no regrets. I might have lived with that if only he’d treated my mother better. She was a good woman, incredibly good, and he treated her like dirt — drinking, telling her about his affairs with other women, laughing at her pain. She forgave him for that, but I could never forgive him.

    Blake on Tom: He has slept with a lot of women in his time.
    Dominique Devereaux: You know the kind of man he’s always been, the lying cheat he’s always been.

    Ben, reading his mother’s gravestone: What a damned hypocrite our father was. 'Beloved wife'? The man who cheated on her from the day they met, whored his way through their entire marriage.

    Dominique: Tom Carrington philandered with women all over Colorado including a beautiful young seamstress named Laura, my mother.

    Sergeant John Zorelli on Tom Carrington: He was married to a black woman, wasn’t he?
    Fallon: Laura, only they weren’t married.

    Zorelli: What was Laura’s last name?
    Fallon: Matthews, Laura Matthews. What happened between my grandfather and Laura, it wasn’t — they had a real love affair.

    Dominique: My mother loved you. She never would have given herself to you if she didn't love you.
    Tom: I hardly knew the woman.

    Tom to Dominique: That beautiful face of yours, just as beautiful as Laura's was.

    Dominique to Blake: New Orleans, Kansas City, those were your father’s favourite cities for fun. These are postcards that he sent to my mother from those cities, different years but similar messages. 'Missing you terribly, sweetheart.' 'Can’t wait to see you again, darling.'
    Blake: These all happen to be unsigned.
    Dominique: But they are all in his handwriting.

    Tom: Blake, I haven't been the best of fathers.
    Blake: Maybe I haven’t been the best of sons.
    Tom: There are men who give their best to other people, not their families. I'm one of them, I guess. I ignored your mother and she loved me so much. I took her love for granted and I ignored you too. Why? Maybe because I was jealous of you, maybe because I knew you'd grow into a better man than me.

    Blake to Arthur Whitcomb: I know that you and my father didn’t get along, that he may or may not have messed up some kind of a deal for you.
    Arthur: He did. I was just beginning in the business. The old coot tried to walk away with the whole rainbow, left me sitting there with an empty pot.
    Blake: Except that it didn’t turn out that way, did it? You both became very successful businessmen. Arthur, I happen to know that you and my father shared a dream about Colorado, about keeping this land the way it is, about keeping the land virginal and beautiful so that people could enjoy it and be proud of it.


    Zorelli on Tom and Laura: They had a daughter, didn’t they?
    Fallon: Dominique Devereaux.
    Zorelli: Devereaux — what is that, French Creole?
    Fallon: It wasn’t the name she was born with.

    Dominique: I was born Millie Cox.

    Dominique to Tom: Laura loved you and she bore me out of that love even though she knew I would have to spend the rest of my life without a true name.

    Dominique on her birth certificate: That piece of paper simply lists the father as unknown and it screams to the world that I was born illegitimate.

    Dominique: I am a bastard who started with nothing and I made a fortune. My father never acknowledged me.

    Dominique on herself: That little Millie Cox who clawed and fought her way to get here.

    Growing up rich

    Andrew Laird on Peter de Vilbis: He comes from a first-class European family.

    Peter de Vilbis: My mother is an Austrian baroness.
    Fallon: And I bet your father is a count. Spanish or Portuguese?
    Peter: Portuguese, but not a count.

    Joseph Anders: I once did some research on your grand-family tree. From what I gather, your father was a hatter?
    Alexis: Yes, actually he was. My father was a hatter by appointment to His Majesty the King. Very special hats.

    Alexis: I’m English. I was born to walk.

    Dominique on Alexis: She was born in London.

    Alexis: There’s this exquisite country church in Mersham where I grew up.

    Alexis to Nick Toscanni: I think that my childhood in England would bore the pants off you — in a manner of speaking.

    Alexis: When I was four, I won the British national potato sack race.

    Cassandra "Caress" Morelle, Alexis's sister, on herself: London born.

    Caress: They named me Cassandra. I always hated it.
    Alexis: I always loved it.

    Alexis: Ever since we were children, Cassie darling, I always won.

    Alexis to Caress: I know all your little routines, dear. You’ve been performing them since you were three years old.

    Caress: I always used to think, 'Live your life fairly, be honest with everyone, that’s all it takes.'

    Alexis: When I was a kid, my father used to drive us to this beach in Devon every vacation. The whole family absolutely adored it except me. I was always freezing cold. I used to imagine that I was in this fantastic place I’d read about called California. It had this blue ocean, had these wonderful palm trees and balmy breezes. I was so happy there.

    Alexis to Caress: You were always so good at telling stories. I remember those fancy fibs that you used to tell Daddy. Creative lying, I used to call it. I always used to admire, even envy you, because those lies, they got you out of so much trouble.

    Caress: You’ve always had perfect timing, Alexis.
    Alexis: Yes. As Mummy used to say, 'Time serves us or we serve time.'

    Alexis: Everything in its own time and its own place, as my dear old mother used to say.

    Alexis: My beloved mother used to say, 'Rain is good for the farmers.'

    Alexis: My beloved mother used to tell me, 'Never make promises that you can’t keep. It’s rude and impolite.'

    Alexis: As my dear old mother would have said, 'If one can’t speak the language, one hires an interpreter.'

    Alexis: As my dear old mother used to say, 'You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.'

    Alexis: My dear old aunty used to say, 'When you’re angry, count to four. When you’re really angry, swear!'

    Alexis: I used to help shave my father.

    Alexis on a necklace: My mother gave it to me when I was a young girl and when she gave it to me, she said, 'I’m giving this to you because you’re a very special daughter.'

    Sable Colby (née Scott): My mother warned me about Greeks bearing gifts.

    Sable on herself and Alexis: Our mummies were sisters.

    Alexis on Sable: Ever since we were children, she has been jealous of me.

    Sable on her and Alexis: We’ve shared a special bond since childhood.
    Dex Dexter: What’s that — loathing?

    Sable: That’s the bond.

    Sable on herself and her sister Frankie: We were so close as children.

    Sable on herself and Frankie: We’ve been arguing since we were in the nursery.

    Sable on her and Frankie: We had a nanny. We really loved her, poor thing. She used to teach us some game or something and we’d drive her mad playing it. 'This is the church, this is the steeple, open the doors and here are the people.'

    Sable: I remember when I was growing up we had a maid called Lizzie who looked after me and she used to go home on Fridays. I remember it was raining and we all heard the collision and we ran. The windshield was just like a spider’s web. We couldn’t open the door because it was all crunched and she was trapped, just slumped at the wheel behind this spider’s web. There were people all around, you see, but nobody knew what to do.

    Sable to Frankie: Do you remember how carefree I was when we were children?

    Francesca "Frankie" Hamilton (née Scott, ex-Colby) on Sable: She puts on act. She always has.

    Sable on perfection: I have been looking for it all my life.

    Sable: I remember when I was about eight, I broke my ankle and I’ll always remember that funny snap.

    Frankie: Sable, the last time you helped me choose 'something more fun' [to wear], it was polka dots and crinoline.

    Sable on Frankie: She always was touchy about her clothes.

    Sable: When we were girls, whatever I had, you always wanted. Whatever I wanted, you always had to have. Do you remember that redheaded doll with black eyelashes and freckles? We called her Betsy. We always fought over her.
    Frankie: One day, you grabbed her by one arm and I grabbed her by the other arm and we pulled and pulled and we tore her apart.

    Phillip Colby: Jason’s always wanted what was mine.

    Sable: Daddy loved Mummy. They still divorced, didn’t they?
    Frankie: But in the end, their love brought them back together, remember?
    Sable: It’s the years that they were apart that I remember when you were here with Daddy in California and I was with Mummy in London. I can’t bear separations, Frankie.

    Alexis: I do as I please. I always have and I always will.

    Rosalind Bedford, Alexis’s cousin: I’ve always understood you, Alexis.
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    Growing up in New York

    Jeff reading Nick Toscanni's personnel file: "Dr Nicholas Toscanni. Born, New York City.”

    Nick Toscanni: When I was age five, I thought every kid on the Lower East Side took piano lessons from Professor Saumelli. 'You're fingers are like little hammers. Upsa two, upsa four.'

    Nick on the Statue of Liberty: You see that slight smile on her face? It's aimed right across to the Battery, Battery Park, and then across to Mulberry Street, between Kenmore and Broome, where I used to live - a fifth floor walk up and we had a john in the hall and a bathtub in the kitchen, but we had the whole fifth floor. We were a big family.

    Nick’s personnel file: 'Two sisters, Maria Theresa and Antonia. Two brothers, both younger. Mark Toscanni. The other brother, Giancarlo, nickname, Gianni.'

    Nick: My grandfather, he was an original. When I was a kid, every Sunday morning — rain or shine, sleet, snow, didn't matter to him — I'd have to take him down to Battery Park and sit on the same green bench with him. And he'd say to me, looking over the water, 'You know, back in Napoli, you look over the water, over the bay, and what do you see? Over there, Vesuvio, and over there, the isles, Capri and Ischia. Quanto bellezza - what beauty, what beauty." And then he'd look at me, and he'd get this incredible look in his face, I mean, sheer disgust, and then he'd say, 'Here in New York, you go down to the water and what do you see? Over there, Staten Island and over there, New Jersey, and over there, cazzo, a 150-foot green woman, senza culo.' That's Italian for flat behind, skinny. You had to be there.

    Nick: As my grandfather once put it, L'unico sentimento più caldo che l'amicizia è un vecchio amore. 'The only feeling warmer than friendship is an old love.'

    Nick on himself: Brought up on Italian operas - lots of passion, big emotions.

    Nick: I didn't go to the beach. I swam off the dock in the East River.

    Nick: I remember when I was a kid, Mama would throw us into the bathtub, uno, due, tre, splash and out every night after dinner, and I'd say to her, one time I said, 'Why do I have to take a bath every single night?' and she said, 'Well, so you'll be clean if the angels come to get you.' But then as we got older, bigger, things got different. My sister Maria Theresa, Terry, every night she had a date with Nunzio. And Mama would come in and say, 'All right,' whether we had finished eating or not, 'everybody out into the parlour. Va tutte, move. Theresa's got to take a bath because she has a date with Nunzio.' I lost fourteen pounds that year.

    Early 1950s

    Blake: The Fallmonts and the Carringtons have been political enemies for a long time.

    Blake: The Fallmonts have always had it in for the Carringtons. The Fallmonts have always been a thorn in my side.

    Buck Fallmont: Blake Carrington and Buck Fallmont never had anything in common except their antagonism.

    Clay Fallmont, Buck's son: Clayburn was my grandfather’s name and my father’s middle name — Buckley Clayburn Fallmont, Ex-Senator of the United States.

    Farnsworth "Dex" Dexter: I was saddled with my grandfather’s first name, Farnsworth. I chose not to use it.

    Dex on himself and Matthew Blaisdel: We were both from Wyoming.

    Mark Jennings: I was born tanned.

    Alexis on Krystle: She wasn't to the saddle born, was she, Joseph?
    Joseph Anders: No she wasn't.

    Andrew Laird on Krystle and her niece Sammy Jo: You both come from relatively poor backgrounds, right?
    Krystle: Wrong. Very poor.

    Krystle: I was raised on a farm.

    Krystle: I spent every summer at my grandparents’ farm, up at the crack of dawn, helping with breakfast and some chores, and then my reward of rewards was riding all afternoon and helping out in the stables.
    Sarah Curtis: I’m from Laramie. I can’t tell you how many foals I helped birth in my lifetime.

    Krystle: In Dayton, merry-go-round when I was a kid, there was a horse, green with yellow glass eyes.

    Krystle: I’ve always dreamed about working with horses.

    Krystle: Something I’ve always dreamed about doing, but never thought possible.
    Blake: You mean daydreamed about doing.

    Krystle to Blake: I was raised in a town that's smaller than your dining room. When my father died, he didn't even leave us two hundred dollars to bury him.

    Krystle speaking to Blake in 1988: I’m going to show you the house I grew up in and the church we went to and Fairmont High School.

    Krystle: I was raised on “goofy dinners” like [baked beans and hot dogs and sauerkraut].

    Krystle: When I was six, I had long beautiful hair. I wanted to cut it, but nobody would let me.

    Aunt Bessie: My little niece, Millie Cox, that skinny little thing that used to run up these steps and say to me, 'Aunt Bessie, you cooking chicken, can I have a drumstick?'

    Dominique, aka Millie Cox: I was the cutest illegitimate child on the block.

    Dominique: I am talking about being illegitimate, having no father, having children call me 'bastard'. That's what I’m talking about.

    Krystle: We were raised to bring flowers when we’re guests in someone’s home.

    Krystle, speaking in Rio in 1984: It’s going on winter back home and it’s summer here. I couldn’t get over that in school.

    Rita, Krystle's lookalike: When I was a little girl, I used to stand in front of the mirror and pretend I was a debutante or something, even a princess. One day I thought, 'You don’t have to pretend anymore. You can be anything, anything you want to be.'

    Krystle on Dayton: Where people are just what they are, not wearing a dozen faces. People I went to school with, common people as Alexis would say, but wonderful people. Friends.

    Krystle on an old shed in the woods: Welcome to my palace! Oh Blake, it used to be beautiful. There was grass everywhere and flowers. I never told a soul about it, not even Virginia.

    Krystle on her sister Iris: She was the beautiful one.

    Krystle on Krystina: A girl I knew a long time ago. Six of us had gone out boating one day on a lake and suddenly there was a storm and the whole boat turned over. Two of us couldn’t swim and the others were heading back to shore even though we were screaming for help, but not this one girl. She was small, smaller than both of us, but somehow she managed to grab hold of us and get us to the dock.

    Michael Culhane: When I was a little kid, we were pretty poor and when my mother used to ask me, 'How much do you love me?' I'd say, 'A million dollars.' When she had to go to my grandmother's back east and she's come home and she'd ask, 'How much did you miss me?' I'd say, 'A million dollars.'

    Dex on business: I learned at my grandfather’s knee.
    Alexis: Ah yes, Farnsworth Dexter, the mining giant. Uranium, I believe.

    Dex, speaking about his home town in 1984: I just wanted to go back to what I knew and loved as a kid.
    Alexis: Little Wyoming cowgirls?
    Dex: Basics. Fresh clean air, hard riding.

    Dex: When I was a kid, I’d take a flat [stone] and skim it across the water six or seven times.

    Dominique: When I was a child, I used to adore reading about the wild west. I just gobbled it up.

    Dominique: What is the single most beautiful word in the English language?
    Aunt Bessie: It’s 'lullaby'.
    Dominique: 'Lullaby.' You told me that word one night right on that porch, sitting right there, just the two of us. We were talking about words, some of the words and how beautiful they are.

    Brady Lloyd: My mother used to say I had a way with words when I was a little boy and her dream was for me to grow up and write poems for a greeting card company.

    Blake on Ben: I remember when we were kids, he used to follow me round like a little puppy. I taught him how to throw a good curveball, how to bait a hook. He was the proudest kid in the whole state of Colorado the day he caught his first fish. He hugged me and he said, 'I love you, Blake!'

    Ben: Fishing. When I was a boy, I used to hate it.

    Blake: Ben, don’t you remember the dreams that we had? Dreams of great adventures that we were going to share.
    Ben: Yes, but they were your dreams, Blake. You, always you. You made me believe in them and you snatched them away from me.

    Blake: Remember when we were young? We shared dreams together. We were going to be partners. We were going to build an empire together.
    Ben: An empire can have only one ruler. All you were doing was inviting me along for the ride.
    Blake: That’s not true and you know it.
    Ben: Oh really? Well, what about the time I came to you, an option in my hand from old man Bateman, an option for our first oil well? All it needed was your signature next to mine. The Carrington brothers, equal partners in a future, our future.
    Blake: Bateman was just trying to unload an overworked well. He’d come to me earlier with the same offer. It was worthless.
    Ben: Not in my opinion. That was the problem, wasn’t it? I was old enough to have my own opinions, but suddenly I was just an upstart who had to be taught his place.
    Blake: There was always a place for you, Ben, as an equal partner, but you were never there.
    Ben: That’s an old argument that’s been going on for years. I was always there until I realised how useless it was, that you’d never stop judging me.

    Educating Alexis

    Dominique on Alexis: She went to school in Switzerland, Gstaad and Geneva, I believe.

    Alexis: History always bored me at school.

    Alexis: My arithmetic has always been a straight F.

    Virginia Methany to Krystle: You never were very good at arithmetic.

    Alexis: I’ve never been good at conjugating verbs.

    Dominique to Alexis: You were actually expelled from a boarding school in Gstaad.

    Alexis to Jason Colby: I’m not the same naive little English girl fresh out of boarding school that you met all those years ago.

    Dominique: You worked for several months as an artist’s model in Hamburg, of all places.
    Alexis: Wrong. It was Brussels, of all places.

    Alexis: I attended the Royal Academy [of Dramatic Arts] for a year.

    Alexis: Galen was the first man that I ever cared about. When I was a young girl, I needed help and he was there for me.

    King Galen of Moldavia, speaking in 1985: There was a time when the beautiful English girl who went on to become the rage of American society would not so easily have fended off my passion.
    Alexis: Those were other times, other hunting lodges.

    King Galen, speaking in 1985: I will sit at the piano and play for you myself.
    Alexis: Like the old days. Well, in case I didn’t tell you, you were terrible!
    King Galen: Then why did you applaud each time and say, 'Bravo'?
    Alexis: Because I was much more polite in those days.

    Alexis: King Galen and I were very good friends and once when we were in bed …

    King Galen: Do you remember a long time ago when you and I were ready to spend the rest of our lives with each other, loving one another, making love — the vows we made never to let anything or anyone separate us. Do you remember, Alexis?
    Alexis: Oh yes. I think of those wonderful days often.

    Prince Michael, King Galen’s son: My father told me when he was a prince, you were in love and were planning to marry, but his father wouldn’t allow it.
    Alexis: Yes, that’s true.

    Alexis to King Galen: What your father did to us. Who knows what my life might have been like if I’d married you, a kind gentle loving man?

    King Galen: I’ve thought of you so often during these years, Alexis, of what nearly was, of what might have been, of what might be yet.

    King Galen: Alexis, I never thought we’d meet again. Did you hope as much as I did that somehow we would?
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    Fallon to Dex: Your father worked with my grandfather.

    Jeff Colby: My family were involved too — Jason, my grandfather.

    Blake to Dex: When it started, there were three of them — my father, Jason’s father and your father.

    Zorelli: You know that mining company, Colterton? It’s clever how they got that name, isn’t it? “Col” for Colby, “ter” for Dexter and “ton” for Carrington. I never knew that those three families were in business together.

    Blake: What do you know about Colterton?
    Dex: Just what my father told me — that it was a venture between the three families. Started out as a mining operation. And that at one point they got involved in something that had nothing to do with mining.

    Blake: It all started with my father. He ran a shipping line back in the early fifties. He was approached and asked to transport some German scholars to South America.
    Dex: Scholars — you mean war criminals?
    Blake: The official word was these people were facing persecution by the communists. Anyway, for arranging the transport he was paid in artwork supposedly owned by these people.
    Sable: So the Collection consists of more than just Frederich Stahl’s paintings?
    Blake: Oh yes, there’s jewellery and gold and sculpture and other paintings as well.
    Dex: Then when your father needed a place to hide it all, there was the Colterton mining project.
    Blake: Yes, that’s where Sam Dexter and Jason came in. I don’t think either one of them knew about the origins of this collection, but evidently, they didn’t ask questions either.

    Dex: When Blake found out what was really going on, he confronted the others and they agreed to get rid of it. Now what I don’t understand is why you [Blake] didn’t just blow it up to begin with.
    Blake: It wasn’t our treasure. I suppose in the back of our minds was the idea that somehow we would put it back into the hands of the victims’ families. It certainly didn’t belong to the animals who killed for it.

    Blake: The stables [at Delta Rho] are where the headquarters of Colterton Mining used to be. And that’s where the Collection was buried first.

    Blake: The Collection had been moved under the big lake. Everything was buried deep.
    Dex: I never understood it. They all must have known that someday someone would eventually come after the Collection. Why not just destroy it?
    Blake: We talked about it, but I felt it would be wrong to destroy something that precious, that if we buried it and buried it deeply enough, that maybe sometime in the distant future, once the shame associated with it had warned off, that maybe somebody would come along and dig it up and despite the stigma associated with it, the Collection would do some good.

    Joseph Anders: There's nothing worse than a brandy hangover.
    Steven: How would you know, Joseph?
    Joseph: I was younger and less wise once, and I know.

    Sean Rowan, Joseph's son: You want to know how long my father knew my mother before they got married? Two weeks and not one day longer.
    Alexis: Was he as charming as you?
    Sean: Oh yes, more charming by far. And do you know how he proposed? He said, 'Wed me today, lassie, or you’ll miss me sore tomorrow.' And they spent all of their lives together and it was the best marriage I ever knew or heard about.

    Constance to Blake: I often think about you and your brother Ben and all the fun we had when we were younger.

    Cora Van Heusen, madam, on Ben: Honey, I’ve known him since the day he was fifteen years old till the day he left home.
    Caress Morelle: You knew him quite well, didn’t you?
    Cora: He was one of my best customers. He used to raise a lot of hell. Not a bad sort, though.

    Zach: I’ve known Jason Colby for many years.

    Blake: Zach Powers never helped anybody but himself.

    Zach on his father: He wound up with a couple of boats of his own.
    Sable: And that’s how you built up one of the biggest shipping companies in the world?
    Zach: Not at all. It was hard work, dedication.
    Sable: And just a little touch of luck? Like meeting a Greek shipping heiress and marrying a fortune the first time around.

    Spiros Koralis, Zach’s stepson, on Koralis Shipping: My father left the company to my mother to keep for me.

    Zach to Spiros: For your mother’s sake, I tolerated you.

    Spiros to Zach: You used to be so good at manipulating people, especially loved ones.

    Clay Fallmont on his mother Emily: About her interest in horses, that was a long time ago when she was training for the Olympics.


    Blake: I’ve never broken a promise to my family.

    Blake: I have always placed the love of my family ahead of anything else in my life.

    Alexis: Blake has always treated the members of his family like his personal possessions.

    Blake: I’ve never reneged on a debt in my life.

    Alexis: Blake Carrington is a vindictive tyrant who has lied and terrorised people all his life.

    Blake: I’ve spent a lifetime establishing a business based on integrity, on principle, on honour, on truth. I’ve tried to inculcate those principles in my children as well.

    Blake: I've always used force of one kind or another to get what I wanted.

    Jason to Blake: You’re not a man that’s ever been happy with second best.

    Cecil on Blake: A two-bit oil speculator who scrambled his way up out of a hovel into a grand house.

    Blake on himself and Cecil: We started out as friends.

    Blake: I started out with nothing once, a young guy with a dream and ten thousand hard earned dollars.

    Blake: I made my money as an independent.

    Blake: Deep down, you've resented me ever since I first came here to Colorado. You were comfortably entrenched in your father's oil empire. You resented a brash young wildcatter, a so-called self-made man.
    Cecil: There's a modicum of truth in that.
    Blake: I didn't have quite your brand of polish, did I?
    Cecil: Until you met Alexis. She was the one who taught you about the right circles, as it were. In fact, she was the one who introduced us.

    Cecil: I did love you once, really love you. I keep remembering a dinner we had. I said to you, 'Tell me, why do you persist in being the most exquisite woman wherever you go?'
    Alexis: I think that you stole that line from a play — Noel Coward.
    Cecil: Maybe. Now you’re ageing me!
    Alexis: You were a mere wisp of a boy!
    Cecil: Do you remember that night — dinner and afterwards? The next night at a party, I introduced you to Blake.

    Blake on Alexis: That spectacular girl that I met.

    Caress on Alexis: The night she met Blake Carrington was exactly a week after her seventeenth birthday.

    Alexis: When [Galen]’s father forced us to separate, I thought I’d never love another man again and then I met Blake and then I realised how wrong I’d been.

    Alexis to her son Adam: Darling, do you know how long it took me to fall in love with your father? I took one look at him. Then I took a deep breath and by the time I let it out, I was in love.

    Alexis: You’re such a romantic. You remind me of the first man I fell in love with when I was seventeen years old.
    Sean Rowan: Blake.

    Caress to Blake: I lusted after you before my sister stole you from me.

    Alexis to Blake: [‘Bewitched’] was the first song we ever danced to.

    Alexis to Blake: [‘Bewitched’] used to be our song and the first time we danced to it, you swept me off my feet.

    Caress on Alexis and Blake: They’d had nothing more than one dance together when she waltzed over to me and she whispered, 'I have just met my husband and the father of my children. Would you like to say hello to the very handsome, very rich and very sexy chap?'

    Cecil on Blake: He proposed to you a couple of nights later. And ever since then I’ve asked myself, 'What would have happened if I had proposed to her myself?'
    Alexis: Might she have said yes?
    Cecil: Would you have?
    Alexis: I don’t know. I was madly in love with Blake.

    Blake to Alexis: You’ve never loved anyone but yourself.

    Alexis: You’re a hateful man, Blake. You always were.

    Billy Waite to Alexis: Your relationship with Blake has always been passionate, possessive and vindictive.

    Alexis on Blake: I’ve always loathed him.
    Cecil: That must have been the best-guarded secret around.

    Alexis to Adam: I’m no stranger to unfeeling men, starting with your father. A woman begins her young adult life being soft, loving and giving. Then what it all comes down to finally is use or be used.

    Alexis: All my life, I’ve fought to make it in a man’s world, played by their rules.

    Sable: There is no sexual equality. There never has been.

    Cecil to Blake: I have hated you totally since the day you stole my beloved Alexis away and married her.

    Ben on Alexis: The beautiful young girl who showed up from England to marry my brother.

    Ben to Blake: All those years ago when I was just a kid, I was in love with Alexis too. You were the lucky one who got her.

    Alexis: There was a time before I married Blake where I lay awake in bed one night and thought, 'Maybe I should marry Ben instead.'
    Ben: Why didn’t you choose me then?
    Alexis: Because I loved Blake more.

    Ben to Alexis: You’re still the flirt you always were.

    Ben: Alexis, we’ve never really trusted one another.

    Ben: I always have loved you, Alexis.
    Alexis: I know that you had a teenage crush on me years ago when I married Blake and you were jealous then.

    Alexis: Only once have I ever let my heart rule my head and that was with Blake Carrington. I met him, I married him a month later.

    Blake on Alexis: She and my father always liked each other.

    Tom Carrington: Alexis, you've always been a pistol in my book.

    Tom: I’ve always liked your spunk, Alexis, and I’ve always liked your looks!

    Alexis: Blake was my first lover.

    Alexis on ‘Bewitched’: That was [playing] the first time we made love. Remember?
    Blake: Yes.
    Alexis: Before we were married, sometimes we’d dance all night and then in the morning we’d go and have breakfast in that restaurant that invented the Denver omelette.
    Blake: Oh no no no no. The owner claimed that they invented the Denver omelette.
    Alexis: Oh Blake, they were such wonderful times, such incredible times.

    Caress: I remember one day I brought lunch out to you and Blake in the field. You had your shirt off. It’s a sight I’ve carried with me for years. You never took any notice of me when I was a kid and I always wished you would. You didn’t even know I was alive. You were quite a womaniser, had a hundred women. You never took any notice of me.
    Ben: Oh no, I remember you — kind of gawky and scrawny, but not bad. Jealous of your sister, I do remember that.
    Caress: I wasn’t jealous of her. She was interested in Blake. I thought that you were the real prize, but you were seeing that other woman. I used to lie awake at night fantasising about you. Then I’d picture her and I’d know that you were with her. I’d just want to die.
    Ben: Sounds like you had quite a lurid imagination as a teenager — a product of an overdeveloped libido, no doubt.
    Caress: I always used to wonder, 'What does she have that I haven’t? What does he see in her that’s missing in me?' I think she had red hair.
    Ben: What were you doing, Caress — peaking through windows? Shame on you! Our paths didn’t cross very much and there was probably very good reason for it.

    Caress: I always remember you so fondly. You were such a young bride with so many problems and yet you always treated me as a friend. I remember being rather worried about you at the time — your husband, the brand new senator, away in Denver and you, all alone in Colorado Springs.
    Emily Fallmont: It wasn’t long before I left and joined him there.
    Caress: Yes, but the loneliness. I remember wondering if you might be having an affair.
    Emily: I was too in love with Buck.
    Caress: But Buck was away for so much of the time. The longing, the physical need — it can get too much.

    Ben on Emily’s champagne glass: There were times when it had to have strawberries floating in it.

    Caress: Champagne cocktail, my favourite drink.

    Emily to Buck: A few years after we were married, you were away campaigning and that summer I had an affair with Ben Carrington.

    Emily on Ben: I don’t know how it all began, but I was infatuated with him, his flair, his good looks, his sense of excitement, and I hadn’t been married very long. Buck was always away campaigning so I was alone and … and that’s absolutely no excuse for cheating on a husband you love.

    Ben on Emily: I loved her once. I loved her very much.

    Cora on Ben: He’d fallen in love with an amateur. They used to meet on the other side of the town.
    Caress: Who was she?
    Cora: He never told me. Too noble I guess. All he ever said was that she was married. It was some big secret.
    Caress: Married to whom?
    Cora: Some Colorado big shot, I think. Prominent family, plenty of money. I had to hand it to Ben, though, for keeping it all a secret, even if it did lose me a lot of business.

    Caress: Do you remember a boy they called Little Jimmy? His parents used to run the old rooming house on the outskirts of town. The No Tell Motel, we used to call it. It was so far from the centre of town that the only people who went there were lovers who didn’t want to be seen. Little Jimmy remembers Ben and the young bride he used to take there for their secret assignations. Well, you see, they had to be secretive because she was married to a state legislator and if anything had ever been found out about their affair, it would have meant the end of his career, not to mention her marriage.
    Emily: Nobody’s ever known about this.

    Emily: How can you and I have been so stupid?

    Ben: We loved each other, even if only for a short time.
    Emily: It was so wrong.
    Ben: No, Emily, it was not. A mistake maybe, but not wrong.
    Emily: I nearly did leave [Buck] for you, you know that? But I couldn’t. I loved him. He was my life.

    Amanda Carrington: What happened to ruin everything?
    Alexis: What happened? Life.
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    Wow this is quite an achievement

    Now if Richard Channing can use these quotes and underlay the sound under his trailer videos we’ll have the ultimate prequels.
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    Unless I'm mistaken, you missed the line where Caress was talking about Alexis' 16th birthday, where she walked up to the handsomest man in the room and told him, "You will be my gift for the evening."

    But dang, reading over all this makes me realize what a teen-hood Alexis had: first a prince, then Cecil Colby, then Blake... Personally I think King/Prince Galen should have been one of Alexis' love affairs during her exile.
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    Oh yes, this one. "She invaded the room, her raven hair coiffed demurely but her hazel eyes unable to hide the sex that smouldered within her. It was her sixteenth birthday. She paused, trembling on the brink of womanhood. Then, brazen, she walked up to the handsomest man in the room and said, ‘You are my gift for the evening.’" I wrote it down but then left it out of the final thing for some reason. I think when I read it out of context I wasn't sure if Caress was talking about Alexis or herself or just some made up character.
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    1956, continued

    Alexis: Your mother was so beautiful.
    Ben: She never thought so. Maybe that’s what made her even more beautiful than she was.

    Blake to Ben: Decent — that’s something you haven’t been since the day you let Mama die in that fire.

    Mr Crenshaw: You remember the day of Ellen Carrington’s death?
    Mr Franklin: Oh sure. A tragedy.
    Crenshaw: You worked for Tom Carrington at that time, didn’t you?
    Franklin: Oh, for years, sure.

    Ben: Normally, my father, Blake and I would have been in the field.
    Mr Crenshaw: Was this a normal situation?
    Ben: No. My father was in New Orleans on business.
    Crenshaw: Leaving you and your brother at home alone.

    Blake: My brother Ben and I were to take care of my mother who had broken her leg and was bedridden.

    Crenshaw: And she was helpless?
    Ben: Yes.

    Crenshaw: Did your father leave any instructions before he went to New Orleans?
    Ben: Yes, that my mother was not to be left alone under any circumstances.

    Crenshaw: The day of the fire, where were you?
    Franklin: In the field. That was one hell of a day, let me tell you. We had this derrick that almost collapsed, had a man stranded almost twenty feet up in the air.

    Blake: There was an emergency phone call from the field. That meant that one of us had to go out and handle that emergency while the other one stayed at home with my mother.
    Adam: Who stayed behind?
    Blake: My brother Ben. I went out into the field. He left her alone, helpless.

    Crenshaw: There was a Carrington in the field with you?
    Franklin: Yeah, sure. Young Carrington was the one that was getting the young fella off the derrick when we got news of the fire.

    Blake: Franklin and I had to climb up on the derrick to get him down. He and I did. We pulled him down together.

    Crenshaw: Mr Franklin, the young Carrington that was in the field with you the day of the fire.
    Franklin: It was Ben Carrington.

    Crenshaw: Your mother was left alone, wasn’t she?
    Ben: Yes she was and when the fire broke out, no-one was there to save her because the brother who’d been left behind was in town, drunk, and in bed himself, with a woman, while my mother burned to death.

    Blake on Ben: At the time of the fire, he was getting drunk in town, crawling between the sheets with the local … My mother was left alone to die.

    Ben: It was Blake Carrington who was in town, drunk. He left her alone and lied to my father to protect himself.
    Crenshaw: Were you in the field, Mr Carrington?
    Ben: Yes, I was. Blake killed her, lied about it and made me pay for it.

    Alexis: Ben Carrington was out working in the oilfield while his brother Blake was in town drunk seducing a young girl. I was the girl he seduced.
    Crenshaw: While Blake Carrington’s mother perished in that tragic fire, he was in bed with you?
    Alexis: Yes.

    Alexis: Ellen Carrington burnt to death in her bed while her son Blake Carrington was in another bed, mine.

    Caress to Alexis: You weren’t with Blake on the day of the fire. You were with me. We spent the entire day shopping in Chicago at Marshall Field. We didn’t find out about the fire until we flew back to Denver that night.

    Caress on Ben: Was he here [Cora’s place] the day of the fire?
    Cora: Not that I know of.

    Emily to Ben: You were with me the day your mother died.

    Alexis: Ben, your mother’s death was an accident.
    Ben: No, it was my fault. She died because I was selfish and irresponsible. As sure as that woman gave me life, I took hers. What kind of man could destroy such beauty and go on living with himself?

    Blake to Ben: She would have forgiven you for letting her die in that fire.

    Adam: When Tom Carrington returned and discovered this tragedy, didn’t you tell him at once that it was your brother Blake who was responsible?
    Ben: Of course I did.
    Adam: Didn’t be believe you?
    Ben: No, he didn’t.

    Alexis: We were engaged and Blake was extremely ardent. I was very young and very innocent and I was so much in love that I would have done anything. I would have lied for him, anything. I was completely under Blake’s spell. He told me that if I kept quiet about this and let Ben take the blame for their mother’s death that he would not back out of our marriage. Perhaps I was foolish, but I was so young and so in love, and Blake always knew how to get exactly what he wanted out of me.

    Adam: A man is confronted with his wife’s horrible death. One brother blames the other, but the father chooses to believe one over the other. Why?
    Ben: They were very close.

    Blake: Ben, all on his own, turned my father against him. My father disowned Ben on the day my mother died. He never forgave him. That went all through his life.

    Crenshaw: How long have you been estranged from your family?
    Ben: Since my mother died.

    Ben on his mother’s death: Blake’s blamed me for this for over half of my life. I didn’t do it any more than he did.

    Blake: As far as I’m concerned, the day my mother died, my brother died.
    Crenshaw: And that day, you became Tom Carrington’s only son and heir to his estate.

    Blake: I didn’t see Alexis until the next day at the mortuary.

    Adam: Did you make any effort to contact [Tom]?
    Ben: He wouldn’t see me.
    Adam: When did he tell you that, right after the fire?
    Ben: Yes.
    Adam: After that, did you try to call [Tom] or visit him or see him? Did you ever once during all those long years ever try to tell him your side of the story?

    Crenshaw: During that time, did you have any contact with your brother Blake Carrington or your father Tom Carrington?
    Ben: No, I did not.

    Crenshaw: Laura Cox, your mother, told you that Ben Carrington was responsible for his mother’s death. Is that right?
    Dominique: It is. She would refer to Ben as the son who killed his mother.
    Crenshaw: That’s the reason Tom Carrington disowned his younger son?
    Dominique: Yes, it is.
    Crenshaw: Where do you suppose your mother heard this story?
    Dominique: From Tom Carrington.
    Crenshaw: A fairytale told you on your mother’s knee.
    Dominique: My mother was one of the most scrupulously honest women I have ever known.

    Ben: Father cut me out of his will after Mother’s death. It wasn’t fair.
    Blake: It wasn’t fair for you to let her die in that fire either.

    Ben to Krystle: You don’t know what it feels like to be an outcast, despised by your family, a scapegoat for something beyond your control, but Blake did it, blamed me for something I didn’t do.

    Emily on her affair with Ben: It didn’t even last very long and I buried it in the past.

    Blake to Ben: According to Buck Fallmont, he was out campaigning when Clay was conceived and that you were here, sleeping with Emily.

    Buck: Emily, you called me up north. You told me how happy you were that you were pregnant. Clay was conceived that summer while you were sleeping with Ben Carrington. What you didn’t tell me was that you were carrying a bastard!

    Emily on her affair with Ben: I hated myself for it and I broke it off.

    Emily: I swore I’d never be unfaithful to my husband again ever.

    Emily to Caress: I was trying to remember the last time I’d seen you and I think it was just before we left Colorado Springs.

    Blake: My mother left me some land in her will years ago. I’ve always loved it. Never did anything with it.

    Adam: Blake calls it the Crater. It was willed to him by his mother. It’s a large tract of land near Ramsen.

    Ben: The land that Mama left you, I still don’t know why she left it to you and not to me.
    Blake: She left it to me because she knew I wouldn’t gamble it away. She knew what she was doing, Ben.

    Blake to his mother: You always said there was magic in [that land].

    Alexis: I was very young when I married Mr Carrington.

    Dominique on Alexis: She married Blake Carrington when she was seventeen.

    Alexis to Blake: You made some vows to me once, to love, honour and cherish until death do us part. You lied to me then.

    Tom on Alexis: The beautiful girl that likes to shock everybody, just like me. Remember that tango we did together at your wedding to Blake?
    Alexis: We put Astaire and Rodgers to shame. We shocked everyone!
    Tom: We sure did!

    Cecil: What did you and Blake talk about the night of your wedding?
    Alexis: I don’t remember.
    Cecil: Did he brag about how mighty he’d become? How he’d try, try to rival me? Tell me, were his nails clean that night, Alexis, or were they stained with the oil of his Carrington rig Number 1?

    Ben: Blake’s number one field, a strike he and my father grabbed from me.
    Alexis: And you never saw a dime from it while Blake got rich.

    Ben: Blake stole a big chunk of my life.

    Blake, speaking in 1986: Now, Larry, that first well we brought in, Carrington 1 - you worked with me for six months and all you got was a fleabag of a motel room and some pretty bad food, but by the end, you had saved enough money to retire. You were willing to gamble on me then.
    Larry, a rigger: That was thirty years ago, Blake.
    Blake: You had guts then. You could look in the mirror and be proud then.

    Krystle: Your first field to come in. I remember the snapshot — you standing over there, grinning away, holding up a handwritten sign, "Carrington 1”.
    Blake: Yes, that was the beginning of Denver Carrington.

    Alexis: Do you remember our honeymoon in Corfu?
    Blake: No.

    Blake: That place we had in the Greek islands, remember?
    Alexis: Oh yes, our honeymoon villa in Corfu, with ninety-three steps to get up it.
    Blake: And the housekeeper, every morning, who would take an hour to climb those ninety-three steps, cursing all the way.
    Alexis: But at least it gave us another hour together.

    Alexis: I was so young, just a child really. What did I know?
    Blake: It’s a pity that when we were on Corfu I couldn’t see the facade — your greed, your selfishness. If I had, our marriage would have ended a hell of a lot sooner, believe me.

    Alexis on Blake: He was madly in love with me.

    Alexis: A union — that's how we started out our marriage, Blake and I.

    Alexis: At first, it was a good marriage in every sense.

    Blake on himself and Alexis: We used to have a very strong bond between us.

    Alexis to Blake: We were married for seven years and some of those were pretty good years.

    Alexis to Blake: Don’t you remember how you used to tease me because I always used to break for tea and scones and then you got addicted?

    Alexis to Blake: I tried to become the wife you wanted.

    Blake to Alexis: You’re lying. It’s a disease with you. It always has been.

    Alexis to Blake: If I lied, you taught me how to do it.

    Alexis to Blake: In the good times, and there were a lot of good times, you used to forgive me my fibs — I mean, my little fibs. Social fibs, my speciality, taught to me by the master when I was seventeen years old — 'Oh, you look ravishing tonight, Marisa.' 'It's the party of the year, Duffy, the party.'

    Zach: You never were a very good liar, Alexis.

    Constance to Jason: You never were a good liar.

    Alexis on words Blake used to describe her: When we were married, it used to be 'dazzling'.

    Alexis on manipulation: I invented that word.

    Blake: You always did circle before you attacked, Alexis.

    Alexis: The end, as I have always believed, justifies the means.

    Blake to Alexis: I forgot how vicious and ruthless you can be when you want something.

    Alexis to Blake: I’ve learned those filthy games from a master — you.

    Alexis: I’ve always been able to read you better than you can read yourself.
    Blake: You know absolutely nothing about me. You never did.

    Alexis: Your pride was always one of your most attractive qualities, Blake.

    Alexis to Blake: That splendid Carrington pride — that's what I always used to love most about you when we were married.

    Alexis to Blake: A man who used to be such a tower of strength and I loved you for that strength with a passion.

    Steven: My father has never been sick a day in his life.

    Blake: I was a young political animal myself once, politically ambitious I mean. Thought about running for Congress, just for starters.
    Adam: Why didn’t you pursue it?
    Blake: Well, for one thing, your mother didn’t think that Washington would suit her. 'Too humid,' she said. Probably afraid of what it would do to her beautiful skin.

    Krystle to Emily: You lived in Washington a long time.

    Alexis to Blake: Other victories, other triumphs a long time ago when we were first starting out, ready to take over the world. A young wildcatter, a young handsome, hungry husband who shouted out to the world, 'I'll show them!' And you did.

    Alexis to Blake: I used to call you my private buccaneer, a man who could conquer anyone and anything.

    Blake: Alexis told me once when we were married, 'Blake, there is nothing on this planet that I can’t do, including the impossible.'

    Alexis to Blake: You bought that mansion as a showplace for me, remember?

    Alexis to Krystle on the Carrington mansion: This was my house while you were living in a shack somewhere.

    Denver District Attorney Ferguson: I was born and raised in these parts and I always wondered what the inside of this mansion was like.

    Alexis: The wonderful parties that Blake Carrington and I used to have at the mansion when we were married, superb elegant parties that Denver hasn’t seen since I was mistress there.

    Alexis speaking in 1984: Please tell the staff that I want this house kept in tip-top condition, lots of spit, polish and elbow grease, like the great old days when I used to live here.

    Joseph Anders, major domo, on Alexis: I was employed by her.

    Alexis to Joseph: I'm the one who hired you and taught you. You certainly appreciated it then.

    Alexis to Joseph: You always were insolent.

    Fallon on Alexis: She always did treat [Joseph] as if he was dirt.

    Joseph on himself and Blake: We've been together a long time, he and I.

    Alexis on Joseph: What he really was was [Blake’s] paid house spy who liked nothing better than to badmouth me whenever he could.

    Prince Michael of Moldavia to Yuri, his security chief: You’ve been faithful to my family for many years.

    Alexis: Tell me something, Blake, I’ve often wondered — were you faithful to me when we were married?
    Blake: Why don’t you keep on wondering?

    Alexis on Joseph: It’s a pity he never told me about you [Blake] and that sexy young wife of his. The attic nympho, wasn’t that her soubriquet?

    Alexis: Irish?
    Sean Rowan: On my mother’s side.

    Alexis: I was always a fiasco in the kitchen.

    Blake: The bride that couldn’t boil water.
    Alexis: That’s right, but I did have one speciality that you were rather keen on.
    Blake: Not shepherd’s pie.
    Alexis: That’s right, with carrots and onions and green peppers covered in puree de Pommes de Terres, otherwise known as good old-fashioned mashed potatoes. Not exactly an Escoffier meal, but …
    Blake: But a dish I used to look forward coming home to. About once every two months, that is. You know what I used to secretly think?
    Alexis: What?

    Blake: That you didn’t make those at all, that you had Hilda Nielsen make them for you.
    Alexis: Blake, that’s not fair. I always made them for you.

    Alexis on Mrs Gunnerson (nee Neilsen), the Carrington cook: My always-so-helpful-Hilda.

    Alexis on kippers: Do you remember my favourite recipe, Hilda?
    Mrs Gunnerson: Sauteed and very plain.
    Alexis: Very plain, and divine, like your divine ratatouille and your divine rack of lamb and your divine pink grapefruit sherbet.

    Constance on Phillip: He was a fine man, sensitive, sentimental but not unstable, just a simple loving caring man. I believe there was some trouble with the police.
    Garrett Boydston: Some trouble? Three arrests for drunk driving and two for assault. And wasn’t his drinking and brawling the main reason your father cut him out of his will?
    Constance: I don’t know. My father did not confide in me.
    Garrett: Weren’t these drunken brawls usually over women? And wasn’t your brother habitually, irrationally and excessively jealous about women in his life?
    Constance: He was young …
    Garrett: Immature, violent, alcoholic, jealous. Wasn’t that the real Phillip Colby?
    Constance: He drank too much and that made him difficult, but he was …

    Jason to Phillip: Connie loved you through everything.

    Phillip: I loved Connie. She’s the only one who ever had any faith in me, believed in me. She never judged me.

    Constance: I protected Phillip too much.

    Sable on her and Phillip: We were very close.

    Phillip to Sable: You never could hide anything from me.

    Phillip: Remember the first time I brought you here [the Colby house] to meet the folks?
    Sable: Yes. I also remember that when they went to bed, you tried to get me into bed.
    Phillip: Yes, but you were a bit too prim and proper.

    Phillip to Sable: As I remember, you always liked surprises.

    Sable to Phillip: I think you fell in love with Frankie the first moment you laid eyes on her.

    Phillip to Frankie: Don’t you remember how it was between us, since the first time we laid eyes on each other? You love me, Frankie. You always have.

    Frankie on Phillip: I remember his eyes laughing, mocking even.

    Sable to Frankie: [Phillip] always had a hold on you.

    Frankie on Phillip: He’s your brother, but so different.
    Jason: Night and day, my dad used to say.

    Sable: There are corners of me that you’ve never seen, you never looked. Since before we had children, we’ve always been pulling in different directions.
    Frankie: Isn’t 'always' a bit strong?

    Sable: I don’t think so.

    Sable, speaking to Jason in 1987: Do you remember that spring, just before they [Phillip and Frankie] married? It was nearly thirty years ago. There we all were — the Colby boys, the Scott girls. There were so many romances and plans, tears and secrets. We were all in love and none of us were married.

    Phillip on Frankie: I loved her. She loved me once.

    Frankie on Phillip: I loved him first. I never got over that.

    Frankie: I loved Phillip, but I think I always loved Jason more.

    Phillip to Frankie: Remember the first time, in the loft?

    Sable on Frankie: I saw you down run the stables with her, the night you broke our last date.
    Phillip: You saw?
    Sable: Well, I heard you together up in the loft.

    Sable to Phillip: You weren’t very discreet.

    Phillip: I liked the old pool house.
    Frankie: I hardly remember it.
    Phillip: We used to come here in winter. Nobody would come near it then. You remember, just the two of us. I loved that old sofa. Remember the cushions kept slipping off?

    Sable: When we were younger, I never told you this, but oh, how jealous I was of you. Terribly so. You were prettier than I, at the time of course, and to make matters worse, you married first, to Philip.
    Francesca: And I thought you’d never forgive me for that.
    Sable: If you hadn’t rather rashly married Philip, I might have.

    Phillip on Frankie: The day we came back from honeymoon, we had a big fight. She ran away.
    Jeff: Where?
    Phillip: The beach. She loved the ocean. She holed up in this little place for a couple of days.
    Jeff: What place?
    Phillip: Casa Malibu.

    Phillip to Frankie: You used to be like Connie. She never judged me.

    Jason on Phillip and Frankie: What they had was very brief.

    Sable on Frankie: She’s never been good for any man who’s been in love with her.

    Frankie: I’m bad news for every man I’ve ever loved. First Phillip, then Peter.

    Jason on Phillip: I didn’t trust him then.

    Jason, sarcastically about Philip: His commendable tenacity!
    Jeff: What was it with you and my father? Was he taller, smarter?

    Jeff on Phillip: He got a rotten deal when he was here and he was bitter.

    Constance on Phillip: He lied to us. He embezzled from Colby Enterprises. He forged his name. That’s why my father cut him out of the will.
    Jeff: Why would he steal? He had money.
    Constance: He gambled and he covered his losses with company money. Jason found out about it and he paid Phillip’s debts out of his own pocket.

    Phillip: All right, Jason, I stole from the company.
    Jason: And I covered for you.
    Phillip: At what price — my home, my wife?

    Jeff: Did my mother know?
    Constance: Just my father, Jason and me. Your mother never did know why Phillip, all of a sudden, got it in his head to go overseas. We never told her.

    Phillip: You wrecked my marriage. You never have wanted me around.
    Jason: I didn’t send you to Vietnam. You went.
    Phillip: Some choice you gave me — either leave the country or let Dad find out about the money I’d borrowed to pay back my gambling debts.

    Jason: Phil always was able to make me doubt myself — was I too harsh on him? Too soft? I never knew. I paid Phil all I owed him a long time ago.

    Jason on Phillip: He stole from Dad, he ran away.

    Constance on Philip: Maybe he marched to a different drummer than the rest of us.
    Jason: Our brother was an escape artist. He ran from his wife, from his life.

    Andrew Laird to Jeff: I was at the airport when your father flew to Korea.

    Frankie to Phillip: I was eighteen when you left.

    Jason: Your father and I were never close. That’s no secret. He wasn’t really a Colby.
    Jeff: What is that supposed to mean — that my father cared more about his family, more about his country than the Colby fortune?
    Jason: His country? The army was just a convenient excuse for Phil, a way out. Truth is, son, your daddy ran out on all of us — on me, your mother. He left her with no-one, no-one.
    Jeff: That’s a lie. He loved my mother.
    Jason: Yes, I’ll give him that. I believe he did, but he still left her. He was my brother. I never knew him. In the crunch, he cut and ran.

    Extracts from a letter from Phillip to Jason: “Dear Jason, I’m finally where you want me, an ocean away from … and the company store. Now it’s just you and Dad — just like you planned it. You promised you wouldn’t tell … Of course you lied. I heard from him last week. He must know … It sounded like the same speech you gave me when you found out I borrowed from the company, on and on about how he was hoping this tour in Indochina would make a man of me, a Colby, worthy to bear the family name. He hates me! That’s your doing. Why, Jason? Why are you doing this to me? Phillip.”

    Jason: The last letter Phil wrote me from Vietnam. He blames me for turning Dad against him. He went through a lot of hell out there.

    Billy Waite, speaking to Blake in 1984: You’ll be staying in the same wing [of his villa in Caracas] where you once stayed with Alexis, shortly after you were married I believe.

    Dex: Do you think Blake loved, really loved, Alexis when they were married?
    Krystle: They did have four children together. I’m sure he did.

    Dex on Blake and Alexis: They shared things — a house, a bed, children, triumphs, tragedies.

    Alexis: The most romantic gift that you ever bought for me was Mr Kensington.
    Blake: What — our old collie? He was a wonderful dog, but romantic?
    Alexis: He fell madly in love with me from the first moment you brought him home in that cardboard box and he was half asleep. It was such a big romance. He used to follow me around and whenever I left the house, he’d pout.
    Blake: So did I.

    Alexis to Blake: Do you remember when my mother had her heart problem? We had that wonderful doctor, Rushton, who was so brilliant in her treatment.

    Alexis: [It was] a period of my life when I was more sensitive to feelings, especially my own, when I was able to love more easily.

    Blake: I remember an Alexis Carrington who wasn’t twisted and cold.
    Alexis: I remember that woman too and I remember the man who turned her into that.

    Adam: Blake was my father long before you were even thought of, Steven. I’m his firstborn.

    Adam on Denver: I was born there.
    Air stewardess: Then moved?
    Adam: You could say I was spirited away at an early age.
    Air stewardess: By gipsies?
    Adam: A kindly band, yes.

    Adam: Adam Carrington, born upstairs, but robbed of what was mine and had to go through all those years deprived of what was my due.

    Adam: Belonging - what I’ve been starved for my whole life.
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    It must have been Alexis, since Caress said she spent those five years in prison thinking about her sister. Plus, she described the girl's eyes as "hazel", whereas Caress' own eyes are blue. So that rules out Caress writing about herself.
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    Yes it’s another extract from Caress’ Sister Dearest. I think it’s the first words we hear from Caress when we first see her in jail.
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    It is. :D
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    Jason on the Colby master bedroom: My mother died in that room. I held her and said goodbye.

    Jason: I remember this house used to be full of music when you were here.
    Frankie: The minute waltz …
    Jason: Took two minutes! We never could play together.
    Frankie: I haven’t played for years.

    Frankie: 'Ask me no more,
    Thy fate and mine are sealed … in vain.'

    Jason: 'Let the great river take me … for at a touch I yield, ask me no more.'
    Frankie: You remembered.
    Jason: I remembered.

    Jason: I love you, Frankie. I always have.

    Jason on himself and Phillip: Two brothers in love with the same girl.

    Jason to Frankie: I loved you first, the first woman I loved in my life. You were Phillip’s. You couldn’t be mine.

    Arthur Cates, attorney: How long was your husband in Vietnam?
    Frankie: A total of twenty-two months.
    Arthur: And you saw him how many times during that period?
    Frankie: Three times. Once in Hawaii and twice here.

    Phillip to Frankie: Don’t tell me you don’t remember that dumb dress in Hawaii and those lousy pearls I bought you in Hong Kong. You were at the airport, the jasmine perfume.

    Arthur: You were a young woman, a newlywed when your husband first went overseas. Were you lonely?
    Frankie: I missed my husband.
    Arthur: Did you see other men?
    Frankie: No. I socialised, but some member of my family was always present. Most of the time I stayed at home.
    Arthur: Like a princess in the ivory tower.
    Frankie: Like a wife whose husband is serving his country overseas.

    Sable on Frankie: She could have had an affair. Her husband was far away. She was frightened, lonely.
    Jason: Yes, she was.
    Sable: You can’t expect a hot-blooded creature like Frankie used to be to be entirely faithful. She wasn’t a saint.

    Sable to Frankie: I always thought you were a slut. I never thought you’d prove it.

    Jason to Frankie: The last time we were here [the Five Oaks Inn in Montecito], you sat over there. You had on a blue dress with sort of square buttons, white buttons.

    Jeff: If you loved Phillip …
    Frankie: Why Jason? I was lonely and miserable. I never heard from Phillip and Jason was always there to lean on. So one day it just happened.
    Jeff: Did you love Jason?
    Frankie: Yes. If it’s possible to love two men at the same time, I loved him.

    Frankie: I love Jason.
    Phillip: No you don’t. You never did.

    Frankie: You and me and Phillip, only Phillip never knew. He was already in Vietnam. He never found out about us. I loved you, but it was wrong. I thought it was love I felt for Phillip until you, but what we had was so strong, it scared me.
    Jason: That’s how it was for me too.

    Phillip on Jason: When I was in Vietnam, he was here seducing my wife. It was a lousy thing to do. She was young, alone and he couldn’t keep his hands off her.

    Arthur: When your husband was away, did you sleep with other men?
    Frankie: Once. There was one other man.

    Frankie to Jason: You and I made love once. No matter how much I wanted you, it was a mistake. Phillip was my husband.

    Frankie: I was ashamed. I was unfaithful to my husband. Jason and I, it was over in one night.

    Frankie on her and Jason: It only happened once and we both regretted it and he married Sable and I lost Phillip.

    Jason: What happened with Frankie was once, a long time ago, before you and I were married, before we even met each other. Frankie was alone.
    Sable: Poor little Frankie!
    Jason: Phillip had damn near abandoned her. She was alone. She was unhappy. I was stupid and young. We made a mistake. We’ve been making up for it ever since.

    Frankie to Jason: We had our chance and we lost it, years ago.

    Jason, speaking to Miles in 1985: A long time ago when I was younger than you are, I had an experience with a girl that just about wiped me out. I was too big to cry, but it hurt too much to laugh. I just wanted to run away, but I thought, 'No, dammit, take it. It won’t kill you. It won’t make you happy, but it’ll sure make you stronger.'

    Frankie on Phillip: He was a good man, a decent man, but he was human. He was troubled. He hated Saigon and he missed me very much.

    Mr Grogan: Phil Colby and I were buddies in Korea and Saigon. There weren’t many advisors over there in the fifties so we saw a lot of each other.

    Garrett Boydston on Phillip: Was he an emotional man?
    Grogan: Well he was the sort of guy who took things seriously. He really felt things, you know? He was sometimes down. He had a temper. He could get angry. He sometimes flew off the handle but then so did I. We all did.

    Frankie on Phillip: When he came home on leave, I gave him all the love I could.

    Phillip to Frankie: The last time, the hotel on the beach — we never left that room for three days.

    Frankie on Phillip: I tried to give him what he wanted most, a child, and my prayers were answered.

    Colonel (formerly Captain) Timothy Holmes, United States Army medical corps: I was a medical officer with the army’s advisory group in Saigon at that time. Lieutenant Colby was my patient for about a year before his death.

    Frankie on Phillip: The last letters I got from him just weren’t like Phillip. He was exhausted, under pressure, sick with malaria. He wasn’t himself.

    Colonel Holmes: Phillip Colby came to my office when he got back from his last leave. He was depressed, frustrated. He wanted a child and he was afraid his fertility count was low.
    Arthur Cates: And as any reasonable man would do, he asked you to perform the appropriate tests?
    Captain Holmes: Yes he did. There were two tests, both with the same results.

    Frankie on Phillip: Not long after he got back to Vietnam, I wrote him that I was pregnant. I never heard from him again.

    Arthur: This is a medical report dated May 23rd 1957.
    Colonel Holmes: It says that there’s no possibility that Lieutenant Phillip Colby could have fathered his wife’s child. Phillip Colby was sterile. He’d always been sterile.

    Phillip: I found out a long time ago I couldn’t trust Frankie. I stopped loving her when I found out the child couldn’t be mine.

    Grogan: I’d say Phil was upset when his wife wrote him that she was pregnant. He was angry, to put it mildly. He was angry like I’d never seen him before.

    Jason: Phillip was unstable when he went in the army. He got worse in Vietnam.

    Jason: Phillip was teetering on the edge in Vietnam.

    Grogan: You can call it emotionally unstable, but you don’t know. They hated us over there. After two years of that, we were all ready to snap.

    Extract from a letter from Phillip to Cecil, written in Saigon 1957: 'Dear Cecil, I don’t know how to begin this, but I had to tell someone. I need your advice. I just heard from Francesca. She is pregnant. It’s not good news, not for me. I hate saying this, even to you, Cecil, but Francesca’s cheated on me. I don’t know for how long or who the man is. I just know this, the child Francesca is carrying is not my child. And I’ll be damned if she’ll still be my wife when that baby is born. Don’t tell anyone this, but … call me as soon as you get this, Phillip.'

    Jason: That letter was the drunken ravings of a …
    Sable: A madman? A drunk?

    Jeff: I read your letters to Uncle Cecil. They didn’t sound loving. You were threatening to divorce her.
    Phillip: I was angry. I was upset. She cheated on me.

    Arthur to Frankie: Your husband was sterile. You had a lover. That man must, therefore, be your son’s father.

    Frankie to Jeff: I honestly thought Phillip was your father.

    Frankie to Jason: I always thought Jeff was Phillip’s son. There were times, thinking of you, that I felt he might be your son, maybe even wished he were, but I swear I thought Phillip was his father.

    Fallon: If you had known right away whose child it was, would you have told Phillip the truth? Or Jason? Or would you have just kept it to yourself?
    Frankie: I’d have told Phillip. He was my husband. He had a right to know.

    Jason to Jeff: I think I knew. I must have known deep down.

    Frankie: If I’d listened to my heart, I would have guessed that Jeff was Jason’s son.
    Fallon: What would you have done differently?
    Frankie: I’d have been open, honest. Instead, I spent half my life in the shadows and hurt a lot of people. Believe me, it wasn’t worth it.

    Ted Dinard: I'm from North Dakota originally. I never really felt I belonged there.
    Fallon: Because you're gay?
    Ted: No. I hated the weather.

    Alexis to Blake: I had Jensen’s engrave this rattle with Adam’s initials. Don’t you remember how he used to lie in his crib playing with this rattle a few short weeks before he was stolen from us?

    Alexis: I remember once, about a year after we were married, our house caught fire in the middle of the night. Blake managed to get Adam and I out safely and then we realised that one of our servants was trapped inside. Blake suddenly raced into the house. I stood there absolutely petrified and then he came out and he was carrying our butler, Joseph. His hair was singed, his clothes were ripped, he was covered in soot, but he was alive.

    Adam, speaking about Michael Torrance in 1982: That baby died twenty-five years ago in a car accident in Denver with his parents. She [Kate Torrance, the baby’s grandmother] buried all three of them.

    Charlie Braddock on Kate Torrance: I worked for her. Oh God, I loved that woman. She wouldn’t give me a second look.

    Michael Torrance’s gravestone: “1957. He died the year he was born.”

    Charlie on Kate Torrance: When she lost everyone in that crash, the auto-accident, her daughter, her son-in-law and that grandson, she almost went over the edge. I thought if I could ease her pain, she might, you know, see me differently.

    Adam on Kate: She saw me asleep in a carriage outside a shop.

    Kate Torrance on a silver baby rattle with the monogram “A.A.C.": Adam Alexander Carrington. It was in your tiny hand, the beautiful baby boy that I’d always wanted.

    Charlie on Kate: It was my idea to snatch the baby, to give her something to live for.

    Dr Jonas Edwards: When was your son kidnapped?
    Blake: The morning of the twenty-ninth of September.

    Adam How old was I?
    Alexis: It was just before your first birthday. You’d scratched yourself that morning.
    Adam: A scratch — where?
    Alexis: On your forehead. I was afraid that it might become infected, but the doctor said there was nothing to worry about so … Later on, your nanny took you into town. She took you in your carriage.

    Alexis to Adam: You were wrapped in this tartan blanket that I’d just bought in Scotland. It had your name on it and you were wearing these blue booties that your grandmother had made you. They also had your name embroidered on them.

    Alexis on Adam’s nanny: She went into a store, left you out there unattended. She was only gone a minute. That was all they needed.
    Adam: They?
    Alexis: The kidnappers.

    Alexis to Blake: Your [security] precautions did nothing to protect Adam.

    Adam on Kate: She picked me up and walked away with me.

    Adam on his kidnapping: I was lucky. I was too young to know what was going on. All I remember is a loneliness, isolation, a feeling I didn’t quite belong.

    Alexis, speaking in 1982: Twenty-five years ago, almost to this very day, our firstborn child was terribly and cruelly taken away from us. He was beautiful and vulnerable, and one day, in the village here, he was stolen from his baby carriage by a person or persons unknown.

    Adam to Charlie Braddock: You kidnapped the Carrington baby.

    Adam on Kate: It was a fine September morning and as she got on the bus with me, it began to rain, a sun shower. It was as if the very skies were sharing her sorrow and her newfound joy.

    Kate to Adam: I sinned. I sinned when I stole you from that baby carriage in Denver and brought you here to Billings. You, the Carrington baby.

    Adam on himself: You’re looking at a man who was deprived of his birthright. I did not know who I was.

    Adam: I spent twenty-five years in exile.

    Alexis on Adam: The day he was kidnapped was the day I needed you and you turned away from me.
    Blake: I was as grief-stricken as you were.
    Alexis: You were like ice and that was practically the last time you ever touched me.
    Blake: Losing our baby just tore me apart.

    Alexis: We never heard a word from the kidnappers.
    Adam: And you never got a ransom note or anything?
    Alexis: No. We waited for some sort of contact, for some proof.

    Alexis: Even when we released the story, there was nothing but silence.

    Blake: Were you Kate Torrance’s doctor when she came back here from Denver after her son and her daughter-in-law’s funeral?
    Dr Edwards: That was in ’57. I was her doctor long before that.
    Blake: When she came back here from Denver, you saw the baby that she brought back with her?
    Dr Edwards: That’s right — an infant boy, her grandson Michael.
    Blake: Did she ever use the name Adam?
    Dr Edwards: No, she didn’t.
    Blake: Do you remember what season of the year it was when she brought the baby back here?
    Dr Edwards: Autumn, near the end of September. That was when she would celebrate his birthday, the night he started his true life here, she’d say. The twenty-ninth of September.

    Dr Edwards: I was there when Kate Torrance brought the baby back from Denver on the same day that Adam Carrington was kidnapped. That child didn’t then or ever bear the slightest resemblance to either of his supposed parents.

    Adam on Kate: How old was I when she brought me to this place?
    Dr Edwards: Six months, maybe seven.
    Adam: What did you do when she brought me here?
    Dr Edwards: I examined you.

    Blake: What was his condition? Was he hurt or bruised in any way?
    Dr Edwards: No, he wasn’t.
    Blake: As a doctor, you didn’t find that odd? He was in an automobile accident, the same accident in which his parents had been killed, and he arrives here without a scratch?
    Dr Edwards: No, I didn’t find it odd. As a doctor, I know that infants have been known to survive a lot worse than that.

    Adam: Tell me, did she ever talk much about my parents?
    Dr Edwards: Of course. Same as what she told you. Your father was her only child. Lived over in Butte with your mom till they moved to Denver.
    Adam: Where they were killed in a car accident, wasn’t that it?
    Dr Edwards: Yes.
    Adam: And I was in that accident?
    Dr Edwards: Yes.
    Adam: And I wasn’t hurt?
    Dr Edwards: No. Kate said it at the time, 'This is a miracle.' And it was. She was God-fearing, as she wanted you to be.

    Kate: I’ve always loved the good Lord and I’ve always loved you, and I’ve sinned against you both.
    Adam: By going to church every Sunday? By taking care of me after my folks were killed?

    Charlie Braddock on Kate: I thought if I could ease her pain, she might see me differently. I had it figured all wrong. She gave all the love to that baby.

    Blake: We didn’t have any money. We didn’t have any contacts.
    Alexis: So our little baby, our only child, our son was gone and we never saw him again. Eventually, the incident was forgotten by everybody, but not by us.

    Constance on Philip: [He was] killed so young, so terribly young.

    Frankie: I got that last telegram from the state department.

    Jason to Phillip: I cried the night I heard you’d been killed.

    Sable to Frankie: I stayed up all that night with you. I held you. I looked over you till you slept.

    Sable on Phillip: The night that we found out that he was missing, presumed dead, you blamed yourself for being too hard on him.
    Jason: I guess I wasn’t hard enough.

    Jeff on Phillip: He died a hero, does that bother you?
    Jason: No.

    Constance on Phillip: I was proud he died a hero.

    Andrew Laird on Phillip: I was at the airport when they flew his body back [from Korea]. I couldn’t do anything about that.

    Frankie: I was very young and frightened when Phillip died. I felt alone.

    Jason to Frankie: When [Phillip] died, I was Sable’s. You couldn’t be mine.

    Frankie: Philip died before he came into his inheritance. He left nothing.

    Blake to Nick Kimble: You sure didn't inherit your father's guts.

    Frankie: I ran away. I was ashamed. I was ashamed to be in the same house with Jason. I wanted to forget what happened that night. I wanted to have my baby, Phillip’s baby, away from here.

    Frankie to Jeff: I couldn’t face being the poor relation here with the Colbys so I went home to my own family to have you.

    Francesca to Jeff: I was so young when you were born.

    Frankie to Jeff: I’ve loved you since the day you were born.

    Phillip to Jeff: You are the only good thing that came out of this mess.

    Nicole Simpson to Jeff: You’re a Colby, to the oilfields born.

    Frankie: When I had Jeff, I felt such joy holding him, nursing him. I’d dream about sharing his future, but that didn’t happen. I had to give him up.
    • Winner Winner x 3
  14. James from London

    James from London Soap Chat Mega Star EXP: 18 Years

    Trophy Points:

    Arthur Cates to Sable: Andrew Colby’s will stated that the Colby house was irrevocable Colby property, never to be sold or bargained away. Old Andrew considered that house to be the heart of the Colby family.

    Arthur Cates: I helped draw up old Andrew Colby’s last will. In it, he specified that any and all Colby holdings were to remain in the family.

    Constance: My father’s will, it prohibits giving shares to anyone outside the family.

    Jason to Miles: That’s the way your granddad set up the company — if two-thirds of the non-voting stockholders want to give up those dividends, they can elect to convert to voting shares.

    Constance: Oh Jason, I wonder what would have happened if Father hadn’t left us everything, if he hadn’t cut Cecil out of the will and if Philip had lived to share all this?
    Jason: Phillip would have lost every nickel, you know that.

    Blake: Cecil inherited his money and he played his cards very cautiously.

    Alexis: Cecil Colby built an empire.

    Jeff on Colby Enterprises: You and Uncle Jason built this company.
    Constance: And damn well too.

    Constance: Jason, you have worked hard to build Colby Enterprises and I’ve been with you every step of the way.

    Arthur Cates on Constance: She helped Jason build this empire.

    Constance: I spent too many years in boardrooms.

    Blake: Jason Colby’s never had partners. Jason never thought he had an equal.

    Jason: I’ve never looked for comfort.

    Jason: It was never really the money, it was doing it, thinking it up and making it, by God, work.

    Adam: Why did you stop looking for me?
    Alexis: We tried, we tried so hard. Blake and I and a team of detectives tried all the time to find you.
    Adam: But you gave up.
    Alexis: Eventually we had to.
    Adam: Why? Because somebody said, 'The kid must be dead so forget it'? Tell me, who was it that gave the final edict to forget it — Blake?
    Alexis: No. Blake was as shattered and heartbroken as I was. Your loss changed everything between us. Our lives were never the same again.

    Blake: I went a little crazy. We both did. More than a little, really, but it didn’t help.

    Blake on Adam’s kidnapping: You think it didn’t tear me apart — not being able to raise my own son, not knowing what kind of a monster had taken him, not knowing whether he was still alive?

    Adam: You can say that you and Blake did everything, turned over every rock to find me after I was kidnapped.
    Alexis: We did.
    Adam: But somehow and somewhere along the line, you didn’t look hard enough, did you?
    Alexis: I never wanted to give up the search. I begged your father, I pleaded with him because I knew in my heart that my baby wasn’t dead.
    Adam: But he wouldn’t listen, would he? And so he gave up on the search sooner than he might have. Wasn’t it partly because of his lack of feeling — feeling for you? Wasn’t your marriage already beginning to disintegrate?
    Alexis: No, it was not. Our problem came after that.
    Adam: After that, you had Fallon and then Steven. He lavished a lot of love on them, a lot, but he sent you away.

    Blake: One day I had to tell myself honestly, 'You will never see your first son again. You never will. So let it be, just let it be.'

    Blake: When I finally had to face the reality that we had lost Adam, I just slammed the door on that part of my life. It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary if I was going to survive and I did survive.

    Blake on Adam’s disappearance: I tried to forget it.

    Alexis to Adam: I spent over twenty years crying over you, dreaming about you.

    Blake to Alexis: We swore never to talk about [Adam].

    Alexis to Blake: I needed you then. I needed your support. What I got was a husband who withdrew into himself, who built himself his own strange tower of strength.

    Blake: My whole life long, I took pride in the thought that I didn’t need anyone, that I could make it by myself. That was a false pride.

    Alexis on Tom: After Adam was kidnapped, in those terrible months that followed, he’d call me all the time and we’d talk for hours. He kept me sane, Blake. He made me want to live again.
    Blake: I know that you two were close.

    Blake on himself and Alexis: After we lost [Adam], a terrible barrier built up. Even after Fallon was born and then Steven, we couldn’t tear that barrier down.

    Blake: We were still struggling financially then and I poured all my energy into positive things. I built an empire on that energy and Denver Carrington is its way a tribute to my first child.

    Denver-Carrington advertising slogan in 1983: “25 Years of Oil Progress.”

    Blake: Denver Carrington has always been a family held corporation. I am Denver Carrington. I control the company. Always have, always will.

    Dominique: If, when you started Denver Carrington, someone came to you and offered you fifty million, what would you have said?
    Blake: I’d have called the nearest psychiatrist!
    Dominique: But you’d have made that person a billionaire.

    Blake on Denver Carrington: The company that I built up from nothing. The company that made you [Sam Dexter] a rich man, a very rich man.

    Blake to Dex, Sam Dexter's son: Your father and I have been friends for a lot of years.

    Dex to Blake: My father is a spineless, useless man that would be nowhere if it weren't for his father and for me.

    Dex: Sam always has been stubborn.

    Blake to Steven: Why do you think I've worked so hard? Who do you think I've built all this for? I did it for you and your sister and my family.

    Fallon: Steven told me that Mrs Gunnerson once told him that we were both "put together" on the Orient Express.

    Mrs Gunnerson: I’ve had two babies of my own, you know.

    Alexis on Mrs Gunnerson: She has three sons, Vikings all.

    Alexis to Blake: I needed comfort and when I couldn’t find it with you, I turned to somebody else.

    Alexis: The Colby family has always been very important to me.

    Alexis on Cecil: The frown-less charmer that I threw pillows at all those years ago.
    Cecil: When you were as incredible looking as you are now. You're still the single most beautiful woman I threw pillows back at.

    Alexis on Blake: I was married to him at the time [of] our affair.
    Cecil: That affair was practically a one-night stand.
    Alexis: Maybe to you, but to me it made a more lasting impression. Namely, nine months of pregnancy.

    Cecil on his affair with Alexis: A slight indiscretion that happened many years ago. We were both young, Alexis and I. I was indiscreet all right, but I never believed that story about Fallon being my daughter.

    Cecil to Alexis: As I recall, there were other members of our little group that you were in the habit of dallying with. I wasn't the only one.

    Sable: Alexis always has had the loyalty of a streetwalker.

    Blake to Alexis: Your affairs were about as private as a circus.

    Dex to Blake: Once, after a drink too many, [my father] told me that he’d had a thing with Alexis when you were still married to her.

    Billy Waite, speaking in 1984: And then maybe after lunch a siesta in one of the cool recesses of my hot hacienda, as you used to call it?
    Alexis: Oh Billy, we tried that once. It wasn’t such a good idea then.

    Blake: Were there any other gentlemen, except for Cecil Colby, around at that time?
    Alexis: No, and there wouldn’t even have been Cecil if it weren’t for you and your business. Your damn, all-consuming business was your mistress at that time. You didn’t have any time for me. You just left me here in Denver, alone and lonely. I was desperately lonely.
    Blake: Lonely except for Cecil Colby.
    Alexis: I loved you then.

    Joseph on Alexis's pregnancy cravings: When she was carrying you [Fallon], it was serving after serving of asparagus vinaigrettes.

    Blake to Fallon: I loved you from the moment you were born.

    Zorelli to Fallon: God may have left you short on brains, but he sure made you beautiful.

    Fallon on herself and Jeff: We both came from parents who weren’t exactly crazy about each other.

    Fallon on herself and Jeff: We’re both Colorado born and bred.

    Jeff to Fallon: [Reverend Carlton] baptised the both of us.

    Blake to Fallon on the baby's gown made by his mother: Both you and Steven wore it at your christenings.

    Fallon on her name: It was my father’s mother’s name.

    Rita Leslie on Jeff: He’s known you [Blake] most of his life.

    Michael Culhane: I’ve been around cars all my life. I was practically born at the wheel.
    Amanda: Was your mother driving herself to the hospital?

    Sable on Phillip: I fell for his elder brother and Jason has given me everything that Philip never could have.

    Jason to Sable: You always knew how to make an entrance.

    Jason on Sable: Behind that front, I found a scared little girl looking for someone to take care of her, too proud to let on.

    Sable: I was too proud. That’s always been one of my failings.

    Sable: The first time we kissed, do you remember?
    Jason: 'That Old Black Magic.’

    Sable: You’ve always needed me. I’ve always loved you.
    Jason: You’ve always had [dignity], always.

    Miles: How well did you know Mom before you married her?
    Jason: I wish we'd known each other a little better.

    Arthur Cates to Sable: Jason’s father gave him that house before you were married.

    Jason on his grandfather: This is his watch. My dad got it the day he married from this house [the Colby mansion]. He gave it to me when I got married here.

    Zach to Sable: That’s something we have in common — marrying into money.

    Jason: I was holed up with six lawyers and a merger agreement until just before Sable walked down the aisle.

    Sable to Jason: I trusted you. I believed in you, in us.

    Sable on Jason: I’ve been faithful to that man since the day we were married.

    Constance: Whatever happened to Sabella Scott, that lovely young girl Jason brought here as a bride?

    Sable, looking through her wedding album: You are in every photo at Jason’s side. You put down roots there and you never left.
    Constance: When you married Jason, you married into a family.
    Sable: Which you always resented.
    Constance: That’s not true.
    Sable: Isn’t it?

    Sable to Jason: You always had the most excellent taste, darling.

    Jason: I married the wrong woman.

    Sable to Frankie: You always did have very good taste.

    Sable, speaking to Jason in 1986: What a waste my life has been — twenty-nine years of loving you and you loved her all the time.

    Sable: Whatever I’ve done, I’ve always been a loving wife.

    Sable: I didn’t need to cat around when I was married.

    Zach on Jason: I’ve been jealous of him since the first day I saw his bride onboard his yacht.

    Zach: I’ve been in love with you since the first time I saw you. You were a blushing bride then.
    Sable: That doesn’t sound like me. I’m not the blushing type.
    Zach: Oh, but you were then, that day I walked in on you. The Colby yacht — you were dressing in your cabin.

    Zach to Sable: The dress you were taking off on Jason’s yacht the day I walked in on you.

    Zach: Don’t you remember the deckhand who walked in on you?
    Sable: Were you that deckhand? Jason had you fired. He had you thrown off the ship.
    Zac: It was worth it.
    Sable: Were you really that deckhand or is this just a story you picked up from someone?
    Zach: I come from a humble background.

    Sable to Jason: We were so good together.

    Sable on the Colby house: I’ve lived here all my married life.

    Sable on the Colby house: I’ve been here since I was a girl. It’s the only home I know.

    Sable to Constance: You never accepted that I am mistress of this house.

    Sable to Constance: I think there hasn’t been a day, a moment when you haven’t been waiting to destroy what I spent years building.

    Phillip: What happened to the old pool house?
    Frankie: Sable had it torn down and put this up instead. It’s bigger.

    Sable to Jason: Do you remember when we used to long for nights when we had the house all to ourselves?

    Sable on Corfu: Do you remember our first trip?
    Jason: It was a long time ago.
    Sable: It was supposed to be a business trip. Jason and I turned it into pure pleasure. Do you [Jason] remember that cove with the wonderful beach that we had to ourselves — so we thought?
    Frankie: Corfu is overwhelmed with tourists now.
    Sable: That’s because Jason and I put it on the map!

    Sable: Jason hardly ever took me on business trips.

    Alexis: I remember when you used to tell me you were going off on those trips and leaving me all alone. I used to give you hell.
    Blake: I had to go, you know that.

    Blake to Alexis: I was busy then, you know I was. Very busy.

Sable: I used to travel with Jason. I know how lonely it can get.

    Sable on Jason: He’s so private. That was very hard for me at the beginning. You can see everything in my face, I’m an open book, but so little in his. So hard to know when he hurts and when he needs and when he doesn’t. I had to learn that.

    Sable to Jason: We were keen to have a child when we were first married.

    Miles: You’ve always been big on kids and family.
    Jason: Yeah, that’s the truth. Always.
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  15. James from London

    James from London Soap Chat Mega Star EXP: 18 Years

    Trophy Points:

    Sable, speaking in 1987: Oh I see — what’s good for Jason Colby is good for Colby Enterprises?
    Jason: Has been for twenty-eight years.

    Jeff on 1959: Two years after my father died.

    Jeff on Phillip: We never had a chance to share simple but priceless things together.

    Fallon: Jeff’s been yearning for a family all his life. For years, he worshipped a father he never knew.

    Phillip: What did they tell you growing up, that I was a war hero?
    Jeff: I was proud of you.
    Phillip: I wasn’t much of a hero and much less of a father.

    Constance: I tried to make Phillip a hero for you. We all did. It seemed the right thing to do at the time.
    Jeff: I never met him, just some photographs and stories.
    Constance: I lied to you the same way he lied to us. I tried to make you love him. It was wrong.

    Jeff to Phillip: Aunt Connie loved you. She called you her black sheep brother.

    Phillip to Jeff: I knew your mother would raise you as my son. In the POW camps, I used to imagine a kid halfway across the world growing up in [the Colby] house talking about his dad. Sometimes it hurt, sometimes it helped.

    Extract from a letter from Constance addressed to Cecil Colby, 143 Kenilworth, Denver, postmarked Los Angeles, 1959: “Dear Cecil, this is hard to write. Even now, Phillip’s death is still too fresh, my beautiful baby brother. Francesca won’t settle here with her son and I doubt you’ll persuade her to live in Denver or to leave Jeffrey with you. He is all she has now. Keep this in your confidence, Cecil, but I intend to give Francesca’s boy the shares in Colby Enterprises Dad left me. They would have gone to Phillip if he had lived and one day his son should have them. I feel you should know this …"

    Sable: Jason and I were trying to have children but it wasn’t working.
    Monica, her daughter: So you went out and slept with somebody else?
    Sable: No, it was not like that.

    Sable: I was raped. I took so many showers, my skin blistered. I kept thinking I could wash it all away, just wash him off me. And then I found out that I was pregnant.

    Sable: I loved you the first moment I knew I was pregnant and I have loved you every moment since.
    Monica: But not enough to tell me the truth.
    Sable: If I kept it a secret, it was because I loved you too much, not too little. You children mean everything to me, you always have.
    Monica: What about my real father? Did you keep it a secret from him too? Who was he, Mother?

    Sable to Jason: Do you remember how excited you were when I first told you that I was pregnant? You were so protective, you were so gentle and then when you found out it was twins you said, “Naturally. Our love is too great to only produce one child at a time.”

    Sable: I loved Jason very much, but he wouldn’t have understood.
    Monica: Did you ever give him the chance?
    Sable: I tried to tell him but when he found out I was pregnant — darling, you should have seen his face, he was just radiant with joy. He wanted children. Darling, he wanted you and Miles.
    Monica: So you just let him think that we were his children?
    Sable: I didn’t know what else to do. I was terrified.
    Monica: Well, it’s too bad abortions weren’t more prevalent then. You could have just ended the whole thing.

    Monica: Did you think that you could just bury something like this? Didn’t you realise it would come out sooner or later?
    Sable: I don’t know what I was realised. I was so young. I wasn’t even twenty. I was married.

    Sable: I thought I was doing the right thing.

    Joseph on Alexis's pregnancy cravings: With Steven, it was loaf after loaf of lobster pate. We had to fly them in from Paris back then.

    Alexis to Fallon: All I did was give birth to your brother [Steven] while your father was tied up in a board meeting.

    Claudia Carrington (ex-Blaisdel): You’re Steven Carrington, a born to the manor Carrington.

    Sammy Jo Carrington (nee Dean): You know something, Steven? You may have been born a Carrington, but it sure was wasted on you.

    Alexis to Steven: From the moment you were born when I first held you in my arms and touched your little hands, we’ve always been so close, so very close.

    Alexis to Steven: From the moment you were born, you were always special to me. I’d had Adam and Fallon but when I first held you in my arms and I looked at you, I found myself whispering that I’d never leave you, that I’d always love you and comfort you and protect you.

    Blake, speaking about Steven's bedroom in 1981: It was a room some twenty odd years before that my son, when my son was born, I carried him in for the first time into that room, and I placed him in his crib in that room. I spent the night there, watching my newborn son.

    Blake: When Steven was born, his mother wanted to name him Blake and I said no. I don't know the reason why. I just said, 'Let's name him after your father.'

    Blake on the Carrington mansion: My children were born and raised in this house.

    Alexis: I gave birth to two healthy children and luckily there were no complications.

    Alexis on her relationship with Blake: A bond that was strengthened when I gave him two children.

    Alexis to Blake: I gave you three beautiful clever children to carry on your Carrington dynasty.

    Alexis: You know, Blake, after the boys were born I used to think about the day when all three of you would be working together. Do you remember our masterplan? That we would have them supporting us while we went off and lived on a desert island together.

    Joseph to Steven: Did you order me to change your diapers when you were a baby, or did I perform that delightful chore because no one else seemed available?

    Joseph to Steven: I’ve loved you since you were a little boy. I only diapered you twice.

    Fallon: Steven comes from a world where culls and cripples and homosexuals are taken behind the barn and slaughtered before they can be given a chance to breed.

    Alexis on herself and Blake: We had an excellent relationship, two beautiful children. It was very good - ideal. That's the word that people used when they talked about us - ideal.

    Blake to Alexis: At one time in our lives, we had something special between us.

    Alexis: The reason that I never had too much time to spend in the kitchen was that I had children to raise.
    Blake: Yes, and dresses to buy, and jewellery and furs.
    Alexis: Well, Blake, you were becoming so rich and successful, I thought, 'Why not?'

    Krystle: Tell me, did you ever hold down a job?

    Alexis: If you’re asking me was I ever a secretary whose main job it was to bring coffee to a male chauvinist boss, the answer is no.
    Krystle: Did you ever hold any kind of professional position — doctor, attorney, social worker?
    Alexis: No, I was very busy, raising my family.

    Alexis: We had such a wonderful life, watching the business prosper and watching the children grow.
    Blake: Watching you grow more exciting than the first day I met you.

    Alexis to Blake: You never thanked me for our children.

    Alexis on Roger Grimes: He was our estate manager.

    Alexis: I was a painter — that is, I wanted to be one, a good one — and Roger encouraged me.
    Jake Dunham: In fact, he designed an art studio right there on the estate for you.

    Alexis to Steven: I really loved that studio. Your father had it built for me and he gave it to me, land, deed and everything, as a present for giving him a son.

    Alexis to Blake: You gave it to me when Steven was born, lock stock and barrel.

    Alexis on the studio: I had such happy times there.

    Alexis on her skills as an artist: I wasn't very good then.

    Sable: Alexis doesn’t have a strong background in art.

    Dana Waring on Montana: It’s where I was born.

    Kirby, Joseph's daughter, on the Anders family house: I was born here. When you were married to Blake you must have seen this house on at least one occasion.
    Alexis: When I was married to Blake, the servants came to my house. I didn’t go to theirs.

    Kirby on the Carrington mansion: The people in this house have known me practically since I was born.

    Adam: Kirby Anders, who should have had everything, but who through an accident of birth was born downstairs instead of upstairs. Just like me.

    Alexis to Blake while being snowbound in 1988: This reminds me of St Moritz when the children were little.


    Jeff, speaking to Jason in 1985: You can’t bury the past with a cheque or with twenty-five years of silence.

    Frankie to Jeff: Your Uncle Cecil started to pressure me to give you up, to let him raise you as a Colby should be raised. At first, it seemed unthinkable, but he found my weak spot. Philip died before he came into his inheritance. He left nothing. Cecil offered to give you what would have been your father’s share of the Colby estate. Right or wrong, I did what I thought was best for you.

    Sable to Frankie: You’re lucky you only had one [child] to contend with.
    Jeff: Not even one. By the time I was tall enough to be a problem, I was shipped off to Denver. Out of sight, out of mind.

    Sable: Frankie gave up her child. Jeff was brought up without a mother.

    Frankie: Don’t you think I wanted to [stay]? Sometimes things aren’t that simple.
    Jeff: To a kid, they are.

    Frankie: Life gets complicated.
    Jeff: Complicated? That’s why you ran out on me when I was three years old?

    Jeff: You knew, didn’t you? That’s why you stayed away. You knew that Jason was my father, but you just couldn’t bear to tell me.
    Frankie: No.

    Frankie to Jeff: I left because you’re a Colby. They wanted you to themselves.

    Frankie to Jeff: It was my loss as much as yours. I was so young when you were born, so young when I had to give you up.

    Frankie: I gave up a son. I spent a lot of time blaming myself.

    Sable on Frankie: It is sad, isn’t it? She’s never had any good from your [Jason’s] family — first Phillip, then Cecil taking her son. She hasn’t had any luck or happiness with us.

    Constance on Jeff: All he remembers is that one day you were here and the next day you were gone.
    Frankiea: I had no choice.

    Frankie on Jeff: He thinks I didn’t love him. He thinks I just abandoned him in Denver with Cecil.

    Jeff: You stayed away even after my father died, for twenty-seven years?
    Frankie: I promised Cecil and he promised me you’d get your inheritance if I stayed out of your life.

    Jeff on Cecil: The touch of his hand when I was a kid. I went there to live with him and suddenly I felt everything was going to be all right, that I wasn’t going to be alone anymore.

    Sable to Jeff: You were reared there [Denver].

    Blake: The hospital where my son [Adam] was born burned to the ground a few years later. All the maternity records were destroyed in that fire.

    Sable on being heavily pregnant: Isn’t it dreadful when your dresses don’t fit, not even your dressing gown? When you’re walking along and you suddenly catch a glimpse of yourself in the window or something — ugh! Do you remember that photo of me when I was carrying you and Miles?
    Monica: All the books said that morning sickness was supposed to come in the first three months, only mine didn’t. It came at the end, the last couple of months.
    Sable: Same with me. I couldn’t eat any meat at all, not even fish.

    Monica: Carrot juice for nausea?
Sable: I remember it always used to do the trick [when I was pregnant].

    Jason on the Colby mansion: This is [Sable’s] home. Her children were born here.

    Sable to Miles: You and Monica were my first. Now Monica had an easy birth, but you had to struggle for your life. I nearly lost you.

    Jason: Monica was strong and healthy, but you, we didn’t think you were going to make it.
    Miles: Mom’s often talked about that.
    Jason: She didn’t see you at the worst of it. I did. That first night you were in bad shape — my son. You’re not supposed to make bargains with God, but I sure sent Him up some good deals that night. “Just let him keep going, let him last till one o’clock, last till morning so his mother can see him.” I talked to you too. I guess I said as much that night as I ever have since. I meant it too.

    Sable on Scott: That’s my daughter’s middle name.

    Sable, looking at baby pictures: Miles was so sweet. Do you remember?

    Monica: I can’t imagine you staying at home with a screaming infant.
    Sable: I did when you were a baby and those were some of my happiest years.

    Sable: Nothing has given me greater happiness than motherhood.

    Sable on the Colby mansion: We've brought our children up in this house.

    Sable: Did you know that Roger [Grimes] came to see Jason?
    Blake: When was that?

    Sable: A couple of years after we were married. They had a few, very private meetings. I wondered if it was something to do with your mining project. It was the only project that you and Jason had together. I do know that if there was any trouble between Jason and Roger, Jason wouldn’t have given a second thought about doing away with that man.

    Jeff: Steven, you and I have known each other ever since we were kids.

    Alexis: I raised Steven and Fallon [in the Carrington nursery].

    Fallon: My nursery was lovely when I was a little girl. My father worked very hard for all of this. He had genius and he had guts and he got it all for us.

    Fallon to Steven: This room [the Carrington nursery] is where we used to fling all our pillows and toys at each other until they gave us separate rooms, and not without a howling fight, remember?

    Blake: How’s my baby?
    Fallon: Oh Daddy, you used to say that to me when I was little and I’d had a nightmare. You’d come in and you’d say, 'You just had a bad, bad dream. Everything’s going to be all right.' I’d smile at you, and it was.
    Blake: Yes, I remember. And then I used to say, 'Back to bed, young lady.'

    Alexis: 'Good night, my sweet. May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.'
    Fallon: You said that to me every night when I was a little girl.

    Fallon to Blake: Ever since I can remember, if there was something wrong with our lives, mine or Steven’s, you could somehow make it right. My father could lick the world if he had to.

    Blake on Fallon: She always did want to be held.

    Constance: I never had any children of my own, but somehow I always knew when they needed to be held.

    Fallon on Blake: Someone I’ve adored ever since I was a little girl.

    Fallon on the Carrington mansion: I've loved this shack ever since I can remember.

    Alexis: When I entertained in this very house [the Carrington mansion], the social scene in Denver was quite brilliant.

    Buck Fallmont on himself and Emily: We had some happy times. We had some wonderful years.

    Emily on a necklace: Buck gave me this for our fifth anniversary. This was all he could afford at the time.
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    Alexis to Blake: A very special year, 1961. Remember the South of France?

    Bradley Milburn, speaking in 1981: [I've been a] friend of Blake's for twenty years.

    Dominique: I'm the same Millie Cox that came to see you when I was thirteen years old. I told you then that my mother had died and before she died, she told me about you.
    Tom Carrington: I remember telling you that your grieving had driven you to foolishness.
    Dominique: Oh, how I hated you for that then.

    Kirby: My mother died when I was a baby.
    Alexis: She ran away, Kirby, when you were two years old. She ran off with her lover and when he didn’t satisfy her anymore, she killed him.

    Alexis speaking in 1984: A crime was committed twenty-three years ago. Alicia Anders, she had a husband called Joseph and a daughter Kirby. The crime was murder.

    Morgan Hess: Kirby Anders’ mother wasn’t exactly front-page news.

    Headlines from old newspaper articles: “Criminally Insane Woman Guilty In Lover’s Murder” “Indicted by Grand Jury

    Kirby on the Anders family house: It’s felt so empty ever since my mother left and my father went to live in the mansion with you and Blake. I wonder if he took that emptiness with him?
    Alexis: I haven’t the slightest idea.
    Kirby: You were there. Did he spend his nights alone in his room? Were his days empty? Did you notice? Did you care? When did he die — was it years ago, bowing and scraping to you?

    Blake: I was there when Lady [Fallon’s horse] was born.

    Blake to Fallon: Who was it that taught you to ride, or have you forgotten?

    Fallon on Blake: The man taught me everything I know about horses.

    Fallon: I learned [to play pool] from the champion, Blake Carrington.

    Blake: There’s always been a special bond between Fallon and me.

    Steven to Fallon: Even when Mother was here, he loved you better than anybody.

    Blake on Fallon: A young woman who has been a handful all her life.

    Alexis: Fallon, when you were a little girl, you thought you knew everything about everything.

    Sammy Jo: You know Fallon — she makes a mistake then tops it off with three more before she can fix the first one.
    Blake: She’s been that way ever since she was a child.

    Mrs Gunnerson, speaking in 1984: This crown roast will be served to Miss Fallon’s taste.
    Krystle: Rare, very rare.
    Mrs Gunnerson: She’s liked it like that ever since she was a child.

    Jeff to Fallon: You’ve been free your whole life — everything you’ve ever wanted, anything you’ve ever wanted.

    Fallon: Steven was the boy and Fallon was the toy — a decoration, Blake Carrington’s adored little doll.

    Fallon: I’ve spent my entire life being someone’s little girl.

    Monica: Daddy, you put me on a pedestal years ago, your precious little girl who’d grow up and have any man she wanted.

    Monica to Sable: When I was a little girl, I always ran to Daddy to make things better. Miles ran to you, I ran to Daddy.

    Alexis to Steven: You were always my son. [Fallon] was always her father's daughter. It happens in most families, but at the risk of sounding prejudiced, I think that I was the luckier parent. You were such a sweet and loving little boy.

    Blake on Steven: Alexis made him her hostage when he was a little boy.

    Blake: I’ve always lost with you, Steven. Even when you were a little boy, you were closer to your mother than you were to me.

    Blake: Steven grew up with a mother who was no better than a tramp.

    Alexis on Steven: We had something so special and I always thought that no other woman could interfere with that.

    Blake on Steven: You [Alexis] made him into a mama's boy when he was a child.

    Steven to Blake: You hate me. You always have.

    Cecil: I like Steven, I always have.

    Krystle: I used to know a Daniel Reece. He was my sister’s boyfriend.

    Daniel on Iris: She had a softness.

    Krystle on an old picture of herself and Daniel: It was taken at his company picnic. I went with Iris and him one year.

    Daniel: Krystie, I’ve been in love with you since … do you remember one hot August night back in Dayton? I came over to take your sister to a movie. You answered the door and you smiled and you said, 'Hi, she’ll only be a couple of minutes.' I’ve been in love with you ever since. I never told her. I never told you. I didn’t have to because you knew it too, didn’t you?
    Krystle: No.


    Catherine Malley, Cecil’s secretary, speaking in 1982: We were together for twenty years.

    Sable, speaking to Arthur Cates in 1985: Arthur, you have been my lawyer for twenty-three years.

    Krystle: My sister loved you and you walked out on her.
    Daniel: Walked out on her? Yes, I left, but I didn’t abandon her. I didn’t love Iris. She knew that.
    Krystle: You told her that?
    Daniel: I wanted to love her, but I was in love with someone else. I couldn’t help that. She understood. Before I left, we sat down and we talked. I told her how I felt, I told her I didn’t want to hurt her and that I had to leave.
    Krystle: She didn’t say anything else?
    Daniel: No.
    Krystle: And you never spoke to her again?
    Daniel: She said she thought it best if we never see each other again and we never did.

    Krystle: Iris swore me to secrecy. She was pregnant when Daniel left. I thought he ran out on her.

    Daniel on his love for Krystle: You didn’t realise that that’s why I didn’t marry her, why I left?
    Krystle: No.

    Krystle to Frank Dean: From the first day my sister brought you around, I knew the kind of man you were. I only regret I didn’t talk her out of marrying you and ruining her life.

    Fallon on Peter de Vilbis: Peter’s been flying [his own planes] since he was eighteen.

    Sable to Jason: You’ve always been very good at sensing when I was in trouble and needed you. Do you remember Paris? Monica and Miles were about two. You were in Italy for that conference and they came down with flu. The nurse had just quit, the phone strike was on. I spent the whole night crying and nursing and cursing and then in the morning, when I woke up, you were there, my white knight.
    Jason: Well, I figured you needed me more than I needed that contract that I left on the table in Milan.


    Blake, speaking about Steven's bedroom: It was a room where I once sat vigil when my son almost died at age five from pneumonia. It was a room in a house that I was going to give my son one day, in which I dreamed that my son's son would grow up and his son after that.

    Claudia to Steven: Your daddy bought you your rich boy’s toys. He got you a whole room full of them, didn’t he? Maybe he thought that they would help, but he was wrong in more ways than one.

    Blake: I used to read to you out of the [‘Story Time’] book.
    Steven: My fingerprints are all over it.

    Blake on Fallon: When Steven was sick, she would read stories to him. She would play games with him, always let him win. We’d play hide and seek down the long hallways.
    Randall Adams: And you’d pretend you couldn’t find her?
    Blake: Yes.

    Fallon to Blake: You used to stroke my hair when I was small and sick, lying upstairs in that big old friendly bed.

    Steven to his sister Amanda: You missed out on the Carrington initiation. Whenever Fallon and I would mope around, Blake would sort of grab us like this and go for the ribs! [He picks her up and tickles her].

    Blake to Jeff: I’ve watched you grow from a little boy playing football with Steven and Fallon out on the lawn.

    Jeff to Frankie: When I was five or six, Aunt Connie sent me a picture of you in a wedding gown. You were standing at the bottom of the stairs and you had a veil on. You were carrying some flowers and you had a train down by your feet. Ever since I received that, I’ve always thought of you that way.

    Jeff: Do you remember my sixth birthday? We went down to the lily pond and you thought it would be fun to put that frog down the back of Fallon’s dress.
    Steven: She turned around to take a swipe at me, I ducked and she smacked you right in the face.
    Jeff: Established our relationship from that point on.

    Fallon on a photo of her and Jeff playing with toy guns: Look at us, Jeff - couldn’t get along even then.

    Fallon: I’ve been running away ever since I was old enough to open the front door.

    Jeff on the Carrington lake: I was here once when I was a kid. It wasn’t a lake then. It was a mine or some kind of excavation that Jason and Blake’s father were involved in.
    Sammy Jo: You mean like a goldmine?

    Jeff: Well, whatever it was, it never amounted to much.

    Jeff: I went out there with some friends and we got chased off by some armed guards.

    Zorelli: I hear after ten years of mining, they never hauled up anything.

    Dex: There was some kind of construction going on out there. It nearly broke up the families.
    Fallon: The Carringtons and the Dexters?
    Dex: And the Colbys. Things just kept going wrong. That’s probably why they ended up flooding it.

    Zorelli on the Colterton mine: It was a money loser for all three families so they flooded it.

    Blake on The Collection: When we buried it, we sealed off the vault. We camouflaged it with rocks.

    Blake on the vault: It was blown years ago, sometime in the sixties before the lake was flooded.

    Fallon: When I was a little girl, I remember playing with this special music box. It was really old and beautiful.

    Blake: There were antique music boxes in that collection.

    Jeff: I asked my grandfather what was going on and all he would say was that it was top secret. It had to do with World War II. The families didn’t want the project to go public.

    Dex on his father: He said that if what happened at the bottom of the lake ever came to light that it would put shame onto the families.
    Blake: Let me tell you what my father said to me about this thing. He said, 'Son, whenever you have children, you better protect them. Never let then see what you’ve done wrong.'
    Dex: You’re saying that my father went wrong?
    Blake: The three of them did. Your father, my father and Jason Colby.

    Alexis to Blake: That treasure has been hidden under this house the entire time we were married. I’d say it was community property.

    Frank Dean: You weren't exactly crazy about the idea of Iris marrying a kid race car driver in the first place. I don't blame you. You had better ideas for her.
    Krystle: I just wanted her to be happy, Frank, that's all.
    Frank: I think she was. Did my best.

    Sammy Jo on Frank: My mother ran away with him in Dayton and they got married and had me.

    Krystle to Daniel: [Iris] had a daughter, your daughter. Her name is Samantha Josephine.

    Sammy Jo: I [was] born dirt poor.

    Alexis on Sammy Jo: That snit of a girl lied before she could talk.

    Sammy Jo: If you knew Daniel Reece was my father, why didn’t you tell me years ago?
    Krystle: Because of my promise to your mother.

    Sammy Jo: Samantha — your sister gave me that name when I was born.
    Krystle: Your mother never called you anything but Sammy Jo.
    Sammy Jo: I don’t care what your darling Iris called me.

    Krystle to Sammy Jo: Iris’s daughter, the baby I used to hold in my arms and lullaby to sleep when her mother was sick.

    Alexis: Dominique - wasn’t there a singing nun by that name?
    Dominique: If there was, you'd better start praying to her.
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    Blake, speaking to Alexis in 1989: For twenty-five years, you’ve tried to ruin my life for one reason or another.

    Walter: We're right out here in the middle of this grazing land and I'm telling you, that prime oil just seeping right out of the ground. That farmer comes to me and says, 'Boy, my cattle can't drink that stuff.' I couldn't believe it!
    Steven: Where was this?
    Walter: That was back in the Panhandle, '63, '64. Somewhere around in there. Yep, '64. Got a divorce that year. I should never forget that.

    Alexis: Denver Carrington 1? That happened in 1964.
    Blake: It was terrible. The explosion happened so suddenly and then … Jimmy Decker. I saw him running away from the rig and his clothes were on fire.

    Steven: I always loved sitting in front of a fire even when I was a little kid.
    Sammy Jo: Me too.
    Steven: I’d burn logs in the middle of August. It could be ninety degrees out, it didn’t matter. I remember one time Dad closed the flue and I didn’t realise it and I lit a fire and walked out of the room and smoked out the entire house. Well, all right — half the house.

    Alexis on trying to paint Steven: When you were six you'd never sit for me - oh, only for two or three minutes at a time, but you were the most terrible squirmer that you'd squirm and wriggle about in the chair and run out of the studio. I could never catch you.

    Alexis to Steven: When you were a little boy, you used to brag to me, 'Mummy, I did twenty push-ups today.'

    Alexis: Steven, the boy who always had his nose in a book or was out in the garage playing basketball.

    Alexis to Steven: Your favourite meal, the one that when you were a little boy you used to say to me, 'Mummy, I want you to cook it tonight.'
    Steven: Franks and beans.
    Alexis: And a pot of tea. About all I could manage.

    Alexis to Fallon: You used to loathe milk when you were a child.

    Zorelli: I hear there were quite a few people hanging around the Carrington place back then. It was under construction for a while, wasn’t it?
    Alexis: If I remember, yes.
    Zorelli: I heard it went on for a couple of years. You must remember some of the guys that were working there too, maybe someone who had a personal relationship with your husband.
    Alexis: Blake was travelling a lot then and he never really had a close personal relationship with anybody other than myself and his father. There were also a lot of transients who used to hang out with the workers. In fact, I was always very concerned about that.
    Zorelli: I can imagine — a beautiful woman like yourself.

    Phoenix Chisolm: Some of the men working on the house were working on another project. Some of them disappeared.

    Phoenix Chisolm: My grandfather worked on the project.

    Elsworth Chisolm, Phoenix’s grandfather: I guess you wouldn’t remember somebody who pushed a wheelbarrow around on your estate, would you? All them tunnels underneath the house, underneath all that property.
    Blake: What tunnels?
    Elsworth: The ones I near broke my back digging.

    Dex: Grimes was reconstructing the mansion. What if he dug the tunnels and kept it a secret from Tom?

    Blake on the remodelling of the Carrington estate: That was a huge project. Roger Grimes was your partner at the time. Did he have any other projects going?
    David Prescott: Roger always had something going. Hell, even his wife used to complain.

    Emily Grimes, Roger’s wife: Roger didn’t do a whole lot of sharing. Mainly he talked about his rich girlfriends.

    Alexis to Ben: Blake pushed you around, he punished you. I've always been on your side.

    Blake on his father Tom: You always took his side, didn’t you?
    Alexis: He was very special to me.
    Blake: You admired his predatory ways, much like yours.
    Alexis: I respected him as a winner and for the love that he had for our children, especially Fallon.

    Tom to Fallon: You and your grandpa, we had a few nice times together, didn’t we? A few Christmases and birthdays. Your father told me once that it was my fault we didn’t see more of each other.

    Fallon: When I was about four or five years old, I remember one time I heard these really strange noises. The basement door was open and the noises were coming from there.
    Zorelli: What kind of noises?
    Fallon: I don’t know, ghost noises. And then I got really scared and started to run and all of a sudden, there he was standing in the doorway.
    Zorelli: The ghost?
    Fallon: No, my grandfather. After that, I never believed in ghosts.
    Zorelli: What was he doing in the basement?
    Fallon: I don’t know.

    Alexis on Tom: He cared deeply for me.

    Alexis: I care about you, Jeff. I always have, ever since you were a little boy. You used to ask me about all the trips that I’d been on. You used to ask me about them, you used to want me to tell you about all the wonderful places that I’d been to.

    Alexis: Jeff, you know, ever since you’ve been a little boy, you’ve been just like family to me.

    Jeff to Alexis: I’ve always loved you for yourself.

    Constance to Jeff: I used to have to bend down to hug you.

    Jeff on a little wooden drummer boy: I remember I used to get into arguments with him because he wouldn’t beat the drum fast enough.
    Constance: Yes. You used to say, 'Faster, faster, beat the drum faster.' And I used to say, 'Don’t rush. Your time will come.'

    Jeff to his son Little Blake: I had a truck like this when I was a kid.

    Jason on Miles: I remember that red wagon. He wouldn’t let me help pull it. He was barely able to walk. He wanted to do it his way.

    Jason on Miles: He’s always been a hothead.

    Jason to Miles: I never hit you.

    Fallon: My favourite doll. Annie, I used to play for hours with you. I remember one day, Jeff was teasing me and he grabbed Annie and accidentally pulled one of her legs off. He said he was sorry, but I told him I would hate him forever. The next morning, there was a box outside my door. Jeff had spent the entire night trying to fix her leg. It wasn’t perfect, but I guess nothing ever is.

    Blake: Fallon was never really frightened by anything. I remember her first day at school when she was six years old. I drove her there, left her at the classroom door and she just kissed me goodbye, waved once, that quick happy wave of hers, then she disappeared inside. She was excited, looking forward to a new experience and totally without fear, and I was the one who was close to tears.

    Claudia Blaisdel: Toby, the boy I used to date in school. He was cute. Actually, he’s balding rapidly, getting real fat. He was cute.

    Miles: Where are you from?
    Channing Carter: New York. Well, originally from Virginia.

    Dominique on a nightclub in Los Angeles: I got my first break in show business down there.


    Dr Edwards on Adam: I sometimes found one thing about the boy very odd, that he bore no resemblance at all to either of his parents. I mentioned that once to Kate. She said, 'That’s because we’re just plain old country folk, Jonas, but my grandson’s of another mould, a young prince, not of this time and place really, not of us really.' Of course, I chalked it up then to her poetic nature.

    Adam: I know what it’s like to grow up without a father, a real father.

    Jeff: I’ve lived most of my life without a mother or a father.

    Fallon to Jeff: I was there with you when you grew up in Denver. I know what you went through, no mother, no father, no family.

    Adam: The word mother was just that to me — a word. I was deprived for so long.

    Fallon: I remember how great it was being with Steven when I was growing up.

    Adam: Growing up alone the way I did, I’d have given a lot for a kid brother and a sister.

    Adam: I never had a kid brother. I never had a friend, not a real friend.

    Adam: I never learned how to get along in a family, how to share. I grew up in Montana totally alone, lonely. I thought that both my mother and my father were dead. There was no brother, no sister to share my triumphs, hurts.
    Steven: What about the woman who said she was your grandmother?
    Adam: Kate. She was an old woman, a good woman, but she kept me in isolation. Never let me go on trips with kids from school, things like that. Now she tried to get close to me, but she couldn’t. Now, of course, I realise it was because of her guilt in kidnapping me.

    Krystle on Adam’s kidnapping: Did Steven and Fallon know?
    Blake: No, no, we never told them about Adam.

    Fallon: My mother and my father deceived me. Why didn’t you ever tell me about the other child? He was my own flesh and blood.
    Alexis: You had a right to know. I wanted to tell you, but you were so young and I had to leave. It was your father’s decision not to tell you.
    Blake: Fallon, I made that decision for good reasons, for you and Steven. I didn’t want you to grow up fearful about your own safety.

    Cecil, speaking in 1981: Alexis, it's been sixteen years since you and I last met, longer than that since you and I felt anything strong for each other.

    Jason, speaking in 1985: Hello, Blake. How long’s it been - twenty years, give or take a few? I don’t like to take no for an answer, you surely remember that.
    Blake: The last time we had dealings, you stole some oil leases from me.
    Jason: I bought those leases, Blake, free and clear, from your brother Ben.
    Blake: You know that Ben cheated my father out of them.
    Jason: All I know is he had legal title when I bought them.

    Alexis on Jason: Remember those oil leases that you sold him that really belonged to your father?
    Ben: That was over twenty years ago.

    Sable, speaking to Blake in 1988: There’s something I’ve been wanting to say to you for years, how much I regret what happened between you and Jason and how he acted and that it kept us all apart for so long. I know for me, it was like losing part of my own family.

    Jason on Ben: I had to sell those damn leases for half what I paid Ben.

    Blake: Ben? I haven’t seen or heard of him ever since you kicked him out of the house.
    Tom: I disowned him, which you approved of at the time.

    Alexis, speaking in 1986: It was just twenty years ago that Blake threw me out of this house, out of this room.
    Ben: He exiled the two of us.

    Blake: I’ve been a long time not talking about my brother, trying not to think about him.

    Blake: I have spent years trying to forget Ben Carrington. I have never forgiven him.

    Ben: You turned your back on me a lifetime ago. You took everything, even your damned love.
    Blake: My God, don’t you think I wanted to love you? You’re my brother. Ben, don’t you remember the dreams that we had? Dreams of great adventures that we were going to share.
    Ben: Yes, but they were your dreams, Blake. You, always you. You made me believe in them and you snatched them away from me. No, it wasn’t your love you took. It was those dreams.

    Caress: What have you been doing all these years?
    Ben: A little bit of this, a very little bit of that.
    Caress: Where?
    Ben: Down under.
    Caress: Australia, I've always longed to go.

    Dex on Australia in 1986: How long did you live down there?
    Ben: Twenty years, give or take.

    Ben: Anything that has anything to do with the States, I left behind me when I came to Australia, way behind me.

    Ben: I've had nothing but bad memories from Denver.

    Ben: A one hundred per cent American breakfast — the only thing from the States that I missed in all my years in Australia.

    Ben on himself: One of the outback’s finest, if most underrated, chefs. I used to eat widgities with the Aborigines.
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    1965, continued

    Alexis: My husband had worked very hard to get where he was, to build his empire, grab his prize, cling to his 'it couldn't be done but I did it.' Somehow, it didn't seem to be enough for him. He wanted more. He started travelling, long business trips. There were weeks, sometimes months when we didn't see each other, when we barely talked on the phone.

    Steven: Maybe if you and Dad had trusted each other a little more …
    Alexis: That's enough, Steven.

    Alexis on Blake: That man is cold, arrogant and unfeeling. I should know, I was married to him for enough miserable years. What I needed then was some love, some tenderness.

    Alexis: Maybe it was need or maybe hurt — I found myself becoming involved with another man. His name was Roger Grimes. He was our estate manager. He was bright and sensitive, infinitely sensitive. He was as interested in art as I was.

    Fallon on Roger: Did you know him?
    Sable: Somewhat, but not nearly as well as your mother did.

    Jake Dunham: You said you became involved with Mr Grimes. Did that include sexual involvement?
    Alexis: I was lonely. I was becoming more and more lonely. Yes, I became sexually involved with him.

    Alexis: You never really did care about your wives, did you, Blake? You were always far too busy. I was forced into an affair with Roger Grimes because of your indifference.

    Sable to Alexis: Your brutal adultery. You had more than one opportunity to put a bedspring through [Roger’s] heart.

    Fallon: How well did I know Roger Grimes?
    Alexis: You were a child. You hardly knew him. The men used to come up to the house after work and swim. You probably saw him in the swimming pool.

    Fallon on Roger: He had a snake on his back, one of those tattoos, above his waist. It was a twisted, coiled snake.

    Alexis on Roger: A sweet wonderful young man, a man I cared for, a man who gave me the love and affection that [Blake] wasn’t capable of.

    Alexis to Blake: [Roger] was with me because you never were. He filled a void in my life because you didn’t give a damn about me.

    Fallon on Roger: Could I have seen him with you?
    Alexis: Perhaps you could. He came up to the house quite often.
    Fallon: No, I mean with you.
    Alexis: Fallon, give me more credit than that.
    Fallon: I could have walked in and …
    Alexis: Found us in bed together?

    Jake: Did Blake Carrington find out about this involvement?
    Alexis: Yes, he did, about a month after Roger and I started seeing each other.

    Alexis to Blake: Sometimes I think you despised me even before that night.

    Alexis on Blake: He didn’t love me, but he’d kill anybody that was going to make me happy.

    Alexis: Roger’s the only man who ever loved me, really loved me.

    Alexis on Blake: He discovered us together. He'd been away on business and he came home unexpectedly. He became violent. My husband came into the bedroom and he found us together.

    Alexis: When we were married and you found out that I was having an affair, how did you feel?
    Blake: You know damn well how I felt.
    Alexis: I mean, I was your wife, we were very happy and you said you loved me. It must have been devastating to your pride, for many years.

    Alexis on Blake: He started shouting hideous words at me and then he picked up a candlestick, a large brass candlestick, and he started hitting Roger with it. He hit him on the head, he hit him on the chest, he nearly killed him.

    Blake: Alexis, Roger Grimes came into our house, he had an affair with you and he deserved to be more than frightened.

    Blake, speaking in 1965: I’m not going to drag you out of that bed like I dragged out your lover.
    Alexis: He was drunk, Blake. He forced himself on me. If I hadn’t been so lonely, if you hadn’t gone away on those trips, those endless trips …
    Blake: I was away on those trips because I wanted to build up my business so I could support you and our children.
    Alexis: I made a mistake. Roger Grimes didn’t mean anything to me.

    Jake on Blake’s attack on Roger: This was reported to the police, of course?
    Alexis: No. Blake bought people off. He bought off a lawyer, he bought off one of our servants who knew what had happened and he promoted him to a lifelong membership in the Carrington household, he even bought off Roger Grimes.
    Jake: Are you saying that Blake Carrington paid for the silence of everyone involved in this incident including the victim?
    Alexis: Yes.

    Ben to Blake: Isn’t that the way you built up your glorious and almighty empire over the years, by paying off people when all else failed?

    Blake on Roger: I did hurt that man. I did give him some money. I owed it to him for what I'd done to him, but it was not my idea to suppress anything, it was his. He had seduced my wife and he was willing to let it go.

    Blake: After your affair with Roger Grimes you begged me for another chance, now didn’t you?
    Alexis: Yes.

    Alexis: I have never begged for anything or anyone in my life.

    Alexis: I’d have done anything not to lose my children. I’d even have slept with the Devil.
    Blake: You did sleep with me for three months of a travesty of a reconciliation, with me and no one else.
    Alexis: It wouldn’t have been such a travesty if you’d given me half a chance.
    Blake: The one time I had to leave town, what did you do? You sneaked off to visit Grimes.
    Alexis: Yes — in the hospital. What does that prove? It proves that I’ve got some compassion for another human being, that I care whether somebody lives or dies.
    Blake: No. It proves that you’re not to be trusted. You promised me you’d never see him again.

    Alexis to Blake: You threatened to kill [Roger].

    Emily Grimes: If anyone was headed for a violent death, it was Roger.

    Jeff, speaking in 1989: The Collection’s been buried down there for twenty-five years.
    Blake: We made that decision. We had good reasons.

    Blake on Tom: He insisted on disposing of the Collection himself and so he was the one who took charge of moving it and sealing it down in that mine. Roger Grimes happened to be on the property at the same time.
    Sable: So you think Roger Grimes stumbled across the treasure and helped himself?

    A letter from Roger to Alexis: 'My darling Alexis, Blake warned me if we continue to see each other that he’d kill us both. We have to be careful. Soon I’ll have enough money so that even Blake Carrington won’t dare touch us. Be patient, darling. I love you now and always, Roger.'

    Roger’s address: 12505 Saral St Denver Col 80I08

    Alexis on a Frederich Stahl painting: A present 'from Roger to Alexis with love.'

    Sable: Always wondered what happened to Roger Grimes.
    Alexis: He was always unpredictable.
    Sable: Well, you’d know that better than I. I remember how upset you were when Roger was proposing to leave you. There were so many rows between the two of you, weren’t there?

    Alexis, speaking in 1964: You said you loved me.
    Roger: I know what I said.

    Alexis on Roger: He promised to go away with me.

    Alexis: That night in the studio when I told you …
    Blake: When you thought you had a weapon to hit me with because I told you to get out and stay out, and what better weapon than the daughter I love more than my own life?

    Alexis on herself and Blake: We used to say things to each other to hurt each other, and one night I just threw it at him that you [Fallon] weren’t his child, but he didn’t believe it.

    Blake: It’s a damn lie. It was invented by Alexis to hurt me.

    Blake: That piece of filth that you once told me. That night you first threw that lie at me, I warned you that if you ever repeated that to anyone I'd …
    Alexis: You'd kill me.

    Blake: I have never believed your story that she wasn’t my daughter, [but] assuming it’s true, I’m not her father, who is?
    Alexis: I swore I’d never tell you. I know your temper.

    Alexis: That night Blake threw me out, I went to find Roger. We were so in love, I wanted to go with him wherever he went.

    Zorelli on the Carrington cottage: You played here a lot when you were a kid, didn’t you?
    Fallon: Yes.

    Fallon: Mother, something happened at that cottage and you were a part of it.
    Alexis: I was not a part of it and I never had any reason to go near that cottage.

    Fallon on the Carrington cottage: You were here with Roger. You were fighting.
    Alexis: Fighting? Roger and I never fought.

    Fallon to Alexis: You wanted to go away. He hit you.

    Alexis on Roger: He didn’t want me. He was terrible to me, he was violent, he was threatening, he was horrible.

    Alexis, speaking in 1965: You hurt me. I thought you loved me.
    Roger: You got me this job and some laughs.
    Alexis: Laughs — is that all it meant? Blake’s thrown me out. I’ve nowhere to go.

    Fallon to Alexis: You couldn’t believe that he would leave you. You got his gun and you pointed it at him and you said, 'You’re not going anywhere.'

    Zorelli on Roger: He was shot. Back of the head. Angle of the bullet was up, meaning that the assailant either came from a very odd angle, say down on the ground, or was shorter than he was.

    Fallon: It was me. It was me. I killed Roger Grimes.

    Fallon: I killed a man.
    Alexis: You saved my life. That’s what you did.

    Alexis on Roger: Fallon, you were five years old when he died.

    Emily on Roger: The only reason he didn’t end up in prison is he got himself killed first.

    Blake on Tom: He got Fallon out of the cottage, convinced her that it was only a nightmare and then got rid of Grimes’s body.

    Alexis: I blacked it out as much as Fallon did — the fight, your father leaving, everything.
    Blake: That’s the way my father wanted it.

    Elsworth Chisolm: A man with a bright orange rain jacket and a big black C walked down into that mine one night with Roger Grimes. It seemed strange, men walking down into a mine at night.
    Alexis: A bright orange jacket with a C on the back?
    Chisolm: Bright as lightning.
    Adam: Mother, who owned that jacket?

    Alexis: Blake.
    Chisolm: That’s right, Blake Carrington.

    Adam to Blake: An old man named Elsworth Chisolm who used to work on the mining project in the late sixties claims he saw you carrying Roger Grimes’s body into the mine before it was flooded.

    Fallon: I do have some vague memories of when the lakes were created. Grandpa was holding my hand. He was wearing a jacket that he always wore, an orange jacket with a big black C on the back.

    Elsworth: I saw Blake Carrington carrying the body of Roger Grimes.

    Zorelli: And you’re absolutely sure it was Blake Carrington?
    Elsworth: Well, he was wearing that jacket of his — bright orange with a big C on the back, for Carrington. And then Grimes was gone.

    Zorelli: One of the mines fed into the lake. They flooded the mines three months ahead of schedule and you know who got the permits? Tom Carrington. And you know who carried Grimes’s body in? Tom Carrington wearing the jacket with the big C on it.

    Alexis to Blake: When your father told me that Roger had left, I presumed it was because of the letter that you wrote in which you threatened him.

    Emily on her son Dennis: He was four when Roger disappeared. He used to be such a good little kid. Sure loved his dad.

    Emily: The only thing Roger left me was a mountain of bills and heartache.

    Jake: After the Roger Grimes incident, did Blake Carrington buy anyone else off?
    Alexis: Yes, me. Blake wanted a divorce and he bought me.
    Jake: You mean with a handsomely yearly pay off?
    Alexis: There are those who might call it handsome. I call it obscene. You see, he forced me to sign a piece of paper — a neatly typed, very cold document in which I was forced to promise never to see my children again.

    Alexis: You banished me from Denver, you banished me from my children, not because I went to see Roger Grimes, but because you couldn’t forgive me, you could never forgive me, because that incredible male ego of yours wouldn’t let you.

    Alexis on Blake: He is responsible for banishing me from Denver and from my young children by a vicious act of blackmail.

    Alexis to Blake: You destroyed a part of my life when you banished me from this kingdom of yours. You’ll never know quite how much you hurt me.

    Alexis to King Galen: Blake Carrington — he was a cold, hard, unfeeling man. He never loved me and when I went looking for love and for comfort, he banished me from my children leaving me lonelier than ever. The sort of loveless marriage that we both had to endure.

    Alexis, speaking in 1981: Your briefcase, it's the exactly the same colour and style as the one you carried when you came to see me that other day, sixteen years ago, when you gave me that piece of paper to sign.
    Andrew Laird: Oh yeah, the agreement.
    Alexis: Oh yes, 'the agreement' - or shall we say, the blackmail to get me out of the country and keep me out?
    Andrew: Well, if you had read the paper carefully, it only said Colorado.

    Fallon, speaking about Alexis in 1981: Don't tell me about any papers she signed which she somehow didn't get around to mentioning had a price tag of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars pinned to it.
    Steven: Who told you that?
    Fallon: Jeff, who heard it from Cecil a long time ago.

Andrew, speaking to Blake in 1981: Is it not a fact that some sixteen years ago, your first wife abandoned her children?
    Blake: Yes, that's correct.

    Alexis: There were threats made — something about how my children might not recognise me if I tried to see them.

    Blake on Alexis: I didn't threaten her.

    Blake, speaking about Alexis's studio in 1981: Sixteen years ago, you [Andrew] told me to buy her out, tear the place down. Don't you remember why? Because she's got the deed to the building and the land.

    Alexis to Jeff: You’re still the same handsome little boy with the gardenia — that day when I had to leave Denver, when Blake forced me to leave my home and my children, that terrible day I was packing and you came into my room with a single gardenia.
    Jeff: I had swiped it from your favourite garden.
    Alexis: That wasn’t important. What was was what you said to me. I’ll never forget it. You said, 'Uncle Cecil tells me that you’re leaving, maybe forever. Please don’t go. Please come back to Fallon and Steven and me, your friend.' You made a difficult day more bearable.

    Jeff: I was afraid I wasn’t going to see you again.
    Alexis: I will never forget that. I will always love you for it.

    Alexis: It was three days before your seventh birthday when I left. You said to me, 'Why do you have to go, Mummy?' And I said, 'I have to find a rainbow to paint, the most special rainbow that I can find. It may take a little while.' And then you said — do you remember what you said?
    Steven: That there are rainbows here in Denver sometimes. Aren't they special enough?
    Alexis: 'No,' I said.

    Fallon: We, you and I, have been the talk of the club circuit for years — ever since three days before your seventh birthday, Steven.

    Alexis: You made me abandon Steven and Fallon.
    Blake: You left, Alexis. You left and you never contacted them.
    Alexis: You forced me to stay away from them. You blackmailed me into it.
    Blake: Blackmail? All right, if that’s what you want to call it, but I had good reasons. Damn good reasons.

    Alexis: You were King of my fate. You exiled me from my children and threw me out of Denver.
    Blake: And I had a damn good reason for doing it and you know it.

    Alexis to Blake: You humiliated me in front of my children, in front of this whole city.

    Blake: I stopped loving you a lifetime ago.
    Alexis: And I stopped loving you too. You threw me out of your life and my children’s life. You left me for dead.

    Alexis on Blake: He threw me out and I was gone for sixteen years.
    Fallon: Oh, were you ever. And while you were gone, you lost the right to be my mother.

    Jake Dunham to Alexis: Subsequently you were divorced.

    Michael Cunningham, attorney, to Blake: It was you who initiated the divorce proceedings.

    Alexis: It was what you might term an enforced divorce.

    Michael Cunningham, speaking about Blake and Alexis in 1984: I hold this, oh, I’d say about two pounds worth of newspaper clippings relating to their marriage which might be described in a journalistic nutshell as 'the battling Carringtons'. One of the complaints made against your wife [in the divorce proceedings] concerned a certain evening you spent together with friends at the Round Rock Country Club.
    Blake: It was at a dinner party. I said something, I forget what, something that Alexis didn’t approve of. She had had a little too much to drink. She began to shout at me.
    Cunningham: And did she reach for something?
    Blake: Yes, a knife. She shouted, 'I’ll kill you.'

    Blake to Fallon: When your mother and I divorced, I couldn’t bring myself to tell you kids the truth. I was wrong.

    Alexis: I tried very hard to make the marriage work and when we finally got divorced, something died inside of me.

    Dex to Alexis: Blake Carrington was a fool to ever let you go.

    Cecil on Alexis: You really lost a prize when you lost her, Blake.

    Alexis on Blake: I hated him and for years I refused to forgive him.

    Alexis, speaking to Blake in 1982: I’m not the poor cast-off little wife anymore, just content to survive on the crumbs from your table.

    Blake: Gratitude was never my ex-wife's strong point, was it?

    Alexis to Blake: When you branded me, you stripped me of every shred of dignity.

    Alexis: When I left Denver for Switzerland, I had lost everything. I lost my husband, my children, my home — everything.

    Blake: You left Denver in October, Amanda was born in April. You were pregnant before you left Denver, now weren’t you?
    Alexis: If I was, it certainly wasn’t by you.

    Blake to Alexis: Within days of your arrival in Switzerland, you went to a clinic where your pregnancy was confirmed.

    Blake: You rented a villa, locked yourself in and saw and spoke to no-one.
    Alexis: Naturally I didn’t talk to tourists or itinerants but I had parties, lots of parties.

    Blake: You were in Switzerland with Alexis. You were staying with her. Who was she seeing then?
    Rosalind Bedford, Alexis’s cousin: Anonymous faces.

    Amanda on Rosalind: She told me that when Alexis came to Switzerland she was pregnant and she confided to her that you [Blake] were the father but no-one should know, not ever.

    Detective agency report: 'Our conclusion is that Alexis Colby, then Alexis Carrington, lived the life of a virtual recluse while in Gstaad, Switzerland from the time of her arrival until the birth of her daughter.'

    Blake: There was no ski instructor.
    Alexis: There were many ski instructors.
    Blake: I’ll bet there were.

    Andrew: Would you say that you have ever neglected your children? Would say that you've been a good father over these past sixteen years?
    Blake: Is anyone ever good enough? I've tried.

    Steven to Blake: From the time Mother left, I'm not sure you'd have known who I was if I didn't come into the house wearing a name tag.

    Alexis to Blake: You let them run wild.

    Alexis to Blake: You brought up our children to believe that their father was perfect and their mother was no good.

    Alexis on Blake: He deprived them of my guidance, depriving them of everything a mother can give.
    Blake: Guidance? It was your guidance that did it. You had seven years to turn him [Steven] into what he is. I’ve been fighting to make him into a man ever since.

    Steven to Blake: Being your son, it wasn't that easy.
    Blake: Wasn't easy for me either, being your father.

    Steven on Blake: I've always had this love/hate thing going with him.

    Steven: You always did want your very own beanbag.
    Fallon: Oh yes, ever since I gave you yours on your seventh birthday. You said, 'Thanks a lot,' and you punched me.
    Steven: A very small punch.
    Fallon: Not so small it didn’t hurt.

    Steven, speaking in 1984: I was just looking over some of the stuff Fallon and I used to play with when we were kids. She used to call everything dumb. Dumb scooter, dumb tricycle, dumb baseball glove.

    Steven: You’re not as ugly as you used to be.
    Fallon: And your ears don’t stick out anymore — much.

    Blake: I’m reminded of some of those famous scraps you used to have with Fallon — remember, Steven? Both stubborn, both lethal at the attack and the counter-attack, and then making up and declaring an armistice over the ice cream.

    Steven on Fallon: She was a great sister. She was my best friend.

    Fallon to Steven: Remember how after our mother left, I couldn't sleep for six months? I used to come in here [Steven's bedroom] and we'd hold hands in the dark, wondering where she went and why she went and never knowing. Remember how I used to tell you how much I loved you and cared about you?

    Blake on Steven's bedroom: It became crowded with toys that I had bought Steven. It was a room where we talked together, where we wrestled together, where I helped my son with his homework.

    Fallon, speaking about Alexis in 1981: That grand English lady I vaguely remember and who I've tried very hard to forget existed these past sixteen years.

    Alexis, speaking to Fallon in 1981: I’m glad to see that your father had your teeth fixed, if not your tongue.

    Fallon on Alexis: She could have come to see us if she really wanted to for a day or one week or a month even.

    Blake on Alexis: The only thing that kept her in exile was a trust fund that paid her a quarter of a million dollars a year.

    Alexis to Steven: It wasn't the fear of losing my income that kept me away. That trust fund is irrevocable. Your father bought a lot more from Roger Grimes than just silence. If I ever showed my face in Denver again, Roger was prepared to testify that I was the one who crippled him with that candlestick.

    Nick Toscanni: As a professor of mine once said, 'All my patients should have such problems.'

    Jeff reading Nick's personnel file: "Graduated from Hazlitt Medical School.”

    Nick on himself: The Italian from the Lower East Side who made it through med school to the total amazement of a lot of Lower East Side residents including a couple of cops in the neighbourhood.

    Daniel Reece: I’ve always been interested in medicine.

    Dex: I’ve known Sarah since we were kids.

    Sam Dexter on Sarah Curtis: The girl that got away.
    Sarah: Dex, Boyd and I went to high school together.

    Dex: I didn’t campaign for you to be prom queen for nothing.
    Sarah: Except I didn’t win.
    Dex: The vote was rigged.

    Dominique on herself and Garrett Boydston: Our paths have crossed.

    Claudia to Matthew: I've always been a problem to you, ever since the day that we met.

    Matthew on Claudia: She always liked the Beatles, It was the first song we heard when we first met.

    Garrett to Dominique: You sang [‘I’ve Got You Under my Skin’] on the ship the night we met.

    Garrett to Dominique: What we had together was unique.

    Dominique, speaking in November 1985: It has been a very long time.
    Garrett: Twenty years.
    Dominique: Twenty years to the month. Thank God Colorado land is a little more steady than the Mediterranean was that month.
    Garrett: I rather enjoyed the storm. It made the ship rock like a cradle.

    Garrett: Cabin number 244, the A deck — the first time we made love.
    Dominique: Of course you remember the latitudes and longitudes of the ship that night as well?
    Garrett: I could put a call into the captain, old whisker-sides. He’ll remember how his boat rocked that night.
    Dominique: There really was a big storm in the Mediterranean that night.

    Dominique: What I really remember is that the storm prevented anyone from attending my final performance.
    Garrett: But I was there.
    Dominique: Yes, you were there — Garrett, the faithful passenger, at least to me, if not to your wife, but you did have the decency to tell me that you were married before I fell completely head over heels. Anyway, I was never serious about a commitment.
    Garrett: You were a very ambitious girl with no interest in settling down.
    Dominique: And you had a wife. What was her name? Jessica.

    Jackie on Garrett: He lied to you about being married when you met.
    Dominique: And I believed him and I trusted him.

    Garrett: I lost you once.
    Dominique: You lost me? You were the one who controlled the situation. You were making all the choices.
    Garrett: I was? What about the young ambitious singer on that cruise ship with no interest in settling down?
    Dominique: You created that myth. I just went along with that to ease your conscience. You had my heart and you knew it. All I needed from you was one word.
    Garrett: All right, I had commitments — my wife, Jessica.

    Alexis on Garrett: There never was a Jessica. He has never been married.

    Richard Daniels on Garrett: The last of the confirmed bachelors. He managed to dodge all the beautiful ladies in his life.

    Garrett: Some silly lie I told you as a twenty-five-year-old kid.
    Dominique: You call what you did a silly lie — telling me you were unhappily married when there never was a wife?
    Garrett: A mistake.

    Dominique on her affair with Garrett: Something that died a natural death.

    Dominique: What we shared on that ship is a beautiful memory for me.
    Garrett: Dominique, whatever I may have done, I’ve always loved you.
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