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The Final war

Discussion in 'Game of Thrones on HBO' started by rickyjazz, Mar 15, 2019.

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    The first season of Game of thrones was started in year 2011 . At that time who knew that this show will be a blockbuster in TV show history . After 8 years this show is now going to end with a fan base of around 16 million people which is a world record in TV history. Now the directors has announced the conclusion in this April . this season will consist of six episode only . so watch the game of throne season 8 episode 1 on 14 April 2019.
    The story line will revolve around nine noble families fighting with each other for a common cause . Unaware of a deadly enemy that rises against them all. So there will be a war between the life and the death . and all noble families will forget their differences and fight against the deadly enemy . so there will be huge warfare . Unlike of previous seasons this time war will be started in third episode only according to sources .
    Any other suggestion for the spoilers is hugely appreciated.
    will love to know about it .
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