The Future of Soaps: 2020s-onwards

Discussion in 'UK Soaps Forum' started by ArchieLucasCarringtonEwing1989, Jan 17, 2018.

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    I agree with most of your points apart from bringing back the Slaters and other past characters. IMO bringing back the Slaters is an error and a big mistake trying to recreate EE greatest hits.

    The Taylors are a great addition to the show and one of EE better families.

    We need new ideas and a Producer quick smart. The BBC need to show the same care and attention ITV pays their soaps. EE is not going anywhere it is safe for the foreseable, pulling in well over 5 million in the overnights and well over 6 million in the officials, it just needs some TLC.

    If any soaps kick the bucket first it will be the two Oz soaps and then Hollyoaks.
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    I totally agree with this statement, I preferred Family Affairs to EastEnders though. I created a thread somewhere that EastEnders needs to move on/axe Phil Mitchell and to compensate for that loss by bringing back some of the characters from 1985-1990 and for the exterior of The Queen Vic to go back to how it was during 1985-1990 in yellow/brown/black.

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