The Bachelorette 2017 News The Game Comes to a Close

Discussion in 'The Bachelorette' started by Ome, Oct 31, 2017.

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    All the contestants have completed their weekly challenges and have been incredible and far more than what I had imagined when we started this game.

    Emelle has (sadly) eliminated the contestants as per the rules of the game.

    We lost @Rodney Smithe after two weeks
    We lost @iKlone-E-137 after three weeks
    We lost @Alex Moore on the last hurdle

    Which leaves 3 finalists

    @Brad Newman @Duane Bendix & @Jean-Crème De La Crème

    Now all that is left to do is for your Bachelorette @Emelee to make her final decision, while your host @Ome will be calculating all the points gained from week one.

    There will be one overall winner - at which @Emelee will decide

    Plus a bonus winner by points alone.

    It is possible that one contestant could gain both awards.

    The winner will be announced on Thursday followed by the big reveal of who is behind each contestant.

    Good luck everyone

    From a personal point, I just want to add that it has been so much fun and bloody hilarious in parts to have been part of these year's game and I want to thank everyone involved.
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    + a new episode of DYNASTY!:popcorn: Roll on Thursday!
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    Thank you @Ome for putting this game together, it's been fun to play.
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