The Good Doctor vs The Resident

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Which do like better?

  1. The Good Doctor

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  2. The Resident

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    These two medical dramas premiered with a short time of each other and so invite comparison.

    According to the advertising, The Good Doctor is currently Australia's favourite drama but personally I prefer The Resident.

    The Good Doctor himself, played by Freddie Highmore, is okay but he can't sustain the whole hour by himself and is surrounded by an ensemble that frankly is not that interesting. Maybe he would've been better off as a supporting character on Grey's Anatomy.

    The Resident is Matt Czuchry, playing essentially the same morally ambiguous character he played on Gilmore Girls and The Good Wife, but this time as the hero. The hospital intrigue is quite compelling and his confrontations with his self-serving and incompetent superiors make him almost like a modern-day Ben Casey.
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