SoapLand - The Battle Of The Psychos: The Result

Discussion in 'SoapLand - The Battles' started by Richard Channing, Apr 30, 2017.

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    Well, my half niece responded to hearing of my no contact decision by inviting herself around on my birthday later that week (I wasn't there on my birthday), ripping up a signed birthday card from her (with smiling faces drawn inside it), reassembling it like a jigsaw on top of it's envelope and placing it inside the top of the kitchen rubbish bin for me to find. I found it hilarious. Two months later, when it was her birthday, she messed about with electrical cables, so I would accidentally electrocute myself. Apparently, she wasn't pleased that I didn't get her a birthday card. And as no one mentioned her electrocution plan to her, she was annoyed to later discover that not only was I still alive but still not giving her attention and showing due deference.

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