EastEnders The Slater's as extended relatives of the Beale/Fowler clan

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    I read somewhere that right up until they were introduced, the Slater's were set to be the new cousins to the existing Beale/Fowler clan, Big Mo was originally planned to be the elder sister of Pete and Pauline.

    In early EastEnders history, Lou did have a daughter named Maureen, but this fell to the wayside early on, Mo was supposed to have been based on Maureen seeing as they have the same name.

    Mo and Pat's feud was supposed to have been much larger as Mo was to have resented Pat for how she treated Pete when they were married.

    I actually like the idea of the Slater's being related to the Beale/Fowler clan, and Pauline perhaps bonding with her grand-nieces in an effort to fill a void Michelle had left behind, its funny when I first saw Mo I thought she looked similar to Wendy Richards.

    Should the Slaters have been related to the Beale/Fowler clan or just remained their own clan.

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