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The Walking Dead The Walking Dead comic books

Discussion in 'The Walking Dead' started by Payton Cross, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Payton Cross

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    Are there any fans of the Walking Dead who read the comic books?, I heard that they are something different than the TV series, I myself have just bought four The Walking dead comic books, they are in different editions but I prefer the hardcover books. I have not started reading because I want to save them until I have some more.

    There are several comic books issues for sale from The Walking Dead like these losse issues:

    Total made 187 issues


    Trade paperback comic books with 6 issues in it called volumes.

    Total made 31 issues


    Hardcover books with 12 issues in one book, i love these books can't wait to get them all

    Total made 15 issues


    Omnibus book with 24 issues in one book, i love these too but i'm afread the don't fit my bookcase

    Total made 7 issues


    And then there are the compendium books they have 48 issues in one book, these are the cheapest, but after my opinion also the most vulnerable and inconvenient to read from the weight of the books

    Total made 3 issues.

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