Theresa May's Wicked Treatment of The Windrush Generation

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    Due to the number of British military personnel that were killed and wounded in the Second World War, there were insufficient people left in the workforce to rebuild the country and its economy. The UK government at the time sought help from Caribbean inhabitants who were invited here to help restore the country to the economic power it was previously.

    The people who accepted the invitation were British citizens because they were from countries that were British colonies. This migration started in the late 1940s and continued until the 1960s.

    The first wave of people came here on a cruise ship called Empire Windrush and the immigrants it carried were later dubbed "The Windrush Generation". Amongst, those that came here were my parents: Daddy Angela Channing and Mummy Angela Channing.


    These immigrants were hard working and took on both skilled and unskilled jobs that couldn't be filled by the British workforce and their contribution was significant (through the work they did and the taxes they paid) in enabling the country to recover from being ravaged by the war.

    Fast forward more than half a century and our wicked Prime Minister Theresa May decides to change the status of the Windrush Generation so they have to provide documentation to prove that they can stay here, prove that they can access benefits and prove that they can received treatment from the National Health Service even though they have been living and paying taxes here for most of their lives. Many of them would never have been given any documentation at the time and here lies the problem.

    There have been cases of people, some of who are now quite elderly, being held in detention centres like criminals, people dying of cancer being denied NHS treatment, people being sacked from their jobs and people being thrown out of their homes because they don't have the documents that Theresa May now says they require. The Labour MP David Lammy, who like me is the son of The Windrush Generation, detailed the shameful treatment of these people far better than I am able:

    When Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour leader raised this issue with Theresa May at Prime Minister's Questions a few weeks ago, she was dismissive and uninterested and made out there wasn't a problem. When the leaders of Commonwealth countries requested a meeting with her to discuss the issue she initially refused. It is only now that the media have picked up on the story that she has been shamed into doing something about it after being totally uninterested in the problem until now.

    When it comes to issues concerning black people and people from the Caribbean, Theresa May is big on warm words but even bigger on giving us the cold shoulder. When she was Home Secretary she deliberately tried to develop a culture of hate towards migrants to aid her aim to deport as many immigrants as possible.

    As if this wasn't bad enough, the Home Office has also issued advice for people who have spent most of their lives in the UK but are now being deported to Jamaica which includes "Try to be Jamaican - use local accents and dialect (overseas accents can attract unwanted attention)". This advice is patronising at best and mildly racist at worst and typical of Theresa May's uncaring approach.

    I will not forget her wickedness when it comes to choosing our next Prime Minister.
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