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    THORNEWOOD is a small English town on the rugged, Cornish coastline, Thornewood was named after its founding family: The Thornes of Rosebury Hall, for four hundred years the Thorne family have resided in this part of the world.

    Today is the funeral of one Jonathan Thorne, born 1955 died 2022,
    His daughter; Loretta Thorne, aged thirty five now heads the various business interests, that include, five star Hotels across Europe, North America and The Persian Gulf, an airline; called Pegasus, and a railway company in Southern England; Southrail, Loretta's latest venture is in eco-homes.

    Other Thorne family members included: Loretta's two adopted children; Michael & Jocelyn, both eighteen.

    Loretta's brother in law, who was previously married to her late sister; Duane Marcel, a successful black British self made millionaire.

    Duane's Daughter: Melody aged sixteen,
    She's envious of her adoptive cousins as she feels they get more attention than she does, nevertheless she loves them and her family and is determined to prove herself.

    Michael's younger half-brother; Shane Warren who is the result of a happy union between Michael's birth mother and Steve Warren, Shane is on the run from police for a crime he did not commit, and after the death of his parents, he finds out about his half-brother and how he got lucky being adopted into Britain's richest family, and decides that he wants a piece of the good life himself, and imposes himself with his half-brother's adopted family, he begins to get the attentions of Jocelyn Thorne & Melody Marcel as a love triangle forms.

    And lastly, Loretta's illegitimate half-brother; Alec Grove, son of Jonathan Thorne and his estate manager's wife; Miranda Grove, who died when Alec was twelve, Alec who is aged twenty eight, returns to Thornewood after he was ran out of town thirteen years earlier, he became a musician whilst he lived in London, however he came to Thornewood, because his late grandfather told him of his true parentage.

    Alec was ran out of town by Ralph Harper, head of the Harper family, thirteen years earlier

    Ralph Harper is a local, but very vocal and powerful MP for a centre right party, he resents the Thorne's however for being old money, where as he was a simple middle class lad who rose through the ranks, he is sixty years old, his family consists of:

    Francesca Harper-Billington, Ralph's ex daughter in law, she was previously married to Ralph's late son; Andrew, she has remained close to the family and is ruthless as Ralph is.

    Chris Billington: Francesca's second husband, he's an alcoholic and holds very different political views from his quasi father in law, whom he hates, he deeply loves Francesca and he cares for Theo, his stepson.

    Theo Harper, aged twenty,Ralph's grandson and heir, is spoilt, a playboy, and isn't really suitable for taking on the Harper empire, however Theo is lonley, he has a wonderful relationship with his stepfather and is secretly involved with his stepsister; April Billington

    April Billington: Chris's daughter and Theo's secret girlfriend, even though they're stepsiblings, she hates Ralph and Francesca with a passion as she believes they've ruined her beloved father.

    Caitlyn Harper; 26, Ralph's surviving child, and his disappointment, she has opened a chain of Cafe's and boutiques and owns the town's b&b, she is the reason why Alec was ran out of town because they were teenage lovers, and they had a child when he was only fifteen and Caitlyn was thirteen at the time, Caitlyn resents Alec thinking he willingly abandoned her, she hates her father for forcibly adopting her child out,

    Other characters include Lady Aurora Forbes and her adopted daughter; Samantha, her estate manager and on/off boyfriend; Dave Faversham, her loyal secretary Freya Hewson and her son; Zachary, Michael's best friend.

    The Forbes family and staff are the third faction as they own most of the woodland and quarries in the Cornwall area, land in which Both the Thorne's and Harper's want, Aurora is determined to keep the peace however by not selling out.

    So there you have it THORNEWOOD: A battle ground on a a rugged land.

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