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Discussion in 'JR & Sue Ellen Fan-fiction' started by Crazy For Sue Ellen, Jan 8, 2020.

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    And if you’ve never felt your soul being torn apart,
    You’ve never loved anyone with all your heart.
    ~ Reginaldo Kilas


    Sue Ellen grew increasingly frustrated with JR’s continued shenanigans. He came home late every night, and she knew he was being unfaithful; though she hoped it was her imagination. What could she do? That was the question she kept asking herself. One day she had the answer.


    Sue Ellen watched and waited for him. Oh God, please let me be wrong.

    When JR appeared with his arm wrapped around a mystery woman her heart shed tears. She began to sob, but when they left in his car, a determined and now angry Sue Ellen sped after them until the obvious destination--a hotel.

    After JR drove into the valet area, Sue Ellen parked across the street. When they got out of the car, Sue Ellen bolted and quickly ran towards them. She screamed, "JR, you no good bastard!"

    "Sue Ellen?" JR managed to say. He was shocked to see her. Sue Ellen grabbed the nervous woman's arm and said, "Get the f*** away from my husband!" The woman ran as fast as she could.
    An embarrassed JR just stood there when the valet attendants snickered.

    "You lousy son-of-a-bitch! Was that another one of your sluts?” Sue Ellen shouted.

    "Go home, Sue Ellen, it was strictly business. I told you to stop worrying about what I'm doing," JR said.

    "Fat chance, I'm your wife and I should be the only one you go to bed with. How hot do I have to be for you? Am I that bad?"

    "Of course not. You're the most desirable woman I know," JR told her.

    "Then why? Why do you need to keep cheating on me with other women?" Sue Ellen asked, but JR put his head down. He couldn't answer.

    "You're no friggin' good that's why. I won't play second fiddle to other women. Take me into the hotel and make love to me for the rest of the day," Sue Ellen said.

    "Are you serious?" JR asked, intrigued.

    Sue Ellen's voice elevated. "Yes, I want you! Have your way with me. I'm here for your pleasure. I'll be whoever you want, and do anything and everything you desire."

    JR was turned on by the thought of his sexual fantasies turning into reality. Sue Ellen's pursuit and unabashed lust was hot. He wanted her more than ever.

    "Goddamn you're wild!" JR said, struggling to catch his breath.

    Sue Ellen was still on top of him. She held his arms down and said, "You are MY man, JR Ewing, and don't ever forget it!"

    "Whew, I won't darlin," JR said. It was the best sex he ever had.

    Sue Ellen wasn't done. She kissed him passionately and now demanded HER sexual fantasies to be fulfilled.



    "Where is JR?" Jock asked.

    "JR is too tired to get out of bed. He must have had an exhausting day at the office. He works so hard. I told him I'd bring up a platter," Sue Ellen said. She couldn’t stop smiling.

    “You’re in a good mood, Sue Ellen. What happened? You’re usually bitchy this time of day,” Lucy said, grinning.

    “Lucy, that wasn’t necessary young lady,” Miss Ellie said. Sue Ellen stood up and said, “It’s okay, Miss Ellie. You can’t expect the child to always behave.” Lucy sulked.

    Sue Ellen went into the kitchen for JR’s platter of food. She put a can of whipped cream in there as well. Yum! JR for dessert. She headed upstairs to their bedroom.

    Once inside, Sue Ellen’s happiness was short-lived when she heard JR whispering on his cellphone. She walked closer to the bathroom door as he said,
    “Don't worry about my wife interfering anymore. I'll meet you tomorrow at your apartment.”

    A devastated Sue Ellen dropped the tray on the floor; her soul torn apart.

    To Be Continued:(
  2. Crazy For Sue Ellen

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    Sue Ellen bent down to pick up the dropped tray. Her hands trembled but tears did not flow. She acted like nothing was wrong when JR walked out of the bathroom.

    'Hey darlin, what happened? You okay?" JR asked.

    "I...um...tripped but I'm fine. I salvaged most of your platter. I'll just throw the rest out and get you more," Sue Ellen explained.

    "No, don't leave. This is plenty especially the whipped cream," JR said, as his arms wrapped around her waist. Sue Ellen tensed up.

    "Oh JR, I forgot the dessert and…" Sue Ellen's words were cut off by JR's lips upon her. She pulled back slightly and said, "You should eat and get your strength up my darlin."

    "Mm, I love the taste of those lips but I guess you're right. Do you mind if I eat downstairs though? I will be tempted to eat too fast just to ravage you again," JR said, his hand caressed her face. She nodded it was okay because she didn't want to look at him. JR took the tray and left.

    Sue Ellen went into the bathroom to take a shower. She didn't know what else to do to change JR's roaming eye. Only hours earlier, the sex was the best it ever was between them yet it didn't stop him from calling his latest slut. Her emotions got the best of her, and she cried feeling even more hopeless than she ever had.

    "I won't be coming to the office until late tomorrow, Bob. I have a few things going on in the morning,” JR said.

    "Like what? Things have been pretty slow lately. Is it a new client?" Bobby asked.

    "Yes and I aim to change things for the better beginning tomorrow," JR told him.

    "Do you want me to come with you?" Bobby inquired.

    Jesus brother let it go. "No, it's best one on one. I'll tell you all about it when I'm done," JR said. Bobby nodded his head in agreement.

    JR finished up his dinner and headed to the bar to pour himself a drink. Miss Ellie approached him. "JR, I'm glad to see Sue Ellen is in good spirits," Miss Ellie said.

    "Me too, Mama," JR said, as he sat down and enjoyed his drink.

    10 o'clock

    When JR went up to their room, Sue Ellen had already cried herself to sleep. He was as quiet as he could be then snuggled up next to Sue Ellen and whispered, "I love you."

    The next day, Sue Ellen drove into Dallas to have breakfast alone. As she was waiting in the restaurant to be seated, she heard someone call out her name. "Sue Ellen! Sue Ellen is that you?"

    Sue Ellen turned around and recognized her immediately. "Oh my God, Jenna. How are you?"

    "I'm great. It's been a long time. So...um...how are the Ewings?" Jenna asked.

    Sue Ellen smiled. "You mean Bobby, don't you?"

    "Yes, I do," Jenna said.

    "Bobby is great. He seems very happy to me," Sue Ellen told her.

    Jenna looked a little down. "Well, good for him...and Pam."

    "So are you back in Dallas for good?" Sue Ellen asked.

    "No just visiting my Brother for a few days," Jenna replied.

    "Oh that's nice. I didn't know you had a brother," Sue Ellen said.

    "Yes, and here he comes," Jenna told her.

    "Hey Sis, I'm sorry I'm late," he said, with a big smile.

    "It's okay. I was catching up with a friend. Oh...um...Sue Ellen, this is my brother, Warren."

    "Hello, it's nice to meet you, Warren."

    "The pleasure is all mine, Sue Ellen. How do you know each other?" Warren asked.

    Jenna answered,"She is Bobby Ewing's sister-in-law."

    “Really? Gary or JR's wife?" Warren inquired.

    "Well don't hold it against me but I'm JR's wife," Sue Ellen told him.

    “I was never a fan of JR but, of course, I won’t take that out on you. Would you like to eat with us?” Sue Ellen nodded her head in agreement.

    After breakfast Sue Ellen said her goodbyes. She set out to drown her sorrows by shopping and having a few drinks at a bar.

    To Be Continued;)
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    Chapter 3

    "Another please," Sue Ellen said. The bartender poured vodka on the rocks.

    Sue Ellen began to sip her drink until she thought about JR and guzzled it down. Damn him. Bastard.

    The bartender poured.

    "I don't understand, JR. I thought you were coming here to have sex, not just to discuss business," Lisa said.

    "We had our fun darlin but that's over. Don't even try to tell me this deal isn't good for your husband's company, and that you didn't enjoy yourself," JR explained.

    "Yes but my husband is too old for sex," Lisa remarked.

    JR chuckled. "Nothing a little viagra can't fix."

    "Just get out, JR," Lisa told him. She was fuming.

    "See you around," JR said and quickly left.

    Sue Ellen had enough sense to take a cab home. She asked two ranch hands to get her car and drive it back.

    As she quietly stumbled up the stairs, Sue Ellen was relieved that she wasn't seen. She took off her clothes and got into the shower. She tried to think of what she'd do about JR but in her alcoholic state was unable to concentrate. Instead, she slipped into bed to sleep it off.

    4:30 p.m.

    JR walked into Southfork and was immediately greeted by Miss Ellie. "Hi JR, well you're home early."

    "I miss Sue Ellen. Is she upstairs?" JR asked, a grin on his face.

    "I haven't seen her all day, JR. She must be," Miss Ellie told him.

    "Okay, thanks Mama," JR said, and headed up the stairs quickly. He was anxious to be with his wife.

    When JR walked into their bedroom, Sue Ellen was sound asleep. He wondered why at this time a day she'd be taking a nap. He nudged her gently but to no avail. He softly said her name and kissed her cheek but still nothing. After a moment she moved a bit but fell back to sleep.
    JR decided to let her rest.

    5:45 p.m.

    Sue Ellen's eyelids slowly opened. She immediately felt JR's arm wrapped around her waist. When he sensed she was awake, JR caressed her shoulder. He planted soft kisses on her neck and ravaged her mouth with his; their tongues enjoying the taste. His fingers played with her folds while his thumb teased her nub. Soft moans escaped her throat.

    "I love you," JR whispered, nibbling her ear.

    Sue Ellen trembled from the three little words that she desperately wanted to hear. In her temporary bliss, she reached for his cock and stroked slowly until JR stiffened.

    "I want you," Sue Ellen purred.

    JR quickly entered Sue Ellen and she wrapped her legs around him. His deep but slow thrusts had her in total ecstasy. He quickened the pace and JR kissed her passionately before his face nestled into her neck relishing the feel and scent of her.

    “Get on your back,” Sue Ellen said, in a low sexy voice. She began to ride him feverishly taking complete control with every movement. The pleasure intense. JR’s hands held on to her torso, then cupped her breasts, enjoying the visual beauty of Sue Ellen’s body, and face.

    "JR," Sue Ellen screamed as a wave of pleasure swept through them.


    Sue Ellen couldn't deny her longing and desire for JR but she felt weak for giving in and foolish for not confronting him about his previous phone call. While getting dressed for dinner, she began to sob.

    JR heard her sniffles as he walked out of the bathroom. He put his arms around her waist and asked, "Why the water works darlin? Tell me...please?"

    To Be Continued:)
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    So glad to see an update
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    "What did you do today?" Sue Ellen asked.

    "Working, what else would I be doing darlin?“ JR responded.

    "At the office?" Sue Ellen questioned.

    "Well not entirely. Now don't jump to conclusions but I went to see the lady that you chased away," JR admitted.

    Sue Ellen's heart pounded against her chest. "I...I know."

    "How? Did you spy on me again?" JR asked, slightly annoyed.

    "No but can you blame me if I did?” Sue Ellen said, her voice elevated.

    "Just frigging tell me how you knew!”

    "Last night when I brought up your tray, I overheard you on the phone telling her not to worry about me, and that you'd meet her the following morning. That's why I dropped the goddamned tray," Sue Ellen told him.

    "You eavesdropped on me? Jesus, well nothing happened. I told her our relationship was strictly business from now on. She signed a lucrative deal and I told her to go back to her husband."

    "Why should I believe you? You always lie to me," Sue Ellen said.

    "Because it's the truth," responded.

    "How can I be sure?" Sue Ellen asked.

    "Because I love you. I always have. I had a horrible way of showing it, but those days are over,” JR promised, as he stroked her face then kissed her lips tenderly. She melted and her heart felt whole once again.

    "Oh JR, tell me you love me again," Sue Elllen whispered.

    "I love you," JR repeated. She fell into his arms and knew from this day forward her heart would never be torn again.

    The End!

    I hope everyone enjoyed my short story. I apologize for not stating it would be short when I first posted.

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