Trump urged Theresa May to fix `better reception´ before UK state visit

Discussion in 'UK Politics' started by Ome for Christmas, Jul 16, 2017.

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    Donald Trump told Theresa May he will not come to Britain for his controversial state visit until he is sure of getting a “better reception”, it has been reported.

    The president was said to have told the Prime Minister that he had not had “great coverage” in the UK and had urged her to “fix it for me”, according to The Sun on Sunday.

    It was originally reported last month that Mr Trump had informed Mrs May that he did not want to go ahead with the visit if there were likely to be large-scale protests.

    I love how he tells her to "fix it" and knowing how corrupt she is, he will believe she can do this.

    I hope the more he protests about this, the more people will fight back saying they don't want him.
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    I've already been on one anti-Trump demonstration and I'm committed to protesting against this sexist Islamophobe whenever he comes to London. I was on standby a couple of weeks ago when we thought he might stop over on his way back from the G20 but he had more sense and didn't show. People have been energised by the fact that past protests and the promise of future protests have already lead to his state visit being postponed. I have no doubt there will be a massive demonstration against him when he comes here. Other than illegally denying people their right to protest, there is very little Theresa May can do when Trump comes here with tic tacs in his mouth to shake her firmly by the p*ssy.
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